Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1806 - Dempsey Braswell to Thomas Beckwith

This Indenture Made this 12th Day of May in year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and six Between Dempsy Braswell of the State of North Carolina and county of Nash of the one part and Thomas Beckwith of the County and State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Depsey Braswell for and in consideration of the sum of Four Hundred And Twenty seven Silver Dollars to him in hand paid by the said Thomas Beckwith hath given granted bargained sold and confirmed unto the said Thomas Beckwith his Heirs & assigns for Ever a certain tract or Parcel of Land Situate lying And being in the county aforesaid on the south side of Little pig Basket Creek and Bounded as followeth. Begining at a Popular In the Mirery Branch runing north 83 East 94 pole to a Popular In the Popular branch thence north 71 ---30 pole To a Maple in Bunns line thence his line north 13/4 West 122 poles To his Corner pine thence course continued 20 - pols to a post Oak In Amos Beckwiths line then along his line So. 85 west 129 - po To the long branch up said to a line of Marked trees and along said line to Thomas Beckwiths line & along sd line to the Begining containing one Hundred and Sixty one Acres More or Less to have and to hold the aforesaid tract and Parcel of Land With all & singular the right priviledges and profits to the said Land belongoing or in anywise appertaining him the said Thomas Beckwith to the only proper use and behoof of him the said Thomas Beckwith his heirs and Assigns for Ever with the Reversions And remainders of the aforesaid Granted and Bargained premises To him the said Thomas Beckwith his heirs and assigns for Ever and I Dempsy Braswell doth by these presents covenant and agree to and with the said Thomas Beckwith for me my heirs Exrs and Adr to warant and Defend the title of the aforesaid bargained Premises Against the Claim of any other Person or Persons unto him the aforesaid Thomas Beckwith his heirs & assigns for Ever In Witness whereof I have here unto Set my hand and Seal the Day and year above Written}
Dempsey Braswell {Seal}
In Presence of} August Session 1806 the above Deed
Sion Beckwith} was in Open court Duly provd by the
L F. Ellen P R -} Oath of Sion Beckwith and Ordered
} to be Registered and is by Wm Halle

(Nash Co., NC DB 8 Pg 134)

NOTE: This Dempsey is the son of William Braswell III and his wife Martha.