Friday, July 24, 2009

Reuben & Orren Braswell

In a letter to Alice of February 13, 1908, William A. Evans stated:

"....Our grandfather was born in Culpepper County, Virginia. His mother was a Culpepper. I have heard they were quite a noted family and that the county took its name from that family

My grandfather's brothers were Abraham, who died in Nash County, Isaac also lived there and their children drifted into South Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi.

George Evans went to the Northwest and his family got over into Iowa.

My grandmother was Martha Maning. She was the mother of seven children, four girls and three boys. I will give them in the order of their ages. Phereda married Oran Braswell. Mourning married Amos Rose, next was Willoughby who died when about twnety years old. Appy who married Reubin Braswell, and Martha who married James Jackson. All of whom are dead.

My father Wm. Patrick Evans, a genial warm hearted, frolicksome Irishman he was, for we are of Irish descent. Then Uncle Alexander Evans. I never met him but once. Our great-grandfather was named John Evans. He in his day and time was a man of considerable means, and property, a man of some note. Our grandfather (Sherrod) Evans did not like the men whom the three oldest girls married. The Braswells were the sons of an old Tory - a sin Grandfather never forgave . They were drunkards too. So was Mr. Rose. Grandfather said in speaking of them, "If Hell was raked and scraped with a fine tooth comb there as trifling scamps could not be found." I think he might have included Jim Jackson. The two Harris's - Peyton and Jefferson were the only men (your father and Uncle) were the only sons 'in' law that he had that was any account. Reubin Braswell was honest and would work and trade, and accumulated property - become prosperous - he would then get off on a spree and swuander it all. I am proud of my Harris kin, but have a poor opinion of the Braswell descent. I have now given you about as much of the history of the family as I know.

Write me often, I love you and love to get your letters."


Nov Court 1821
Sherrod Evans and Huldy Vaughan, bond with Orren Braswell, sec.