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Jacob Braswell Sr & Jr, Nash Co., NC 1779

This Indenture made this sixth day of July Adonim- (?) one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine Between Jacob Braswell of Nash County and state of North carolina of the one part and His son Jacob Braswell of the said County of the other part witnesseth that for the consideration of the Love and Good will that the said Jacob Braswell hath and beareth to his son Jacob Braswell Hath Given and Granted and Doth by these presents give and Grant unto his son Jacob Braswell his heirs and assigns one Certain Tract or parcel of Land lying and being in the said County Beginning at a pine on the north (?) thence running --- fifty nine pole to a pine thence south --6 pole to a white oak thence East 10 pole to a gum Darkis Powells corner Thence by sd line south 200 pole to a hickory Then west -- pole to appear (?) in his own line thence by said line North 106 to a white oak Thence by his other line ---102 p--to a hickory On the road (?) thence ---- a line of Marked Trees to the Beginning Containing two hundred and thirty six (?) acres more or less To have and to Hold the said Land and premises thereon or thereupon with all and singular the appertaininces appertaining thereunto Unto him the said Jacob Braswell Jur his Heirs Executor Administrators and assigns for Ever and every part or Parcell whereof and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Rents & ------ - all and singular the said Land and Pein-iers (?) and also all the right Title Interest property Claims And Demands of him the said Jacob Braswell Sr him his heirs Extr Admr & assigns of and on in the said tract of Land and premises and The said Jacob Braswell Sr. for himself his Heirs Exect Adms and assigns doth covenant and agree --------with the said Jacob Braswell Jur him his heirs and Assigns by these presents that the sd Jacob Braswell Jur. him his heirs and assigns shall at any time and at All times and for Ever hereafter ----------peaceably and Quitly have Hold occupy possess and enjoy and the said parcel (?) of Land containing Two Hundred and thirty six Acres More or less and premises and --------------- keep safe and harmless from all ------ Charges (?) and Incumberences whatever (?) by him --- the said JacobBraswell Sr. him his Heirs Exec Adm- -- In Witness whereof he hath set his hand and affixed his seal The day and year first above Written Signed
Sealed and Delivered { Nash County Jacob (his mark) Braswell {Seal}
In the presence of us { July Cort 1779 The above Deed was in
---- (his + mark) Braswell { open Court Acknowledged and ordered to
James Woodard { Be Recorded Test Wm Hal Cl-
and is Registered Test ____ Mearns - R
This is a True coppy from Record By L -- Ellen ---

(1-69 & 70)

NOTE: Very difficult to read.