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Simon Braswell

Simon Brassils land was on the Burke/Screven line & on Brassils Branch & Brier Creek:

- Pursuant to a Wart. from the Honourable the Court of Justices Directed to Tho. Lewis Esqr. C.S Dated the 5th of Dec. 1785 I have admeasured and laid out unto Charles Kimball a tract of Land Containing Two Hundred and Fifty Acres in Burke County on Brassils Branch So side of Brier Creek Bound to the North and East by Simon Brassils Land and on the other side Vacant Contains as is above Discribed hath Such Shape Form and marks as the above plat represents and was Vact Land before this Survey. Certified this 20th Day of Dec. 1785 - Isaac Terry A.S. (Georgia Archives)

David Emanuel Esqr was near Brassills Branch & the south side of Brier Creek:

1787 - Pursuant to A Wart. from the Honble the Court of Justices for Burke County Directed to Thos. Lewis Esqr. Dated the 6 Day of August 1787. I have admeasured and laid out unto Thomas Yarbrough a tract of Land Containing One Hundred & Fifty acres in the sd County of Burke at the Head of Brassils Branch near Land of David Emanuel Esqr. on the So side of Briar Creek Bound on all sides by vacant Land------Contains as is above Described Hath such shape form and marks as the above plat represents ---- Certified this 12th Day of August 1787 Isaac Perry A. S. (Georgia Archives)

Peter Reddick was a chain carrier on a plat that was adjacent to John Nick Buckhalter aka John Michael Burkhalter:

1788 - Pursuant to a Wart. from the Honble the Court of Justices for Burke County to me Directed (Signed Davd. Emanuel --) Dated the 1st of Dec. 1788 I have admeasured and laid out unto Francis Paris (who actually resides in this State) a tract of Land Containing Three Hundred & fifty Acres in the sd County of Burke on the No side of Briar Creek Bound to the No Wt by John Nich Buckhalter to the So. Wt. by sd Francis Paris and on the other sides Vacant Having Such Shape form & marks as the above plat represents. Certified this 10th Day of Janry 1789 Isaac Perry C. - Ch Carriers James Long, Peter Ridick (Georgia Archives)

Nich Reddick was on Brassells Branch:

1793 - Tapley Tuller 250 Acres Wart. Dated the 4th of Feby 1793 Surveyed the 8th of May 1793 For sd Tapley Tuller One Hundred & Seventy acres of Land in Burke County on Brassells Branch Bound to the No. by Sanders Walker to the No.- by his own Land to the So Wt by Rachel Chambers to the Wt by Catharine Chambers & Nich Anch----- to the So by John Bell & to the Eastward by Nich Reddick. Cert. Isaac Perry (Georgia Archives)

1793 - Screven County was created from Burke and Effingham Counties.

James Brasel had land in Screven County:

1798 - Scale 20 ch to an -nch Warrant Dated the 2 Day of Aprill 1798 Surveyed the 16th day of February 1799 Fore James Brasel Who Resides in this state a Tract of Two Hundred acres of Land in scriven County Bound to the No. Est by Aberham Lewis sir -- Est by Precila Thomas and on all other sides by vacant land Certified Aborham Lewis sir Aberham Lewis Juner ch CB James Oliver C- (Georgia Archives)

1801 - John Braswell was born in "Scriven" County Georgia. (US Census 1850 Tattnall Co., GA)

John Braswell was the orphan of James Braswell:

1807 – Georgia Land Grant Jno. Braswell (orphan of Jas. Braswell) Lot #254, Dist. 20, County: W

1807/8 - Jacob died circa 1806 or '07 and Nancy married the administrator / executor of the Jacob Reddick estate - Turner Braswell - in either '07 or '08. (Dale Reddick)

Simon Brassil's neighbor, David Emanuel was the guardian of John Braswell:

1811-1823 - David Emanual-Guard. John Braswell (Screven County - Index to Court of Ordinary Minutes, Book I)

Peter Reddick was the administrator of Turner Braswell's estate:

1828 - November 4, Peter Reddick, Administrator of the Estate of Turner Braswell, conveys to James Mobley, a tract of 200 acres of land which adjoins land of Seaborn Jones on one side, originally granted to John Michael Burkhalter, who conveyed the same to Jacob and Peter Reddick. When they divided the first tract fell to Jacob Reddick. It was deeded by him to his wife who afterward intermarried with Turner Braswell. Peter Reddick, Administrator sells same to James Mobley.

For a map of Simon Braswell's land send email to Ann Braswell.

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