Monday, February 18, 2008

Rev Robert Bracewell London England Timeline

(Rev.) Robert BRACEWELL =

London, England


By Eunice H. Young

3 Feb 2008

13 Oct 1611 London, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL, St. Andrew Holborn, London, Eng.

Parents - Richard & Jane BRACEWELL.


21 Feb 1625/6 London, Eng. Jane BRACEWELL, mother of Robert, buried at St. Bartholomew the Great, London, England. (Burial)

26 Sep 1627 London, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL’s father Richard md. (2) Margaret BEDDAM at St. Andrew By The Wardrobe.


22 Feb 1627/8 Oxford, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL, Matriculated Oxford Univ., Hart Hall at age 15. B. A. 3 Nov 1631.

(Alumni Oxoniensis 1:165).

(Note - A search for him in London clergy divulged nothing).

1641 London, Eng. About one-half year before he died, Robert’s father Richard of the parish of Greate St. Bartholomew in the City of London, declared his last will and testament (noncupative, or by word of mouth), and gave to his son-in-lawe, John STILES 20L that he ought (owed) him, for and because of his two children, and to the two children he gave 12 pence apiece.

He appointed his son Robert BRACEWELL to be his executor,

and to his wife he gave l/3 of his estate. He appointed his two

brothers Robert & Edward to be overseers of his will. There being then present Mr. Thomas PERRY, Clerk, Edward BRACEWELL and Ann GRAVERIDE(?).

Wit.: Edward BRACEWELL and Ann GRASVENOR. (?).

(Original Will 7:90) PRO

8 Dec 1641 London, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL’s father Richard was buried at St. Bartholomew the Great.


13 Dec 1641 London, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL’s father Richard’s nuncupative will filed. Latin at bottom of will says, "On the 13th month December year of the Lord 1641..... Rowland JENNINGS (Clerk?) surritie ....... comes Robert BRASWELL, brother relict & Administrator bona et wita (?) with a second tenorem and efferta (purpose) testament during the enduring absence of admin. Robert BRASEWELL son natural(?).......................... Edo. BRASEWELL and Ann GRASVENOR

Signed: Julio. VALENTINE.

(Original Will 7:90) PRO

1 Apr 1642 Notts. Eng. ? Robert married Faith ALLEN in Edwinstowe, Nottingham, England. (This town is about 5 miles from Rufford, where Robert’s uncle Edward (or Edmund) made his will 11 May 1674. Rufford adjoins Sherwood Forest and is on a main road leading NW from Grantham, Eng., home of Robert’s father. It would seem that Robert would have tried to be near family after the deaths of his parents). This is the only marriage for a Robert on the IGI for all of England that is in the right time period. There were many ALLENS in Isle of Wight Co., Va., where Robert settled. I haven’t made a search of ALLEN wills, etc., in Nottinghamshire to try to prove this. Robert & Faith could have had the 5 children in England before coming to Va. 1650.

(Marriage record)

17 Nov 1642 Isle of Wight, Va. John STYLES, brother-in-law of Robert BRACEWELL, md. Jone BRACEWELL, (bapt. 4 Dec 1605 St. Bride Fleet St., London) 21 May 1624 St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, London, Eng. They had: Jane, bapt. 12 Dec 1624 St. Bartholomew the Great, London, and Elizabeth, bapt. 13 Feb 1625/6 St. Martin By The Fields, Westminster). John rec’d 200 A in Warresquicke (old name for Isle of Wight, Va.) for transporting 3 people, and 50 A. from John WHITE.

(Va. Land Patent Bk. I pt.2 page 855).

1650 Isle of Wight, Va. Robert BRACEWELL land mentioned.). Deeds 1:426.

13 Oct 1653 London, Eng Margaret BRACEWELL, wid. of this parish (St. Bartholomew the Great) was buried. (Burial).