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Because of the various ways of spelling the Bracewell / Braswell names, it's difficult, sometimes to untangle them from the Breazeale families, so I'm including this article to add clarity:

From: Historical Southern Families BREAZEALES of Virginia and South Carolina
(Contributed by Walter Weston Folger)

It is not known when the progenitor of the family first appeared in Virginia, but Henry Brashall, 1643, is listed in Greer's Early Virginia Immigrants.

The Henrico Colonial Records show that Henry Brazeal was a tiithable at Curls, parish of Varina, and a member of the court to adjudge the drowning of a man, 4/30/1679 (I, 102, 103); and had served the office of constable faith­fully for one year, June 1683 (II , 143) . Henry Brazeale (Brasseele), of Charles City Co., purchased 200 acres of land on Gilly's Creek, on the north side of the James River, near Chickahominy Swamp, in Henrico Co., from William Porter, Jr., 6/4/1697 (Book 5, 714-15). This land was listed on the Rent Roll of Henrico Co., April 1705.

Henry Brazeale, Sr., conveyed 300 acres of land, on the north branch of Gilly's Creek, by deed of gift, to William Edwards, 6/21/1720 (Deeds, 267, 511) , who married Elizabeth Brazeale in that year.

Henry Brazeale, Jr., was granted 300 acres of land, on Gilly's Creek, for the transportation of six persons Into the colony -- he must have attained some age and to have amassed some wealth by then, 10/28/1702 (Patent Bk. 9, 501), which was listed on the Rent Poll of Henrico Co. April 1705. He deeded 100 acres of land to Thomas Harwood, 8/2/1708 (Deeds, 106) , at which time his wife, Elizabeth, relinquished her dower.

Henry Brazeale was granted 400 acres of land in Goochland Co., on the Appomattox River, 9/28/1730 (Patent Bk. 14, 129) , which he deeded in Cumberland (formed from Goochland, 1749 Co., to William ARCHER, 8/6/1756 (Deed Bk. 2, 305).

Henry Breazeale (Brisille), Planter, was granted 200 acres of land on the northwest fork of Long Cane Creek of the Savannah River, Hillsborough Township, Granville (later Abbeville) Co., South Carolina 6/5/1764, where he died (will dated 1/16/1767, probated 4/3/1770) (Vol. 13, 776).

1) William

2) Willis, d. 5/19/1795, m. Sarah, to Knox Co., Tennessee.

3) Elijah, m. Patty (s. Henry, Jr.)- to Knox Co., Tennessee.

4) Sarah, m.---- Baker.

5) John, d. 1822.

6) Elizabeth, m.---- Baker.

7) Enoch, d. 1826 (will dated April 10, probated Oct. 2), m. Ruth; removed to Laurens Co., South Carolina.

8) Drury, d. 1822, m. Mary.

9) Joel, d. 1829, m. Rebecca Griffin (sister of Haskey); his father-in-law deeded him 100 acres of land on Pokeberry Creek of Haw River, Chatham Co. North Carolina, 2/9/1779; settled in Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama.

10) Cannon, "Also to my Son Cannon Breazeale I give and Bequeath the Sum of one shilling Sterling." He, less than 13 1/2 years of age at the time, was the only child not designated to participate in his father's estate. It is presumed that he had an inheritance from his mother's family, in North Carolina or Virginia, with whom he resided. (See later)

Cannon (or Kenon) Breazeale, farmer, b. in Virginia., Aug. 1753, d. 1/31/1858, m. (1) Haskey Griffin (dau. of William Griffin and Sarah Kirksey) , b. 7/29/1767, d. 3/26/1829, m. (2) Lucy Poole (no issue). His father-in-law deeded him 200 acres of land on Pokeberry Creek of Haw River, Chatham Co., North Carolina, 8/10/1789, where he resided in 1790, as Cannon Brigah, with wife, one male sixteen or over and one son (Enoch) under sixteen. The family soon settled two miles north of Belton, Pendleton Dist., now Anderson Co., South Carolina, where members of the family were buried on the plantation, consisting of over 2800 acres. The bodies of Cannon and Haskey were removed to Dorchester (Baptist) Church Cemetery nearby.


1) Enoch, b. 12/14/1788 (See later).

2) Aiken, b. 4/20/1790, d. 7/28/1859, m. (1) Nancy McMillan, m (2) Louisa Pace.

3) Margaret, b: 11/13/1793, d. 2/3/1869, m - ---- Major.

4) Griffin, b. 1/17/1796, d. 4/29/1874, m. (1) Nov. 1626, Sarah W. Richardson, m. (2) Mary Cobb.

5) Sarah, b. 8/24/1798, d. 6/9/1863, m. Elijah Pepper (dau. Emmutual, b. 5/10/1826, d. in 1880, m. William Mercer Cooley; son, David Kenon, father of Mattie Lee.

6) Williamson, b. 3/14/1801, d. 7/5/1861, m. Nelly Halloway.

7) David Kenon, b. 10/23/1804, d. 6/29/1868, m. (1) 5/21/1828, Utincy W. Halloway, b. 4/23/1810, d. 9/25/1843, m. (2) Mary (Polly) Rodgers.

8) Laura, b. 7/27/1807, d . 12/16/1869, m. David Cox.

9) Matthew, b. 6/27/1813, d. 2/27/1885, m. Dorcas A. Barton (dau. of Col. Bailey Barton and Jane Field b. 5/27/1815, d. 1/14/1893.

Enoch Breazeale, farmer, b. 12/14/1788, d. 11/8/1850, m. Nancy Gambrell (dau. of John Gambrell and Barbara Bruton), b. 3/3/1794, d. 5/9/1867. The family continued to reside near Belton. The graves in the family burial ground on the plantation were found desecrated by vandals, in 1936, with all tombstones (slabs) broken and his tomb opened with bones exposed to view!


1) Gambrell, b. 1812, m. Margaret Milwee.

2) Kenon, b. 1814/, m. Elizabeth Fretwell.

3) Griffin, b. 9 3/1817.(See later)

4) Barbara, m. Ibzan Rice.

5) Sarah, m. Robert Keys.

6) E. William, b. 1824-25, m. Elizabeth Cox.

7) Nancy, b. 1828-29, m. George Washington Latham.

8) Francis Marion, b. 1830-31, m. Nancy Cox.

9) Lucy, b. 1836-37, m. A. J. Stringer.

Griffin Breazeale, farmer, b: 9/23/1817, d. 10/13/L3/1852, m. 12/14/1841, Eliza Barton (dau. of Col. Bailey Barton and Jane Field), b. 10/9/l825. They resided near Pickens, in Pickens Co., South Carolina. He served in the South Carolina House of Representatives, and was on the committee of Privileges and Elections, Pendleton Dist., Hagood's, 12/18/l846. His widow m. (2) 11/19/1857, James B. Pegg and removed to Anderson Co., South Carolina, where she was murdered during the War between the States because of her devotion to the cause of the Confederacy.


1) Nancy Jane, b. 10/21/1842, m. James Cobb.

2) Sarah Ann Deniza, b. 9/5/1844, d. 6/24/1895, W. A. Clyde.

3) Mary Barbara, b. 11/25/1846, d. 10/15/1918, 1173/1865, Maj. David Franklin Bradley (no issue).

4) Lucy Camilla, b. 12/20/1848, d. 11/12/1918, m. Orlando Cyrus Folger

5) Eugenia Adelia, b. 3/1/1851, m. 8/27/1866, William Franklin Gary.

6) Justina Josephine, b. 2/16/1853, d. 5/24/1939, m. 7/31/1870, Benson Fletcher LESLEY, b. 12/3/1848, d. 1/3/1925.

PEGG children:

William Martin, b. 3/15/1859.

Fekoec Loo, b. 10/24/1860.

Bailey McSwain, b. 11/26/1862, d. 9/18/1863.