Friday, April 25, 2008

* Robert Braswell & Isabelle Lester

Robert Brazle
was born Sept. the 17th

1773 and was married to Isabelle Lester

the 31st of Jan. 1797

Ann Brazle a daughter of Robert Brazle

and Isabelle his wife was born Dec. ye

11th 1797

N.B. jeney thir sister was born Sept. ye

25 1799 and Elizabeth thir sister was

b. July ye 18th 1801

James thir brother was born May ye 11th

1803 and Isabelle thire sis. was b. July

ye 7th 1805

Reney Brazle thire sis. was born June

15th 1820

Wm. M. Chilton was m. to Catherine See

on the 17th day of Feb. 1842

Lucy L. Chilton was born the 4th day of

Feb. 1843

James P. Chilton her brother was b. the

24th day of Feb. 1845

Robert Brazle a son of Robt. Brazle Ser.

was b. June ye 25th 1807

William Brazle his bro. was b. Dec. the

16th 1809

George Brazle thire bro. was b. Aug. ye

15th 1812

Charlie Brazle thire Sis. was born Dec.

ye 4th 1814

Jimmey St. John a daughter of Cattish St.

was born Nov. 1820

James Chilton son of M. Chilton and Anna

his wife died May 3, 1841

Lucy McCollum daughter of John F.

was b. 2 June 1819

Willliam McCollum her brother was born

Feb. 16th 1821

John V. McCollum his bro. was born Dec.

22, 1822

Richard Brazle died April ye 16th 1799

and Obedience Brazle his wife died Oct.

ye 28th 1805

James Brazle thir son was slane by the

harpes the 29th of July 1799

James Butler died Aug. ye 21th {sic}


Janey Brazle died April ye 2nd 1819

James Brazle died April ye 27th 1819

Elizabeth Archer died July 8th 1819

ISABELLE Brazle {sic} the wife of Ro.

d. March 1823

Anna Chilton wife of M. Chilton

deceased on the 16th of Dec. 1827