Monday, December 7, 2009

Solomon Looper, Pickens Co., SC 1866

1866 - January 6, I Solomon Looper being of sound mind and memory do publish this my last will and testament, etc. I give my beloved wife Judath W all that she got from or may get from her own people, as her property to do as she thinks best. I give my dtr Margaret my large bureau, one cow and calf, one sow and pigs. I give to my grand dtr Evaline (Margeret's daughter) my small bureau and what is on it viz three images. I also want my land divided into five equal lots of eighty acres each. My personal property, household and kitchen furniture, farm tools, to be divided between my children and my wife to take a child part. I appoint John A Robinson and Joseph Looper as executors.

Wit: J F Smith, W C Jones, J W Brown
Signed Solomon X Looper seal
20 Dec 1871 Elizabeth Crane $344.86
D M Keith $344.86
Martha Robinson $344.86
Judia Ann Keith $344.86
Harriett A Freeman $344.86
Lurania Smith $344.86
Judeth W Looper $344.86
Margaret Looper $344.86
Mary Braswell and hbd Wm Braswell $344.86
22 Jan 1873 Elisha and Nancy Robinson $344.86
Sarah and Margaret Hood $344.86


NOTE: It appears that William Braswell named above is the son of William Braswell & wife Susan of Newberry Co., SC and Robeson Co., NC. This would make him the grandson of David Braswell & Nancy Rutherford and a descendant of the Reverend Robert Bracewell through Richard Braswell the 1st and his wife Sarah.