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1804 - Rachel Braswell vs Valentine Braswell

Hancock County} To the honorable, the Superior Court

The petition of Rachael Braziel humbly showeth That your petitioner Intermarried with one Valentine Braziel that at the time of her intermarriage she had been a widow for several years & had seven Children by her first husband Benjamin McKinney & had and was posessed of considerable property the Estate of the said Benjamin dec'd and also of A negroe fellow by the Name of Prince the property of her Eldest Son John McKinney that the said Valentine after their Intermarriage lived with her in South Carolina about two years and then brought her to this State where She lived about Twelve months after which he compelled your petitioner to return to South Carolina he remaining in Georgia, that in the fall after her return to South Carolina her said Husband returned, Remained for a short time after which he left her & returned to Georgia and carried with him all her property and left her totally destitute of all sustenance and being old & unable to Labour to advantage she Your petitioner would have felt the cruelty of poverty had not the tenderness of her Elder children supported her with their Labour that her said husband remained about nine years in Georgia, That Your petitioner being greatly distressed for the want of the common necessaries of life left South Carolina with her Children and came into Georgia sometime in the month of Last February. That Your Well hoped that Your petitioner said husband would have furnished her with a House and Home & Ordinary provisions but your petitioner states that her said husband being totally destitute of that Tenderness & Regard due from a Husband to a wife has totally and cruelly neglected her in such a manner that had it not been for the Charity of Mr. Henry Rodgers and her two Eldest sons John & Joseph McKinney, she must Under her complicated sufferings have departed this life long since, and your petitioner further States that her said Husband has moved over upon the late ceded lands and totally Neglects her as his wife and utterly Refuses to Return to her any part of the property he took from her and her Orphan Children by her former husband but Retains the Same, and leaving your petitioner to be supported who is near sixty years of age by her children from all which premises your petioner prays that she may be divorced from her said husband in terms the act of the General assembly in such cases lately made and provided. Wherefore Your petitioner prays process assur your requiring the said Valentine Braziel personally or by his Attorney to be and appear before His honor the Judge of the Superior Court at a Court to be held in and for the County of Hancock on the third Monday in February next then and there to Answer your petitioner in an action for a divorce H. 
J Griffin ptts atty
23 Aug.t 1804

Georgia To the Sheriff of Hancock County Greeting
Rachael Braziel}
           vs}  Case for a Divorce
Volentine Braziel}
The defendant Volentine Braziel, is hereby required personally or by Attorney to be and appear at the Superior Court to be holden in & for the County of Hancock on the third Monday in February next, then and there to answer the plaintiffs demand in an action on the case for a Divorce H: Or in default thereof the Court will proceed as to justice shall assertain
Witness the Honorable Charles
Tait, one of the Judges of said 
Court, this 29th August, 1804. 
Alex Martin Clk.
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Contributed by Kay Braswell Dawson