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* Benja, James & Simon Braswell

- September 7, JAMES BRASWELL. wife unnamed; children JOSEPH, JAMES, BENJAMIN, SARAH CAIN & OLIVE STINSON. Son & Exr SIMON Reversion of all. Wit. Samuel Ruffin, John Davis, Nathaniel Ruffin. Jan Ct 1765 (Edge Co., NC)

1754 - October 24, William Williams 180 ac in Edg on both sides of Cypress Swamp. Wits. H. Hunter, JNO HAYWOOD. Surv 13 Apr 1752. chain carriers JAMES BRASSWELL, BENJA BRASSWELL. (Grant #1297 p.305)

1755 - November 10, HARMON STRICKLAND 586 acres in Edgecombe County in Edgecombe Parish on Deep Creek, joining Thomas Pursel, Bryant's line, the mouth of Indian Branch, and both sides of an Impassable Place OR: /s/ HARMON STRICKLIN Wits: JNO HAYWOOD, Robert Haywood surveyed 6 September 1754 SCC: BENJA BRASWELL, Charles Hems JNO HAYWOOD D Surveyor (1125 pg. 266)

1762 - January 1, John Morriss 525 ac in Edg adj. JAMES BRASWELL and JAMES BRASWELLs Mill Branch Wit. Thos Cavenah, John Spendelow. Surv.18 June 1760, chain carriers BENJA BRASWELL, Abraham Vickers. Grant #989 p.235

1762 - August 1, JOHN STINSON 540 ac in Edg adj near Alstons, BENJA. BRASWEL & JAMES BRASWEL Jr.. Surv 25 June 1760. Chain carriers JAMES BRASWELL, SIMON BRASWELL, W. Haywood. (#1148 p.271)

1762 - September 30, Michael Baker of Edgecombe Co., "shoemaker", to Jacob Strickland of Edgecombe Co., "planter". 210 acres on Town Creek adjacent Moses Baker and Alston. Wit: SIMON BRASWELL, JAMES BRASWELL, BENJA. BRASWELL. (Edge Co., NC DB 1 Pg 612)

1764 - February 17, Jacob Stricklin of Edgecombe Co., "planter", to BENJAMIN BRASWELL of Edgecombe Co., "planter". 210 acres on the north bank of Town Creek adjacent Moses Baker. Wit: SIMON BRASWELL, JOHN STINSON, JAMES BRASWELL. (Edge Co., NC DB C Pg 180)

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