Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christian Brazell Wilkes Co., GA 1786

John King
By the court of Justices of the County of Wilkes To Samuel Cromwell County Surveyor for said county, YOU are hereby authorized and required to admeasure and lay out or cause to be admeasured and laid out unto JOSEPH WISE ---- a Tract of Land which shall contain Seven Hundred and fifty acres in Wilkes County in lieu of an old Warrant of Two hundred acres of CHRISTIAN BRAZELL's and an old Warrant of five Hundred and fifty acres of said Wise's-------Taking Especial care that the same has not heretofore been laid out to any Person or Persons, and you are hereby also directed and required to record the plat of the same in your office and Transmit a copy thereof together with this warrant to the Surveyor General within Six months from this date Given under my hand this 6th day of February 1786.

H. Mounger JP

Benj. Catching C.W.C.

Transcribers Notes:
Henry Mounger was a J.P. He signed his name H with "ey" and what followed looked more like Pro, so I took the liberty of just making it H. Mounger JP

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Frederick Braswell Surry Co., NC 1778

Joseph Harrison enters six hundred & forty acres of land in Surry County lying on both sides of the South fork of Parkers Creek beginning at a Scrub Oak at Sash's corner, including his own Improvement & the Cabbin built by Frederick Braswell & the Improvement & Cabbin of Thomas Hughes for Compliment. July 16, 1778 (No 286)