Friday, April 8, 2011

1788 - John & Frederick Braswell, Wilkes Co., GA

1788 – January 10. Wilkes County. Warrant from John King, Esqr., Aj. Dated the 7th of January 1788 was surveyed for JNO BRAZELL two hundred acres Long Creek who resides in this State. The 10 January 1788 as the above platt represents by Sanders Walker D.S. Duplicate taken from the records the 4th day of August 1794. Matthew Talbot D.S. Recorded in Box X p. 151. 200 acres plat advertised the 14th day of January 1788. Recorded AB Folio 153. Mark Talbot. Duplicate. Plat shows WM. WILDER & FEDERICK BRAZELL were chain carriers. (GA Archives)