Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Georgia Intestate Records

- May 26, John Brazdal decd, John Gill applied for letters of administration. Caveat filed June 2, 1794, Mary Brazdal vs John Gill. (Elbert)

1808 - March, John Brazil, deceased, James Glover, administrator, ordered to give clear titles to Benjamin Hubbard. (Elbert)

1809 - September 4, William L. Braziel, deceased, George Headen issued letters of administration. (Jackson)

1810 - Willis Brazeal, decd, Nancy Brazeal and Green Wood issued letters of administration. (Laurens)

1817 - March 3, Elizabeth Eason Brazeal, orphan of Willis, decd, Green Wood, guardian. (Laurens)

1817 - September 10, Benjamin Braswell, decd, William Talbot issued letters of administration. Guy Smith, security. (Morgan)

1819 - January 4, Richard Bracewell, decd, James Bracewell issued letters of administration. (Laurens)

1821 - December 3, Elijah William Brazeal, decd, Eason Allen issued letters of administration. (Laurens)

1826 - September 1, Benjamin Braswell, decd, William Talbot, Thomas Swift, Green Talbot issued letters of administration. James & John Malcomb issued letters of administration September 15, 1826. (Morgan)

1827 - January, Benjamin Brazill, deceased, Hesekiah Stephens issued letters of administration. (Habersham)

1829 - June 1, Robert Brazell, deceased, Sarah Brazell, Laban Taylor appointed administrators. Mrs. Sarah Brazell declines as admx, Laban Taylor to serve, February 7, 1827, Laban Taylor, administrator, applied for division of estate, January 6, 1829, dismissed June 3, 1833, Mrs. Sarah Brazell, widow, Wiley Brazell, received div of estate, June 1, 1829. (Camden)

1832 - June 5, Wiley Brazell, unsound mind, Laban Taylor appointed guardian, Mrs. Sarah Tucker, present guardian, consents. (Camden)

1842 - January 5, Wiley Brazel, idiot, Sarah Taylor, guardian, dismissed. (Camden)

1842 - June 7, Matthew D. Brazel, decd, Stephen McCall appointed administrator. (Camden)

1842 - September 5, Wiley Brazel, deceased, R.P. Burton appointed administrator, caveat filed by heir, Mrs. Sarah Taylor. R.P. Burton dismissed January 4, 1847. Heirs: Robert & William Taylor, David Tanner, in right of wife, Sarah, January 16, 1843. Sarah Brazel Taylor, widow and guardian of minor children of Laban Taylor, deceased, June 5, 1842, div of estate to John L., Robert, William, Lemuel, Jeremiah, Lavina A., M.J., L.L., David Tanner, June 5, 1842. (Camden)

1844 - April 3, Wiley Brazel, deceased, Lemuel Taylor, now of age, asks his share of estate be partitioned him. (Camden)

1844 - June 3, M.D. Brazel deceased, Stephen McCall, administrator, dismissed. (Camden)

1883 - J.W. Braswell, Alfred James, guardian. (Cobb)

No date - John Braswell bound to John Smith, p. 61. (Screven)

No date - Turner Braswell, allowed $196.87 1/2, p.82 (Screven)