Saturday, August 9, 2008

John Braswell & Hannah

1762 – August 12, I, John Brassell…of the County of Granville & Province of North Carolina doe promise to pay unto Thomas Persson of the County & Province aforesd or to his Assigns the Sum of Ninety one Pounds Six Shillings & three Pence Proc. Money it being for Value Recd. Of him to which payment well & duly to be made to the sd Person his Heirs Exctr or Assigns I bind myself my Heirs Extr or Admrs & Assigns in the penal Sum of one Hundred & Eighty two pounds Thirteen Shillins & three pence proc..........………signed John Braswell in the presence of B. ____son, Francis Hutchins. (Edenton District Superior Court Records, 1763, copied by Carey Bracewell)

1763John Bazwell permitted to keep an ordinary at Thomas Mutter's old store (from Gayle Ellison – from Granville County, NC, Court Minutes 1746-1789)

1763 – May Term, Edenton Superior Court, Thomas Person complains of John Braswell of the County of Granville Planter in custody of the Sheriff …..of a plea that he render to him one hundred and eighty two pounds thirteen shillings and three pence proclamation money which to him he owes and unjustly detains for this to wit that whereas the said John on the twelfth Day of August in the Year one thousand seven hundred and sixty two at Chowan County………the said Thomas in fact saith that the said John did not pay to the said Thomas the side ninety one pounds……..which he ought to have paid to him according to the form and effect of the said bill, here by an action has accrued to the said Thomas to demand and have of the said John the said one hundred….. nevertheless the said John although often enquired &C hat not yet paid the said one hundred……(Edenton District Superior Court Records 1763-1764)

1763 – New Actions to May Sup. Court 1763. Case #141, Thomas Person vs John Braswell, debt. Judgt confest as above (i.e. by the Bill of Obligatory) for ……..(this case was the fourth of six such suits filed by Person, who was obviously a merchant person, ….. Copied by Carey Bracewell

1764 - January 28, John Braswell to William Bennet, both of Northampton, for 65 pds current money of Virginia, 490 acres beginning at the mouth of a branch bending on George Sellars line to the head line of the patent then bending on sd patent line to the first station. Witnesses: James Cunningham & John Wade. Signed: John Braswell, Jane Braswell the Mother of said John Braswell and Hannah Brasswell the wife of said John Brasswell.

1764 – May Docket includes a note quoting the Sheriff of Northampton County saying “the Defendant moved to Orange before the issuing of this Writ.” The case was still in the courts in 1772 and 1773 by which time they were looking for John in Guilford – from Carey Bracewell quoting Bill Fields.

1770 – Surry County formed from Rowan County and located along the Virginia border beside Guilford County which was formed in 1770 from Rowan and Orange Counties.

1771-1775John Brasell signed a Petition of Inhabitants of Guilford County, requesting the location of the courthouse and public buildings. Undated. (Gayle Ellison from The Petition of the Inhabitants of Guilford County. Transcribed in The Guilford Genealogist, Vol. 18, November 2, 1991, No. 52 from The colonial Records of North Carolina Vol. IX-1771-1775 edited by William L. Saunders, Raleigh 1890, pp 806-809)

1772-1778John Brasel/Brazel was listed on John Tate store accounts. The code given by his name was for bad credit. (Guilford Genealogist, Spring 1992, p.106, from Eunice Young)

1779 - May 12, John Brasel. # 310. Book 41, p.43. 400 acres in Surry, beg. @ David Green's NW corner pine, N across Beaverdam Creek. The Warrant, # 943, for 400a on both sides of Beaverdam Creek, "including his improvements", was issued May 12, 1779, and was surveyed two days later by Henry Speer with chainbearers Wm & Robert Head. The grant was issued April 3, 1780. (Nona Williams)

1780John Brassell in the Allen Settlement on Peach Bottom Branch in the northwest corner on Ironworks Road of Yadkin County Neighbors were Joseph Allen, John Coe. Yadkin County was formed in 1850 from Surry County (Fred Hughes historical map of Yadkin Co., NC. From Nona Williams)

1782 – Surry County Tax List for Captain Cook’s District: John Braswell no land, 3 horses/mules, 2 cattle (Gayle Ellison)

1782 – November 12, John Braswell sold 200 acres to Joseph Allen on oath of John Thomas Logino. Witnesses: John Tho Longino and John Soasbury (B—233) (from Gayle Ellison)

1782 – November 7, John Braswell and wife Hannah to John Coe, 45 pds, 200 acres, Beaver Dam Creek, water of Yadkin River. State grant to Braswell (Surry County Deed Book C, page 60) (from AOL Message Board)

1784John Braswell sold 200 acres to John Coe . Witnesses: John Tho Logino, Job Soasbury and Wm. Robinson. (from Gayle Ellison)

1784 - June 1, John Braswell. # 2320. Book 116, p. 370. 400 acres in Surry on Beaver Dam & Bean Shole Creeks, on the south side of Yadkin River, beg. @ William Fuqua's NE corner of 300 acres "whereon Isiah Coe now lives" was entered in February, 1780. Warrant #1962 for 400a now adjacent Ambrose Hammon's line was issued June 1, 1784. It was surveyed June 10, 1797, by H. Speer with Joshua Speer & Joshua Brown, chain carriers. Grant issued December 9, 1802. (Nona Williams)

1787 – January 22, Joseph Allen, Spartanburg, South Carolina, for love to his son Daniel Allen all his land on Beaver Dam Creek waters Yadkin river, 200 acres part greater tract granted John Brasell by the State of North Carolina (page 10, Surry Co., NC, Deed Books D, E and F, 1779-1797 by Absher, Southern Historical Press. From Gayle Ellison)

1788 – Surry County Tax List, Capt. Krouse’s District: John Braswell 1 poll on list of insolvents (Page 55, Surry County Court Minutes by Absher) (from Gayle Ellison)

NOTE: The paper trail for this John Braswell leads back to Susannah Braswell & Richard Towle.