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* Valentine Braswell & Elizabeth Davenport

1793 - January 17, Isaac Davenport of Newberry County to John Griffin of same, for L47 sterling, 116 acres, part of tract granted to said Isaac Davenport 5 May 1773 adj said Isaac Davenport, William Davenport, Jesse Kerby, John Newton, Isaac Davenport {Seal}, Elizabeth Davenport (mark) {Seal}, Wit: Charles Griffin, Susannah Davenport (mark), Elisabeth Davenport (mark). Proved by the oath of Charles Griffin 19 May 1794 before Mercer Babb, JP Recorded 21 June 1794. (B 812-814)

- October 20, Valentine Braswell & Reason Davis witnessed the will of George Sparks in Newberry Co., SC. Mentioned in the will, underage son Reuben Sparks, sister Rachel Bicknell & friend George Powell. Proved March 2nd, 1796. Test. Fred. Nance. C.C (Will Book "A" Page 355)

1796 - March 16, James Barrett of Newberry Co., SC to William Shaw of same for 5 pounds sterling, 35 acres on waters of Beaverdam Creek, James Barrett (seal) and Elizabeth Barrett (Mark) (Seal). Wit: Abel Pearson, Volentine Braswell. (DB 2, 192-193)

1796 - March 26, David Downs of Newberry County to William Shaw of same for 15(?) shillings 30 acres on waters of Beaver Dam Creek. David (X) Downs, Sarah (X) Downs. Witnesses: Abel Pearson, Valentine Braswell. Proved by the affirmation of Abel Pearson 3 December 1796 before Elisha Ford, J.P. Recorded 4 January 1797. (D2 191-193)

1797 – January 6, John Thomas of Newberry County for 24 pounds South Carolina money to Moses Kelly of same, tract on waters of Indian Creek, 50 acres granted to Jonathan Taylor for 200 acres bequeathed by the will of Jonathan Taylor to John Thomas. John Thomas (seal) Martha (X) Thomas. Witnesses: William Burton, Junr., Valentine Braswell, Abel Pearson. Martha (X) Thomas, wife of John Thomas, relinquished her dower 14 January 1797 before J. R. Brown, JNC. Recorded 14 July 1797 by the affirmation of Valentine Braswell before Elisha Ford, J.P. Recorded 15 March 1798., (DB 2, 341-342)

1800 – January 28. Joseph Stuart, Sen’r, of Newberry County to Joseph Stuart, Jr., for 100 dollars, 50 acres on waters of Little River, part of 300 acres granted to Isaac Davenport, 5 May 1773, adjacent Joseph Stuart, Senr, Thomas Peterson, Valentine Braswell. Joseph (X) Stuart, Senr. (seal). Witnesses: Willis Plunket, John Stuart. Mary (X) Stuart, wife of Joseph Stuart, Senr., relinquished dower 28 January 1800 before J. R. Brown, JQU. Proved by the oath of John Stewart 28 January 1800 before Fred Nance, J.P. Recorded 6 April 1800 (Newberry County D 503-504)

1800 - Newberry Co., SC US Census: Volentine Brazil 1 male 45 & up, 1 male 16-25, 1 male under 10, 1 female 26-44, 1 female 10-15, 1 female under 10.

1802 – August 2 - Probate: Estate of Isaac Davenport [Sr.], late of Newberry County, Decd. Letters of Administration granted to Elizabeth Davenport, bonded for [?] by David Davenport and Joseph Gilbert. (Newberry County, SC, Wills, C:442)

1802 – September 22 - Probate: Estate of Isaac Davenport [Sr.], late of Newberry County, Decd. An account of the Public Sale of the Estate was sworn to and filed by Elizabeth Davenport, administrix. Buyers included Elizabeth Davenport, William Davenport, Ruthy Davenport, James Davenport, and David Davenport. (Newberry County, SC, Wills, C:446)

1804 – March the 25th 1804 Received of Elizabeth Davenport five pounds and five shillings and six pence part of my legesee Received by one Valentine Braswell (KBD)

1805 – Received March the 12th Day 1805 of Elizabeth Davenport Administrator 34$ 62 cents 5 mills in full I Say Rec’d By Me Valentine Braswell, Elizabeth her mark O Braswell (KBD)

1806 - April 1, William Jenkins of Newberry District for $400 to Henry Kesler of same, tract on waters of the beaverdam of Saluda 179 1/8 acres partly the same land granted and conveyed by Isaac Cook of Laurens County to said William Jenkins 15 July 1799 and recorded in Newberry District Book E, page 45. . . dated 1 April 1806. William Jenkins (seal). Wit. Young J. Harrington, Valentine Braswell. Mary Jenkins, wife of William Jenkins relinquished dower 2 April 1806. (Newberry Co., SC, deed abstracts, Deed Books E-H, by Brent Holcomb)

1810 - Greenville Co., SC US Census: Vol Braswell 1 male 26-44, 1 male 10-15, 4 males under 10, 1 female 26-44, 1 female 10-15, 1 female under 10.

1812 – War of, Nash’s Regiment SC Volunteers, Pvt. Valentine Braswell (Brasswell & Broswell) (ancestry.com)

1813 – South Carolina, Newberry District. To the Honorable Abraham Nott, Esquire one of the Associate Judges of said State, the Petition of Ning Mullican and Susan, his wife, Valentine Braswell and Elizabeth, his wife, and others humbly sheweth that Isaac Davenport departed this life intestate being in his lifetime and at his death seized and possessed in fee simple of a certain tract of land containing 347 acres (more or less) in Newberry District on Little River adjoining lands of Jacob Crosswhite, James Thomas, Charles Scott, John Stewart and others, leaving a widow Elizabeth and children as follows, viz. Ephraim Davenport, Anne who intermarried with Moses Gibson, Susan who intermarried with Ning Mullican, Elizabeth who intermarried with Valentine Braswell, Rhuga who intermarried with Joseph Gilbert, Keziah who intermarried with Caleb Gilbert, David Davenport & Rhutha (Ruth) Davenport and two grandsons the children of Rebecca and William Stephens, decd, viz. James and Isaac (both minors under 14) your petitioners therefore pray your Honor to grant them a writ of partition of the remaining part of said tract of land after the widow Elizabeth Davenport aforesaid shall have been allowed her writ of admeasurement of dower between the children and the said James and Isaac Stephens, the grandchildren of said Isaac Davenport, Your petitioners further pray that a guardian may be appointed for the said James and Isaac Stephens. Caldwell pro. Pct. (Folder A-13. Some Early Common Pleas Records from Newberry District)

1813 - March 4, Summons dated the fourth Monday in March 1813: Plat of a tract in Pendleton District on waters of Huricane Creek, a branch of Big Saluda divided in two equal parts, one allotted to Elizabeth Brazwell and the other to James and Isaac Stephens dated 10 May 1814 by Marmaduke Coate D.S. Adjacent land owners Henry Green, William Ferrell, Benjamin Clardy

C.A. 26 Oct 1813 by CALEB GILBERT
W.A. 3 Nov 1813 John Stewart, John Plunkett, Wm. Plunkett, Charles Scott Thos. Peterson, Sr.

Order of Sale 3 Nov 1813 Sale to be held 19 Nov 1813

App. 5 Nov 1813 - Furniture, kitchenware, books, animals

Sale – 19 Nov 1813
Dan. Stewart, John Stewart, Moses Gibson, Geo. Gibson, Caleb Gilbert,
Henry Coate, Ephraim Davenport, Ruthy Davenport, Thos. Peterson,
Tythe Lewis, John Cleland, Andrew Toland, Francis Higgins, Thos. Reeder,
James Murdock, Willis Davenport, Jos. Reagin, Dan Scott, Thos. Waters,
Jacob Crosswhite, John West, Andrew Maxwell, James Stephens, John Thomas Gilbert

Paid by Estate.

Ker. Boyce; Poor Tax, 1813
Sam Lindsey, OND, 1813-14
John Maxwell, smithwork, 1813
James Gibson, coffin for dec.


9 Apr 1815, Rec. $20.86, my part in full of estate, signed Ning X Mullican & Susanna X Mullican

Returns 1815
-Amount estate due DAVID DAVENPORT minus his ½ payment For attorney fees for division of land - $11.07 ½
-The minors of Wm. & Rebecca Stephens, dec., minus fees for division Of land - $11.07
-Jos. Gilbert due $21.23. Not minus share due for division of land
-Gross amount for each of the above shares - $21.58

1816, 1817, 1818, 1819, 1820, 1821, 1822, 1823; no changes on returns

Settlement 20 Nov 1826
Due DAVID DAVENPORT and children of Wm. Stephens
DAVID DAVENPORT rec. $11.07 minus OND fees; no interest added
Because he was of age. Children of WM. STEPHENS rec. $11.07
minus OND fees plus 7 years interest.
(Box 6, Page 1 Newberry County, SC – Estates)

1814 - March 26, Petition made by Levi Longshore, William Plunkett and John Plunkett, 26 March 1814. Tract in Newberry District divided in seven equal parts and the tract in Pendleton District divided in two equal parts. Plat of tract in Newberry District of 350 acres, divided into seven parts. Adjacent land owners Charles Scott, Andrew Towling, John Stewart, John Riley, James Thomas.

1814 - Ning Mullican & others vs. Ephraim Davenport, Moses Gibson & Anna his wife Isaac Davenport died intestate with 340 acre. He was survived by a widow Elizabeth Davenport and the following children: Ephraim Davenport, Anna wife of Moses Gibson, Susan wife of Ning Mullican, Elizabeth the wife of Valentine Braswale, Rhuga the wife of Joseph Gilbert, Keziah the wife of Caleb Gilbert, David Davenport, Ruth Davenport and two grandsons, the children of Rebecca and William StephensJames Stephens and Isaac Stephens - both minors under 14. Plat included. (Box 1, Folder A-13) Common Pleas Court, Newberry County. Full complete records can be obtained from the South Carolina Department of Archives, listed under Newberry County — Mixed Provenance).

1817 - October 20, Jacob Burton, Sr. to Voluntine Brazwell, both of Madison Co., for $300, tract in Madison Co. on waters of Hubbards Creek, 114 acres, beg. post oak, S11W 6 ch. 50 links to pine cor., S78E 52 ch. 50 links to poplar cor., N13E 37 ch. 50 links to red oak cor., S72W 61 ch. 50 links to beg., adj. said Jacob Burton, Thomas Forester & others. (signed) Jacob Burton. Wit: James Sewell, Isaac Sewell. Proved by Isaac Sewell 6 May 1818, John Cleghorn, J.P. Rec. 8 Jul 1818. (Madison Co., GA DB BDE Pg 53)

1818 - February 19, Jacob Burton, Sr. to William Simmons, both of Madison Co., for $700, tract in Madison Co. on Hubbard’s Creek, 250 acres, beg. red oak, S15W to red oak on Brazwell’s line, to pine, to white oak on the Still House creek, to dogwood on Sewell’s line, to pine, to beg., part of a survey Fnce (?) Gideon, from Gideon to Jacob Burton, from Burton to William Simmons. (signed) Jacob Burton. Wit: Valentine Brazwell, William Miller. Proved by Valentine Brazwell 15 Jun 1819, John Cleghorn, J.P. Rec. 1 Dec 1819. (Ibid Pg 155)

1818 - July 15, James Kile to Charles Polk, both of Madison Co., Ga., for $50, tract he now lives on in Madison Co. on the headwaters of the Little Furnace Creek, beg. post oak cor. neare a small glade on said Kile’s own line, N10E with said line to post oak cor. neare a little old field, through said field S80E to pine cor. 20 ch. on the road which is fell down, S55E to pine cor. on said Kile’s line, strate line to big pine neare the side of the branch, which pine is a cor., strate line to beg., 50 acres. (signed) Jas. Kile. Wit: Valentine Brazwell, Littleberry (x) Shields. Proved by Littleberry (x) Shields 5 Oct 1815, John Claghorn, J.P. Rec. 23 May 1822. (Ibid Pg 254)

1818 - August 19, Lucrecy Braswell & George Forrester married in Madison County.

1818 - December 27, David Braswell & Polly Forrester married in Madison County.

1819 - March 16, Valentine Braswell to William Simmons, both of Madison Co., for $300, tract in Madison Co. on waters of Hubards Creek, 114 acres, S13W 6 ch. 50 links to pine cor., S78E 52 ch. 50 links to poplar cor., N13E 37 ch. 50 links to red oak cor., S17W 51 ch. 50 links to beg., adj. said William Simmons, Thomas Forester and others. Valentine (signed) Brazwell. Wit: Burrell Orr, Charles Polk, J.P. Rec. 19 Mar 1819. (Ibid Pg 122)

1820 - September 2, William Simmons in his Madison County, Georgia will mentions land he bought from Valentine Braswell. (Pg 13)

1820 - Madison Co., GA US Census: Valentine Brazwell 1 male 45 & up, 1 female 26-45, 2 males 16-26, 1 male 16-18, 2 males 10-16, 2 females 10-16, 2 females under 10.

1822 - June 15, Thomas Forester to Alfred Carruth, both of Madison Co., for $200, tract in Madison Co. (but in the county of Franklin at time of survey) on waters of Hubbard’s Creek, 125 acres, being one half of a 250 acre tract orig. granted to Abednego Robertson 12 Nov 1800, beg. pine cor., N44W 56 ch. to post oak, S13W to sassafras, a conditional cor., strate line to beg. (signed) Thomas (x) Forester. Wit: Valentine Brazwell, Joel Freeman, J.P. Rec. 16 Jul 1822. (Ibid Pg 261)

1822 - July 25, Wesley Braswell & Polly New married in Madison County.

1823 - December 11, William Braswell & Hepzibeth Martin married in Madison County.

1826 - March 16, Derrell Braswell & Mary Porterfield married in Newton County.

1830 - Walton Co., GA US Census: Valentine Braswell 1 male 50-60, 1 female 50-60, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 10-15, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 5-10,

1830 - November 11, Matilda Braswell & Frederick Moore married in Walton County.

1834 – Legal Notice Walton County, GA Clerks Office of the Inferior Court Valentine Braswell tolls before Duncan D. Campbell J.P. a horse/mule/pony, etc. (animal description omitted here) signed J. P. Lucas CIC (Baldwin County, GA Newspaper Clippings (Union Recorder) Vol II 1834-1836)

1841 - January 7, Ephraim L. Braswell & Dollie Moon married in Walton County.

1841 - May 21, William W Braswell & Rebecca M Brown married in Walton County.

Marriage information has been found for:

Isaac D. Braswell & Catherine McKinnon on son's death certificate.

Jonathan Braswell & 2nd wife Martha Bean Reid

But not for

Jonathan Braswell & 1st wife Jane Logan

Susanna Braswell & Samuel Oliver.

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