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1859 - Gideon Yelverton & Nancy Braswell POA

State of Georgia}  Know all men by
Schley County}  these presents that we Gideon Yelverton & his wife Nancy Yelverton of the County & State aforesaid - Heirs at Law of Richard Braswell decd late of Robeson County North Carolina and Heirs at Law of Margaret Braswell Decd. of said County of Robeson in said State of North Carolina, - also Heirs at Law of Henry Braswell, Decd. late of Marion District, South Carolina, have Nominated Constituted Appointed & do by these presents Nominate, constitute & appoint James Braswell of the County of Butler & State of Alabama, our true & lawful Attorney in Fact, for as & in our Name to demand, Sue  for, recover & ------- all money, property or effects of any Kind & descreption which we are Entitled to in the said County of Robeson in the State of North Carolina, or in the District of Marion as aforesaid, in the State of South Carolina, or elsewhere as heirs at Law, next of Kin or distributees of Richard Braswell Decd. late of Robeson Co. N.C, and of Margaret Braswell of the same place, and of Henry Braswell Decd, late of the State of South Carolina, Marion District, and we hereby authorize & empower our said Attorney to Execute & deliver all Instruments & ------ whatsoever, whether with in -------- Seal, which may be necessary for the purposes aforesaid - to institute & prosecute to the final Judgement & Execution, all process in law or Equity to submit any & all matters in dispute, or the same to settle & compromise as shall seem best for our interest at his discretion - to appoint one or More Substitutes under him & the same to revoke at his Pleasure, & generally to do & perform all such acts, Matters & things as our said attorney shall deem Necessary & Expedient, as we might or Could do if we were present & acting in person, Hereby satisfying & Confirming all Singular the acts of our said attorney or his substitute Deem (?) by virtue & in persuance (?) of these presents - In testimony whereof, we have herewith Set our hands & seals, this the twenty fifth day of October AD 1859.
Signed sealed & delivered}  Gideon Yelverton  {LS}
in presence of} Nancy her mark Yelverton  {LS}
--------------- (?)
Edmond H Worrill ISCCC (?)

(North Carolina, Estate Files, 1663-1979 Robeson County B Braswell, Richard (1857)