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1824 - James & Crissy Braswell, Nash Co., NC

This Indenture made the first day of April in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Twenty four between the heirs of Henry Griffin Junr. Dec'd (To wit) James Braswell and Crissy Braswell his wife Jetty Griffin Elizabeth Griffin Simeon Griffin and Willis Griffin all of the County of Edgecombe and State of North Carolina of the one part and Joel Wells of the County of Nash & State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth That the said Heirs of Henry Griffin Junr decd as above named have for and in consideration of the sum of Twelve hundred Dollars to them in hand paid by the said Joel Wells --- whereof they doth hereby acknowledge and themselves satisfied contented and paid have granted bargained sold Conveyed and confirmed and by these presents do grant bargain sell convey and confirm unto him the sd Joel Wells his Heirs & assigns forever two tracts of land lying on the North side of Tar River and also on the North side of Kirbys Creek and partly in the County of Nash and part in the county of Edgecomb and bounded as follows (to wit) Begining at a corner red oak on the old road leading from Nash Court House to L-uts Bridge then down said Road to a pine on said road on Elbow then a line of Marked trees to a pine on the road leading to the great falls of Tar River then along said road to the place the presant road leaves (?) the former road to Kerbys Creek to a corner gum then up the various courses of said Creek to another corner gum thence a straight line of Marked trees to the first station on the road a red oak which is the boundar----of the first tract containing by Estimation one hundred and fifteen acres be the same more or less also one other tract lying adjoining of the above bounded tract and is bounded as follows (To Wit) Begining at a hickory on the Public road and runing -----72 -- 59 poles to a white oak thence No --West 60 poles Thence No 4 d West 48 poles to -- water oak in little Compass Creek thence up the various Courses of Said Creek to a gum Masons Corner thence with Masons Line south 87 -- West to a post oak a corner thence South to a white oak in the aforesaid road a corner thence down the various Courses od said road to a corner pine thence sd --- east a line of marked trees 134 pole to a water oak Thence No 22 -- East 74 pole to the first Station Containing by estimation one hundred and a fourth acres be the same more or less to have and to hold the aforesaid granted land and premises unto him the said Joel Wells his heirs and assigns And the said Heirs of Henry Griffin Junr. decd (To Wit) James Braswell and Crissy his wife Jetty Griffin Elizabeth Griffin Simon Griffin and Willis Griffin doth for themselves their heirs and assigns doth c------and promise and agree to and with him the said Joel Wells that they the said heirs of Henry Griffin Junr decd as above named will warrant and forever defend against any and every Person or persons whatsoever claiming by or under them the said heirs In Witness Whereof the said Heirs ha-- respectively hereunto set their hands and seals the day and date first above written
Signed Sealed and delivered James Braswell {Seal}
In presence of us Crissy her+mark Braswell {Seal}
EBullock Je--y Griffin {Seal}
Zadok Braswell Jurat Elizabeth her+mark Griffin {Seal}
Simeon Griffin {Seal}
Willis Griffin {Seal}
State of North Carolina Nash County
Persuant to an order of Nash County Court made at
may session 1824 I p----de to take the private
Examination of Crissy Braswell the within named
f----- ------ and on the Examination of --- the
said Crissy Braswell acknowledge that She
Executed the within deed of sale to Joel Wells
without any fear or compl--- on an the part
of her husband and that she Executed the Same
with her own free will and accord
The above examination taken the 10th may 1824
Before D--Ricks J.P.

Nash Co., NC DB 11 Pg 205-206)