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Turner Braswell Screven Co., GA

1785 - April 4, Pursuant to A Wart. from the Honourable Court of Justice Directed to Thos. Lewis Esqr. (CS) DAted the 4th of April 1785 I have admeasured and laid out unto John Michel Buckhalter a tract of Land Containing Two Hundred acres in Burke County on the No side of Bryar Creek on Sheftals Branch Bound to the No Wt by Mordica Sheftalls land and Wm Phillips and on the Other Sides Vacant land Contains as is above Discribed Hath such Forms marks and Shape as the above plat represents and was Vacant Land before this Survey. Certified this 26th Day of April 1785 Isaac Perry A.S.

1788 - Pursuant to a Wart. from the Honble the Court of Justices for Burke County to me Directed (Signed Davd. Emanuel --) Dated the 1st of Dec. 1788 I have admeasured and laid out unto Francis Paris (who actually resides in this State) a tract of Land Containing Three Hundred & fifty Acres in the sd County of Burke on the No side of Briar Creek Bound to the No Wt by John Nich Buckhalter to the So. Wt. by sd Francis Paris and on the other sides Vacant Having Such Shape form & marks as the above plat represents. Certified this 10th Day of Janry 1789 Isaac Perry C. - Ch Carriers James Long, Peter Ridick

- May 10, John Mickell Burekhalter, of Effingham County sells to Jacob Reddick and Peter Reddick, of Burke County, for 100 Pounds, 400 acres in Burke County. Bk K, P 3155, Peter Reddick, Adm, sells the one half of this tract that belonged to Jacob Reddick, who willed it to Nancy Reddick, his wife, and who later married Turner Braswell. Reddick as Adm of Braswell, sells the land. 11-4-1828 to James Mobley. (REDDICK Bk L. P 245, Clk's Off. Screven Co.)

1794 - In 1794, Seaborn Jones, a prominent Augusta attorney, began purchasing land in Screven County.....Other land owners from whom Seaborn Jones bought property in building his Screven County plantation included William Strobe, Sanders Walker, Tapley Tullis, John M. Cleland, John Bryan, Turner Braswell, Thomas Shield, William Graves, William Evans, James Kimball, Ruben and Rachel Thompson, John Lambert, Elizabeth Parker, James and Ticy Sharber, William T. Kirkland, Owen O. Jenkins, Peter Reddick, William B. Bulloch, John Skinner, James Babcock, and Solomon and Sarah Kemp. (Excerpt from a chapter in an unknown book titled MILLHAVEN PLANTATION)

1820 - February 2, Turner Braswell married Mary Hay. (HAY Bk "A" Ret. 182133 - P 105, Screv. Co)

1825 - July 25, John Braswell married Elizabeth Burton, 7-25-1825. Turner Braswell married Mary Hay, 2-2-1820 (BRASWELL Bk "A" Ret. 1821-33, P 105, Screv.)

1826 - December 4, Ordered that Peter Reddick be given permanent letters of Administration on the Estate of Turner Braswell, dec., and that Peter Arnett, Alexander Kemp, Charles Stuart, Isaac Rook, and John F. Lovett, be his security. (REDDICK Min Bk 2-A, P 125,/Ord Off. Screv. Co second section)

1827 - March 22, James Mobley M. Mary Braswell widow Turner Braswell, formerly Mary Hay - Bk "A" Ret - 3/22/1827 P - 145 (S. Co. bk 6P, p. 291)

1828 - January 26, Turner Braswell, deceased, Peter Reddick, Adm. Heirs: 1. James Mobley 2. Mary Braswell 3. Lucy Braswell. James Mobley by right of his wife, Mary, the widow of the deceased. Dividers: Jacob Lewis, James Bolton and Anthony Lewis. Turner Braswell married Mary Hays, 2-20-1820 Bk A, P 105, Records. (BRASWELL D Bk "A" Returns p 220)

1828 - February 4, Returns of Peter Reddick, Adm, Estate of Turner Braswell, deceased.
1-12-1828 - to rent of plantation to J. Mobely................15.12 1/2
1-12-1828 Hire of negro man to Nathaniel Wade........89.25
1-12-1828 Hire of negro man to Peter Arnett................45.00
1-12-1828 Hire of negro man to McCullen Pollock.....29.00
Nov.4th. Sale of 200 acres of land in Screven
county belonging to said estate to James Mobley..........200.00
1-15-1828 By cash paid Peter Reddick...........................109.30
1-15-1828 By cash paid Thomas Reddick........................44.30
1-15-1828 By cash paid John Reddick............................109.30
1-15-1828 By cash paid Nicholas Reddick....................109.30
1-15-1828 By cash paid John Reddick, adm
Estate of Jacob Reddick, deceased....................................44.30
(REDDICK, Bk "A" Returns, P 224, Screven Co. Ord. Off.)

1828 - September 1, Ordered that Peter Reddick, Adm. the Est of Turner Braswell, deceased, have leave to sell property for division among the heirs. (REDDICK ----Min Bk 2-A, P 147, Screv. Co)

1828 - November 4, Peter Reddick, Administrator of the Estate of Turner Braswell, conveys to James Mobley, a tract of 200 acres of land which adjoins land of Seaborn Jones on one side, originally granted to John Michael Burkhalter, who conveyed the same to Jacob and Peter Reddick. When they divided the first tract fell to Jacob Reddick. It was deeded by him to his wife Nancy Reddick who afterward intermarried with Turner Braswell. Peter Reddick, Administrator sells same to James Mobley.

1832 - November 20, Mary Braswell married Barnett Newton in Screven County Georgia. (Georgia Marriages)

1833 - January 14, Returns of Peter Reddick, Administrator, Estate of Turner, Braswell, deceased. By the amount paid Mary & Susannah Braswell, Taxes ---- 69 1/2 cents. Date: Jan 14, 1833 (REDDICK Min Book 3, P 332, Screven County) NOTE: It could be that Susannah is actually Lucy Ann.

1833 - December 2, Barnett Newton is appted guardian of Lucy Ann Braswell, m. and o. of Turner Braswell, decd. Dec. 2, 1833 Minutes, bk C, p. 80 (Braswell, Turner)

1841 - January 12, Lucy Ann Braswell married Reuben Newton in Screven County, Georgia. (Georgia Marriages)

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