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Bailey, Jonathan, Edge. Co., NC 1851

In the name of God Amen. I Jonathan BAILEY of the County of Edgecombe and State of North Carolina do this 6th day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty One, being of sound disposing mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament in the form and manner following.

1st. I give and bequeath unto my daughter, LUCY BRASWELL, one Negro boy by the name of JACOB to her and her heirs forever.

2nd I give and bequeath unto the heirs of my daughter, POLLY TAYLOR, one Negro girl by the name of AMY

3rd I lend unto my daughter, SALLY JORDAN, the land whereon she now lives and after her death to be equally divided betwixt her children. I also lend unto my daughter, SALLY JORDAN, one Negro girl named SUAKY, and after her death the said SUAKY with all her increas to be divided betwixt the children of the said SALLY JORDAN.

4th I lend unto my daughter, NANCY RUFFIN, the land whereon she now lives during her natural life and after her death to be equally divided betwixt her children. Also I lend unto NANCY RUFFIN one Negor girl named ELLEN and after her death the said Negro girl ELLEN with all her increased to be equally divided betwixt the heirs of the said NANCY RUFFIN.

5th I give unto the heirs of my son, BERY BAILEY, lawfully begotten of his body all my land lying on the north side of the road adjoining the land of MATHEW WHITEHEAD, JEREMIAH BATTS, and others. I also give unto the heirs of BERY BAILEY as above one negro boy named LEWIS.

6th I give unto my grandchildren, DAVID LAWRENCE WILLIAMS and ELIZABETH WILLIAMS one Negro gril named MARY and one hundred and twenty dollars in cash to be equally divided betwixt them, but should either of them die without having a lawful heir, th living one to have the other spart, and should both die the said property to return to the Baily family.

7th I lend unto my daughter, REBECCA MAY, one Negro gril named ESTHER, during her natural life, together with her increase and after her death to be equally divided betwixt the children of the said REBECCA MAY lawfully begotten of her body. I also give unto my daughter, REBECCA MAY, one hundred and twenty dollars in cash.

8th I give unto my son, BEST BAILEY all my tract of land whereon I now live also one Negro boy by the name of Peter.

9th I lend unto my daughter, MARTHA AMASON, one Negro woman named MARIAH, one Negro girl named BETTY, one Negro child named Chaney, one Negro gril named PATIENCE, and one girl named CHERRY together with all their increase and I further give the said MARTHA AMASON, the right to dispose of any part of said Negroes as she may think proper.

10th My will and desire is that all my property which is not disposed of above be sold and all my just debts be paid and the balance remaining to be queally divided betwixt my children as follows: LUCY BRASWELL, POLLY TAYLOR, SALLY JORDAN, NANCY RUFFIN, DILLY'S two children, viz DAVID LAWRENCE AND ELIZABETH, being Bailey heirs, REBECCA MAY and NANCY RUFFIN.

11th I hereby appoint my son, BERT BAILEY, THOMAS AMASON, and JEREMIAH BATTS Executors to this my last will and testament.
Signed sealed and acknowledged in presence of:

D. Williams
Thomas Fly Jonathan Bailey

Posted @ rootsweb by Virginia Crilley with commentary:

Nancy Ruffin (Jonathan Bailey's daughter) is the wife of GRAY RUFFIN, son of Samuel and Celia Braswell Ruffin, s/o Nathaniel and Hannah Ruffin.

Robbins, William, Edge. Co., NC 1826

Last Will and Testament of William Robbins Senr., October 2, 1826

Edgecombe Co. NC, February Court 1831, Red Will Book F page 120

In the name of God Amen the second day of October one thousand eight hundred and twenty six I William Robbins Senr of Edgecombe County ...

Item. I give to my grandsons Moses Robbins the son of Elijah Robbins and Wiley Robbins the son of Eley Robbins all my land equally to be devided between each of them after the death of my wife Phebe Robbins the residue of my property to be equally divided between my three sons and one daughter that is Stephen Robbins, Elijah Robbins and Eley Robbins and Charity Braswell the wife of Isaac Braswell Senr and do nominate and constitute ordain and appoint my son Stephen Robbins my whole and sole Executor ...

From Foy Braswell's Library

Soary, Andrew, Edge. Co., NC 1818

SOARY, ANDREW: Mar 22, 1818. May Ct., 1818. Bk. E, p. 185. Wife: LUCY, residue of my estate during widowhood, then divided between the chil. of SALLY THOMAS and POLLY BRASWELL; Gr. Son: HENRY, son of SOLOMON SOARY (Son), furniture, and all the rest of my property lent to my Son SOLOMON SOARY: Gr. Daug: NANCY and POLLY, his (SOLOMON's) Daugs: SOLOMON SOARY, $35 to pay a debt to ELI PORTER (?); Son: WILLIAM, furniture, shot gun, Pewter basin, iron pot, etc.; also note I hold against my Son, JOSOAH SOARY, sum of $25. I give son JOSIAH SOARY all my cider casks, cooper's tools, broad axe, Pewter basin, small iron pot, and man's saddle; Gr. Daug: ELIZABETH SOARY, and Daug: LILY (SALLY?) THOMAS, furniture; Daug; POLLY BRASWELL, $1, furniture. Exr: ZADOC BRASWELL, SOLOMON SOARY. Wit: DANIEL LAND, EDWIN BULLUCK.

Pgs. 306-307 ---- Abstracts of Wills of Edgecombe Co., NC, 1733-1856, by Ruth Smith, Williams and Margarette Glenn Griffin, Dixie Letter Service, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 1956. Submitted by Pam Hall on 8 July 1998.

From Foy Braswell's Library

* Abner Braswell, Edge. Co., NC 1807

, date of will 9 Apr 1807, Proved May Ct. 1807, "weake in body bot of sound mind and memory" my just debts- wife Nancy Braswell to have ½ all my estate real and personal during her natural life- to daughter Zilpha Braswell the other ½ of my estate to be managed by my executors and to be paid to her at her marriage or when she becomes of age. If daughter dies without heirs, her share to my wife for her natural life or widowhood, then to my brothers and sisters children. Executors James Southerland and Shadrack Collins. Sign. Abner Braswell (X). Wit. Lewis Fort, John Williams. (Abstracted from copy of original, NC Archives CR.037.801.4 , 6-24-01, by CTC.)

Daniel, Aaron, Edge. Co., NC 1761

DANIEL, AARON: Sept. 22, 1761. Sept. Ct., 1761. Verbal Will. L4-4S to DAVID BRASSELL. All wearing clothers, tools, and saddle bags divided between DAVID and SAMUEL BRASSELL. Taken before me (signed) ELISHA BATTLE. Wit. and proved DORCAS POWELL on oath of D. POWELL. (Pgs. 95-96. - Abstracts of Wills of Edgecombe Co., NC, 1733-1856, by Ruth Smith, Williams and Margarette Glenn Griffin, Dixie Letter Service, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, 1956.)

From Foy Braswell's Library

Jossey, John, Halifax Co., NC 1802

TURNER BRASWELL was a witness to the will of JOHN JOSSEY written 21 October 1802 and proven in November 1802 Court. Halifax Co, NC, Will #667, page 380. Page 122 of Genealogical Abstracts of Wills, 1758-1824, Halifax Co., NC by Margaret M. Hofmann.

From Foy Braswell's Library

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William Braswell 1676 - 1721

For true Bracewell researchers who are still confused over "which William is which", particularly those who descend from William. Do yourself a favor and take the will of Susannah Burgess Braswell to your attorney and get his expert advice as I & others have done. Feel free to capture the images & transcription of Susannah's will. I am sure that you will find it was Susannah's son William who probated her will in 1732 just as the probate record states and that Richard, the other appointed executor would have probated the will had his brother William been dead, which he clearly was not. Which leaves us to wonder: Who was that other William Braswell who died before Oct 1721 in Chowan that was so close to the children of Richard & Sarah Braswell and died before their wills were written?

Will of Susannah Burgess Braswell 1714

Susannah Braswell 1

Susannah Braswell 2

Susannah Braswell 3

Gewin, Christopher, Edgecombe Co., NC 1748

GEWIN, Christopher, Edgecombe Co., NC, April 2, 1748, Feb. court 1749. Son and Executor: Christopher. Daughter and Executrix: Mary HARRELL. Grandsons: Lot, Abell and Christopher HARRELL. Witnesses: James BRASWELL, Benjamin BRASWELL, Abraham DEW. Clerk of the Court: Benjn. WYNNS. (Abstract of North Carolina Wills pg. 133 By Bryan Grimes)

Contributed by Nona Williams

Flood, James, Chowan Co., NC 1750

FLOOD, James, Chowan Co., Nov. 15, 1750, Nov. 30, 1750. Wife and executrix: Elizabeth. Children: William and Ann BRASWELL. Executors: James CRAVEN and Thomas BARKER. Witnesses: Edmund HATCH, John MCKILDO, Richard MCCLURE. Will proven before Gab. JOHNSTON. (Abstract of North Carolina Wills pg. 123 By Bryan Grimes)

Contributed by Nona Williams

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Johnston Co.,NC Marriages

Alex Braswell & Francis Bedith Woodard 19 Sep 1876
A M Braswell & Julis Worley 4 Jan 1905
Annie Braswell & A A Creech 4 Jul 1915
Annie Braswell & John R Thompson 5 Dec 1923

Betsey Braswell & Edmond Dees 15 Nov 1803
Betsy Braswell & Matchet Herren 26 Aug 1793
Bettie Braswell & Thurman Thompson 29 Dec 1938
Bettie Braswell & Ira L Thompson 25 Mar 1912
Bettie Beatrice Braswell & Thel M Anderson 5 Apr 1930
Bettie N Braswell & W J Pittman 11 Jan 1919
Beulah Braswell & Nelson Howell 10 Mar 1938

C L Braswell & Laney Wiggs 3 Mar 1912
C R Braswell & Alice Daughtry 26 Nov 1896
C R Braswell & Bertha Lee Creech 5 Nov 1911
Cynthie Braswell & C A Westbrook 11 Jan 1912

D M Braswell & Stella Howell 10 Apr 1912
D W Braswell & Kizzie Wiggs 26 Mar 1913
Daniel Braswell & Dora Johnson 4 Nov 1917
Dixie Braswell & Matthew Woodard 5 Nov 1938

Edward J Braswell & Mrs. Sallie Greer 29 May 1918
Eliza J Braswell & Andrew F Woodard 25 Dec 1904
Elizabeth Braswell & Phillip Snipes 5 Jan 1882
Estner Braswell & Arnold King 10 Nov 1934
Ethel Braswell & Elton Daughtry 28 Apr 1933
Etta Braswell & Wilbur Price 24 Feb 1934

George Brassel & Cintha Garner 28 Jan 1848
Geo P Braswell & Bessie Tyner 1 Sep 1916
Geo W Braswell & Lou Berta Smith 26 Mar 1911
George Braswell & Kizziah Massey 12 May 1861
George Braswell & Julia Evans 19 Apr 1905
George W Braswell & S Felia Hamilton 22 Jan 1891
Gertrude Braswell & William Warren 3 Feb 1927
Gladys Braswell & Thelbert Massengill 13 Jan 1934

Hattie Braswell & S G Worley 23 Nov 1905
Henry Braswell & Artie May Graffenreid 13 Mar 1912

Ida Braswell & Charlie Crocker 9 Jul 1910
Ida Braswell & Clarence Rowe 12 Dec 1933
Ila Braswell & Sydney F Thompson 11 Dec 1907
Ila Evelyn Braswell & Raymond E Woodard 9 Jun 1927
Inez Braswell & C L Norris 1 Sep 1934
Inez Braswell & Richard Woodard 7 Sep 1935
Irene Braswell & Woodrow King 16 Dec 1933

J M Braswell & Rozetta Pike 19 May 1915
J T Braswell & Cora A Creech 20 Jan 1904
Jacob Braswell & Sally Spencer 23 Dec 1841
Jacob Ishmeal Braswell & Sarah Jane Peedin 11 Jan 1876
Jas Braswell & Mitsey Mitchener 1 Oct 1904
Jas W Braswell & Lula Peedin 10 Jan 1906
Jennie Braswell & Jno A Daughtry 4 Feb 1909

L B Braswell & Lucy Daughtry 21 May 1912
L T Braswell & Zilphia Thompson 2 Jan 1918
Lafayette Braswell & Sallie Daughtry 1 Mar 1914
Laney Braswell & Francis Lethrop 29 Mar 1803
Laney Braswill & Francis Lothorp 29 Mar 1803
Laura E Braswell & Needham M Stafford 3 Dec 1921
Leona Braswell & C A Thompson 6 Jan 1934
Leucy Braswell & Joseph Edwards Jr. 19 May 1815
Lewis Braswell & Sally Bridgers 29 Dec 1815
Lewis Braswell & Nancy A Woodard 8 Jan 1880
Louise Braswell & Bernice Langley 18 Dec 1936

Martha Braswell & Ingram Lee 26 Dec 1804
Martha Jean Braswell & Leland A Pearce 21 Oct 1936
Mary C Braswell & Henry J Daughtry 9 Jan 1896
Mary Opelia Braswell & James Hubert Wiggs 17 Dec 1924
Mattie Braswell & A W Woodard 8 Oct 1911
Mildred Braswell & Carl Rose 2 Sep 1938
Mildred Braswell & Clarence Victor Thompson 30 Dec 1939
Miscy Braswell & Walter Ray 4 Oct 1922
Monroe Braswell & Julia Adams 13 Feb 1909
Nancy Braswell & Elijah Thompson 20 Dec 1814
Nancy Braswell & David Willie Creech 30 Jan 1873
Nancy Braswell & Elijah Thompson 20 Dec 1814
Nelson Braswell & Mary Flemming 16 Dec 1901

Ola Mae Braswell & Woodrow W Thompson 3 Dec 1938

Patrick Braswell & Florence Creech 1 Apr 1914
Pauline Braswell & Curmie Wilkins 12 Nov 1934
Pauline Braswell & Earl Newsome 28 Nov 1936
Pennie Braswell & T W Braswell 29 Jan 1913
Polly Brassell & Needham Edwards 6 Feb 1838
Polly Brasswell & Stephen Oliver 7 Oct 1795
Polly Ann Braswell & George Washington Wiggs N/D

R L Braswell & Anna Creech 21 Jan 1915

Sallie Braswell & D U Oliver 20 Aug 1896
Sallie Braswell & Jennings Williams 12 Mar 1924
Sallie Ann Braswell & S H Braddy 22 Jan 1866
Sally Braswell & Sampson Edwards 29 Sep 1812
Sally Braswell & Sampson Edwards 29 Sep 1812
Sandy Braswell & Jane Rua 7 Dec 1871
Smithia J Braswell & S R Peeden 10 Apr 1883

T W Braswell & Pennie Braswell 29 Jan 1913
Teresa Braswell Braswell & Ezra Pilkington 13 Oct 1938

Vonnie Braswell & David Edward Pearce 4 Jun 1932
W C Braswell & Virginia Woodall 13 Feb 1915
W J Braswell & Ransie Daughtry 13 Apr 1911
Willie Braswell & John G Langley 20 Dec 1877
Willie Ann Braswell & Tom Neal 5 Dec 1927

Zola Mae Braswell & Robert Evans 27 Oct 1934

Documented Corrections Welcome

Kinfolks of Johnston Co., NC

Abstracts of Deeds 1759-1825 Vol I
Abstracted by Elizabeth E. Ross & Zelda B. Wood

25 Jan 1764 SAMPSON BRASWELL of Johnson Co to PETTYPOOL MASSEY of Edgecomb Co for L20, 100 acres NS Mocosson Ck...granted to CHIEDREAD (sic) WILLIAMS (RICHARD WILLIAMS) 11 Nov 1756...Wit: WILLIAM JAMES, JOHN MASSEY SAMPSON (X) BRASWELL, CHRISTIAN (X) BRASWELL (Deed Bk D-1 191)

8 Feb 1769 SAMPSON BRACEWELL of Johnson Co to PETTYPOOL MASSEY Johnson Co for L50, 290 acres the rem. part of a tract granted to RICHARD WILLIAMS by Granville 11 Nov 1756 adj Mocoson Ck...Wit: WILLIAM MADLON, WILLIAM WILDER, MATHEW WILDER CHRISTIAN BRASSWELL exam. by JNO RAND. SAMPSON (X) BRASSWELL, CHRISTIAN (X) BRASSWELL. Feb Ct 1769 (Deed Bk E-1 415)

28 Feb 1780 RICHARD HORNE of Johnson Co to BRYAN LEE of Edgecom Co for L6,000?, 147 acres Johnson Co ES Buffalo Ck... land granted to RICHARD BRASWELL 25 Oct 1750 to JOHN HINNANT to RICHARD HORNE 3 Feb 1778...Wit: CHA LEE, SIMON LEE, MALCHAI WIMBERLY, RICHARD (R) HORNE Nov Ct 1781(Deed Bk K 222)

22 Feb 1782 MICHAEL ROGERS of Wake Co to JOHN BROWN Johnson Co for L40, 280 acres Buffelow Sw on upper side of Best Br...part of grant to JACOB BRASWELL by Granville Wit: GEORGE WARREN, ISHAM ROGERS, WM WARD, Clk Feb Ct 1782 (Deed Bk K 283)

11 Jan 1787 BURWELL SPIKES of Burk Co GA to WILLIAM BRACEWELL of Johnson Co for L12, 100 acres SS Black Ck. bank in JONATHAN SMITH's line, just above Greens Ford. Wit: OBED JOHNSON, REUBEN BAKER (Deed Bk Transcript #2 350)

11 Aug 1797 ABNER PEOPLES of Johnson co to DAVID BRASWELL of Wain Co for L 96, tracts Johnson Co SS Nuse River (1) 200 acres SS Black Ck. adj JOHN BALLENGER, incl the Spring & Blue Pond...(2) 100 acres SS Black Ck. adj ELISHA BROWN, near the Wolf Pit Br...(3) 100 acres SS Black Ck., Mirey Br. adj JESSEE PURVUS & HEARING NEST (sic) Br...Wit: WM GUY, BENJ SMITH. signed ABNER PEEBLES May Ct. 1798 (Deed Bk X-1 25)

29 July 1809 RICHARD BRASWELL of Johnson Co to BURWELL BRASWELL of Johnson Co, for NL & Aff. to my son, land SS Little Juniper Sw., pat. to DANIEL DEES 1796... Wit: B. INGRAM, HENRY MASSENGILL. signed RICHARD BRASWELL May Ct 1810 (Deed Bk F-2 245)

22 Jun 1811 JACOB BRASWELL of Johnson Co to LEWIS BRASWELL Johnson Co for NL & Aff. to my son, 200 acres NS Neuse River, ES Quscoson Sw., adj NICHOLAS TINER... being granted to DAVID DAVIS 29 Apr 1768...Wit: JOS BOON JUNr, EVEN FUTRELL, JACOB(X) BRASWELL Aug Ct 1811(Deed Bk G-2 189)

25 Mar 1803 RICHARD BRASWELL of Johnson Co sells to EDMOND DEES Johnson Co for L75, negroe man HARRY ca. 50 yrs... Wit: FRANCES S/LAWTHROP Jr, BENJ GOODRICK signed RICHARD BRASWELL May Ct 1803 (Deed Bk C-2 23)

23 Sep 1807 SAMPSON BRASWELL sells to STEPHEN LEE for L75, a negroe boy---race ca. 7 yrs. Wit: ???, INGRAM LEE signed SAMPSON BRASWELL Nov Ct 1808 (Deed Bk F-2 21)

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Kilbee, Christopher, VA & NC 1741

In the name of God Amen I Christopher Kilbee of Nottoway Parish in the County of Isle of Wight being sick and weak of Body but Blessed be God of perfect sence and memory thanks be to Almighty God, do make constitute and Oppoint this Wrighting to be my last will and Testament in form and manner as followeth VIZ:

Item, I give and bequeath to my Son Epafroditus the plantation I now live on & the Lower part of my Land beginning at an oak at the Old Indian fishing place thence up the three Creeks to a meadow thence up the said meadow to a small branch thence up the sd. branch to ye Indian Line I say I give ye said land to him and his heirs.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Xpher the Upper part of the said land joyning Joshua Lewis and he to abide by the above mentioned bounds I say I give the said land to him and his heirs; My desire is that if ever any difference should arise betwean my Son Epaproditus and my son Xpher as cause Either of them to sell the land that I have bequeathed to them, that he that first sells the other brother may have fifty pounds of the value of the sd land, and I do appoint my trusty friends Joshua Lewis and John Fort to Lay of the said Land as above mentioned.

Item, I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Sarah my Negroe wench cald Judy and her increase except the two first children, she shall have that liveth and one of them I bequeath to my Daughter Elisabeth and the other to my daughter Frances; the first that shall live to my daughter Elisabeth and the other that shall live to my daughter Frances. I say I give the several negros to them and their heirs; and Likewise I give to my daughter Elisabeth two cows & calves & two ewes & lambs and to my daughter Frances two cows and calves and two Ewes and lambs at age of eighteen or married.

Item, I give and bequeath to my son Xpher my negroe boy called Basone, I say I give the sd negroe to him and his heirs.

Item, I give and bequeath my negroe fellow cald Jamy to my Loving wife during her widowhood and afterward to return to my Son Epafroditus I say I give the said negroe to my Son and his heirs.

Item, My will will and desire is that after my Debts and Funeral Charges are defraid that the Residue of my Estate may be Equally Divided Between my Wife and five children viz Epafroditus, Xpher, Elizth, Sarah, Frances; and I do constitute and appoint Maj. Jospeh Gray & Wm. Thomas Jarell Exors. of this my Last will & testament in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 9th day of Feb 1741

Witnessed by John (signed) Brassell and Thomas (T) Westbrook, proved May 1752 in Northampton County, NC by both the witnesses thereto , the executors therein named, having by writing under hands, refused to act as such; and Katherine Kilby, widow and relict of the Testator, appearing in court, assigned her right of administration to her son Epaphroditus, to whom administration is granted; which is ordered to be certified.

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* Braswell

BRASWELL Bible, published by H. & E. Phinney, 1847. Bible now in possession of Charles Austin Robbins, Rocky Mount, NC, 1958. {Note: Parents of family unknown}

Martha F. Lancaster, b. Feb 11, 1823
Patsy Ann Braswell, b. Mar 21, 18??
Richard M. Braswell, b. Dec 23, 1830
Benjamin F. Braswell, b April 11, 1852
Joanner Y. Braswell, b. Aug 14, 1853
Littleberry C.G. Braswell, b. Dec 13, 1854
Mary Ann Rody Braswell, b. Feb 22, 1856
John R. Braswell, b. June 22, 1858
Cinthanetta Elizabeth Braswell, b. Feb 4, 1860
Burd D. Braswell, b. Sept 24, 1861

From Foy Braswell's Library

* Archelaus Braswell

Copied from the Bible of Archelaus Braswell, which was inherited first by his daughter, Alice Lee Braswell Joyner (Mrs. Andrew), second by her daughter, Mary Lee Joyner Daughtridge (Mrs. W.M.), presently owned by her heirs.


Archelaus Braswell, son of Archelaus and
Mary Braswell
, b. April 3, 1819
Margaret A.S. Braswell, b. July 10, 1829
Joseph William Braswell, son of Archelaus and
Margaret Braswell
, b. July 10, 1849
Mary Elizabeth Braswell, b. March 15, 1851
William T. Braswell, b. April 27, 1853
Helen Adrianne Braswell, b. Nov. 18, 1854
Maud Sutherland Braswell, b. Jan. 19, 1857
James Cornelius Braswell, b. Jan. 22, 1859
Alice Lee Braswell, b. June 7, 1863
Archelaus Braswell, b. Nov. 24, 1865


Archaelaus Braswell and Margaret Ann Sylvester Cutchin,
m. Feb. 24, 1848
Joseph William Braswell, m. Mary A. Parham,
Nov. 11, 1874
John J. Hyman, m. Helen A. Braswell,
May 4, 1876
Andrew Joyner m. Alice Lee Braswell
in Edgecombe co., June 7, 1883

From Foy Braswell's Library

* Fred A. Braswell

Bible of Mrs. Fred Brasel of Rockwood, TN


Fred A. Brasel born Oct 10, 1880. Frederick Adolphus Brasel
was the son of Benjamin Brasel and Sarah F. Wilson.
Addie A. Hamby Brasel born Feb 1, 1879
Edith Brasel born Apr 21, 1910
Charlotte Brasel born July 11, 1915
Marion Brasel born Aug 3, 1917


Fred A. Brasel died Apr 9, 1933


Fred Brasel married Addie L. Hamby on July 20, 1909

Source: Roane County, TN, GenWeb

From Foy Braswell's Library

* George Braswell

Submitted by Jesse King Braswell

George (W.) Braswell, b. 29 Apr 1825, d. ca. 1882

Sintha Garner, b. 13 Feb 1830, d. Oct. 1859 or 1860

Alexander Braswell, b. 15 Dec. 1848,
s/o George & Sintha Braswell

Jesse Braswell, b. 12 Oct. 1850,
s/o George & Sintha Braswell

Cassandra Braswell, b. 31 May 1852,
s/o George & Sintha Braswell

Mary Elueser Braswell, b. 15 Apr 1853,
s/o George & Sintha Braswell

Jacob Ismel Braswell, b. 13 Sept. 1855,
s/o George & Sintha Braswell

Hendr. Braswell, 29 Dec 1857, (Henderson),
s/o George & Sintha Braswell

John Rufus Braswell, b. 12 Feb. 1862,
s/o George & Kizzie Braswell

George William Braswell, 24 Oct. 1863,
s/o George & Kizzie Braswell

Sintha Jane Braswell, 9 Sept. 1865,
s/o George & Kizzie Braswell

Charles Richard Braswell, b. 1 June 1867,
s/o George & Kizzie Braswell

Sally Ann Zilphea Evline Braswell, b. 7 Oct 1872,
s/o George & Kizzie Braswell

Richard M? Braswell
s/o Charles Richard Braswell & wife Alice b. 19 Feb 19??

Marriage Bonds of Johnston Co, N.C. record marriage of George Braswell & C. Garner - 28 Jan 1848. Marriage Bond of Johnston Co. record marriage of George Braswell & Kizziah Massey - 12 May 1861. 1860 Johnston Co. Census Mortality Schedule records death of Cintha Braswell as Oct. 1859, from Childbirth.

From Foy Braswell's Library

* James H. & Joanna Braswell Ruffin

Family Bible

My father, JAMES H. RUFFIN was born July 3, 1850.
Died: April 1, 1915 of diabetes and complications. Buried: Tarboro Cem

Minnie Edmonson Ruffin (stepmother) died June 14, 1930 of a heart attack. Buried: Tarboro Cem. No children.

My mother, JOANNA BRASWELL, born Aug 14, 1853. Died: Jan 9, 1904 of consumpton; buried: Ruffin Cemetery

James H. and Joanna were married February 23, 1873. To this union were born 12 children.

Charles Daniel Ruffin (12 Dec 1873 - 12 Feb 1943)
Mack Thomas Ruffin (23 Oct 1875 - 2 Aug 1937)
Annie Ruffin (24 Feb 1878 - 1 sep 1882)
James Ruffin (9 Oct 1879 - 19 Dec 1895)
Joseph Clifton Ruffin (4 Jul 1882 - 17 Feb 1937)
Ida Ruffin (born 5 Jan 1884)
Callie Ruffin (18 May 1885 - 3 Oct 1886)
Mamie Ruffin (7 Jan 1887 - 17 Nov 1953)
Baby boy born and died 3 Oct 1888 - not named
Dread Mark Ruffin born 3 Nov 1889
Mattie Ruffin born 15 Oct 1892
Andrew Lee Ruffin born 22 Oct 1894
Thomas Edmondson Ruffin (12 Jun 1886 - 1 Nov 1939)

Based on letter written by Ida Ruffin, 16 Nov 1960 and in the Genealogy Vertical File in NC Archives in Raleigh.

From Foy Braswell's Library

* Robert B. Braswell

(found in the LANE FAMILY RECORD).

Robert B. Braswell, son of Benjamin and Rhoda (born 1790) Braswell, was b. in 1830 and d. on Aug. 31, 1896. On March 12, 1850, he married Martha F. Lancaster, daughter of Joseph and Polly Lancaster. She was b. in 1823 and d. July 24, 1900.

From Foy Braswell's Library

* Robert Russell Braswell

From the files of Hugh B. Johnston, Jr., Wilson, N.C. This Bible was printed in Philadelphia in 1852 and is now the property of Mrs. J.W. Cox of Elm city, NC.

Robert Russell Braswell, son of Permenter and Margaret Braswell of Edgecombe Co., was b. Feb 7, 1802 and d. Aug. 1848. He m. Anselana Stringer Dec. 4., 1823, daughter of William Stringer and Keziah Pitt. Anselana was born Feb. 15, 1800 and d. April 28, 1881.


Joseph James Braswell, b. Oct. 16, 1824. He m. Lucinda Proctor June 7, 1884
Benjamin Guilford Braswell, b. Jan 1, 1827. He m. Mary E. Hargrove Jan 25, 1851.
Keziah Margaret Braswell, b. Feb. 2, 1829. She m. Lester S. Cobb June 19, 1847.
Elizabeth Catherine Braswell b. Jan. 22, 1831, d. unmarried between 1845-1850.
Thomas Parmenter Braswell, b. Nov. 2, 1833, d. March 5, 1907, m. Emily Stallings Dec 11, a806?, daughter of .....James Stallings and Polly Peel.
Arretta Braswell, b. May 15, 1835, m. James H. Draughan March 11, 1858
Robert Stringer Braswell, b. March 8, 1836, m. Martha Hargrove April 1, 1858.
Anselana Jane Braswell, b. Jan 9, 1842, d. May 14, 1918, m. Jesse Norris, Feb. 10, 1870, b. Sept. 15, 1826, .....d. May 18, 1904.
John Daniel Braswell, b. Feb. 17, 1844, d. June 29, 1875, m. Ann Vesta Stallings May 12, 1879, b. June 23, .....1843, d. Aug. 31, 1891, daughter of James Stallings and Polly Peele.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thomas Parmenter Braswell, son of Robert Russell Braswell and wife Anselana "Ansy" Stringer of Edgecombe Co, was born on November 2, 1833, and died on March 5, 1907. On December 11, 1860, he married Emily Stallings, daughter of James Craig Stallings and wife Polly Peele. She was born on February 14, 1842, and died on May 12, 1907.


1. Mack C. Braswell was born on October 2, 1861, and died on October 14, 1922. He m. Alice Bryan (July 10 1875-Mrch 28, 1935).
2. Martha Braswell was born on December 27, 1862, and died in 1870.
3. Dr. Mark Russell Braswell was born on December 12, 1864, and died on November 15, 1937. On November 14, 1894, he married Mamie Hackney (August 12,1876 - January 15, 1927).
4. Eula Braswell was born on May 4, 1866 and died in 1872.
5. James Craig Braswell was born on August 17, 1868 and died on April 17, 1951. On June 12, 1901, he married Lillian Grizelle Burton (September 19, 1880 - March 14, 1947.
6. Martha Braswell was born on January 1, 1871, and died on january 21, 1881.
7. Thomas Parmenter Braswell Jr., was born in 1876 and died in 1898.

From Foy Braswell's Library

* Samuel Davis Braswell

Copy in the North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh.

Jesse Braswell was born September 22, 1815 and was
married March 9, 1837 to Emily (Odom).
.....Children of Jesse and Emily Odom Braswell

Samuel D. Braswell was born March 18, 1841.
Charity Ann Eliza was born June 16, 1843.
Nancy Emily was born December 8, 1845.
James K.P. was born March 31, 1848.
Lizzie Wright was born March 20, 1855.

Samue D. Braswell was married to Elizabeth Odom,
daughter of James F. Odom and his wife,
Lucinda J. Vick Odom, November 20, 1866.

.....Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Braswell

Martha Lucinda was born October 11, 1867.
James Jesse was born March 12, 1869
Jacob Ealey was born September 26, 1871.

James Ealey was married to Katolia Exum,
daughter of Tom Kinchin Exum, and (Easter)
Langley Exum, December 30, 1892.

From Foy Braswell's Library

* Thomas Weldon Braswell

This Bible is now in possession of T.R. Adams, Oxford, NC.

Thomas Weldon Braswell was born Dec. 25, 1847 and died Jan. 18, 1919. On Nov. 25, 1875, he married Dainie Elizabeth Jordan born Nov. 15, 1861 and died Dec. 13, 1908.


1. Matie L. Braswell was born Aug. 28, 1877, and died Oct. 16, 1907. On Oct. 14, 1897, she married Y.D. Vinson. On Feb. 7, 1900 she married John W. Winstead.
2. Lucinda B. Braswell was born Aug. 9, 1879 and died April 6, 1951. On Oct. 16, 1901 she married Jordan E. Adams, who died Jan. 13, 1944.

From Foy Braswell's Library

* Robert Braswell & Isabelle Lester

Robert Brazle
was born Sept. the 17th

1773 and was married to Isabelle Lester

the 31st of Jan. 1797

Ann Brazle a daughter of Robert Brazle

and Isabelle his wife was born Dec. ye

11th 1797

N.B. jeney thir sister was born Sept. ye

25 1799 and Elizabeth thir sister was

b. July ye 18th 1801

James thir brother was born May ye 11th

1803 and Isabelle thire sis. was b. July

ye 7th 1805

Reney Brazle thire sis. was born June

15th 1820

Wm. M. Chilton was m. to Catherine See

on the 17th day of Feb. 1842

Lucy L. Chilton was born the 4th day of

Feb. 1843

James P. Chilton her brother was b. the

24th day of Feb. 1845

Robert Brazle a son of Robt. Brazle Ser.

was b. June ye 25th 1807

William Brazle his bro. was b. Dec. the

16th 1809

George Brazle thire bro. was b. Aug. ye

15th 1812

Charlie Brazle thire Sis. was born Dec.

ye 4th 1814

Jimmey St. John a daughter of Cattish St.

was born Nov. 1820

James Chilton son of M. Chilton and Anna

his wife died May 3, 1841

Lucy McCollum daughter of John F.

was b. 2 June 1819

Willliam McCollum her brother was born

Feb. 16th 1821

John V. McCollum his bro. was born Dec.

22, 1822

Richard Brazle died April ye 16th 1799

and Obedience Brazle his wife died Oct.

ye 28th 1805

James Brazle thir son was slane by the

harpes the 29th of July 1799

James Butler died Aug. ye 21th {sic}


Janey Brazle died April ye 2nd 1819

James Brazle died April ye 27th 1819

Elizabeth Archer died July 8th 1819

ISABELLE Brazle {sic} the wife of Ro.

d. March 1823

Anna Chilton wife of M. Chilton

deceased on the 16th of Dec. 1827

North Carolina Land patents 1765 - 1775

Abstracts of Land Patents Vol 2 by Margaret M. Hofmann

1524 pg. 425 JOHN YELVERTON 4 May 1769 98 acres in Dobbs on the N. side of the S. prong of Apple Tree Swamp making out from Nawhunty, joining WILLIAM BRASSELL, Drews line and the windings of the sd. swamp.

7479 pg. 76 RICHARD BRAZIEL 4 March 1775 100 acres in Anson on Dry Creek

4774 -A pg. 298 RICHARD BRACEWELL 22 November 1771 200 acres in Anson on little River, joining DAVID POOR and WILLIAM STONE below the mouth of Riges Creek

4559 pg. 253 VALENTINE BRACEWELL 24 May 1773 300 acres in Duplin on the E. side of Black Mingo and on both sides of the Juniper, joining the S. side of the swamp

North Carolina Land Patents 1735-1764

Abstracts of Land Patents Vol I by Margaret M. Hofmann

Crown to:

1988 pg. 8 GEORGE DOWNING 4 October 1735 640 acres in Bertie, joining SIZEMORES line, WILLIAM BRASWELL, and RICHARD SUMNER

2204 pg. 72 JAMES MANNY 25 September 1741 378 acres in Bertie County on Buckhorn Swamp, joining JOHN BOND, ROBERT BRASWELL, JONATHAN SANDERSON, JOHN GARDINER, both sides of GARDINERS branch, and the swamp

2430 Pg. 129 JOHN PERRET 20 November 1739 400 acres in Edgecombe County, joining JACOB BRASWELL, the N. E. side of Falling run, and the N. side of Tarr river to the Mouth of the sd. run

2447 pg. 132 WILLIAM BRASWELL 21 March 1742 500 acres in Edgecombe county on the North side of Tarr river, joining Maple creek

2252 pg. 157 WILLIAM BRASWELL 28 February 1743 500 acres in Edgecombe County on the N. side of Stoney creek, joining the sd. creek

2615 pg. 171 RICHARD SESSUMS 24 November 1744 300 acres in Edgecombe County on the North side of Tarr river, joining near the Mouth of a Branch, THOMAS BRYANT, the head of a branch, ROBERT BRASWELL, and the Low Grounds of the sd. river

3384 pg. 341 JACOB BRASWELL 11 April 1745 270 acres in Edgecombe County on the N. side of Tarr river where the sd. BRASWELL now lives, joining a branch, a Small Meadow, the river bank above his plantation, and the river below the Mouth of a Gut

3447 pg. 353 JACOB BRASWELL 16 March 1743 160 acres in Edgecombe County on the s. side of Tarr river, joining above Greens path and on the river side

2758 pg. 204 RICHARD BRASSWELL 22 May 1741 200 acres in Craven County on the N. side of Tosneot Swamp, joining the Swamp

3889 pg. 11 RICHARD BRASWELL 21 February 1738 100 acres in Edgecombe County on the S. side of Tarr river, joining Creels line

3902 pg. 14 RICHARD BRASWEL 11 July 1739 500 acres in Craven County on the N. side of Contentnee Marsh, joining the Marsh and (a point) below his improvements

3949 pg. 25 RICHARD BRASWEL 21 February 1738 100 acres in Edgecombe County on the N. W. side of Sappona Swamp, joining the sd. swamp

5002 pg. 174 GEORGE FORT 29 September 1756 320 acres in Johnston County on the North side of Norhunty, joining the Marsh side, RICHARD BRASWELL, and the Swamp

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Percy R. Brasel of Vanderburgh Co., Indiana

Registers of Marriages Performed by Eben C. Poole, J.P. Vanderburgh Co., Indiana

Published in The Hoosier Genealogist, Vol. 39, No. 2 June 1999

Groom Percy R. BRASEL, bride Edna BRYAN, 29 May 1906. Numbers beside their names suggest that their ages were 22 and 17.

Braswells of Johnston, Dobbs and Lenoir Cos., NC

Braswells In The Grantor/Grantee Index Of Johnston, Dobbs, And Lenoir Cos. N.C.

transcribed by Martha Mewborn Marble, 1377 Independence Ave., SE, Washington, DC 20003

published in The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, February 2001, p. 59)

The records of early Johnston (and other counties formed from it), Wayne, Greene, and Lenoir counties were placed at the Lenoir County Courthouse. In 1878 a courthouse fire destroyed almost all these records except the original Grantee Index to deeds. According to Charles Holloman, a Grantor Index was prepared from the Grantee Index and both those books were saved during another fire in 1880. Charles Holloman was instrumental in locating the Grantee Book at the Courthouse in Kinston many years ago. It was not until the early 1980s that the Grantor Index was found. While there is nothing to indicate the nature of the instruments or the relationships between grantor and grantee, these books provide us with a list of names in otherwise “burned” or “partially burned” counties. This transcription was taken from the Grantor Index, but double-checked against the Grantee Index for differences in spelling and entries that appear in one but not the other. (An asterisk following the page number denotes an entry which appears in the Grantor Index, but not in the Grantee; two asterisks denote an entry appearing in the Grantee Index, but not the Grantor; and parentheses enclose differences of name or spelling that appear in the Grantee Index.) Approximate dates of each deed book are listed at the front of the microfilm roll from which this is taken. This sentence is at the front of the roll: “Following Records have many carbon copies and light pencil or ink and will not be legible on film” so the reader should consult the original.

Book 22 – Lenoir County, North Carolina – 1746-circa 1810

This is a unique book as it has entries from the time Johnston County was formed in 1746 until sometime in the early 1800s. Dr. Charles Holloman has this information in his book Kinston and Lenoir County, page 354:

In 1788, the State government began to take action against various persons who had engaged in land grant frauds. By 1796, the public was well aware of the problem. One result of this situation was an act of the General Assembly requiring persons holding lands under grants and deeds of doubtful registry to register the same in the respective counties or in the office of the Secretary of State (as to grants). Many old deeds and grants were consequently registered in Book No. 22 of Dobbs-Lenoir records. Thus, the appearance of an entry in book No. 22 of the old grantee index is impossible to date as many were originally written many years prior to registration while others were of more recent date.



Page #




Richard BRASWELL Sr.

Richard BRASWELL Jr.








Elias FORT









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Patience Braswell, daughter of Valentine

August 25, 1894

Mrs. J. Morgan Smith
Birmingham, Ala.

Dear friend and relative;

By such title II am persuaded to call you after reading the contents of
your kind letter of August 16th instant. by being conversant with some of
the facts set forth in your letter, I know and am sure the same blood flows in
our veins, having the same ancestry. I am a grandson of Sion Harrington who was an older brother of your great grandfather, Drury Harrington, and I am in the 79th year of age. A full and satisfactory answer to your inquiries could have been given fifty years ago but the old land marks have passed off the stage of action, and much we would mutually prize is lost in the mist of antiquity. I am glad to be of some advantage to you in what you desire.Your letter came fifty years too late for a full and satisfactory answer as it has been one of the regrets of my declining years that I could have known so much and yet retained so little relative to the early histry of the Harrington family. In like manner, much that is valuable to th historian is lost before the chronicler emblams it in history. While I do not remember dates, the facts I propose to narrate, you may accept as being outstandingly true. Thomas Harrington, my father, was the son of Sion Harrington and was born in Pittsboro in Chatham Co., N.C., April 5, 1779 and from him I obtained what knowledge I have of the genealogy of the Harrington family. Many and
many a time when I sat around the hearthside, I have heard him tell the story of his ancestry as received from his forefathers, which had I committed to writing, would now clear the page of conjecture and rivet many a broken chain. The Harringtons are of English descent. Charles Harrington, the projenitor of the Harringtons, came from England and settled in Halifax Co., Va. but in what year I cannot now determine. How long he resided there I do not know. It is highly probable he had brothers who came with him and settled there in the same place as I have recently learned there are quite a num ber of Harringtons in Halifax Co. About the year 1750, Charles Harrington emigrated to Chatham Co., N.C. and panted a large tract of land where the town of Pittsboro now stands. Charles Harrington, by his marriage to Agnes Hill, had nine sons and 2 daughters. Charles, Jr. was the oldest son and married as you say, Patience Brazelle, a lady of French (?) extraction. Then there was Sion, Drury, Whitmel, Philemon, Enoch, Isaac and Thomas. Thomas married Raynor Higdon, Sion married Elizabeth Watts and to that union was born three sons and one daughter; Abner, Thomas, Sion and Nancy. His first wife dying, he married for the second time, Ann Dalrymple and the fruit of this union was John, William, Charles, Elizabeth and Mary. John was a Presbyterian minister, prominent in his church and after preachng for awhile in Robeson Co., N.C. he moved too S. C. and married Miss Elvira Hutson and they had two sons and three daughters. One of his sons was killed in the late Civil War between the States and all of his daughters married Presbyterian clergymen and one of his granddaughters married the justly celebrated Dr. J. I. Mack of the Presbyterian Church and who, I believe, is now doing evangelical work in the State of Georgia. John used to visit your great grandfather Drewry Harrington when he resided in S.C. William Dalrymple Harrington was married four times. His sons were Cyrus, Elam and Henry. His daughters were Eliza, Elizabeth, Annie and Eugenia. Cyrus, after graduating from the University of North Carolina, studied
for the ministry and after obtaining his license to preach, emigrated to Louisiana where he attained distinction in the Presbyterrian Church. He died last Spring. Henry, a mere youth, was killed at Five Forks when Lee's lines were broken at Petersbury in April, 1865. Eliza married a Dr. Wilcox, Elizabeth married Langston McIver who was killed in the late war. Annie married a Mr.McGilvary who was a Presbyterian minister but is now dead. Eugenia died
young and unmarried. Charles married Penelope Thomas first, Tabitha Cook,
second and Jane Marks, third. Children of first marriage were Benjamen, Sion, John, William, Thomas, Polk, George, Ann, Janet, Mary and Nancy. By his second marriage none and a son Charles by Jane Marks. Elizabeth married a McAuley and Mary married a Dauglas. Late in life they moved to Alabama and died there . Their son, William, still lives there and is a minister in the Methodist Church. Abner married Nancy Brown of Chatham Co., and they had twelve sons and four daughters. Thomas married Ann Stephen in the year 1805. Her parents came from Glasgow, Scotland. Their children were James, Elizabeth, William, Sion, John (the writer), Thomas, Mary, Benjamen, Anson and Flinn. Benjamen and Anson died young. With the exception of Flinn who died camparatively young, all lived to a ripe old age. but two remain at this writing, Mrs. Arnold and myself. Sion, after reaching his majority, moved to that protion of Iredell Co., which is now Alexander Co., where he died in 1867 at the advanced age of 86 yrs. He married a Miss Brown and their sons were William, John, Sion, Charles and Enoch, The girls' names were forgotten. John was living at Sherman, Texas where he died a few years since. The fate of war made William a cripple for life and he is living in Taylorsville, N.C. Elisha is living in Kansas and his P.O. is Clearwater, Sedgewick Co. He paid us a visit in the winter of 1888. He told me one or more of his brothers had removed from N.C. to Tenn. since the war. Charles Harrington, your great-great grandfather, died some time prior to the revolutionary War and his oldest son, according to the existing laws under King George III, inherited all the landed estate of his father. Tradition says he was an easy-go free kind of man and lost more than once on a horse race. Though the landed estate was large, land at that time had no great monetary value and a fast life soon dissipated all that was of any value. The other sons, being deprived of any share of the estate by inheritance, usually sought new homes. Some went on way and some went another. Drewry, as you well know, moved to S.C. on "Broad river" as we understood it. Here I will relate an incident of a visit Drewry Harrington made to Sion Harrington as told to me by my father who was a boy at that time and was present. Sion Harrington was living near the present town of Jonesboro then and Drewry paid him a visit on horseback as was the mode of travel in that day and time. They had not seen one another for years and years and on the day of his arrival he found his brother Sion, with a number of neighbors, engaged in raising a log house. The old fellows were upon the walls notching away for dear life when suddenly a stranger rode up, and in a very insulting manner, began to criticize their work. This was naturally resented that a stranger should make himself a party in a case in which he could have no earthly interest. Railing answered for railing when the workmen hotly informed the stranger they would go down and lick him out of his boots. But the horseman continued to ride around the walls of the imposing structure. Tiring of that he reigned up his horse and looked fiercely at the angered crowd. My grandfather on scrutinizing him a little closer, dropped his axe and exclaimed, "Drew, you rascal you, is it possible you have deceived me so?" He was instantly recognized by his old friends and acquaintances and such a hand shaking followed it was readily decided the house could better be finished in another day. The fatted calf was killed, the great brown jug was brought out and the stopper came forth with an unusually mellow "phum." The coup of kindness was taken for friendship's sake and lest the sun should go down on their wrath, doubtless took another one of the sake of "Auld Lang Syne." Such was the re-union after years of separation. That they ever met again, I have no means of ascertaining. Charles and Whitmel emigrated to Tennessee. This happened in the later part of the last century. Charles, I understand after residing for a while in Tennessee, settled on the Scioto River in the State of Ohio. There is some probability in this as a son of mine, who a few years ago resided in Columbus, Ohio for a short while, found a firm of Harrington's doing a mercantile business in that place. Isaac lived and died in Chatham Co., N.C. His descendants, though not numerous, are still found on rocky river. Of Enoch's life I know nothing. I am under the impression one of the old patriarchs settled in Georgia. I have read the letters you have sent me from our Texas kinsman with sincere pleasure. He is undoubtedly a scion of the original Harrington tree. How they have multiplied and scattered. Omniscience can tell the seventy souls that accompanied Jacob into Egypt and returned four hundred years later a mighty host. It seems as if Charles Harrington's descendants could be marshaled in one army. They would be like old Scotch Malcolm Smiths friends, "numerous." As I told you before, I have no clue to locate any of Charles Harrington's descendants except my grandfather Sion's and Drewry's. I know Drewry went to South Carolina and located on broad river an later on carried his brother-in-law Abner Landrum with him while Charles and Whitmill went to Fort Deer, Tenn. followed by Thomas some years later. Your letter to me was the first authentic information I had had of any of the brothers and I can never thank you sufficiently for your uncomplaining kindness and I sincerely pray your researches may result in the full fruition of all your most cherished hopes. I know the path is beset with difficulties that now all the landmarks are gone, which in the absence of written record, afforded the only certain means of proof and identification. But we can at least make sure of what we have and though the younger generation should build wiser than the old, still I am persuaded to believe when all things are considered, they will have no just cause to be ashamed of their ancestors. As the march of emigration from N.C. seemed southward and westward, there is every reason to believe the Harringtons of Tenn., Missouri, Texas and Mississippi are of the same family as ours. We know those of S.C., Ga., and Alabama are of the same line. A superficial glance at our ignorance of each other is really astonishing but the cause is not far to seek and is easy of solution. When we consider the fact, that at the time of separation and exodus of the Harrington brothers, there was not a mile of stage line, much less steamboat or railway travel penetrating the regions to which they emigrated, we can see at once and communication with one another if at all was limited to the slow and arduous journey on horseback. In consequence of which Charles, Whitmill and Thomas never returned to the scenes of their early manhood. While Drewry, so far as I have any knowledge, came back but once. Under the circumstances existing at that time, the heads of the different families died and their children to his day have remained, as it were, in utter ignorance of each other. But light
is dawning and I trust the coming of your letter may be the means of cementing the long broken ties and the ingathering of the lost sheep in the folds of a common brother hood made pleasant lasting in the bonds of a relationship that should be better understood and appreciated.The reception of your letter was both a revelation and a surprise to me and I desire in the outset to heartily thank you for the same. While I was not oblivious of the fact, that according to the course of human events, I had or should have numerous relatives in the States south and west of me, I had despaired of ever establishing communication with them not knowing who they were nor yet the locality in which they lived. Though in my 79th year, like Jacob of old, I will go and see Joseph before I die. Of course I can only go in spirit but my enthusiasm revolts at being confined withing the circumscribed limits of an ordinary letter and your patience may be taxed but I trust you will bear with me to the finish. Your letter vividly brings to my mind, the light of other days, visions of the past pass in panoramic succession before me. I am a boy again, as it were, sitting around the ancestral fireside, listening to the recital of many of the thrilling events of 1776 that made the blood flow fast and the heart beat quick. But the actors have long since passed away and only a few of their deeds have been rescued from the crumbling touch of time and embalmed by the historian or linger only in tradition and song, while by far the greater part is lost in the mist of antiquity. Much that would be valuable in history is lost before the chronicler gathers the fragments and rescues them from the hands of forgetfulness. In like manner, much we would mutually prize in the early history of our forefathers, is like the lost books of Livy whose pages no mortal will ever behold. Having said this much by way of introduction an answer to some of your questions may be summarized as follows: Thomas Harrington was my father and was born April 5, 1779 in the town of Pittsboro in Chatham Co., and was son of Sion and Elizabeth Watts Harrington and a grandosn of Charles Harrington and Agnes Hill and to him I am indebted to everything I may tell you. I am unable to affix dates with any degree of certainty, yet what I shall relate, you may believe implicitly and accept as being substantially true, believing evidence derived from those who lived nearest the time and place in which an event is said to have occurred so it is the most reliable in the absence of unrecorded history. The Harrington's are of English descent - Charles Harrington came from England to America and settled in Halifax Co., Va., and after residing there for a short while, he made his course southward and settled in Chatham Co, N.C. where on the present town of Pittsboro now stands. The dates of his settling in Halifax Co., and his subsequent removal to N.C. are alike unknown to me. The date of land grants may approximate the time but not conclusively so - from the fact many of the grants were often issued years prior to the occupancy of the lands by the settler while, in the other instance, the reverse was often the case. The probability is he came to America as early as 1740. Now whether he married before or after coming to north Carolina is an open question, one which I have no means of determining. The Hills you refer to in Footes sketches are known to me only as a matter of History and that they were connected to Agnes Hill may or may not be true. Harrington is the name Charles brought from England, a name his descendants in this country have always
borne and never disgraced it and if we have retrograded from the days of Sir John Harrington, we can say as Sir Edward Coke of copyhold tenure said, "Though of base descent, we are of most illustrious origin." I will say the Harringtons have no cause to be ashamed of their ancestors but much to be proud of. They are a brave, generous race of people with strong family attachments, having convictions of their own and the courage to enforce them. Among them can be found as fine specimens of phsical and moral manhood and womanhood as can be found in any land on which the sun shines. That trait which is the crowning glory of Harrington manhood is that not one of the name was ever known to be uncivil or unkind to his wife. So universal is this Henry William (Henry) Harrington and our people are one and the same family so my family has told me repeatedly but I do not recollect the degree of kinship. All the male members of Richmond Co. are dead.
(The above paragraph was in a different handwriting. The compiler.)
The records of Charles Harrington's family are perished or carried away by members of the family to distant states. The blank leaves in the family Bible was the sacred repository of family births and deaths. Times wear and tear, the unwitting ignorance of childish fingers all conspire to obliterate the family records. My father, late in life, married Lydia Collierand at her death, her people carried off his family Bible. Had I not retained in memory the dates of births of my brothers and sisters, that would now be lost to me. The order of succession in which Charles Harrington's and Agnes Hill's children were born, I know nothing more than you do. In my youth, I had heard my father rehearse the story time and again but I listened to it with no particular interest and it has been many, many years ago since then. In your statement you said John was the first son. I have recently met a cousin of mine, a grandson of Sion Harrington who corroborates your version of the story. His mother was Elizabeth Harrington, and half-sister of my father. But my father was nearly grown when she was born and had visited his
uncles at their homes, sat around their firesides and slept beneath their roofs, and twice a years made long journeys on horseback to visit his fatherin the latter years of his life. I remember as distinctly as I remember anything that Charles, according to his version, was the eldest son of the family and he often emphasized that fact in speaking of Charles inheriting and wasting the parental estate. The brothers, Charles, Whitmill and Thomas went to Fork Deer, Tenn. I
have already told you that friends credit me with the faculty of "never forgetting anything" but that however is not true. Anything speaking of myself. And I have to rely on my memory of the greater part of the little I know of family history. The people of the New England states are careful in preserving family records. We should not be less so. Your very welcome letter reached me safely and my poverty of language is inadequate to expreess my gratification of the contents whereof. Seldom or never have I received one more to my liking, never one more thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. We fully appreciate your kindly sentiments of esteem and regard and beg to assure you they find a sympathetic response in our affections. Kindred, yet personally unknown strangers until within a short time since and now you seem to us like one of the family long absent talking to us as it were and before I proceed further - as the senior member of the "House of Harrington" in North Carolina, permit me in the name of the various tribes and clans whereof in a quaind old phrase, say to you and all your dear household "Howdy - howdy - howdy." How in life I would have enjoyed meeting your mother and how we could have beguiled the passing moments with many a family story. But, none the less, how dear to me are her children and if it is not asking too much when the busy cares of the day are shut out and when you all gather around your fireside, let you thoughts wander back to the land of your fathers for we be "brethren."

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Michael A. Harrington


Deed Bk. B, 1775-1783 pg. 19, April 29, 1775
John Harrington of the Co. of Halifax NC to William Alston of the Co. of Halifax, for 100 pds, 212 acres on the S. side of Robinsons Creek, being part of a tract of land granted by Patent to William Pettey and sold by William Petty Jr. son, to the sd William, to Charles Harrington, Father to the sd John Harrington being also a part of a tract whereon Mial Scurlock now lives and the Court House of Chatham now Stands. Also where Agnis Harrington now lives.
John Harrington
John Webb
John Auld


Deed - Union Co., S. C. deed book page 270-271 v2, p 42. 3 Jul 1789 Chas
Harrington and his wife Patience has sold for 50 lbs Sterling to Robert
Rethurford, Senr., 292 ac in 96th District, adjoining Joseph Gilling, Nathl.
Gilkeys, Louis Ledbetter, Moses Gilling and John Leah. Charles and Patience
both signed mark. Wit: Richmond Terrell, John
Sims, John Harrington, Zachariah Bullock J.P.

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