Saturday, May 25, 2013

1806 - Jacob Braswell to William Wortham

Clark County}  Know all men by these presents that I Jacob Braswell of the aforsaid County & State hath Constituted & appointed & by these presence do Constitute Ordain & appoint William Wortham my true & lawful attorney in fact to warrant (?) for me being (?) herein after mentioned that is to say that I have bargained & Sold to him the said William Wortham one tract of Land Containing fifty two acres as --------- & --------- --- --- ----- ---- date with this ------ which said ------ of Land is included within the lines of a survey claimed by Isaac Suttles originally granted to Elijah Clark Sen decd which said Survey subjects the part which I have Sold to the Said William Wortham to dispute & in the event of the Said disputs terminating in form of the Said Sully to the said William Wortham Should ----- the Land there & that case I do hereby authorise & impower the aforsaid William Wortham me & in my name or in his own name as my atorney in fact for & ------ of one henry Brown of Hancock County in the aforsaid State the value or price of the aforsaid tract of land he being the person from where I purchased the same or other wise to come from ----- & settle the same as well be ---- agreeable to himself in his behalf & also to appropriate the Same -- Recovered or otherwise obtained to his own use in dis charge of his recourse upon me hereby ratifiing  & confirming all the acts which was said atorney Shall or any lawfully do touching the premices aforsaid releasing all ----- & -------- of ------ whatsoever in testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand affixed my Seal this twenty ninth day of October 1806 I am not eventually to be released only in case of the value of the land being discharged by Herry Brown
Signed Sealed & delivered 
In presents of us}   Jacob Braswell {Seal}
James Beasley}
Clark County} Personly appeared Peter Williamson
and made oath that he was a Subscribing
Witness to the power of atorney & that James Beasley
Subscribe his name to the names as a witness
Sworn to & Subscribed
before me this 18 of March 1807
B. Brown Clk  Be: 4th June 1807
(Clark county Georgia Deed Book C Page 419)