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Christopher Guin to James Braswell Deed

Guin (Quin?) to Braswell (transcribed by Nona Williams)

North Carolina

To all People to whom these Presents shall come Christopher GUIN of Edgecombe County and province afsd send greeting _____ that I the said CHRISTOPHER GUIN for and in consideration of the sum of fifteen pounds current money of the colony of Virginia to me in hand paid at or before the sealing and delivery hereof by JAMES BRASWELL of the County and province afsd Carpenter the receipt whereof I acknowledged and____to be therewith fully satisfied contented and ___ have granted bargained sold conveyed eufeoffd? confirmed assigned and set over and by these presents do freely fully and absolutely grant bargain sell convey confirm assign and set over unto the sd JAMES BRASWELL his heirs and assigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and fifty acres be the sum more or less lying and being on the south side of Roanoke River the said one hundred and fifty acres of land is butted and bounded as follows viz beginning upon Roanoak River at the mouth of the Fort Branche at JOSEPH MOORE's corner tree thence up his line a mill? back? thence along the back line to JOHN RYAL's corner so along the sd RYAL's to the river thence down the river to the first station To have, to hold the sd tract or parcel of land containing one hundred and fifty acres be the same more or less whether with all houses orchards fowling timber and trees thereon standing lying or growing with all woods waters and rivers with all of its commodities and herediments to the same belonging or in any manner of ways appertaining unto him the said JAMES BRASWELL his heirs and assigns forever and the sd CHRISTOPHER GUIN for himself his heirs executors adm: doth ____ grant promise and agree to and with the sd JAMES BRASWELL his heirs and assigns in manner followith that is to say that the said CHRISTOPHER GUIN at the sealing and delivery of these presents hath a good right title and estate of ___stance in ___ premises in fee simple and hath full right and lawful authority to bargain and sell the same in manner afd unto the said JAMES BRASWELL his heirs assigns forever and the sd CHRISTOPHER GUIN ___ to and adm_ doth further promise and warrant that the said land and premisses___ from the lawful claims or demands of any person or persons whatsoever deed the same will warrent secure and forever defend unto the said JAMES BRASWELL his heirs and assigns forever In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 5th day of January in the fifteenth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the second King of Great Britain France and Ireland Defender of the Faith and in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand Seven hundred and forty one CHRISTOPHER GUIN __ __ signed Sealed and Delivered in presence of us. JOSEPH HOWELL JOSEPH CANE Edgecomb County of __ Court 1742. The within Deed of sale was in open Court proved by the oath of JOSEPH CANE one of the subscribing witnesses thereto which on motion is ordered to be recorded . Witnesses ROBERT FORSTER Clerk Ct [In different handwriting] To Jas. Braswell - deed (Halifax Co., NC DB 5 P. 51)

See copy of original deed here

From THE LINEAGE OF JACOB THOMAS BRASWELL page 15 by Viola Vick Braswell:

There is definite record that William Bracewell, Senior, had a son named James as a James Bracewell son of William Bracewell, bought land south of the Roanoke River in Edgecombe County on January 4, 1741. (Edgecombe Deed Book 5, p. 51.)


There is definite proof that a William BRACEWELL, Sr. had a son named James as a James BRACEWELL, son of William BRASWELL, bought land south of the Roanoke River in Edgecomb County, North Carolina, on 4 January 1741. (Edgecombe Deed Book 5, p 51.)

NOTE: It has been incorrectly claimed that this deed identifies JAMES as a son of WILLIAM BRASWELL. The film was difficult to read, but there is no WILLIAM in this deed.

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Braswells in IOW Co., VA DB 5 *

Page 17, IOW Deed Book 5, JOHN PENNEY, and SUSANNAH, my wife, in North Carolina, have appointed RICHARD BRASWELL of the Upper Parish of IW, my true and lawful atty, to acknowledge in IW Court, a certain parcel of land sold by me to DANIEL STOREY in IW, by deed bearing even date. The land is in the upper parish of IW, and joining upon Nottoway River, and containing about 150 acres. Signed Dec (no day stated) 1735 - JOHN (his mark) PENNEY, SUSANNAH (+ her mark) PENNEY. Wit - JOHN BRASWELL, Wm. (+ his mark) BRASWELL (No recording date stated) NOTE: This Richard is Susannah Braswell's son and presumably his sons John & William who are named in his 1744 IOW Co., VA will.
Page 17, IOW Deed Book 5, Dec 15, 1735 from JOHN PENNEY and SUSANNAH, his wife, of North Carolina, to DANIEL STOREY (Story) of the Lower Parish of IW, for 7 pounds 10 shillings, about 150 acres in the upper parish of IW joining upon Nottoway River on the north side, being part of a tract of land in a patent granted to Mr. RICHARD WASHINGTON dated Dec 16, 1714, and by the said WASHINGTON demised unto JOHN HOWELL by deed, and released by a Power of Atty dated Oct 4, 1717, and after by said JOHN HOWELL sold to JOHN PENNY by deed. The land is bounded by a dividing line between WASHINGTON and said PENNEY, the side of Nottoway Swamp, the mouth of Bardings branch, the patent line, a line of marked trees between said PENNEY and JOHN JENT to the place called the hollow root on Nottoway River. Signed - JOHN (his mark), PENNY, SUSANNAH (+ her mark) PENNY. Wit -
-->JOHN BRASELL, WM (+) BRASSELL. Recorded Aug 23, 1736. RICHARD BRASWELL, by virtue of a power of atty from JOHN PENNY and SUSANNAH, his wife, acknowledged their deed. Note: Ditto

NOTE: DANIEL STORY and wife MARY STORY, sold this 150 acres to JOHN WALLER on 15 July 1745, p. 145, IOW Deed Book 7)
Page 36, IOW Deed Book 5, Lease and release. Jun 22-23, 1736 from MOSES FAIRCLOTH of IW to RICHARD BRASSELL of IW, for 1500 pounds of pork and for divers other good causes, about 100 acres in IW, and bounded by Nottoway Swamp at the mouth of Bradens Branch, THOS CRAWFORD. The said dividend of land is part of a patent for 475 acres granted to ALEXANDER SPOTSWOOD, Lieut Governor of VA, on Jun 16, 1714 to MATTHEW RUSHEN and EDWARD GOODSON, & by the said RUSHEN & GOODSON devised to WILLIAM FAIRCLOTH Sr by deed & released by a power of atty dated Mar 25, 1721, and by said WM FAIRCLOTH willed to his son MOSES FAIRCLOTH. Signed - MOSES (X his mark) FAIRCLOTH. Wit - JOHN BRASSELL, GILES SMELLY, WM (+ his mark) BRASSELL. Recorded Sep 27, 1736. NOTE: Richard's son John always signs his name and William uses a mark.

NOTE: Carey Bracewell transcribed this deed and he has "for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings lawful money to him in hand paid by sd RICHD BRASSELL". Then he wrote that immediately following it was a deed of release and BRASSELL was to pay FAIRCLOTH "fifteen hundred ponds of pork"
Page 152, IOW Deed Book 5. Jun 25, 1737 from GEORGE GOODSON & SARAH, his wife, and EDWARD GOODSON & MARY, his wife, and ARTHUR WILLIAMS Jr. & HANNAH, his wife, heirs of THOMAS MANDEW deceased, of Bartee Precinct, North Carolina, planters, to WILLIAM BREWER of the Lower Parish of IW, planter, for 100 barrels of tar, 2 tracts or plantations of land in the lower parish of IW, that is, all the land that the said WILLIAM BREWER bought of THOMAS MANDEW deceased, being 200 acres, 100 acres being part of a conveyance of 200 acres granted by Capt: HUGH CAMPBELL on Feb 19, 1698, which is by a conveyance dated Feb 28, 1701/2 from OWIN BUNN and HANNAH his wife, (sold) to THOMAS MANDEW deceased, and bounded by the fork of a branch called RICHARD BRASWELL branch. The other 100 acres is by a conveyance dated March 1, 1708, which is from RICHARD BRASWELL and SARAH, his wife, (sold) to THOS MANDEW deceased, bounded by the east side of the main Blackwater (Swamp), JOHN LAWRANCE, being part of a patent of GILES SYM SCOTT for 1400 acres. Signed - GEORGE (+ his mark) GOODSON, SARAH (S her mark) GOODSON, EDWARD (E his mark) GOODSON, MARY (M her mark)GOODSON, ARTHUR WILLIAMS Jr., HANNAH (H her mark) WILLIAMS. Wit - J EDWARDS, T JARRELL Jr. IW. To our trusty and well beloved (Gent JPs) JOHN EDWARDS and THOMAS JARRELL Jr, Gent, greeting. SARAH GOODSON, MARY GOODSON, and HANNAH WILLIAMS conveyed 200 acres in Blackwater (Swamp) in IW. It appears to us that SARAH, MARY and HANNAH are so sickly and impotent that they cannot travel to our County Court to make an acknowledgement of said conveyance. Therefore, we, having compassion of the state of SARAH, MARY and HANNAH, do give you power to receive the acknowledgment before you, of the above conveyance. We therefore command you to personally go to SARAH, MARY and HANNAH to receive their acknowledgment . Signed Jun 6, 1737 - JAS. BAKER, Clerk of County Court. We have examined SARAH, MARY, and HANNAH privately; they voluntarily acknowledgd the deed and relinquished their right of dower to the lands conveyed. Signed Aug 22, 1737 - J EDWARDS, T JARRELL Jr. Recorded Aug 22, 1737

Page 251, IOW Deed Book 5. Aug 22, 1738 from HENRY BOSEMAN (Bozeman) and MARY, his wife, of Carolina, to WILLIAM HICKMAN of IW, for 40 pounds sterling money of England, 2 tracts of land on the south side of the main Blackwater swamp, containing about 170 acres, being part of a patent for 370 acres granted to said WILLIAM HICKMAN by ALEXANDER SPOTSWOOD, VA Lieut Governor, on Nov 13, 1713, and bounded by BENJAMIN EVANS line being the beginning tree of the patent of which the said land is part. Said HENRY and MARY give bond of 80 pounds sterling money of England, to warrant the fulfillment of this deed. Signed - HENRY (R his mark) BOSEMAN, MARY (her mark) BOSEMAN. Wit -
-->JOHN BRASWELL, JOHN HICKMAN, JOSEPH (his mark) HICKMAN. Recorded Aug 28, 1738.

Page 435, IOW Deed Book 5. Lease and release. Feb 19-20, 1739 from RICHARD JORDAN of IW, to JOHN JORDAN of IW, for 5 pounds money and 6 pounds in plank & shingles, 60 acres in IW, formerly in tenor and occupation of RICHARD BRASWELL, and bounded according to the reputed bounds. Signed - RICHARD JORDAN. Wit - N BOURDEN, JAMES (JJ his mark) JORDAN, JOHN HARRISON. Recorded Feb 25, 1739. NICHOLAS BOURDEN & JAMES JORDAN, 2 of the witnesses, deposed that they saw JOHN HARRISON subscribe his name as a witness. NOTE: This Richard is Susannah's son and the 60 acres mentioned appears to be the land Susannah bequeathed unto him in her 1714 IOW Co., VA will.
Page 595, IOW Deed Book 5. Dec 10, 1740 from THOMAS UNDERWOOD & ELIZABETH, his wife, of IW to EDMOND GOODWIN of IW for 25 pounds, one certain parcel of land whereon said THOMAS UNDERWOOD now lives, being in IW, bounded by Silliways Swamp, a line of marked trees made between THOMAS UNDERWOOD and his Uncle JOHN UNDERWOOD, Corawalk road, BRASWELL, JOHN SILLIWAY, containing about 400 acres. Signed - THOMAS (T his mark) UNDERWOOD, ELIZABETH (E her mark) UNDERWOOD. Wit - JOHN (his mark) SANDERS, THOMAS GODWIN, ROBBARD (y his mark) SANDERS, JOSEPH POWELL. Recorded Mar 23, 1740. ELIZABETH , wife th the said THOMAS, relinquished her right of dower to the lands conveyed.
Page 617, IOW Deed Book 5. I, JOHN WOMBWELL Sr, of IW, for the natural love I have for my son, BENJAMIN WOMBLE, and for divers other good causes and for 13 pounds, have granted my said son 195 acres, which land is part of a patent for 395 acres granted to JNO BRASSWELL on Sep 28, 1732. The 195 acres is bounded by the south side of the Beaver Dam Swamp, the course of the patent, a corner tree divideing JOS COBB Jr and the said JOHN WOMBWELL's land. Signed May 25, 1741 - JOHN (W his mark) WOMBWELL. Wit. JOHN EXUM, WILLIAM BYNUM, JOHN INGGRUM. Recorded May 25, 1741. 
NOTE: This patent was to John & Alice who returned to North Carolina after the death of John's mother Sarah as evidence refer to Bertie Co NC DB D Pg 247.

Bracewell, Isaac and Nancy Low of Edgecombe Co., NC

From North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Feb 1995: Divorces and separations from Petitions to the North Carolina General Assembly from 1779. All original papers are filed at the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

#314. BRACEWELL (BRASWELL) Isaac and wife, Nancy (LOW). Petition of Isaac BRACEWELL of Edgecombe County notes that he married in the year 1798 to his present wife, whose maiden name was Nancy LOW... [and] for several years they enjoyed uninterrupted happiness, and he had no reason to suspect either the affection or chastity of his wife.

Circumstances however soon after occurred to prove incontestably the fallacy of his hopes, and that regardless of her duty, she had openly and shamefully violated her marriage vow - your petitioner with a vow to protect from injury the reputation of his children who must of necessity partake of the mother's guilt, would have been willing to conceal from the world the acts of their parents, yet her conduct for the last four years has been so openly at variance with either modesty or chastity that no hope of this kind remained...

Prays for a divorce from his wife aforesaid.

Dated 15 Nov 1808. /S/ Isaac BRACEWELL, Nancy (x) BRACEWELL.

Bill to divorce Isaac BRACEWELL from his wife Nancy ... that Isaac BRACEWELL be hereby divorced from his wife Nancy and the said marriage be annulled and dissolved. In senate, 19 Dec 1808, read first time and passed; in House of Commons, 19 Dec 1808, read first time and rejected. (GASR Nov.-Dec. 1808, Box: folder Senate Bills - 19 Dec.)

Is this the same Isaac??

#345. MUS(T)GRAVE, Micajah and wife, Zilpha. Petition of Micajah MUSGRAVE of Wayne County states he intermarried with Zilpha HARREL of the same county about twelve years ago. He lived peacefully with said wife until about two or three years last past, when she voided the bond of matrimony by cohabiting with other men. In the past year "she has taken up and lives with one Isaac DIZZELL and has left with your petitioner five small childern (sic) which he is oblige (sic) to support and take care of.... 11 Dated 9 Nov 1808. Rejected.

From Lois Culver,

From Grantor/Grantee Index of Johnston, Dobbs, and Lenoir Counties, North Carolina:

Book 2, Apr 1750 - Apr 1754
From: John BRACEWELL to Robert BRYAN (BRYANT), pg. 18
From: Robert BRACEWELL to John BRACEWELL, pg. 86**

This transcription was taken from the Grantor Index, but double checked against the Grantee Index. The item with the two asterisks denotes an entry appearing in the Grantee Index, but not the Grantor.

Taken from The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Feb 1995

Compiled by Lois Culver

Valentine Braswell: Vagrant and Horse Thief

North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal February 1995

Article titled: "The Higdons of Prince George Co., Virginia":

The younger Daniel HIGDON was involved in several illegal and nefarious activities involving several Indian Trader families who lived in North Carolina and at Sandy Bluff, South Carolina.

On 23 June 1767 the Georgia Gazette wrote the following article: “Last Monday, George UNDERWOOD Charles HIGDON, John MacKILROY, Valentine BRAZEL (BRASWELL) and Daniel HIGDON, who were taken up as vagrants, and in whose possession several horses belonging to gentlemen in the province were found: were brought to town under a guard of the militia and committed to gaol, by virtue of a warrant from two justices of the peace at Augusta. A sixth brother to the two HIGDONs was killed in resisting the persons sent out to arrest them.”

According to Lucille B. Coone: "Other North Carolinians, who were running in gangs, in the Carolina back country at this time, were Timothy TYRELL (FERRELL), John ARTS, James ASHWORTH and Edward GIBSON... The penalty for horse stealing was death. Somehow Daniel HIGDON, Valentine BRASSWELL, and George UNDERWOOD escaped from jail.”

(The last two paragraphs were from Lucille D. Coone, Colonial Higdons and Some of their Descendants (Manassas, VA 1987, p 27 & 29)

Braswells of Nash Co, NC 1777-1859

Abstracts of Early Records of Nash County, North Carolina 1777-1859 by Joseph W. Watson

pg. 8 Petition of Lucinda J. BRASWELL for a year’s provisions. She was the widow of Arthur BRASWELL, who died intestate with Jerry GRIFFIN as admr. Feb. Term 1859.

Pg. 8 Petition of Mary BRASWELL for a year’s support. She was the widow of Cullen BRASWELL, who died intestate in 1855, Nov. Term 1855.

Pg. 8 Petition of Polly BRASWELL for a year’s support. She was the widow of Dempsey BRASWELL, decd. Nov. Term 1854.

Pg. 8 Petition of Elizabeth BRASWELL, for a year’s support. She was the widow of Nicholas J. BRASWELL, who died intestate with William H. WESTER’s as admr. Feb. Term 1858.

Pg. 92 Petition of the sale of the Negroes of Demsey BRASWELL, who died intestate with Mary BRASWELL as his widow. The remainder was distributed among the eight heirs, to wit: (1) John BRASWELL; (2) Jesse BRASWELL; (3) Jerry BRASWELL; (4) Jim BRASWELL; (5) William BRASWELL; (6) children of Francis HEDGEPETH by his wife Nancy; (7) Perry GRIFFIN; William H. GRIFFIN; Peggy Ann GRIFFIN and husband, Nathan GRIFFIN; Frances S. HEDGEPETH and husband, Calvin HEDGEPETH, all children of Mourning GRIFFIN, who was a sister of said Dempsey BRASWELL, decd.; (8) Lucinda BRASWELL and husband, Arthur BRASWELL; Susan GUTHRIDGE and husband, Jordan GUTHRIDGE; Alfred GRIFFIN; Robert GRIFFIN, all children of Charity GRIFFIN, who was a sister of said Dempsey BRASWELL, decd. Feb. Term 1855.

Pg. 160 Benjamin BRASWELL inventory of money on hand and notes by Gideon BASS, exr., May 14, 1827. Sale held March 5, 1827 with Cloa BRASWELL, William BRASWELL, Roeny BRASWELL, and Susan BRASWELL buyers. Feb. Term 1829. Account current with Gideon BASS and Isaac BASS. According to the will, they paid accounts to William BRASWELL, Bolen MELTON, William BASS, Elizabeth FREEMAN, E. Thomas STAVES (?), and Reuben BRASWELL, May Term 1829.

Pg. 160 Chloe BRASWELL inventory and sale by Bolen MELTON, admr., Dec. 6, 1843. William BRASWELL and Roeny BRASWELL mentioned. Account current, Aug. Term 1845.

Pg. 160 Cullen BRASWELL sale by May BRASWELL, admrx., Dec. 6, 1855. Ele LEWIS principal buyer and Hutchen BRASWELL bought a saddle.

Pg. 160 Dempsey BRASWELL inventory and sales by John BRASWELL, admr., Dec. 7 and 8, 1854. The widow, Oscar BRASWELL, William BRASWELL, Jessie BRASWELL, Arthur BRASWELL, and William H. C. BRASWELL bought. Account current, Nov. Term 1856.

Pg. 160 Jacob BRASWELL sale by George BODDIE, exr., Aug. 30, 1823, Nov. Term 1824, Jesse BRASWELL, Jacob BRASWELL Jr., Brittain BRASWELL, James BRASWELL, and William BRASWELL bought. Second sale held Dec. 13, 1823 with Jordan BRASWELL a buyer. Account current, Nov. Term 1824.

Pg. 160 Jacob BRASWELL inventory by Willie BUNTING, admr., Feb. Term 1833. Sale held Dec. 6, 1832. William BRASWELL, Sr., Benjamin BRASWELL, Jeremiah BRASWELL, James BRASWELL, and John BRASWELL were buyers. Account current, May Term 1834.

Pg. 160 Jeremiah BRASWELL inventory of notes and inventory and sale of property by E. B. HILLIARD, exr., July 15, 1857, Aug. Term 1857. Account of money on hand taken April 16, 1857. Account current, Nov. Term 1859.

Pg. 161 Joseph John BRASWELL of the State of Georgia inventory and sale of property, an interest in a 34 or 36 acre tract of land whereon his father, Jesse BRASWELL, then resided near Red Bud Creek in Nash Co. It was sold by his admr., John W. EARL, to Jesse BRASWELL, May Term 1857.

Pg. 161 Margaret BRASWELL inventory by Howell ELLIN and Frederick HINES, admrs., Nov. 7, 1794.

Pg. 161 Mary BRASWELL sale held June 10, 1856, Aug. Term 1856. Account current with Worrell P. WALKER, special admr. Account received from John BRASWELL, admr. of D. BRASWELL, decd. Accounts paid to John BRASWELL and to Rhoda BRASWELL, Aug. Term 1858.

Pg. 161 Micajah BRASWELL inventory by John MASSENGILL, admr., Aug. 6, 1804.

Pg. 161 Nicholas BRASWELL inventory and sale by William H. WESTER, admr., March 6, 1858, May Term 1858. The widow bought almost all.

Pg. 161 Orren BRASWELL account current with Washington HARRIS, admr., Nov. Term 1847. Received from the “Clerk” his part of the proceeds of the sale of the property of Benjamin BRASWELL, decd.

Pg. 161 Queeny BRASWELL inventory by Howell ELLIN, admr., May 14, 1798. Was orphan of Samuel BRASWELL, decd., with Archibald GRIFFIN as guardian. Sale of estate, one Negro, to Sarah BRASWELL and feather bed and furniture to John WARBURTON, Aug. 11, 1798. Account current 1799. Legacies were paid to Mathew HUNT, Margaret HUNT, Wilson BRASWELL, Sarah BRASWELL, and David WOODARD.

Pg. 161 Samuel BRASWELL, inventory by Howell ELLIN and Frederick HINES, exrs., Jan. 7, 1795.

Pg. 161 Sarah BRASWELL inventory by John VICK, admr., Jan. 7, 1806. Sale held March 4, 1806, May Term 1806.

Pg. 162 William (BRACEWELL) BRASWELL, inventory by Benjamin MANNING, exr., Feb. 17, 1796 included 907 acres of land and three Negroes.

Pg. 162 William BRASWELL sale by Solomon BATCHELOR, exr., no date. Account current, Feb. Term 1805.

Pg. 162 William BRASWELL Jr. inventory dated July Term 1779 included 1480 acres of land and four Negroes. Sale held July 15, 1779 by Arthur ARRINGTON, Sheriff. Samuel BRASWELL, William HUNT, Hardy BREWER, and Edmund BRANCH, were prominent buyers. Residue of money received by Martha BRASWELL from the exrs., William WILLIAMS and Joseph EXUM, Aug. 9, 1787.

Pg. 162 William BRASWELL Sr. wrote a paper on Feb. 14, 1831 certifying that he had given to four of his sons property as a part of their distributive share of his estate at or after his death: to son, Dempsey BRASWELL, a Negro boy; to son, James BRASWELL, 100 acres of land; to son, Jeremiah BRASWELL, 148-1/2 acres of land; to son, William BRASWELL, 148-1/2 acres of land and a horse, witnessed by Willie BUNTING. He also gave to his son, John BRASWELL, a Negro boy on June 8, 1831 and, on Oct. 8, 1832, he gave to his daughter, Mourning GRIFFIN, a tract of 50 acres whereon she then lived. They signed receipts for these. On Jan. 15, 1833, he gave to his son, Jesse BRASWELL, in advance, a Negro girl. Inventory of this estate was taken by John BRASWELL, special admr., Feb. Term 1845. Sales of property were held Jan. 7, 1845 and March 11, 1845, May Term 1845. Distributive shares were given to the following: Dempsey BRASWELL, James BRASWELL, Jeremiah BRASWELL, William BRASWELL, John BRASWELL, Mourning GRIFFIN, Jesse BRASWELL, Nancy HEDGEPETH, and the heirs of Charity GRIFFIN.

Pg. 307 Ann E. BRASWELL, daughter of Jesse BRASWELL. Bond 1850 by Thos. W. WRIGHT, gdn. Bond 1859 by R. M. WHITAKER, gdn.

Pg. 307 Dawson BRASWELL. Bond 1828 by Simon WILLIAMS, gdn.

Pg. 307 Mourning BRASWELL, orphan of William BRASWELL. Bond 1779 by Joseph EXUM, gdn.

Pg. 307 Sampson BRASWELL, orphan of Samuel BRASWELL. Bond 1799 by Archibald GRIFFIN, gdn.

Pg. 307 Samuel D. BRASWELL, son of Jesse BRASWELL. Bond 1850 by Thos. W. WRIGHT, gdn. Bond 1859 by R. M. WHITAKER, gdn.

Pg. 307 Sarah BRASWELL, orphan of Samuel BRASWELL, Bond 1799 by Archibald GRIFFIN, gdn.


Because of the various ways of spelling the Bracewell / Braswell names, it's difficult, sometimes to untangle them from the Breazeale families, so I'm including this article to add clarity:

From: Historical Southern Families BREAZEALES of Virginia and South Carolina
(Contributed by Walter Weston Folger)

It is not known when the progenitor of the family first appeared in Virginia, but Henry Brashall, 1643, is listed in Greer's Early Virginia Immigrants.

The Henrico Colonial Records show that Henry Brazeal was a tiithable at Curls, parish of Varina, and a member of the court to adjudge the drowning of a man, 4/30/1679 (I, 102, 103); and had served the office of constable faith­fully for one year, June 1683 (II , 143) . Henry Brazeale (Brasseele), of Charles City Co., purchased 200 acres of land on Gilly's Creek, on the north side of the James River, near Chickahominy Swamp, in Henrico Co., from William Porter, Jr., 6/4/1697 (Book 5, 714-15). This land was listed on the Rent Roll of Henrico Co., April 1705.

Henry Brazeale, Sr., conveyed 300 acres of land, on the north branch of Gilly's Creek, by deed of gift, to William Edwards, 6/21/1720 (Deeds, 267, 511) , who married Elizabeth Brazeale in that year.

Henry Brazeale, Jr., was granted 300 acres of land, on Gilly's Creek, for the transportation of six persons Into the colony -- he must have attained some age and to have amassed some wealth by then, 10/28/1702 (Patent Bk. 9, 501), which was listed on the Rent Poll of Henrico Co. April 1705. He deeded 100 acres of land to Thomas Harwood, 8/2/1708 (Deeds, 106) , at which time his wife, Elizabeth, relinquished her dower.

Henry Brazeale was granted 400 acres of land in Goochland Co., on the Appomattox River, 9/28/1730 (Patent Bk. 14, 129) , which he deeded in Cumberland (formed from Goochland, 1749 Co., to William ARCHER, 8/6/1756 (Deed Bk. 2, 305).

Henry Breazeale (Brisille), Planter, was granted 200 acres of land on the northwest fork of Long Cane Creek of the Savannah River, Hillsborough Township, Granville (later Abbeville) Co., South Carolina 6/5/1764, where he died (will dated 1/16/1767, probated 4/3/1770) (Vol. 13, 776).

1) William

2) Willis, d. 5/19/1795, m. Sarah, to Knox Co., Tennessee.

3) Elijah, m. Patty (s. Henry, Jr.)- to Knox Co., Tennessee.

4) Sarah, m.---- Baker.

5) John, d. 1822.

6) Elizabeth, m.---- Baker.

7) Enoch, d. 1826 (will dated April 10, probated Oct. 2), m. Ruth; removed to Laurens Co., South Carolina.

8) Drury, d. 1822, m. Mary.

9) Joel, d. 1829, m. Rebecca Griffin (sister of Haskey); his father-in-law deeded him 100 acres of land on Pokeberry Creek of Haw River, Chatham Co. North Carolina, 2/9/1779; settled in Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama.

10) Cannon, "Also to my Son Cannon Breazeale I give and Bequeath the Sum of one shilling Sterling." He, less than 13 1/2 years of age at the time, was the only child not designated to participate in his father's estate. It is presumed that he had an inheritance from his mother's family, in North Carolina or Virginia, with whom he resided. (See later)

Cannon (or Kenon) Breazeale, farmer, b. in Virginia., Aug. 1753, d. 1/31/1858, m. (1) Haskey Griffin (dau. of William Griffin and Sarah Kirksey) , b. 7/29/1767, d. 3/26/1829, m. (2) Lucy Poole (no issue). His father-in-law deeded him 200 acres of land on Pokeberry Creek of Haw River, Chatham Co., North Carolina, 8/10/1789, where he resided in 1790, as Cannon Brigah, with wife, one male sixteen or over and one son (Enoch) under sixteen. The family soon settled two miles north of Belton, Pendleton Dist., now Anderson Co., South Carolina, where members of the family were buried on the plantation, consisting of over 2800 acres. The bodies of Cannon and Haskey were removed to Dorchester (Baptist) Church Cemetery nearby.


1) Enoch, b. 12/14/1788 (See later).

2) Aiken, b. 4/20/1790, d. 7/28/1859, m. (1) Nancy McMillan, m (2) Louisa Pace.

3) Margaret, b: 11/13/1793, d. 2/3/1869, m - ---- Major.

4) Griffin, b. 1/17/1796, d. 4/29/1874, m. (1) Nov. 1626, Sarah W. Richardson, m. (2) Mary Cobb.

5) Sarah, b. 8/24/1798, d. 6/9/1863, m. Elijah Pepper (dau. Emmutual, b. 5/10/1826, d. in 1880, m. William Mercer Cooley; son, David Kenon, father of Mattie Lee.

6) Williamson, b. 3/14/1801, d. 7/5/1861, m. Nelly Halloway.

7) David Kenon, b. 10/23/1804, d. 6/29/1868, m. (1) 5/21/1828, Utincy W. Halloway, b. 4/23/1810, d. 9/25/1843, m. (2) Mary (Polly) Rodgers.

8) Laura, b. 7/27/1807, d . 12/16/1869, m. David Cox.

9) Matthew, b. 6/27/1813, d. 2/27/1885, m. Dorcas A. Barton (dau. of Col. Bailey Barton and Jane Field b. 5/27/1815, d. 1/14/1893.

Enoch Breazeale, farmer, b. 12/14/1788, d. 11/8/1850, m. Nancy Gambrell (dau. of John Gambrell and Barbara Bruton), b. 3/3/1794, d. 5/9/1867. The family continued to reside near Belton. The graves in the family burial ground on the plantation were found desecrated by vandals, in 1936, with all tombstones (slabs) broken and his tomb opened with bones exposed to view!


1) Gambrell, b. 1812, m. Margaret Milwee.

2) Kenon, b. 1814/, m. Elizabeth Fretwell.

3) Griffin, b. 9 3/1817.(See later)

4) Barbara, m. Ibzan Rice.

5) Sarah, m. Robert Keys.

6) E. William, b. 1824-25, m. Elizabeth Cox.

7) Nancy, b. 1828-29, m. George Washington Latham.

8) Francis Marion, b. 1830-31, m. Nancy Cox.

9) Lucy, b. 1836-37, m. A. J. Stringer.

Griffin Breazeale, farmer, b: 9/23/1817, d. 10/13/L3/1852, m. 12/14/1841, Eliza Barton (dau. of Col. Bailey Barton and Jane Field), b. 10/9/l825. They resided near Pickens, in Pickens Co., South Carolina. He served in the South Carolina House of Representatives, and was on the committee of Privileges and Elections, Pendleton Dist., Hagood's, 12/18/l846. His widow m. (2) 11/19/1857, James B. Pegg and removed to Anderson Co., South Carolina, where she was murdered during the War between the States because of her devotion to the cause of the Confederacy.


1) Nancy Jane, b. 10/21/1842, m. James Cobb.

2) Sarah Ann Deniza, b. 9/5/1844, d. 6/24/1895, W. A. Clyde.

3) Mary Barbara, b. 11/25/1846, d. 10/15/1918, 1173/1865, Maj. David Franklin Bradley (no issue).

4) Lucy Camilla, b. 12/20/1848, d. 11/12/1918, m. Orlando Cyrus Folger

5) Eugenia Adelia, b. 3/1/1851, m. 8/27/1866, William Franklin Gary.

6) Justina Josephine, b. 2/16/1853, d. 5/24/1939, m. 7/31/1870, Benson Fletcher LESLEY, b. 12/3/1848, d. 1/3/1925.

PEGG children:

William Martin, b. 3/15/1859.

Fekoec Loo, b. 10/24/1860.

Bailey McSwain, b. 11/26/1862, d. 9/18/1863.

BRAZELL, John and Frederick of Wilkes Co., Georgia

This article by Gayle B. Ellison of Applegate, Oregon appeared in Braswell Branches, Vol. V No. 3

Re: Frederick Brazell:

In the Braswell Branches Fall 1993 issue, page 3, John and Frederick BRAZELL are listed as being in Elsberry's district of Wilkes Co., Georgia, in 1785. Frederick BAZWELL received a land grant #473 for 250 acres in Johnston County [NC]. I don't have the date, but it is probably before 1778, because he is mentioned in Surry County [NC] Joseph Winston land grant #286 in 1778 issued 20 September 1779, to Joseph Harrison (my half-brother's line).

The land description says “... including his own improvement and the cabbin built by Frederick BRASSWELL." This land was on Parker's Creek which I believe is present day Stokes County. I have written the North Carolina archives for a copy of the land grant.

Eunice Young shows him in Wilkes County in 1781 and 1782. Then he is in Georgia before 1785.

Re: John BRASWELL / BRAZIL: According to Eunice Young's timeline, John BRASWELL was in Northampton County in 1742 through 1757. He shows up in Granville County in 1763 and the sheriff of Northampton County was looked for him in Guilford County in 1764. This John received two land grants in Surry County in 1780. He sold one in 1782 and the other in 1784 and then moved to Georgia. His wife's name was Hannah. His mother's name was Jane. Eunice Young says he was the son of Valentine and Jane POPE BRASWELL.

Re: Sampson BRAZIL (BRAZWELL): Sampson BRAZIL (BRAZWELL) is listed in Surry County in 1771, 1772, 1773, 1779 and 1785. Since John and Frederick were in Johnston County prior, this Sampson may be the one in Johnston County in 1756-1761. Any researchers have any ideas?

Re: Talitha BRASWELL/ BRAZIL: Since Sampson was still there in 1785 after John sold the last of his property in 1784, I have a theory that Sampson could be the husband of the Talitha BRAZWELL there in 1792-1799 and perhaps Sampson died, since Talitha received a grant there in 1792. The grant says, "together with her improvements, " so she had been living there prior to 1792. She appears in the 1797 tax roll in the Burch's district with no poles and then disappears. She could have remarried, but so far I can find no mention of a Talitha in Surry County which fits her description. Her grant was registered in the county in 1799. I understand sometimes they did not register the deed until they sold the property, so she could have turned the deed over to a new buyer in 1799 at which time the new buyer registered it.

There are no Braswells listed in the census starting 1790 forward. My ancestor, Boardvine R. BRASWELL, was born in 1799 supposedly in Surry County because he married there in 1820.

Re: Lewis BOSWELL/ BASWELL: A Lewis Bos(s)well or Baswell appears in 1791, 1794 in Capt Edward's district with 1 pole, again in 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798, 1799 in Capt. Oglesby's district with 50 acres, 1 pole. The 1800 census shows 1 male under 10, 1 male 26­45, 2 females under 10 and 1 female 26-45. He is also in the tax lists in 1802 in Capt. Detihers District.

In 1803 an Elizabeth, daughter of Susanna Rauswell/ Bauswell, born 16 Feb 1799 was bound out to George Long in now Yadkin County. In 1807 a Lewis Bosswell, born about 1802, was bound out to John Dillard.

The 1810 census shows Lewis with 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 2 females 10-16, with no adult female. The male under 10 in 1800 appears in the 1810 census; however, two females still appear with no wife. I've had other people look at the Elizabeth Rauswell / Bauswell record and they think it is Rauswell. I also tend to think it is Rauswell, since she does not fit into the Lewis Boswell census figures.

A Lewis Braswell was on the Muster Roll in Guilford in 1779, and Eunice Young shows Lewis Braswell in Chatham County in 1783-­1785. Eunice says Lewis went to Edgefield Co., South Carolina; his widow was there with a Valentine.

Figuring with the census, Lewis was at least 35 in 1800, making him 45 in 1810. If the Lewis in Chatham County in 1784 was born in 1755, making him 29, this Lewis might be the same person, but if the Chatham Lewis were born in 1765 and would be 19 in 1784, it probably is not the same person, because Lewis in Chatham sold property in 1785.

I tend to think this Lewis in Surry is actually a "Boswell" and I intend to contact Boswell searchers to see if they claim him.

Bob Braswell & Pattie Lancaster, Rocky Mount, NC

The following item was found at the archives in Raleigh, North Carolina by Gayle Braswell Ellison of Applegate, Oregon.

A few weeks ago I had a letter from a great niece of mine, 12 year old Pat Ruffin, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Lee Ruffin of Johnson City, Tennessee, asking me to write her a simple little family tree, as she wanted to know more about her ancestors. Not knowing how to write a family tree, I attempted to write things about my family as far back as I could remember, which was a long time ago. She seemed to appreciate this letter so much, I think other members of the family would like to have a copy. Pat’s father kindly offered to have his secretary make copies for me to hand to other members of my immediate family.

My father was James RUFFIN, known as Jim. My mother was Joanna BRASWELL, known as Joe. They were reared in the same community about 5 miles apart. My father’s home was about 8 miles of Rocky Mount, North Carolina, in Edgecombe Co. The farm is still known as the RUFFIN Farm, but it has passed out of the RUFFIN possession. The RUFFIN Cemetery was reserved when the farm was sold. Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist Church, of which my grandmother was a member, was on the farm. They had services on Saturday and Sunday once a month, always had two or three preachers, so the services were long. If I went with my grandmother to church, she would take a lunch in her satchel for me. Children ate in church during the services. There was a bucket of water with a dipper in it that sat on a little table in front of the pulpit in reach of the children so they could get water as often as they wanted. I almost choked because I was too timid to walk up and get water. The preachers had a pitcher of water and a glass. Everybody used the same dipper and glass. Grandmother’s was a good place to go. When she knew you were coming she was sure to have a big plate of apple jacks and we knew right where to find them. She would make molasses candy, parch peanuts, pop corn, do anything to please the children.

My father and his brothers never had a middle name, but when they started to school, they all took the letter “H” as a middle initial, and always signed their names that way.

Married Brother Charles Daniel RUFFIN married Roxie BASEMAN; had one child, Callie RUFFIN.

Callie RUFFIN married Paul WORSLEY; have two children, Charles Creighton and Janice.

Charles Creighton WORSLEY married Juanita KEYTON; have three boys. Janice WORSLEY married Linzy MAYBERRY; have four boys.

Brother Mack RUFFIN married Ella THOMAS; had seven children, Thelma, Mack Jr., James, Joanna, Lizzie, Vivian, and Mattie.

Thelma RUFFIN married Jack DENSON; no children.

Mack RUFFIN, Jr. married Margaret DENSON; had two children, Mack, III, and Lenora.

Mack RUFFIN III married Pat Carpenter; have two children, Jack IV and Margaret.

Lenora RUFFIN married Charles WESTBROOK; have one child, Charles WESTBROOK, Jr.

James RUFFIN married Catherine FULLER; have two children.

Ann CLARK and Mary Ella.

James RUFFIN was married twice. The second time to Minnie Ruth JOHNSON; no children.

Joanna RUFFIN married William HICKS; have two children, Peggie Joe and William HICKS, Jr.

Peggie Joe HICKS married William POWLES; no children.

William HICKS, Jr. married Bettie THOMAS; one child.


Lizzie RUFFIN not married.

Vivian RUFFIN married William WHITEHEAD; one child, William WHITEHEAD Jr.

Mattie RUFFIN married Frank KEYS; no children.

Brother Joseph Clifton RUFFIN married Sallie KNIGHT; have three children; James Clifton, not married; Julian RUFFIN married Hazel BULLOCK have two children, Julian and Joseph Clifton RUFFIN; Lucy KNIGHT RUFFIN married Gilbert STOVALL, one child, Clifton STOVALL.

Brother Mark RUFFIN married Lizzie BRITT; have two children, Marvin and Milford.

Marvin RUFFIN married Peggie SHAY; have two children, Michael and Rodger. Marvin was married twice, the second time to Arlene MYERS; have three children, Mark, Mary, and James Erlin RUFFIN.

Milford RUFFIN not married.

Brother Lee RUFFIN married Lurlene THOMAS; have one child, Clarence Lee RUFFIN.

Clarence Lee RUFFIN married Jean ROLLER; have four children, Pat, Cathy, Mary, and Lee.

Sister Mamie RUFFIN married Ben LAWRENCE; one child, Benjamine LAWRENCE, Jr.

Sister Mattie RUFFIN married Phil THOMAS; no children.

Ida RUFFIN [author of this paper] not married. My father married a second time to Minnie EDMONSON; no children.

My father’s family which are my grandparents, uncles and aunts

My grandfather was Tom RUFFIN; died while working on his house. He split his knee open with a hatchet and died of gangrene. Grandpa Tom RUFFIN married Lizandy LONG. They had six boys and two girls.

Charles RUFFIN not married.

Tom RUFFIN married Mary HARGROVE; had two boys, Frank and Sam. Uncle Tom married a second time to Emma DIXON; had three children, Jessie, Pearl, and Ernest.

Uncle Dick RUFFIN married Annie MOORE; had five children, Mark, Fred, Maggie, Mary, and Bessie.

Uncle Joe RUFFIN married Zelphie LANE; had eight children, Collin, Ed, Lena, Lynda, Ruth, Naomi, Annie, and Ella. There were two sets of twins in this family. A colored man knocked Uncle Joe in the head with a stick and he lived just a short while.

Uncle Henry RUFFIN married Ada WILLIAMS; had five girls, Anna, Effie Lee, Emma May, Ada Clare, and Rosa; and two boys; both died the same day with whooping cough and were buried in the same grave.

Aunt Lucy RUFFIN married Lawrence LANE; had two children, Ida and Ella. Ida went to visit her grandparents. She had a chill, so her grandfather went to town to get quinine for her. He was sold strychnine through mistake. She took a dose and died in a short while. I was the next girl born in the family, so I was named for her.

Aunt Pennie RUFFIN married William MEARS; had two children, Walter and Emma.

My great-grandmother, Penina LONG, known as Granny Pennie, smoked a corncob pipe with a long reed stem before going to bed. She slept in a night cap on a big four poster corded bed, so high she had to step on something to get on it. She would step on the trundle bed to get on the big one.

My mother’s family Her father was Bob BRASWELL, her mother Pattie LANCASTER BRASWELL; had four boys and four girls.

Callie BRASWELL married Harrett ROBBINS.

Dick BRASWELL married Sallie FLY.

John BRASWELL married Nannie DAWS.

Byrd BRASWELL married Ann RUFFIN, but no kin to our set of RUFFINs.

Mary BRASWELL married Joe LANE.

Nettie BRASWELL married Ben PITTMAN.

Ann BRASWELL married Willie ROBBINS.

Joanna BRASWELL married James H. RUFFIN.

Family Record My father, James H. RUFFIN was born July 3, 1850.

My mother, Joanna BRASWELL was born August 14, 1853.

James H. RUFFIN and Joanna BRASWELL were married February 23, 1873.

To this union there were twelve children, Charles Daniel RUFFIN born December 12, 1873, Mack Thomas RUFFIN born October 23, 1875, Annie RUFFIN born February 24, 1878, James RUFFIN born October 9, 1879, Joseph Clifton RUFFIN born July 4, 1882, Ida RUFFIN born January 5, 1884, Callie RUFFIN born May 18, 1885, [Thomas Edmondson RUFFIN born June 12, 1886, died November 1 1939 according to Bible Records. -Gayle] Mamie RUFFIN born January 7, 1887, Baby boy born and died October 3, 1888 (not named), Dread Mark RUFFIN born November 3, 1889, Mattie RUFFIN born October 15, 1892, Andrew Lee RUFFIN born October 22, 1894.

Deaths Annie RUFFIN died September 1, 1882 of a congestive chill; buried in RUFFIN Cemetery.

Callie RUFFIN died October 3, 1886 of colitis; buried in RUFFIN Cemetery.

James RUFFIN died December 19, 1895 of black jaundice; buried in RUFFIN Cemetery,

Mattie RUFFIN THOMAS died November 4, 1918 of flu during the epidemic; buried in Tarboro, North Carolina Cemetery.

Charles Daniel RUFFIN died December 10, 1927 of a stroke; buried in Rocky Mount, North Carolina Cemetery.

Joseph Clifton RUFFIN died February 17, 1936 of a heart attack; buried in Tarboro, North Carolina Cemetery.

Mack Thomas RUFFIN died August 2, 1937 of a stroke; buried in Tarboro, North Carolina Cemetery.

Roxie BASEMAN RUFFIN died February 12, 1943 in her sleep of a heart attack; buried in Rocky Mount, North Carolina Cemetery.

Sallie KNIGHT RUFFIN died June 16, 1946 of diabetes and complications; buried in Tarboro, North Carolina Cemetery.

James Clifton RUFFIN died January 9, 1948 of a heart attack; buried in Tarboro, North Carolina Cemetery,

James Benjamine LAWRENCE died October 19, 1948 of a heart attack; buried in Tarboro, North Carolina Cemetery.

Mamie RUFFIN LAWRENCE died November 17, 1953 of a stroke; buried in Lawrence Cemetery,

Mack Thomas RUFFIN Jr. died July 6, 1955 of a heart attack, buried in Tarboro, North Carolina Cemetery.

My father, James H. RUFFIN, died April 1, 1915 of diabetes and complications; buried in Tarboro, North Carolina Cemetery. A big snow came that day and was on the ground for a week.

Joanna BRASWELL RUFFIN died January 9, 1904 of consumption; buried in RUFFIN Cemetery.

Minnie Edmondson RUFFIN, stepmother, died June 14, 1930 of a heart attack, buried in Tarboro, North Carolina Cemetery.

Best wishes to you all,
Ida Ruffin
November 16, 1960

Dear Mr. Johnston,
Thank you for the card. I am confident your theory is correct.

Perhaps you can use the foregoing to help someone. Unfortunately there are no citations or documentation; however the children of Joseph H. RUFFIN match a portion of Bible record in my possession. This paper was given to my cousin by someone passing through. Ed (Thomas Edmondson RUFFIN Jr. born 1918; father Thomas Edmondson RUFFIN; grandfather Joseph H. RUFFIN; great-grandfather Thomas RUFFIN w/Lisandy WILSON/LONG? Owns several stores all named Ruffins and this stranger gave it to him after seeing the name. The major portion of the document deals with Ida Ruffin’s immediate family.

You have indeed been a great help and rekindled my interest in the RUFFIN family.

Mary K. O’Dohert

Southampton Co., VA Braswell Records

Southampton County was formed from Isle of Wight Co. in 1749

CROCKER, ROBERT. Leg.- son Benjamin; son Moses; grandson Elisah Crocker; son Arthur; daughter Elizabeth Jordan; daughter Sarah Braswell; my housekeeper Mary Hill; daughter Mary Middleton. Exs son Benjamin Crocker. D. Sept. 24, 1750. R. Nov. 8, 1750. Wit. William Jones, Alex. Watson. (W.B. 1 P. 19) NOTE: Susannah Braswell's son James lived adjacent to Arthur Crocker.

BENJAMIN BROWN of Beaufort County, MARY WOMBWELL, widow, of Isle of Wight County and ANN WOMBWELL, widow, of Virginia to JOSEPH COBB dated 8 Aug 1751 295 acres on Beaverdam Swamp adj. sd. COBB, Dicks Swamp, JOHN BRASWELL, and Dr. BROWNE (part of patent to JOHN BRASWELL on 28 Sep 1732 and the whole patent to JOSEPH WOMBWELL on 9 Jul 1737), S: BENJAMIN (signed) BROWN, ANN (C) WOMBWELL, and MARY (mark) WOMBWELL, W: GEORGE (signed) GURLEY, NATHAN (signed) VASSER, and THOMAS (signed) CRENSHAW (D.B. 1 P. 242-244) NOTE: The 1732 patent was to John whose wife was Alice.

6 acres adj. sd. JONES' mill and Nottoway Swamp on the north side of the Bridge Road (part of 100 acres sold to sd. VICK by WILLIAM BRASWELL and JOSEPH BRASWELL), S: RICHARD (R) VICK, W: ROBERT (signed) RICKS, JESSE (signed) BROWNE, and PHILLIP (P) BRANTLEY (D.B. 1 P. 412-414) NOTE: Dr. Samuel Browne named "son Jesse Browne, all my books, instruments and Medecines" 1739 IOW Co., VA WB IV P. 274 William & Joseph are Susannah Braswell's grandsons.

JOHN BRASWELL and wife JANE to BENJAMIN LEWIS dated 8 Feb 1753? acres on the south side of Nottoway River on the lower side of Three Creeks (sd. JANE was wife of ZEBULON LEWIS and his wife received 1/3 of what he died holding), S: JOHN (signed) BRASWELL and JANE (-) BRASWELL, W: GEORGE (signed) GURLEY JR and JOHN (signed) WILKINSON JR (D.B.1 P. 458-460)

NATHAN LEWIS (Blacksmith) to BENJAMIN LEWIS (Taylor) dated 6 Aug 1753 ? acres adj. Three Creeks where sd. BENJAMIN now lives (given to sd. NATHAN by father LEBULON LEWIS in his will), S: NATHAN (signed) LEWIS, W: JOHN (signed) BRASWELL, WILLIAM ("X") WESTBROOK, and EDWARD (signed) MARTHIAS. (D.B.1 P. 500-502)

JOHN BRASWELL to JOSHUA CLAUD, carpenter, dated 11 Oct 1753
400 acres on the north side of Maherin River adj. SAMUEL WESTBROOK, sd. JOSHUA, and THOMAS HARRIS (patent by sd. JOHN on 12 Jan 1747), S: JOHN (signed) BRASWELL, W: no witnesses (D.B. P. 1-2)

JOSEPH LARKE to EDWARD MATTHEWS dated 8 Dec 1760 200 acres adj. JAMES WESTBROOK, BRASWELL, JOHN THORP, and School House Branch where sd. EDWARD now lives, S: JOSEPH (signed) LARKE, W: no witnesses (D.B. 3 P. 18-19)

JOSEPH COBB to ROBERT DAUGHTRY dated 10 Mar 1761 100 acres on the south side of the Nottoway River adj. the north side of Doctors Branch, ROGER WOODWARD, THOMAS CRENSHAW, and WEST (patent to JOHN BRASWELL on 10 Oct 1720), S: JOSEPH (signed) COBB, W: GEORGE (signed) GURLEY JR, GEORGE (signed) GURLEY, and THOMAS (signed) GRESWITT (D.B. 3 P. 28-29) NOTE: Update 2/17/08 - There is no 1720 patent. It may be a typo on the Oct 1, 1727 patent to John & Alice Braswell.

EDWARDS, JOHN. Leg.-son Jacob three-fourths of estate, one-fourth to Jesse Braswell. Ex., Thomas Edwards. D. R. March 11, 1762. Wit. William Edwards, Patience Edwards, Ann Newsum. (W.B. 1 P. 438) NOTE: Jesse's descendants fall within the S/H DNA Group.

GURLEY, GEORGE, Sr. of St. Luke Parish. Leg.-loving wife; son George; son John; daughter Mary West; daughter Fathey Sellers; grandson George Edwards; residue of estate to George Gurley, Jr. and Ann Edwards. Ex., son George Gurley. D. Aug. 12, 1768. R. Jan. 10, 1771. Wit. William Thomas, Jesse Braswell, James Peding. (W.B. II P. 362) NOTE: This Jesse is the same Jesse listed above.

BEALL, JOHN. To son Drury land adjoining Dr. Browne and Howell Whittington; son Burwell; son John; wife Liddia. Ex., Joseph Johnson. D. Sept. 13, 1777. R. Feb. 12, 1778. Wit. George Gurley, Thomas Edwards, Jacob Braswell. (W.B. III P.197) NOTE: This Jacob's descendants fall within the S/H DNA Group.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Jacob Braswells in Johnston Co., NC

From the website of Nona Williams:

The Johnston County, North Carolina, History Book says:

There were two Jacob Braswells in Johnston County--the first Jacob Being mentioned in William Hinton’s will in 1761, and the second was fighting the Revolutionary War on March 13, 1779. In 1784 Jacob II was listed on the tax list and the 1790 census listed Jacob Brazil along with two males over 16 and four females in the New Bern District--Johnston County.

The first Jacob came from Edgecombe County along with one Richard and William Braswell, and they had either died or left the county by the time Jacob II came on the scene. The parents and origin of Jacob II are unknown, and there also was no marriage bond for him, but it could have been destroyed in the Dobbs County records.

Jacob II bought 200 acres of land in 1781 from John Edwards and received 36 acres in a land grant from the State of North Carolina in 1802. All of this land was in Boon Hill Township on Quicosin Swamp. Jacob was a farmer apparently without any education since he signed his named with an "X" on land records.

Jacob and his wife had four children: Sally, married to Sampson Edwards on September 29, 1812; Nancy married to Elijah Thompson on December 20, 1814; Leucy, married to Joseph Edwards, Jr., on May 19, 1815; and Lewis,the only son, married Sally Bridgers on December 29, 1815.

The book goes on to say that from Jacob II are descended all of the Braswells in Johnson County, with the exception of a branch in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, and another from Louisburg, North Carolina.

Note: The 2nd Jacob Braswell was from Southampton Co., VA and witnessed the will of John Beal with George Gurley & Thomas Edwards before he moved to Johnston Co., NC.

BEALL, JOHN. To son Drury land adjoining Dr. Browne and Howell Whittington; son Burwell; son John; wife Liddia. Ex., Joseph Johnson. D. Sep 13, 1777 R. Feb 12, 1778 Wit: George Gurley, Thomas Edwards, Jacob Braswell. (Southampton Co., VA WB III P. 197)

Will of Richard Braswell 1744 IOW Co., VA

In the name of God AMEN. The 21st day of April 1744 RICHARD BRASWELL of the County of Isle of Wight, being very sick & weak, but of perfect mind and memory: Thanks be given unto God therefore calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament. That is to say principally and first of all, I give and recommend my soul into the Hand of God that gave it and for my body. I recommend it to the earth to be buried in a Christian like and decent manner at the direction of my Ex'r nothing doubting but all the General Ressurection. I shall receive the same again by the mighty Power of God. And as touching such Worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to Bless me in this Life I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. ITEM. I do hereby and give full Power and Authority unto my son WILLIAM BRASWELL whom I likewise make and ordain to be my sole Ex'r of this my last Will and Testament to set up and sell the land whereon I now live at Public Sale for ready money to the highest bidder and after so done I give the Money to him and my Son JOSEPH BRASWELL whom I likewise Ordain to be Ext'r with whom to be equally divided between them. ITEM, I give and Bequeath to my well beloved Daughter ELIZABETH BRASWELL, One feather bed and furniture and a horse colt a small pott, and frying pan and one short chest and two cows and calves, one small Pewter basin and two flat dishes and one pair of fire tongs by her freely to be posessed and enjoyed by her, her heirs and assigns forever after the death of my loving wife. ITEM. I give and Bequeath to my well beloved son JOHN BRASWELL after the death of my loving wife, one small feather bed and furniture one large pewter dish. ITEM. I give and bequeath to my well beloved son WILLIAM BRASWELL after the death of my loving Wife one small pewter basin. ITEM. I give and bequeath to my well beloved son JOSEPH BRASWELL, after the death of my LOVING WIFE two cows one yearling and a calf one breeding mare and her increase, and all the hoggs that he now has in possession and my own proper mark and one feather bed and furniture one large pewter basin and a small one and a pewter dish and one larger iron pot and iron wrack and a small chest. And the rest of my movable estate I give unto my loving Wife to dispose of the same or to use as she shall see fit. And I do hereby utterley disallow revoke and disanulle all and every other former testaments wills and legacies and Extrs by me in any ways before this time nam'd, willed and bequeathed ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament.

Witnesses: Benjamin Johnson Jr, Joseph Woodward, Arthur Edwards

(IOW CO., VA W.B. IV P. 541)

NOTE: Richard is the son of Susannah Burgess Braswell who was married to Robert Bracewell Jr., however Richard Towle claimed to be the father of this Richard Braswell in his IOW Co., VA will in 1692 which led to the observation that the descendants of this branch of Braswells might not match the DNA Braswell haplotype.

Interestingly, Jacob Braswell whose descendants fall within the S/H DNA group was a witness on the will of John Beal whose wife Liddia is the sister of Benjamin Johnson Jr., a witness on the above will.

Additionally, John & Liddia Beal's son Drewry is named as a son in law in the will of Edmund Spencer, whose daughter Elizabeth married William Fiers, and their daughter Lucy married Elijah Braswell, whose descendants fall into the K/L DNA group, through Susannah's son James who died in Edgecombe Co., NC 1761-1765.

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Martha Braswell Browne Murphey

William Murphy of Chowan Precinct and Martha My wife to Barnaby MacKinne of Albemarle Co. ...this __ July, 1720 ...L5 current money of England...640 acres more or less at the mouth of a Great Branch called the Cypress Gutt which cometh out of the River (Moratock) joining the plantation Arthur Davis did live on...being a parcel of land in Calledony Wood formerly granted to William Browne by patent 1 APR 1713 being the tract whereon the said Browne did live and is the land given by will of William Browne to his wife Martha and I, William Murphey married the relict of William Browne. Wit: William Lattimer, John Alston. Reg. Chowan Ct. the 3rd Tuesday in July, 1720.

Note: Martha was named in the will of her father Richard the 1st as Martha Murfy.

William & Richard Braswell, & William Browne 1706 NC

were in NC as early as 1706, as was their sister MARTHA and husband WILLIAM BROWNE, proved by excerpts/abstracts of the records below:

Bertie Deed D-149 Samuel Thomas & wife Elizabeth to John Boyd 24 Oct 1734 60 pds 150 ac where sd Samuel now lives on south side Yawrahaw Swamp, part of grant to Wm Brasswell 1 Apr 1706 on west side Quankey branch above the old field.

...William BRYANT hath granted bargained sold aliened & confirmed unto the said Thomas UZZELL his heirs and assigns a tract or parcel of land or plantation whereon James BRYANT decd formerly lived on containing three hundred and twenty acres of land it being part of a patent granted to Richard BRASSWELL for six hundrend and forty acres bearing the date 24the day of November 1706 which patent being endorsed to James BRYANT Sen the fourth day of March 1708...

Ibid #472 p.56 William Boon of Chowan to John Bryant of Isle of Wight Co. VA 16 July 1720 8 Pds 100 ac on north side Mendering river adj Mathew Rushing, the Second branch & the river, 640 ac grant to Wm Browne 29 Nov 1706. Wit. Benjamin Foreman, Elias Fort.

Calvin Lamar Braswell 1916-2005

Calvin Lamar Braswell

MOULTRIE — Calvin Lamar Braswell, 89, of Moultrie died Dec. 6, 2005 at his residence.

Funeral services will be held 11 a.m., Thursday Dec. 8 at Trinity Baptist Church with Dr. Michael Helms officiating. Burial will follow at Pinecrest Memory Garden and Daniel Dunn, Marcus Wells, Hoyt Holland, Cole Robbins, Warren Taylor and Ken Braswell will serve as pallbearers. Born Feb. 10, 1916 in Thomas County, he was the son of the late Hattie Freeman Braswell and Uriah Kindred Braswell. He was the Owner/Operator of Braswell Jewelry Store and retired in 1994. He was a member and former deacon and Sunday School teacher at Trinity Baptist Church in Moultrie. One of the highlights of his life was teaching the Boys’ Sunday School Class. Mr. Braswell was also past Chairman of the Downtown Merchants’ Association. He was preceded in death by brothers, A.J., James, Abel and Dorsey Braswell; and sisters, Rene Suber and Sara Braswell. Survivors include his wife of sixty years, Martha Cline Braswell of Moultrie; sons, Michael Calvin Braswell and wife Susan of Jonesboro, Tenn., Steven Mason Braswell and wife Sue Carol of Donaldsonville, Mark Elam Braswell and wife Lisa of Chocowenity, N.C. and Craig Braswell of Moultrie; brother, Larry Braswell of Moultrie; five grandchildren, Scott, Matt, Laura and Blake Braswell and Kristen Swilley; and two great-grandchildren, Steven and Ethan Swilley.

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Bracewell Hall

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Bracewell witches in England

This is a copy of an email from Colin Bracewell in England to Rina, a researcher in Austin, TX on March 11, 1998

Colin Bracewell wrote:

Dear Rina, your email to my son Richard has been sent on to me.

I'm afraid that we don't really have any info re this side of the family. We came from Oldham in Lancashire where my father was born in 1908, one of 5 children - sadly all dead now.

I believe that a cousin of mine, one of my father's sister's children has done a family tree. We are not in touch at present, but your message might spur me on to find out more.

If your family came from Lancashire it would be interesting to know more.

My father always claimed that there were Bracewells connected with the Lancashire witches, burned on Pendle Hill near Preston.

There is also a small village called Bracewell in Yorkshire, just over the border with Lancashire, near to the Bronte village at Hawarth.

If I find out more, will be in touch.

Good hunting.

Colin Bracewell

Robin Braswell of Nash Co NC - Marengo Co Alabama

30 Nov. 1778 Nash Co, NC ROBIN’s father, WILLIAM BRASWELL made his will and left 740 acres on north side of Little Creek for ROBIN when he came of age, therefore ROBIN was under the age of 21.

January 1779 Nash Co, NC WILLIAM BRASWELL’S will was proved in court.

24 September 1785 Nash Co, NC When MICAJAH THOMAS obtained a land grant on Pig Basket Creek, adjoining land owners were JACOB BRASWELL and ROBERT BRASWELL. If this was ROBIN he was 21 at this time and he would have been born by 1764 (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

October 1790 Nash Co., NC ROBIN BRASWELL and ARCHIBALD GRIFFIN witnessed a deed between HENRY BUNN and WILLIS WHITFIELD, land on the south side of Peach Tree Creek adjoining ARCHIBALD GRIFFIN’S acre at the mill. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

20 Dec. 1791 Nash Co, NC ROBERT (ROBIN) BRASWELL, Nash County sold 100 acres to JAMES WILLIAMS on 20 Dec. 1791. He was 21 by this date and therefore was born before 1770. There was no mention of CALLEY’S dower release. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

10 February 1792 Nash Co, NC COLLEY BRASWELL witnessed a deed between THOMAS BEVAN and JACOB ROGERS, so ROBIN and CALLEY had married by this date. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

10 February 1794 Nash Co, NC ROBERT BRASWELL was an adjoining landowner when JACOB BRASWELL sold land to DAVID EVANS. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

15 Sep 1794 North Carolina ROBERT BRASWELL, possible son of ROBIN BRASWELL, was born. (Lucy Barron)

12 May 1796 Nash Co., NC ROBIN BRASWELL and LEWIS VICK witnessed a deed between ROBERT JONES and THOMAS GRIFFIN for land on Mill Swamp adjoining JOHN MELTON. (Nash Co NC Deeds by Watson)

1798 ROBIN and CALLEY BRASWELL were divorced. BRITTAIN and DEMSEY BRASWELL were among the relatives who signed the 1797 petition of ROBIN BRASWELL of Nash County asking the General Assembly of North Carolina to grant him (ROBIN) a divorce from CALLEY because she "was brought to Bed of a Black Child." After that shocking development, CALLEY took off with her black paramour "...and stayed near eight years. During which time She has had three more Children of the Same Class, and has now returned home with her youngest Child, which your Petitioner Humbly conceives to be a very unnecessary, and at the same time an uncomfortable expence." The petition was promptly granted--one of only four divorces granted in North Carolina in the eighteenth century. (Legislative Papers, 1798. NC Archives, Raleigh: L.P. 157, from Carey Bracewell)

before 1799 DEMPSEY BRASWELL was born in North Carolina (Jeff Thomson)

3 Dec 1799 Nash Co., NC ROBIN BRASWELL deeded land to DEMPSEY BRASWELL (his brother). I don’t have the details of this deed, but I wonder if he sold his land to his brother and moved to Tennessee with his sister, LUCREASY BRASWELL WILLIAMS. (Kinfolks of Nash Co., NC 1778-1854 by Watson)

1800 Tennessee GRIFFIN BRASWELL was born (Jeff Thomson)

1812 Smith Co., Tennessee Both Robin BRASWELL and Peter WILLIAMS were witnesses to the will of Jesse POWELL who married Elizabeth, dau. of William LANCASTER and Rhoda SMITH. Jesse was son of Rhoda (BRASWELL) POWELL, whose inventory was taken in 1812 in Smith Co., Tennessee.

before 1820 JACOB BRASWELL was born (Jeff Thomson)

1820 Smith Co., Tennessee census for: ROBERT BRAZEL 1 male under 10, 1 male 10-16, 1 male 16-18, 1 male 16-26, 1 males 26-45 and 1 male over 45; 3 females 16-26 and 3 men engaged in agriculture. Nearby in this census is ELIZABETH BRAZEL with 2 males 16-26 and I male 26-45, two females 10-16, one female over 45, 2 engaged in agriculture. Also nearby was RICHARD BRAZIL who was 26-45 with one male 10-16, one female 10-16 and 1 female 26-45. At a greater distance away, AARON BRASWELL was enumerated.

1830 Smith Co., Tennessee census ROBERT BRAZIL age 30-40 was there. Nearby were BENNET BRAZELE and BENNET A. BRAZIL (age 20-30) and ARCHIBALD BRAZILL (age 40-50)

1830 Wilcox Co., Alabama ROBERT BRASWELL'S family consisted of a male 5-10, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 20-30, 1 male 60-70, 1 female 15-20 and 1 female 60-70.

25 September 1835 WILLIAM BRASWELL was issued a grant of 40 acres in Marengo Co., Alabama. (BLM GLO records found by Ann Braswell)

2 November 1837 DEMPSY BRASWELL was issued a grant of 78 acres in Marengo Co., Alabama

1840 Smith Co., Tennessee: BRITTON BRASEL, REU. BRASIL, BENJAMIN BRASSEL and ELENOR BRASSELL lived near one another. RICHARD BRASWELL was there but lived farther away.

1840 Marengo Co., Alabama ROBERT BRASWELL aged 60-70 lived near GRIFFIN BRASWELL age 30-40, JACOB BRASWELL (age 20-30) WM BRASWELL age 30-40, PETER WILLIAMS age 30-40, DEMSY BRASWELL (age 40-50). It’s likely that this is ROBIN BRASWELL and four of his sons. A ROBERT and RICHARD BRASWELL were still in Tennessee.

1850 Marengo Co., Alabama DEMPSEY BRASWELL, age 51, born in North Carolina is listed near a WILLIAM B. BRASWELL age 22. DEMPSEY has a daughter named LUCRETIA (perhaps named for his sister in Tennessee who had married WILLIAM WILLIAMS).

Oddly, farther away and in separate households are LEWIS BRASWELL age 39 born in Virginia and a J.W. BRASWELL age 33 born in Virginia. The widow of GRIFFIN BRASWELL, ANN, is head of a household of two daughters. A probable son, WILLIAM, age 15, is working as a “tinner” in the household of JOHN BOAST.

Robertson Co., TN Marriages 1850-1897

Batch M519651

Henry Braswell & N.M. Mason ..........................27 NOV 1851
Vincent Braswell & Lucinda A. Sisk...................05 AUG 1850
Bennett Braswell & Virginia T. Yarbrough.........10 MAY 1864 *
Mary E. Braswell & E.G. Strange.......................06 MAR 1860
Virginia A. Braswell & William H. Edwards........15 NOV 1877
J.H. Braswell & Pantha Cook..............................10 OCT 1872

Batch M519652

F.B. Braswell & L.L. Poore...................................26 APR 1884
G.A. Braswell & J.A. White..................................17 JAN 1882

Batch M519656

William Braswell & A.L. Dunn.............................27 JUN 1896
William Braswell & Laura Dowlen.......................09 SEP 1897

* my 2nd great grandparents

Will of Dempsey Hooks 1809 Marion Co., SC

Will of Demscy Hooks

In the Name of God Amen

I Dempcy Hooks Being Weak In Body But In perfect mind and Memory thanks Be to God for the Same Calling to mind the Mortality of all men knowing it was appointed once for all Men to die Item which I give my soul Up Into the hands of God who gave it to me & Bodie to Be Buried in a Christian Maner at the discretion of my Exetrs Who I shall appoint Item I give and Bequeath Unto my well Beloved Mother Dorcas Hooks Eight Hundred and forty Acres of land lying on Hayses Swamp the plantation where Wm. Hook died with all appertainances there unto belonging like wise one year old horse one Bridle & Saddle one iron pot one Grubing hoe four pewter Bassons three plates one dish four Spoons one Shot gun three Cyder hogshead two case knives and two forks one large Gimblet one hundred dollars and Sixty Eight dollars & Sixty two cents in Notes one hundred dollars in hand one Testament one Spelling Book to Be hers In duering her Natural life With paying all my Lawful heirs one Shilling Sterling each & likewise my Will and Dessire is that after the Deceast of my mother that my sisster polly powell Should have the Remaining part of my Estate if there Should Be any to be hers for ever likewise Whomsoever I Shall appoint Henry Brasswell and Rheacy Olliver my Whole and Soals Extrs to act agreable to the above Writing given my under my hand & seal this day of September 1808

Atesst Byous (Tobias) Brasswell
Peter McCormaig
Recorded in Will Book I, Page 52
Recorded May 20, 1809
Role No. 347

Note: One of the executors is Henry Braswell, who is the son of Arthur Braswell of Robeson Co., NC. Tobias Braswell is the son of Henry, and I am of the opinion that Dorcas Hooks is Dorcas Braswell, sister of Arthur Braswell and named as Dorcas Hooks in the Nash Co., NC will of William Braswell II.

* Marengo Co., Alabama Marriages 1818-1865

From familysearch batch # M593351 1818-1865 IGI extracted


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Guardian Bond for Sarah Braswell 1799 Nash Co., NC


KNOW all men by these presents, That we, ARCH GRIFFIN DEMPSEY BRASWELL & THOMAS WHITFIELD are held and firmly bound unto DENTON MASON & LEWIS DORTCH Esquires, and the rest of the Justices assigned to keep the peace for Nash county, in the just and full sum of one hundred & fifty pounds current money, to be paid to the said Justices their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns: To the which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, and every of us, our and each of our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this eleventh day of February Anno. Dom. 1799

Whereas the above bounden ARCHIBALD GRIFFIN hath been this day, by the worshipful court of said county, appointed guardian to SARAH BRASWELL orphan of SAML BRASWELL deceased; Now the condition of the above obligation is such, that if the said ARCH GRIFFIN guardian as aforesaid, shall well and truly discharge his said guardianship, by taking care of and improving all of the estate belonging to the said orphan; and shall also settle his guardianship accounts with the court of said county, as is required by law; and that he will deliver up the said SARAH BRASWELL orphan, as aforesaid, when he shall attain lawful age, all such estate as he ought of right to be possesed of, or sooner if required, agreeable to the true intent and meaning of the act of the General Assembly in such case made and provided; then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered} AGRIFFIN (Seal)

in the Presence of} DEMSEY



Guardian Bond for Sampson Braswell 1799 Nash Co., NC


KNOW all men by these presents, That we, Arch Griffin Dempsey Braswell & Thomas Whitfield are held and firmly bound unto Denton Mason & Lewis Dortch Esquires, and the rest of the Justices assigned to keep the peace for Nash county, in the just and full sum of one hundred & fifty pounds current money, to be paid to the said Justices their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns: To the which payment well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, and every of us, our and each of our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this eleventh day of February Anno. Dom. 1799

Whereas the above bounden Archibald Griffin hath been this day, by the worshipful court of said county, appointed guardian to Sampson Braswell orphan of Samuel Braswell deceased; Now the condition of the above obligation is such, that if the said Arch Griffin guardian as aforesaid, shall well and truly discharge his said guardianship, by taking care of and improving all of the estate belonging to the said orphan; and shall also settle his guardianship accounts with the court of said county, as is
required by law; and that he will deliver up the said Sampson Braswell orphan, as aforesaid, when he shall attain lawful age, all such estate as he ought of right to be possesed of, or sooner if required, agreeable to the true intent and meaning of the act of the General Assembly in such case made and provided; then this obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered} AGriffin (Seal)
in the Presence of} Demsey Braswell (Seal)

Thos Whitfield (Seal)