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* Benja, James & Simon Braswell

- September 7, JAMES BRASWELL. wife unnamed; children JOSEPH, JAMES, BENJAMIN, SARAH CAIN & OLIVE STINSON. Son & Exr SIMON Reversion of all. Wit. Samuel Ruffin, John Davis, Nathaniel Ruffin. Jan Ct 1765 (Edge Co., NC)

1754 - October 24, William Williams 180 ac in Edg on both sides of Cypress Swamp. Wits. H. Hunter, JNO HAYWOOD. Surv 13 Apr 1752. chain carriers JAMES BRASSWELL, BENJA BRASSWELL. (Grant #1297 p.305)

1755 - November 10, HARMON STRICKLAND 586 acres in Edgecombe County in Edgecombe Parish on Deep Creek, joining Thomas Pursel, Bryant's line, the mouth of Indian Branch, and both sides of an Impassable Place OR: /s/ HARMON STRICKLIN Wits: JNO HAYWOOD, Robert Haywood surveyed 6 September 1754 SCC: BENJA BRASWELL, Charles Hems JNO HAYWOOD D Surveyor (1125 pg. 266)

1762 - January 1, John Morriss 525 ac in Edg adj. JAMES BRASWELL and JAMES BRASWELLs Mill Branch Wit. Thos Cavenah, John Spendelow. Surv.18 June 1760, chain carriers BENJA BRASWELL, Abraham Vickers. Grant #989 p.235

1762 - August 1, JOHN STINSON 540 ac in Edg adj near Alstons, BENJA. BRASWEL & JAMES BRASWEL Jr.. Surv 25 June 1760. Chain carriers JAMES BRASWELL, SIMON BRASWELL, W. Haywood. (#1148 p.271)

1762 - September 30, Michael Baker of Edgecombe Co., "shoemaker", to Jacob Strickland of Edgecombe Co., "planter". 210 acres on Town Creek adjacent Moses Baker and Alston. Wit: SIMON BRASWELL, JAMES BRASWELL, BENJA. BRASWELL. (Edge Co., NC DB 1 Pg 612)

1764 - February 17, Jacob Stricklin of Edgecombe Co., "planter", to BENJAMIN BRASWELL of Edgecombe Co., "planter". 210 acres on the north bank of Town Creek adjacent Moses Baker. Wit: SIMON BRASWELL, JOHN STINSON, JAMES BRASWELL. (Edge Co., NC DB C Pg 180)

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Parker, Lucy, Richland Dist, SC 1819

Will of Lucy Parker

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I Lucy Parker of Richland District South Carolina do make and ordain this my last will and testament. First, it is my Will that all my just debts be paid. Secondly, I give to my servant Jack his choice of my stock of hogs and cattle, say one sow and pigs one cow and calf four good hogs one work creature provisions to make the first crop after my death, two iron pots and all my working tools of every discription forever. Thirdly I give to my sevant Ailse one cow and one sow to her and her heirs forever. Fourthly I lend my tract of land containing fifty acres which I now live on to my servants Jack and Ailse, and Isaac my former servant who is now free; in the following manner. to Isaac ten Acres in the field which I now tend adjoining and behind the garden with one half the garden with the Kitchen and one out hoouse to use or rent during his life time To Jack and Ailse the remainder of the land to use or rent during their life times. Should Mr. George Scott be living where he is now after the death of Jack, Ailse, and Isaac. I leave the above fifty Acres of land to him and his heirs forever by his paying to Silas Jesse Rives one hundred and twenty five dollars, but if he shou'd be mov'd away or dead then in that case I leave the land to Silas Jesse Rives to him and his heirs forever. Fifthly I give to William Harris the baptist preacher all the remaining part of my stock of hogs and to his wife I give all my wearing apparel and one chest. Sixthly I give to my four grand children, William Henry Rives, John Green Rives Elizabeth Rachel Harrison and Silas Jesse Rives all the remaining of my stock of cattle, beds bed clothes bed stead and all my house hold furniture of every description excepting those mention'd above to them and their heirs forever to be equally divided between them. Seventhly my servant Jack is to provide food and clothing for my servant Ailse during her lifetime and sees that she does not suffer - eighthly - I wish to set my servants Jack and Ailse free, but as that cannot be legally done by will, I hereby give them to my executors herein after nam'd for the sole purpose of enabling them to emancipate them by deed as the law requires, and it is my earnest request that they do so immediately after my decease. lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my friends James Adams and Joel Adams jun. executors of this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all former ones. Witness my hand and seal this sixteen day of January Anno Domine eighteen hundred and nineteen
Signed sealed and delivered} The word Ailse enterlin'd
in the presence of us} before sign'd

John S. Chappell........Lucy Parker
Sylvia p. Adams
Eurydice Bracewell
South Carolina} Personally appeared John S. Chappell who
Richland District} being duly sworn upon the Holy Evangelists
of Almighty God did make oath that he saw Lucy Parker sign seal publish pronounce and declare the within Instrument of writing to be her last will and Testament that she was then of sound and disposing mind and memory and understanding according to the best of this Deponents knowledge and belief and that Sylvia P Adams and Eurydice Bracewell together with this Deponent at the request of the Testatrix in her presence and in the presence of each other witnessed the due execution thereof
John S. Chappell
Sworn to before me this 8 day of September 1819
James S. Guignard Ordinary
Will Book G Pg 108

Nettles, Zachariah, Fairfield Co., SC 1820

Will of Zachariah Nettles

State of South Carolina}
Fairfield District}

In the Name of God Amen

I Zachariah Nettles Senior being in health of Body and of Sound Mind and disposing Memory do make this my Last will and Testament in Manner following that is to Say. In the first place I Lend unto my beloved wife Levice. Nettles all that Plantation, or Tract of Land where on I now Live During her Natural life She Shall Neither Rent nor Sell the above lands. and after her Death the above Tract of Land one to be Equally divided between John H. Nettles and Zachariah H. Nettles Lawful Heirs---also one Negro man named Arch and the other Isaac and One Negro woman Named dianer and Mary her child During her Natural life She shall Neither hire nor Sell the above Mentioned Negroes, nor Suffer them to be carried out of the District--where I now live, if they are the Said John H. & Zachariah Nettles are authorised to bring them back and put them to the use of their Heirs---also one Negro Woman named Leas to John H. Nettles' Heirs, and the rest of my Property are to be Equally divided after my lawful Debts are discharged the one half to my wife Levice and the other divided Equally between John H. & Zachariah H. Nettles' Heirs--------Lastly I Constitute and appoint my Two sons John and Zachariah H Nettles to Execute this my Last will and Testament, In witness whereof I now Sett my hand and Seal in the presents of us May 1st 1820

Osborne V. Jeffers........................Zachariah Nettles {LS}
Leroy Ford.............................................Proved Sept 4, 1820
William (his X mark) Brassell.....Jno Buchanan Ordinary
............................................................Recorded in Book No. 8
..........................................................Page 63 (Date not found)
...............................................................Apt. 26 File 385

Joseph Braswell of IOW Co., VA.

1692 - 9ber 5,
RICHARD TOWLE Will: Leg: my three youngest children of SUSANNA BRASWELL, RICHARD, William and Elizabeth Braswell. Ex., "loving friend" John Riggs. D. 5th of 9ber 1692. R. Feb 9 1692. Wit: Thomas Moore, Robert Horner, Sarah Wakefield. (IOW Co., VA W & DB 2 Pg 323)

1714 - October 22, SUSANNAH BRASWELL Will: Leg: son RICHARD, son William, granddaughter Elizabeth Braswell, daughter Ann, grandson John Riggs, son James. Trustee Richard Jones & Richard Jordan. Wit: William Allen, Richd Jones, Richd Jordan. (IOW Co., VA WB 3 P 304)

1744 - April 21, Will of RICHARD BRASWELL: Sons WILLIAM & JOSEPH my executors, daughter ELIZABETH, son JOHN. Loving wife. R. August 26, 1745. Wit: BENJAMIN JOHNSON Jr., JOSEPH WOODWARD, ARTHUR EDWARDS. (IOW CO VA WB IV P. 541)

1746 - March 12, JOSEPH BRASSWELL & wife SARAH & WILLIAM BRASWELL & wife SARAH to RICHARD VICK for 19 pds 100 acres part of a patent granted to EDWD GOODSON & MATTHEW RUSHIN 16 Jun 1714...Nottoway Swamp....THOMAS CRAFFORD's line. Wit: JOHN DARDEN, W. BIDGOOD, MATHEW GRIFFIN. JOSEPH BRASSWELL (mark & seal) WILLIAM BRASSWELL (mark & seal) (IOW Co., VA DB 7, 1744-1747, PART 2, Pg 445-448)

1747 - May 14, ANN VAUGHN, Adm. of RICHARD BLOW, sued WILLIAM & JOSEPH BRASWELL, executors of RICHARD BRASWELL, deceased, for 1 pound, 17 shillings, 1 pence. She won and collected. (IOW Co., VA Order Book, 1746-1752)

1750 - June 8, OLIVE DAVIS, plaintiff, vs JOSEPH BRASWELL. Case for Slander. Verdict: dismissed parties agreed. (IOW Co., VA Order Book 1746-1752)

1752 - November 9, RICHARD VICK to ALBRIDGTON JONES 6 acres adj. sd. Jones' mill and Nottoway Swamp on the north side of the Bridge Road (part of 100 acres sold to sd. VICK by WILLIAM BRASWELL and JOSEPH BRASWELL), S: RICHARD (R) VICK, W: ROBERT (signed) RICKS, JESSE (signed) BROWNE, and PHILLIP (P) BRANTLEY (Southampton Co., VA DB 1 Pg 412-414)

1757 - June 21, The following persons are Vagrants...
JOSEPH BRASWELL (Isle of Wight Co., VA D.B.9 P. 510 1752-1758)

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Robert Braswell & Henry Overstreet in Bertie Co., NC *

1719/20 - March 1, Chowan Co., NC Robert Brasswell rec'd Patent for 588 A. in Chowan Prec. on NS Maherrin River, joining ye Lower end of Mill Meadow by Gardiner's Path, Buckhorn Swamp, and the Meadow Branch (Eunice Young)

1723/24 - John Steward & wife Sarah to Robert Brasswell 25 pounds for 200 acres on Yourah Swamp Part of a 600 acre tract. Witness: Thomas Bonner, Moore Carter. May Ct. 1724. (Colonial Bertie Co., NC Deed Books 1720 -1757 Pg. 239) NOTE: Moore Carter was married to Jane Kindred and had a son named Kindred Carter.

1724 - November 9, Henry Overstreet to Owen McDaniel Power of attorney to acknowledge sale of land to John Edwards Jun. Witness: Martin Gardner, Edward Moore. (A 300)

1726 - August 5, Jonathan Sanderson to John Wiggans 2 pounds 10 Shillings for 50 acres on NS Meherring River and Buck Horne adjacent Robert Brasswell. Part of a patent belonging to John Hobbs dated Nov. 7, 1723. Witness: John Gardner. Aug Ct. 1726 (Bertie Co., NC DB B Pg 148)

1727 - March 25, Bertie Co., NC Jonathan Sanderson rec'd 95 a. in Buckhorn Woods on the NS of Maherrin River. adj. Edward Barnes, John Garner, Robert Braswell, and Buckhorn Swamp.(Land Patent 3:220). (Eunice Young)

1727 - John Edwards Jun. & Wife Elizabeth to Abraham Sheppard 20 pds for 200 acres on Roquist adjacent Martin Gardner Jun, Martin Gardner Sen, Henry Overstreet. Witness: Henry Overstreet, William Griffin. Feb Ct 1727 Edward Mashborne D. C. Ct. (B 371)

1727 - August 2, John Williams & Wife Ann to Henry Overstreet 12 pounds for 135 acres on Casiah Swamp and Roquist "lying back of a survey of Martain Gardner." Witness: Isaac Williams, William Jones, Anne Herring. May Ct. 1728. Ed Mashborne D. C.Ct. (B 388)

1728/29 February 11, Henry Overstreet to Thomas Bunten 12 pounds for 100 acres on WS Deep Creek adjacent Theophilus Williams at Apple Tree Swamp. Witness: Needham Bryan, Edmond Wicking, Ed. Outlaw. Feb Ct. 1728/29 Ed Mashborne (C 79)

1728 - July 26, Jonathan Sanderson to Barnard Banger, precinct school master, 15 pounds for 100 acres on NS Meherring River adjacent Robert Bracewell and Buckhorn Swamp, John Hooks, Jonathan Sanderson, County line, John Menses, Richard Kemp. Part of a patent granted to John Hicks on November 7, 1723. Witness: Richard Kemp, John Gardner, Thomas Granger. November Ct. 1728. Ed. Mashborne. (Pg. 58)

1730 - November 10, Henry Overstreet & Wife Ann to Abraham Sheppard 130 pounds for 235 acres "lying back of a survey of Martin Gardner" on SS Cashy Swamp and ES Roquist Swamp. Witness: Joseph Moore, Ann Moore, Thomas Whipple. (C 320)

1733/34 - March 7, Henry Jarnigan to Henry Overstreet "nine pounds seven" for 50 acres on NS Marratock River at Appletree Swamp adjacent William Jones. Witness: Needham Bryan, John Blackman, Samuel Dickins. Nov Ct. 1734. John Wynns D. C. Ct. ( D 137)

1734 - September 14, Robert Braswell of Bertie Co., NC wrote his will naming wife Sarah, daughter Sarah Daughtrey, sons Robert, John, Richard & Valentine, daughters Jean (Jane) & Mary, godson Demsey Sumner. Extrs. James Bryant & Joshuay Daughtrey. Witness: Thomas Bryant, Nicholas Baget, Patience Bryant. Nov Ct. 1736. C. Ct. John Wynne.

1755 - October 6, Martain Gardner of Bertie Co., NC in his will bequeathed unto his son John "440 acres of land and plantation Joyning my land above upon deep Run and Cashy". Other children: William, James, Martin, Ann, Annah & Jane. Exexutrix: Wife Annah. Executor: Needham Bryan. Witnesses: Benjamin Carter, Joseph Holland. C.CT. Benjamin Wynns.

1757 - April 7, Robert Braswell, (son of Robert & Sarah Braswell) appears in Granville Co., SC and receives a plat of 100 acres on Little River, later cut into Abbeville Co., SC. He is believed to be the father of brothers Robert & Kindred Braswell who crossed the river from South Carolina into Georgia about 1764 and petition for land at Bark Camp presumably as single young men as they did not mention wives or children to facilitate larger land grants.


The above records are important because they link multiple generations of the Braswell and Overstreet families of Bertie Co NC and Georgia. Robert Braswell born abt 1675 and Henry Overstreet, Sr. born c. 1700 were neighbors in Bertie Co NC. In 1736 Robert Braswell died. About the same time, Henry Overstreet, Sr. migated down to Georgia and is found at Ft. Augusta in 1739. Robert Braswell son of Robert born c. 1699 migrated by February 1750 to Johnston Co NC. Robert migrated next by Dec 1756 to Old Granville Co SC where it is presumed he died about 1764. While in Old Granville Co SC, Robert Braswell II was in close proximity to Henry Overstreet, Jr. At this time, Henry Overstreet, Jr. married Jane Braswell who is believed to be the daughter of Robert Braswell II. About 1764 upon the death of Robert II, sons Robert and Kindred Braswell migrated to what is now Montgomery Co GA. And, Henry Overstreet, Jr. and wife Jane were granted nearby lands the next year. These families and others are continued to be found together in subsequent generations in Georgia.


A List of the Whole Inhabitants of the Township of Augusta, in Georgia
(Key: Men - Women - Children)

Mr. Kennedy O'Brien.........................5-3-0
Thomas Smith...................................1-1-0
Messrs. Mackenzie and Frazer..........5-1-0
John Miller.........................................2-1-1
Thomas Goodale...............................2-1-2
Samuel Brown....................................2-1-1
Sanders Ross.....................................2-0-0
A Saddler............................................1-1-1
A Tailor..............................................1-1-0
William Clark.....................................1-1-0
Henry Overstreet.........................1-1-4
Locklan M'Bean.................................2-2-1
William Gray.....................................4-0-0
William Calahern..............................0-2-2

A List of Traders, Men, and Horses, employed from Augusta, in the Chickasaw and Creek Trade.
(Key: Men - Horses)

George Mackay..................................................................4-20
Henry Elsey........................................................................3-20
Messrs. Facey and Macqueen..........................................6-40
John Wright........................................................................4-20
John Gardner.................................................................3-20
William Calahern................................................................3-15
Thomas Andrews, in Creek and Chickasaw Nations.....8-70
Thomas Daval.....................................................................3-20
John Cammell.....................................................................3-20
Paul Rundall........................................................................3-20
Nicholas Chinery................................................................3-20
William Newberry..............................................................3-20

Savannah, July 14, 1741. JOHN GARDNER.

The above written, John Gardner, of Augusta, Indian trader, personally came and appeared before me, John Fallowfield, one of the bailiffs of the town of Savannah, and made oath, that the said several accounts of traders, horses, and men, employed in the Creek and Chickasaw nations; and also the list of the white persons, men, women, and children, now living in the township of Augusta, are, to the best of the said deponent's knowledge, just and true; and that the persons residing in, and belonging to the fort of Augusta, are not contained in the said lists above, and on the other side of this paper written.


Sworn the day and year above-written, at Savannah aforesaid.

Collections of the Georgia Historical Society
By Georgia Historical Society, Georgia Historical Society, Georgia (U.S.A) Pages 124-125

NOTE: Is it possible that John Gardner is from Bertie County?

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Muse, James, Cumberland Co., NC 1780

In the name of God amin

I James Muse of the County of Cumberland and province of North Carolina, planter in perfect health of body and memory thanks to God, calling unto Mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament. That is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul to God that gave it and my body I recommend to earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors, Nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same by the mighty power of God. And as Touching such things as Worldly estate therewith it has pleased God to bless me within this life I give and devise and dispose of in the following manner and form.

First I lend to Charity, my beloved wife, the manor house and plantation wherein I now live with all the household furniture and stock of all kind to be kept for the use of the family and schooling the children after her decease, the household furniture and stock to be sold at pubic sail with 12 months credit with approved security and the money thence arising to be equally divided amongst all my children except my son Daniel and James and my daughter Ferriba which has already received their full part of the household goods and stock.

Item I give to my son Daniel Muse, three hundred acres of land by the name of the front land and one hundred fifty acres joyning that same called the spring land with that I have already given him to be his full part of my estate. Likewise, I give and bequeath to my son, James Muse, the plantation where one he now lives and the land there unto belonging and 150 acres joyning called striblings folly with what I have already given him to be his full part of my estate.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son, Jesse Muse, the old plantation with the land thereunto belonging and 150 acres joyning above the cain patch and one stone horse called Roebuck, saddle and bridle, and that to be his full part of my estate.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter, Ferriba Seale, the 200 acres of land she now lives on and negro girl called Chloe with what I have already given her to be her full part of my estate.

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Thos Muse one hundred and fifty acres of land at the mouth of mill swamp taken up by Charles Seale and one hundred and fifty acres between John Howell's and My old place with one gelding called Rainbow, saddle and bridle, and that to be his full part of my estate.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter, Mary Muse, one negro girl called Venis to be delivered to her at the age of sixteen or the dayof her marriage.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Charity Muse, one negro girl named Rachel to be delivered to her at the age of sixteen or the day of her marriage.

Item I give and bequeath unto my daughter, Ludda, 200 acres of land joyning Anthony Seale of Virginia and the next child the negro woman Pen shall Bear to be delivered to her at the age of sixteen or day of marriage.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter, Elizabeth, 150 acres of land on the mill swamp joyning Anthony Seale and taken up by Anthony Seale of Virginia and 300 acres of land on the road joyning Morrison land to be delivered to her at the age of sixteen or the day of her marriage.

Item I give and bequeath to my son, Kindred Muse, the Manor plantation whereon I now live and at his mother's death and the Land thereunto belonging and privilege to build on any part of the land not interrupting his mother.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter, Martha Muse, one negro girl named Luce to be delivered to her at the age of sixteen or day of marriage.

It is my desire that my beloved wife shall have the use of negro Jo and negro Pen during her Natural life and after her death them with all their not named increase to be sold and the money to be Equally divided Between all my children that is then alive.

It is also my desire . . . . . . a lawful heir their estate shall be sold and the money equally divided between all my children that is then alive.

It is also my desire that when any of my children shall marry that their mother shall give them what she thinks proper and have it valued and take a receipt for the same that may be had at a final settlement after her death.

And I do Constitute, Make, and ordain My dearly beloved wife, Charity Muse, and my loving sons, Daniel and Jesse Muse, Executrix and Executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby utterly disallow, Revoke, and disannull all and every other former testaments, wills, legacies, bequests, Executions by me . . . . .before named willed or bequeather ratifying and confirming this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my sealthis 10th day of June 1780.

Signed sealed pronounced and James Muse declared by the sd James Muse as his Seal last will and testament in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names. John Howell Hannah Dean

Note: The wife of James Muse is believed to be Charity Braswell, daughter of Valentine (Jr?) & Patience Braswell of Wake Co., NC.

Charity's grandson on the 1850 Census:

Braswell Muse Union, NC abt 1796 North Carolina

Charity's father in law:

1758 – March 30, JAMES MUSE of Deep River, Cumberland County, NC, wrote his will naming wife SOPHIA, son JAMES a negro named Penelope and what I have already given him, daughter LEDDY CEAL, son THOMAS, son DANIEL (not yet 14 years old), daughter ANNE MUSE, daughter, ANNABARBURY, daughter SOPHIA POPE RUNNELS and her son WILLIAM CEAL MUSE. Executors, wife, son JAMES and CHARLES CEAL. Wit: ROBERT DICKINSON, JAMES BAIN, ISAAC DICKINSON (page 241, Deed Book 1, Cumberland County Register of Deeds)

Contributed by an anonymous researcher.

Georgia Marriages

Abraham Brazil & Amy Davis 10 Oct 1844 Warren
Ann Braswell & Greenberry Sewell 29 Dec 1807 Franklin
Adatim Brazeal & Edmond Tilly 17 Aug 1848 Lumpkin
Addison Brazel & Jane Crump 3 Oct 1819 Franklin
Alford P. Bracewell & Mary Judson Forest 19 Apr 1845 Laurens
Allen Brazil & Elizabeth Spradlin 18 May 1828 Pike
Allen G. Brazeil & Mariah Prator 2 Feb 1839 Hall
Alsey Brazil & Elizabeth Welch 2 Mar 1829 Hancock
Amanda M. Bracewell & Joseph Cooper 15 Jun 1842 Pulaski
Artimissa Bracewell & Thomas L. Vann 6 Jul 1845 Wilkinson
Augustus Brassell & Angeline Hill 2 Jan 1840 Troup

Benjamin Brassel & Mary Ann Price 15 Sep 1808 Jefferson
Berry Braswell & Tabitha Colins 5 Jan 1830 Talbot
Betsy Brassel & Briton Alford 19 Mar 1805 Greene
Betsey Brazell & Henry J.J. Mattox 29 Nov 1849 Tattnall
Burton Braswell & Susan Maxwell 22 Feb 1850 Decatur

Coswill Braswill & Sabra Braswill 11 Jan 1846 Thomas
Crawford Brassell & Malinda Braden 11 Apr 1850 Gilmer

David Brazel & Polly Forester 27 Dec 1818 Madison
David M. Braswell & Penna Williford 15 Sep 1842 Crawford
Davis B. Braswell & Mary A.E. Grant 25 Mar 1828 Bibb
Deborah Brazell & Warren Helton 11 Feb 1847 Cowetta
Delilah Braswell & Ward H. Cavender 13 Feb 1840 Fayette
Derrell Brasswell & Mary Porterfield 16 Mar 1826 Newton
Derrell Brazil & Vashty Vining 30 Dec 1834 Jefferson
Duke W. Braswell & Caroline S. Beall 6 May 1838 Bibb

Edward P. Braswell & Harriet A. Morris 17 Jul 1832 Jones
Elishaba Braswell & Alexander Smith 11 Feb 1840 Upson
Eliza Ann Braswell & Lewis R. Robinson 17 Aug 1842 Crawford
Elizabeth Bracewell & David McDaniel 16 May 1847 Laurens
Elizabeth Bracewell & John T. Wheeler 8 Oct 1850 Pulaski
Elizabeth Brassel & Joseph Thompson 4 Mar 1847 Jefferson
Elizabeth Brassel & Canty Poston 10 Dec 1867 Jefferson
Elizabeth Brassell & Canty Postin 10 Dec 1867 Jefferson
Elizabeth Brassell & James N. Hadden 28 Jan 1851 Jefferson
Elizabeth Braswell & William Eddings 11 Aug 1842 Crawford
Elizabeth Braswell & Ansel Ferrel 23 Feb 1836 Thomas
Elizabeth Braswell & Reason Spell 16 Dec 1816 Laurens
Elizabeth Brazell & Needham Branch 8 Jan 1849 Camden
Elizabeth Brazill & John Maxwell 13 Nov 1834 Wilkes
Ellender Brasell & Edmund Price 11 Jul 1811 Jefferson
Ephraim L. Braswell & Dollie Moon 7 Jan 1841 Walton

Fanny Braswell & Adam B. Parramore 9 Jul 1835 Thomas
Frances Brazil & William Cureton 2 Jul 1812 Hancock
Fanny Brazile & Godfrey Freeman 23 Sep 1831 Marion

George Braswell & Nancy Freeman 10 Feb 1818 Clarke

Hannah C. Bradwell & William Roberts 16 Feb 1804 Liberty
Harriett Braswell & William Coulter 24 Dec 1840 Jones
Henry Braswell & Mariah Elder 31 Dec 1868 Clarke
Henry D. Brasil & Susan H. Heath 2 Jul 1840 Marion
Horatio Brazele & Clary Allen 17 Jan 1847 Habersham
Hugh Braswell & Mary Ann Dixon 1 Jan 1837 Thomas
Hugh Braswell & Martha Jones 9 Mar 1837 Thomas

Isham Braswell & Charity Kilpatrick 26 Jul 1815 Jones
Isham Brazel & Zilly Watson 28 Dec 1850 Upson
Isom Braswell & Mary Morris 6 Apr 1806 Greene

Jacob Brazelle & Ceia Bryan 23 May 1798 Liberty
Jacob G. Braswell & Mary Raley 30 Jan 1834 Bibb
Jacob L. Brazell & L. Scoggins 17 Dec 1835 Cowetta
James Brassel & Sallie Davis 16 Apr 1805 Greene
James Brassel & Martha Bunton 18 Dec 1834 Jefferson
James Brassel & Ann Nancy Darley 7 Jan 1842 Jefferson
James L. Brassel & Lentillis Haynes 15 Jan 1840 Jefferson
James Braswell & Patsy Bins 22 Dec 1814 Jones
James Braswell & Nancy Cavenah 13 Aug 1835 Upson
James Braswell & Elizabeth Holloway 12 Feb 1828 Jones
James Brasdale & Eleanor Covington 5 Jan 1812 Franklin
James Brazell & Nancy J. Conner 27 Jun 1849 Camden
James M. Bracewell & Sarah J. Knight 4 Aug 1842 Pulaski
James T. Bradwell & Isabel Fraser 3 Jan 1839 Liberty
James W. Brazell & Elizabeth James 11 Nov 1848 Tattnall
Jane Braswell & George Marshall 10 Nov 1839 Jones
Jemima Ann Brazel & John Chase 21 Jul 1847 Harris
Jenny Braswell & Brinkley Cape 7 Nov 1812 Elbert
Jeremiah Brazell & Nancy Boswell 23 Dec 1835 Wilkes
Jesse Brassell & Mary Cooper 25 Jul 1830 Upson
Jesse Braswell & Louisa Hale 29 Jul 1830 Crawford
Jesse Braswell & Mary Hughes 24 Dec 1826 Jones
Jincey Braswell & Thomas Godfrey 26 Apr 1826 Newton
John Bradwell & Ann Sargent 1 Nov 1782 Liberty
John Bracewell & Arky Watson 3 Aug 1835 Houston
John Brasil & Winney Pittman 31 Dec 1835 Jefferson
John Braswell & Elizabeth Burton 28 Jul 1825 Screven
John Brassell & Judy Thompson 23 Dec 1852 Jefferson
John C. Brassell & Martha C. Cavender 25 May 1843 Fayette
John W. Brassell & Delaney V. Irby 20 Oct 1864 Jefferson
John C. Brassill & Elizabeth Minyard 7 Dec 1841 Muscogee
Joseph Bracewell & Dorothy White 21 Nov 1828 Pulaski
Joseph Braswell & Sarah Hardegree 20 Dec 1855 Clarke
Josephus Bracewell & Martha Mullis 26 Feb 1850 Pulaski
Julian Braswell & Reacola Johnson 21 Jun 1909 Clarke

Kindred Brassel & Patcy McCoy 21 Aug 1828 Jefferson

Lamentation Brazille & David Loring 25 Jan 1838 Hancock
Lancelot Braswell & Margaret Stroud 29 Jul 1847 Walton
Larkin Brassell & Nancy Coleman 12 Dec 1852 Jefferson
Larkin Braswell & Susannah McCulloughs 20 Dec 1846 Walton
Lucinda Braswell & Newton Reaves 1 Oct 1849 Walton
Lucrecy Brassell & George Forrester 9 Aug 1818 Madison
Lucretia Bracewell & Coleman Leonard 22 May 1850 Laurens
Lucy Ann Braswell & Reuben Newton 12 Jan 1841 Screven
L.D. Braswell & Sarah M. Thompson 1 Nov 1849 Walton

Malinda E. Braswell & Robert J. Kennedy 8 Feb 1844 Upson
Malinda Brazile & William D. Carithers 2 Jun 1844 Jackson
Mansfield Brazil & Nancy H. ---- 20 Oct 1817 Hancock
Margaret Braswell & Stephen Thompson 15 Mar 1821 Laurens
Mariah Bradwell & Thomas Webster 19 Jan 1841 Talbot
Martha Brassel & Willis Brassel 2 Nov 1837 Fayette
Martha Brazell & Hamon Roberts 3 Feb 1850 Pauling
Martha A. Bracewell & James B. Cross 30 Jun 1848 Laurens
Martha Ann Brassell & Littleberry Brooks 8 Mar 1842 Cowetta
Martha E. Bradwell & Thomas C. Robertson 8 Nov 1849 Cass
Martha E. Brassell & Daniel Glover 28 Apr 1867 Jefferson
Martha E. Brassell & Ransom Henderson 22 Mar 1866 Jefferson
M.E. Brassell & Daniel Gliver 28 Apr 1867 Jefferson
Mary Bracewell & Jethro Weaver 20 Oct 1824 Laurens
Mary Bracewell & Peter E. Love 10 Jan 1842 Pulaski
Mary Braswell & Barnett Newton 20 Nov 1832 Screven
Mary Braswell & Samuel Prewet 2 Mar 1825 Fayette
Mary Braziel & William F. Trout 11 Jan 1827 Hall
Mary A. Brassell & James H. Williams 26 Nov 1838 Fayette
Mary Ann Braswell & James Mobley 25 Mar 1827 Screven
Mary Ann Brazil & George J. Griffith 15 Dec 1839 Troup
Mary W. Brazeal & Bennet S. Griffin 23 Nov 1824 Laurens
Matilda Braswell & Frederick Moore 11 Nov 1830 Walton
Matthew Braswell & Rainey Keel 24 Jul 1842 Laurens

Nancy Braswell & John Oconnor 18 Jun 1822 Greene
Nancy Brazeal & Eason Allen 28 Mar 1813 Laurens
Nancy Ann Bracewell & Davis D. Davis 28 Sep 1843 Houston
Nancy Brassell & Wiley Hutchens 13 Dec 1867 Jefferson
Nathan Brassil & Anny Waldon 20 Sep 1821 Jefferson
Nathan Brazeal & Sarah Adams 25 Feb 1823 Wilkinson
Nathan Brazeal & Elizabeth Reynolds 6 Mar 1827 Wilkes
Nathan E. Brassell & Martha E. Williams 17 Feb 1863 Jefferson
Nathaniel Baswell & Lucinda Wheeler 20 Dec0 1838 Monroe

Pamelia M. Bracewell & William H. Scarborough 19 Dec 1850 Laurens
Patience Braswell & Joseph Roberts 3 Feb 1815 Morgan
Patience Bassile & George Vineyard 9 Mar 1807 Elbert
Polly Brazel & Joseph Longhoren 25 Sep 1807 Baldwin
Polly Brazel & James Ramsay 7 Oct 1821 Jasper
Polly Brazil & Benjamin Briant 7 Aug 1808 Warren
Polly Brazil & Lawson Williams 5 Dec 1833 Jefferson

Rebecckah Brassel & Pinkney Swansey 18 Apr 1849 Jefferson
Rebecka Brazal & John Edmonds 15 Aug 1830 Upson
Rosanna Brazal & Zachariah Batson 16 Dec 1837 Upson
Reddick Braswell & Ose Kitchens 24 Aug 1824 Laurens
Redick Bracewell & Elizabeth McDaniel 1 Dec 1836 Laurens
Richard Braswell & Polley Jentrey 15 Jul 1810 Jasper
Robert Braswell & Lucy Minton 31 Jul 1817 Jefferson

Sabra Braswill & Coswill Braswill 11 Jan 1846 Thomas
Sally Brazeal & William Hampton 6 Feb 1823 Jackson
Samuel Braswell & Frances Butler 27 Feb 1798 Clark
Samuel Braswell & Frankey Thomas 16 Jan 1816 Clarke
Sarah Brassell & John A. Irby 13 Sep 1865 Jefferson
Sarah Brassell & John Martin 15 Jun 1820 Jefferson
Sarah Bruzil & Jonathan Winchester 10 Aug 1826 Jasper
Sarah A. Bracewell & Civian Pool 11 Jul 1844 Houston
Sarah Ann Bracewell & James J. Pulhill 7 Feb 1840 Pulaski
Sarah Ann Brassel & Irwin Davis 6 Dec 1849 Jefferson
Sarah Ann Braswell & John Cluis 4 Jan 1840 Thomas
Sarah E. Brassel & R.B. Faglie 21 Dec 1871 Jefferson
Sarah M. Brassel & R.B. Faglie 21 Dec 1871 Jefferson
Seaborn A. Bracewell & Roxanna Woolf 18 Jan 1838 Laurens
Selia Brassell & John Cavender 15 Apr 1838 Fayette
Simeon A. Braswell & Louisa S. Mash 22 Apr 1840 Thomas
Stephan Baswell & Rebecca Shaver 1 May 1847 Cowetta
Sterling W. Braswell & Mary Hinton 23 Dec 1847 Newton

Tabitha Braswell & Thomas Childers 1 Jan 1816 Morgan
Temperance Braswell & Andrew Farmer 15 Jan 1818 Laurens
Timothy Braswell & Serena Ogbum 13 Dec 1831 Crawford
Turner Braswell & Mary Hay 3 Feb 1820 Screven

Valentine Brazeal & Nancy Burson 15 Jan 1823 Jackson
Virginia Ann Bozwell & Newton H. Skaggs 22 May 1848 Early

Westly Braswell & Polly New 25 Jul 1822 Madison
Wiley Bracewell & Aggy Doorman 9 Nov 1820 Laurens
William A. Brassel & Rebecca Chawker 22 Aug 1872 Jefferson
William Brassel & Hepzibeth Martin 11 Dec 1823 Madison
William Brasill & Phidelia Minyard 17 Feb 1831 Jones
William Braswell & Nancy Giles 5 Dec 1826 Clarke
William Braswell & Sarah Balkcom 4 Jun 1818 Jones
William Braswell & Margaret Larkin 15 Feb 1818 Jones
William Brassell & Elizabeth Whatley 24 Dec 1834 Fayette
William Brazil & Creasey Tillman 24 Nov 1824 Hancock
William B. Braswell & Polly Pollard 26 Oct 1812 Elbert
William C. Braziele & Eliza M. Christian 3 Jan 1828 Hall
William H. Braswell & Avey Bishop 14 Nov 1850 DeKalb
William W. Braswell & Rebecca M. Brown 21 May 1841 Walton
William B. Brazell & Eliza Jinks 31 Oct 1836 Campbell
William Y. Brazeil & Margaret B. Prator 20 Aug 1840 Hall
Willis Brassel & Martha Brassel 2 Nov 1837 Fayette
Winnafred Brasdle & Benjamin Whitaker 27 Oct 1813 Franklin

Updated October 30, 2010

Henry Braswell, Camden Dist, SC 1800

A Record of the Descendants of Isaac Ross and Jean Brown
By Annie Julia Mims


This diary was written by A. B. Ross while he was a resident of South Carolina. His home was near Camden and also near the Wateree River. He operated a ferry on the Wateree, and his various plantations are shown on the map.

Page 57

WEDNESDAY, February 26, 1800

Rose early. Russell and Jenkins went to Mr. Whitaker's for a plat of this plantation and got it. Granted a summons for William Miller against William Watts for a sum under three pounds. Mr. Jameson here and took the summons. Got my seine hung. Luke White got one gallon whiskey, 4-8. HENRY BRASWELL wanted to sue --------to a settlement, Jameson called, with Jake Killingsworth. He wanted to see oats. Jameson says William Watts is in custody of the sheriff. I sent Mr. Belton word. He came, got a sheriff's warrant and 11 pounds. Davis carried it on two horses, I heard them say. Mr. Belton left the horses in my care, one a gray, one a bay. Major Whitaker and family here. Mrs. Mary Whitaker and son, John Whitaker, all dead. Messrs. Russell and Jenkins here. Dr. Knox came late. Ned brought $3 from the ferry.

Page 64

TUESDAY, September 1, 1801.

I am not well, and a-bed till late. Colonel Hutchison came and went for home. I am resting all day. Many coming and going to and from the springs. MRS. BRASWELL came. I bought four lbs cheese, paid 1.2. Solomon Nipper came and brought me 100 pounds of flour. I paid him $5.50, and 1.0 for bran. I bathed twice today.

James Brasel, Screven Co., GA, 1798

Scale 20 ch to an -nch
Scriven County} Warrant Dated the 2 Day of Aprill 1798
Surveyed the 16th day of February 1799 Fore James Brasel Who Resides in this state a Tract of Two Hundred acres of Land in scriven County Bound to the No. Est by Aberham Lewis sir -- Est by Precila Thomas and on all other sides by vacant land Certified
Aborham Lewis sir} ch CB
Aberham Lewis Juner
James Oliver C-

James Brasel
Plot 200 acres
Screven County
-------the - of
March 1799 and
Record in Book
A 192 page
James Oliver C-

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Roster of South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution

Bracerveil, Richard

See Richard Bracewell.

Bracewell, Richard
He enlisted in the First Regiment on 21 May 1776. N.A.853.

Braswell, Jacob
He enlisted in the Third Regiment on 9 July 1777. N.A.853.

Brazeal, William
He enlisted in the Fifth Regiment on 28 March 1776. N.A.853.

Brazeel, Richard
He served in the Second Dragoons under Capt. Francis Moore,
Col. Myddleton and General Sumter during 1781. Salley, Doc., p.82

Brazell, Jacob
See Jacob Brazill.

Brazell, Richard
See Richard Brazeel.

Braziel, Richard
See Richard Brazeel

Braziel, Willis
He served under Capt. John Cowan between 12 May 1780
and 20 February 1783. In addition, he lost a horse, saddle,
bridle, saddle bags, one Duffie's blanket, a wallet and
handkerchief in the battle at Kettle Creek on February 1779.

Braziel, Wood
He served seven days in the militia on horseback under Capt.
John Cowan during 1780 and 1783. A.A.723;I598

Brazill, Jacob
He enlisted in the Third Regiment on 9 July 1777. In 1779, he
was under Capt. John C. Smith. A.A.720;S.C.H.&G.,147;N.A.853

Brazwell, Jacob
See Jacob Brazill.

Breazeale, Willis
See Willis Braziel.

Breazeale, Wood
See Wood Brazill.

N.A.853. Lists of North Carolina and South Carolina Troops and
of Officers and Men of Continental Organizations Raised from
more than one state, 1775-1783. Washington, D.C.; National
Archives, M853, Roll 16

James Brazell, South Carolina, ca 1776

Series: S108092
Reel: 0013
Frame: 00101
ignore: 000
Date: 1776 C. or later
Names indexed: BRAZELL, JAMES
Document type:

South Carolina Archives

Jacob Brazell, South Carolina, ca 1776

Series: S108092
Reel: 0013
Frame: 00086
ignore: 000
Date: 1776 C. or later
Names indexed: BRAZELL, JACOB
Document type:

South Carolina Archives

Hannah Brazzell, South Carolina, ca 1776

Series: S108092
Reel: 0013
Frame: 00081
ignore: 000
Date: 1776 C. or later
Names indexed: BRAZELL, HANNAH
Document type:

South Carolina Archives

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Heath, Benjamin, Barnwell Co., SC 1804 *

Will of Benjamin Heath

In the name of God, Amen. I Benjamin Heath of Barnwell District, State of South Carolina, Planter, do make and declare this my last Will and Testament in manner following: Fist, I resign my soul into the hands of almighty God; And my body I commit to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my executors herein after named: And my worldly estate I give and devise as follows: first I will that all my just debts be paid. Imprimis, I will & Bequeath unto my dearly beloved Wife Sarah Heath during her life, the use and direction, and for the maintenance of her and my daughter Zilpha & my son James Heath, all that plantation or Tract of Land containing one hundred acres, being one half or moiety of a tract of land containing two hundred acres, also Twenty acres to be taken off and from the plantation or tract of land (containing one hundred & thirty five acres known by the name of the Brasell Tract) next and adjoining the the said one hundred acres, being the plantation whereon I now reside, also the use of all my bedsteads, beds and bedding, and other furniture, and after her decease to my son James Heath, and also the use of all my stock whatever, except such as shall be hereafter particularly named and willed. she - making no wilful waste of same. Imprimis. I will & Bequeath unto my beloved son Joseph Heath all that plantation or Tract of land, containing one hundred & thirty-five acres (known by the name of the Brasell Tract excepting Twenty acres of the said Tract which is to be taken off And from the said Tract next and adjoining the Tract of One hundred acres willed to my Son James Heath and where I now reside - also, three Cows and Calves, one dark bay colt, large blase face, all four of the feet white, being the sorrel mares colt. One feather bed & furniture seven head of year old hogs. Imprimis. I will & Bequeath, unto my beloved Son Benjamin Heath, all that plantation or Tract of land containing one hundred acres, being one half or moiety of a Tract of Two hundred acres, whereon I now live, to be taken off & from the lower part thereof (woodland) - also, also, three Cows and Calves, and a young horse or mare, one feather bed, two sows and piggs, the before mentioned Land, & to be delivered him at his attaining the age of Twenty-one years, or before if he should marry and settle himself- Imprimis. I will & Bequeath, unto my beloved Son James Heath, at the decease of my wife, if the said James shall have attained to the age of twenty one years, all that plantation or Tract of land, containing one hundred acres, and twenty acre-s to be taken off & from the Brasell Tract next and adjoining the said One hundred acres, before mentioned and the saod one hundred acres being the upper half or moiety of a tract containing two hundred acres whereon I now live, also the Houses, Orchards, Stock of all kinds beds and household furniture, (except what has before or hereafter willed & bequeathe'd) at the time of his Mothers decease. she having the sole use of the plantation, & during her life. Imprimis. I will, that id either of the before named Joseph, Benjamin or James Heath should die before their attaining the age of twenty -one years then his or their part to be equally divided between the survivors, or if any two of them should die as aforesaid then their part or parts to go to the survivors- and if they all three should die before the age of twenty one the whole of their part or parts to go, and I will it to my daughter Zilpha Heath. - Imps. As my dearly beloved daughter Zilpha Heath, has had verbally given her a mare, & a Cow which has increased to threeCows & Calves & a heifer, I now confirm the said gift unto her & her assigns- Imps. I will unto my grand children, by Isaac Williams, & my Daughter Lucretia, (having given her cattle before) as follows, vis. unto my grandson James Williams, one dun fy'd coloured heifer. calf unto my grandson Benjamin Williams, one black speckled heifer calf unto my granddaughter, Nancy Williams, one white heifer, unto my grandson John Williams, one red brin dled heifer calf. all in my mark and brand, and to be kept in mine, my wifes possession or our Executors till the above named children attain the age of twenty one years, or marry then the above mentioned cattle with there increase to be delivered each of them respectively Lastly. I do hereby appoint my Sarah Heath Executrix, and my Sons Joseph Heath & James Heath Executors of this my last Last Will and Testament, hereby revoking, & annulling all former wills and Testaments by me heretofore made, ratifying this and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Nineteenth day of July- in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and four. Signed, sealed, published and declared........................................Benjamin(his B. mark) Heath {Seal}
by the said Benjamin Heath as and for his last will and testament, in the presence at his request, and in the presence of each other.

William Stewart
William Turner
James Daughdrill
Recorded August 13th 1805
(Barnwell District, South Carolina WB A Pg 42)
Gidn. Hagood Ordinary B. District Bundle 9 Package 1

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William Brazzel, Sumner Co., TN 1795

From the Gallatin, Tn newspaper, 1935:

"Two Early Governors Signed Papers Shown In Estate Settlement"

"Settlement of the estate of W.B. Brazzel, who died January 26 on his farm five miles north of Gallatin on the Jackson highway, has brought to light several old papers signed by Governor Willie Blount and by Governor Newt Cannon in which a Revolutionary War soldier's land grant in Tennessee was officially asssigned to the Brazzel family.

The papers which are now in the possession of Mrs. Nora Cullen, Mr. Brazzel's sister at 230 Treutland Street, show that the land where Mr. Brazzel died was aquired by his great-grandfather, W.B. Brazzel, in 1795. Members of the family have lived on the farm, of approximately 600 acres, since that time until the last owner's death, in January.

The paper, signed by Governor Blount, is a legal recognition of William Brazzel as the heir of Conrad Halfaker, his grandfather, who served with the North Carolina militia in the Revolutionary War and for whose services he was granted land in this section of the state. Halfaker died before he could ever take up the land in Sumner county and his grandson, William Brazzel, came to take up the claim. The paper signed by Governor Cannon in 1837 establishes the Brazzel claim to adjoining land.

Mr. Brazzel, who had no children, never having married, was buried in a family cemetery on the farm near the house where he was born."

Posted @ genforum by Becky Duncan

William Brasel, Sumner Co., TN 1826

In the name of God Amen:

I William Brasel of the County and State of Tennessee being sick and weak of body but of sound mind and memory considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time when and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs and think by being the better prepared to leave this world when it shall please God to call me, hence do therefore make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following That is to say, First and Principally I Commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executor here in after named and after my debts and funeral charges are paid I devise and bequeath as follows: It is my will and desire that my beloved wife Margaret shall hold and possess the tract of land where on we now live with all the improvements there unto belonging with all the house holds and Kitchen furniture also all my stock except those that may be hereafter excepted during her natural life. It is also my will that at the decease of my wife Margaret Brasel that the property that she may die ceassed of may be equally divided between the heirs of Julia Edwards's my Eldest daughter and Polly Brasel and Margaret Brasel except the lands, which land after the decease of my said wife I give and bequeath to my son William Brasel. It is also my will that the proceeds of the Duck River land supposed to be about one Hundred and Twenty five dollars, shall be equally divided between my two sons Benjamin Brasel and Wiley Brasel. It is my will Henry. T. Brasel shall have a small brown house now his possession and my rifle gun also I give my son Wiley Brasel and when he becomes twenty one years old to be furnished with a horse bridle and saddle to be worth Fifty dollars. It is also my Will and desire that my executors here after to be named be requested to sell each part of the stock as can be best spared and out of the proceeds There of to purchase for the use of the farm a good chunk of a mare worth Thirty or Forty dollars and lastly it is my will and desire That all my crops on hand be kept for the use of the family. Except those should become overplush which might not be wanted and further more and lastly I do constitute and appoint Thomas Miers my executor and my beloved wife Margaret Brasel my Executrix of this my last Will and Testament revoking and annulling all former Wills here were to fore made, satisfying and confirming this and none other to be my last Will and Testament. In Testimony where of I have here set my hands and affixed my seal. This second day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty six. Signed, sealed, published, and delivered by William Brasel the above named Testator as and for his last Will and Testament. In the presence of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other here subscribed our names as witnesses. These to His
William Xx Brasel

James Douglass

Hugh H Withers

Polly Averett

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sarah J. Hart Braswell, Robertson Co., TN 1878

I Sarah Braswell make and publish this my last will and testament.
First I will that my burial expenses be paid out of any money that I may have in my hands at my death and Secondly I will to my son William Braswell all my land that I am possessed of or may own at my death consisting of about fifteen acres adjoining the lands of TB Polk, JH Dunn, and the old WHT Gunn place and the same lying in the fifth District of Robertson County Tennessee known as portion of the Samuel Braswell tract of land. This Nov 14th 1878

Meredith Woodard.............................Sarah x Braswell
Cephus Woodard

Robertson County Court October Term 1881 The foregoing last will and testament of Sarah Braswell Decd was produced in open court for probate and duly proven by Meredith Woodard and Cephus Woodard subscribing witnesses thereto therefrom the Court ordered the same to be recorded.

.....................................John Y. Hutchison ...............................Clerk

Contributed by Ann Braswell

3rd Great Grand daughter

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sumner Co. TN Marriages

Addie Louisa Brazzell & John Ventress 21 Sep 1880

A.E. Braswell & Sallie Clendening 3 Mar 1898

Bettey Braswell & E.W. Oliphent 10 Jan 1884

Benjeman Brassell & Rebecca Hall 11 Aug 1824

Benjiman Bassell & Rebecca Hall 11 Aug 1824

C.C. Braswell & Loula Suttle 14 Jan 1898

Cora Braswell & G.O. Wilkerson 29 Nov 1888

Courtney Brasil & John Powell 24 Jul 1804

Elizabeth Braswell & Kinchen Barnes 22 Jul 1806

Emma H. Brazzell & J.S. Elwell 5 Oct 1886

H.A. Brassell & Mary E. Buckingham 1 May 1889

H.T. Brassell & Louisa Evans 5 Sep 1836

H.T. Brazzell & D.A. Barber 12 Feb 1890

Judy Brazel & William Edwards 21 Jan 1822

J.W. Braswell & Tommie E. Dinning 29 Nov 1887

Lizzie Braswell & G.C. Absher 22 Dec 1890

Margaret Brazell & William W. Carson 28 Sep 1830

Nora A. Braswell & W.C. Hullett 10 Apr 1884

Polly Brazil & James Rogers 23 Apr 1833

Sadie Brazzell & Andrew Jones 26 Jul 1883

Sarah H. Brazel & William A. Johnson 22 Feb 1870

Vobith Brossell & John Chadbourne 30 Jul 1818

William Brazel & Lousana Kilman 2 Nov 1853

William Brazil & Sarah Sebaston 19 Sep 1795


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Batch M519722
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Batch M711364
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Batch M711366

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Hart, Barnaby, Robertson Co. TN 1846

Barnaby Hart Will

I Barnaby Hart do make and publish this as my last will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made

First I derect that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible out of any monies that I may die possessed of or may first come into the hands of my Executor

Secondly I give to my daughter Sarah Braswell one dollar

Thirdly to my son Norfleet Hart one dollar

Fourthly to my daughter Winny Laurence one dollar

Fifthly to the heirs of Bartly Hart one dollar

Sixthly to my son Calvin Hart one dollar

Seventhly all the balance of my Estate that I may die possessed of to be equally divided between my two daughters Avy and Nancy Hart

Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint Calvin Hart my Executor

In witness whereof I do to this my will set my hand and seal this 12th of June 1846

Barnaby Hart {Seal}

Signed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names hence in the presence of the Testator this 12 of June 1846

D W Taylor
David M Wells

Contributed by Georgann

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William Brasil, Franklin Co., GA 1801

Georgia, Franklin County. This Indenture made this Tenth day of January A.D. One Thousand Eight hundred & one Between William Brasil of Said County and State of the one part and William Wilson of said place of the other part.

Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Ten dollars to him the said Wm. Brazil in hand paid by the Said William Wilson at and before the Sealing and Delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged for which the said William Brasil do make my Relinquishment and Tittle to a certain tract or parcel of land Situate lying and being in Said County of Franklin on the waters of Stephens Creek adjoining Said Wilson on the West and William Allens on the South and on all other sides by Vacant land containing One hundred acres be the Same more or Less with all and Singular the rights, titles, members and appertencences, as any thing in any wise appertaining thereto unto the Said William Wilson his heirs & assigns and the Said William Brazell do warrant and defend said land from myself and heirs & to the said William Wilson his heirs & forever-

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the date above written. William Brazzel

Sealed Signed & Delivered in the presents of S. Glenn J.P. Recorded this 32nd January, 1812

Contributed by Karen Pickett

Joshua Brazzell, Harrison Co., Mo 1859

The last will and testament of Joshua Brazzell of Marion Township, Harrison County State of Missouri.

In the name of God I Joshua Brazzell considering the uncertainty of this mortal life and being of sound mind and memory (Blessed be Almighty God for the same) do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say) first I will and bequeath to my four sons (viz Samson Brazzell, Joshua Brazzell, Riley Brazzell and John Brazzell) all my real estate to be equally divided between them all in township and county above mentioned. Most which lands are described as follows that is to say the southwest fractional quarter of Sec No 7 seven in township No. 65 sixty five in range No 28 twenty eight containing 140 one hundred and forty acres and 32/100 thirty hundredth and also my undivided half of the North East Fourth of the Southwest quarter of Sec No 17 of Town No 65 range No 28. I will that my son Samson has the use of my farm or use and management of my farm or message or tenement situated in Marion Township Harrison County and State of Missouri and that the said Samson will take good care of the said minor children (viz) Joshua, Riley and John Brazzell until they become of age or as long as they will live under his control and authority and that the said Samson give them a common schooling. and further the said Samson has it in his power to sell said lands at any time he thinks best by the consent of his brothers. and I will also that the said Samson pay all my just and lawful debts and funeral expenses out of my personal property. after which the residue of my personal property is to be appraised. and I will to William Brazzell or heirs one dollar. to Daniel Brazzell or heirs one dollar and to Sarah Lemar or heirs one dollar after which the remainder of the value of the appraisement is to be equally divided among my seven living children (viz) Rhoda Rily, Elizabeth Brazzell, Unity Lemar, Samson Brazzell, Joshua Brazzell, Riley Brazzell and John Brazzell and the respective shares of the said Rhoda Rily, Elizabeth Brazzell, Unity Lemar is to be paid by the said Samson Brazzell within five years and of the said Joshua, Riley and John Brazzell at the time that they come to be of age. Likewise I make constitute and appoint my said son Samson to be executor and administrator of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal this the twenty seventh day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight. Joshua Brazzell his mark+

The above written instrument was subscribed by the said Joshua Brazzell in our presence and acknowledge by him to each of us and he at the same time published and declared the above instrument so subscribed to be his last will and testament; and we at the testators request and in his presence have signed our names as witnesses hereto and written opposite our names our respective places of residence Wm. W. Quillen Harrison Co, Mo J. J. Allen Harrison Co., Mo J. F. Glen Harrison Co, Mo.

Contributed by Karen Pickett

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Edward Goodson & Matthew Rushin

1714 – December 16, RICHARD WASHINGTON, of Surry County granted 850 acres in Isle of Wight County on the South side of the main Blackwater Swamp. Beginning at the mouth of a branch on the west side of Nottaway Swamp, which branch divides this land from the land of EDWARD GOODSON and MATTHEW RUSLIM. Land Office Patents No. 10, 1710-1719, page 202 (Virginia State Library website)

1717 – October 4, RICHARD WASHINGTON and his wife ELIZABETH, Surry County, to RICHARD BRASWELL, Isle of Wight Co. 150 acres on Nottoway River adjacent to Cpt. RICHARD EXUM's land, a part of the patent for 850 acres RICHARD WASHINGTON received in 1714. Witnesses: FRANCES WEST, WM. WASHINGTON (IOW Co. VA Great Book Pg 132-133)

1720 – September 26, RICHARD BRACEWELL of Isle of Wight Co. to OLIVER WOODWARD the 150 acres he bought for one shilling from RICHARD WASHINGTON in 1717. (IOW Co. VA Great Book Pg 387)

1735 – December 15, RICHARD BRASSWELL of the Upper Parrish of the Isle of Wight Co appointed lawfull attorney to acknowledge a deed for 150 acres JOHN and SUSANNAH PENNY to DANIEL STOREY. Witnesses: JOHN BRASSWELL and WM. BRASSWELL "land situate & being in upper parrish of the Isle of Wight County joining upon Nottoway River on the north side & being part of a tract of land in a patent granted to Mr. RICHARD WASHINGTON bearing date of sixteenth day of December 1714 and by said WASHINGTON ….to JOHN HOWELL who sold it to JOHN PENNY (Deed Book 5, 1736-1741, Part 1, page 17-19, from Carey Bracewell)

1736 - June 22, MOSES FAIRCLOTH to RICHARD BRASSELL 100 acres for 5 shillings "part of a pattent for four hundred and Seventy five acres Granted by the Honourable Alexander Spotswood his Majesty's Lieut: Governr of the Colony aforesaid the Sixteenth day of June One thoussand Seven Hundres & fourteen to MATTHEW RUFHEN and EDWARD GOODSON" (IOW Co., VA DB 5 1736-1741 Pg 36-39)

1746 - March 12, JOSEPH BRASSWELL & wife SARAH and WILLIAM BRASWELL & wife SARAH to RICHARD VICK 100 acres for 19 pounds "A certain Tract or Parcell of Land lying and being in the County of Isle of Wight aforesd. Containing by Estimation One Hundred Acres be the same more or less the said Divident of Land being part of a Patent Granted to EDWd. GOODSON and MATTHEW RUSHIN bearing Date the Sixteenth day of June One Thousand Seven Hundred and fourteen" (IOW Co., VA DB 7,Part 2, Pg 445-448)

1749 - Southampton Co. VA created from Isle of Wight

1761 - May 14, THOMAS EDWARDS to JESSE EDWARDS 110 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp adj. JAMES BULLOCK, GOODSON, and near Horse Pen Swamp (part of a patent to EDWARD GOODSON and MARTHA RUSHIN on 16 Jun 1714), S: THOMAS (mark) EDWARDS, W: ROBERT (signed) BROWN, ZEBLON (signed) LEWIS, and JOHN (+) CASPEL (Southampton Co., VA DB 3, 1760-1767 Pg 41-42)

NOTE: Zebulon Lewis is the step son of John Braswell, grandson of Richard Towle & Susannah Burgess Braswell.

Susannah, wife of John Penney has been incorrectly placed as the daughter of John & Alice Braswell without regard to Sarah Braswell's will which names the children of John & Alice as John Jr, Mary, Benjamin, William & Sampson.