Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bertie County, NC Deed Book B 1725-1727

pg. 379. Samuel CANNEDAY (CANNADAY) to John WOSLAND, Feb. 10, 1727. 10 pds. for 100 a. Part of patent to William WHITEHEAD dated April 1, 1723. Adj. Richard BRACEWELL. Wit: John DUFFIELD, Charles STEPHENS. John DUFFIELD by power of atty. from Samuel CANNADAY ack. in open court. Edw. MASHBORNE.

pg. 385. Richard BRACEWELL & Elinor to Owin KELLY, 30 pds. for 150 a. On NS Morattock River within Arsaro Meadow at Village Swamp and mouth of Holly Bush Meadow. Adj. John COTTON, Green Pond Meadow. Patent by BRACEWELL. Wit: William RUFFIN, John HART. February Court 1727. Edw. MASHBORNE.

pg. 405. William JONES & wife Mary to Jonathan STANDLEY, Jun. Feb. 10, 1727/28. 10 pds. for 200 a. On Casiah Swamp. Adj. Henry ROWEL, _____ BRACEWELL. At Reedy Branch. Wit: William JONES, Jun., Ann JONES.

pg. 422. Charles STEPHENSON to Thomas JENKINS Nov. 13, 1728. 10 pds. for 140 a. Adj. Richard BRACEWELL. Wit: Andrew IRELAND, James MOORE, John HILLIARD. May Court 1728. Edw. MASHBORNE.

pg. 428. Charles STEVENS (STEVENSON) to Samuel WILLIAMS Nov. 14, 1727. 10 pds. for 100 a. Patent granted July 13, 1726. Adj. Samuel MERRIT, Richard BRACEWELL. Wit: Thomas JENKINS, Richard SUMNER, James MOORE. May Court 1728. Edw. MASHBORNE.

pg. 445. Samuel ELSON, mariner, to John BONDE, Aug. 14, 1728. 20 pds. for 540 a. On NS Meherrin River bounded as appears by patent dated March 26, 1723. Adj. Mary BRACEWELL, _____ CHESHIRE. Wit: Elias FORD, Peace ELSON. August Court 1728. Edw. MASHBORNE.