Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Redick Bracewell, Laurens Co., GA 1819

Inferior Court of the county of Laurens, met in Chambers.

Present their honors.
Thomas Moore}
George Linder} Justices,
Geo. W. Welch}

Whereas, Redick Bracewell hath applied to us for his dismission from Jail, he being willing to take the oath of an Insolvent, and willing also to comply with the Law in every regard, to obtain the benefit thereof, and having complied with it so far so far (?) as the case will now admit. On motion be it ordered that two months from and after this date, viz. the twentieth day of January next, be and the same is hereby appointed the day and time for the said Bracewell to render in his scedule of property and comply with the Law. And therefore all creditors of the said Bracewell will hereby take notice of the same, and that this order be published in one of the public Gazettes in Augusta in this state, from this until the expiration of that time.
A true copy from the Minutes.
Neil Munroe, clk.
Nov. 15. .1n2d10j.

(Augusta Chronicle - November 24, 1819)