Saturday, May 25, 2013

1793 -1794 Valentine & Rachel Braswell

1793 - June 3, Deposition: Edward Couch said that he was present
when Rachel Brazel & her son John McKenney had a conversation respecting a negro boy named Prince, who was the property of Valentine Brazel, husband of said Rachel Brazel. That said Rachel told the desponent that she was unwilling Valentine Brazel should ever have the boy & since her son had no money she would lend him a dollar which might be returned to be imprescences of the deponent as evidence of a contract..that the deponant is well convinced from the conversation that she intended to defraud her husband who was absent in Georgia of his right to said boy as she was provided with other property of less value which might have been sold in case of distress but to his knowledge said Valentine Brazel had furnished her with such necessities... S/ Edward Couch. Sworn by oath 3 Jun 1793 before Joseph Hightower, J.P. Rcd. 3 jun 1794. (Pp. 456-457)

1794 - November 8, Bill of Sale John Varnell, Planter of Edgefield Co., SC to John McKinney for 36 pounds, sold one negro boy named Prince S/John Varnell. Wit: Samuel Messner, Robert Willis, Jacob Odom who swore by oath 10 Nov 1794 before Joseph Hightower J.P. Rec 21 Feb 1795

A case of fraud?  See Rachel's petition for divorce in Hancock County, Georgia and compare these records.