Saturday, August 23, 2008

* Lambert, John, Jackson Co., GA 1826

Will dated June 6, 1826, probated July 4, 1826, recorded pp. 91-93. "I give and bequeath to my Dearly Beloved wife Sarah Lambert four negroes namely Sary & her child, Mary Ann, Carey a negro man & Grigg & all the Personal Property that is in her possession at this time such as household & kitchen furniture together with the crop on the Premises whereon she now resides. The Said Personal Property to belong to the said Sarah Lambert During her life time & at her death If any left to be Eaqually Divided Amongst my children hereafter mentioned except the negroes above mentioned which negroes is to be had at her own disposal."

Son Alexander Brazeal, alias Lambert, a negro girl Judy & two negro boys Harrison & Bailey. To son Washington Brazeal, alias Lambert, a negro boy Bob & two girls Malissa & Sara Ann. To dau. Lucy Brazeal, alias Lambert, a negro girl Aggy & her child & a negro woman Fanny. To dau. Mary Brazeal, alias Lambert, three negro girls Nice, Peggy, & Theney. To son John Brazeal, alias Lambert, three negroes Mariah, Charles & a boy Hill.

To son Edwin Lambert all the residue of his negroes, together with all personal property that he is in possesion of at this time & 1/2 the tract of land he now resides on at this time, the balance to Alexander, Lucy, Washington, Mary & John.

If son John Lambert should draw in the land lottery, being entitled to two draws, if there should be any land drawing in his name, it is to be divided among three sons Washington, Alexander & John.

Executrix: Sarah Lambert, wife, &
Executors: Edwin Lambert, Washington Brazeal, alias Lambert, & John Flanigan.
Witnesses: John Watterson, Ric'd Pentecost, Matthew M. Pentecost, Wm. Brazeal.

Jackson Co., GA Will Abstracts WB A 1803-1860 A-66