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Strickland and Allied Families

Query and Answer Exchange, June, 1962

The Strickland Family of Virginia and North Carolina, prepared by Hugh B. Johnston, Jr for Alan T. Calhoun, Wilson, North Carolina, 1961.

The STRICKLAND family of eastern North Carolina originated from Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Matthew STRICKLAND, the founder of this particular branch, is thought by some to have come from Maryland. There does not appear to be reliable documentary evidence of his presence in Isle of Wight county earlier than 1678.

The only other early Brittain known to have arrived in Virginia prior to that was Walter STRICKLAND (STRICLAND) who was imported by Tobias SELVEY to Accomack County on April 5, 1666, having been one of twelve rights used by said SELVEY to patent land adjoining Robert PARKER. He was undoubtedly of the family of Sir Walter STRICKLAND of Sizergh who married Katherine NEVILL, daughter of Ralph NEVILL (son of Sir William NEVILL of Thornton Bridge) who married before 1501 Anne WARD, daughter of Sir Christopher WARD and wife Margaret GASCOIGNE of Givendale.

Matthew STRICKLAND appears to have settled about 1678 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, where he passed the rest of his life. On June 6, 1687, Matthew (M) STRICKLAND gave a power of attorney to John BROWN to execute a deed to William EVANS “by reason of my nonability to travel to court held for this County the 9th of this Instant June” in Isle of Wight County, witnessed by Richard (RB) BOOTH and Elizabeth (S) STRICKLAND.

On June 6, 1687, Mathew (x) and Elizabeth (E) STRICKLAND of the Lower Parish deeded to William EVANS of the Upper Parish for 4,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 800 acres in the Lower Parish between the Main Swamp of King Sail and Beaver Dam Branch adjoining William COLLINS (from a tract of 902 acres patented by the said STRICKLAND on September 26, 1678, of which 102 acres had been leased to Thomas JONES for ninety-nine years on November 6, 1682, witnessed by John BROWN, Richard (RB) BOOTH, and Robert ® LAWRENCE.

On October 6, 1694, Catherine PIERCE appointed Thomas MOORE her attorney to answer an action brought against her in Isle of Wight County by Matthew STRICKLAND, witnessed by Robert KAE and WILLIAM THOMAS.

On August 3, 1696, Matthew STRICKLAND and Phillip RAYFORD were mentioned in a deposition made by Robert HARDY.

On February 6, 1696/97 the will of James BENN of said County bequeathed to his son George BENN some land bought from Matthew STRICKLAND.

On May 1, 1702, William EVANS confirmed to George BENN half of 800 acres on Beaver Dam Branch brought from Matthew STRICKLAND by his deceased father William EVANS, who had received payment for the sale of the land called “Capt. BENN’s land” from James BENN who had died before making the actual deed; witnessed by William KERLE.

From the foregoing and other transactions it is evident that Matthew STRICKLAND Sr had died intestate early in the year 1696. He probably had daughters, but only several sons may be named with certainty.

Children of Matthew and Elizabeth STRICKLAND Sr.
· Matthew Strickland, Jr.

Matthew STRICKLAND, Jr, son of Matthew STRICKLAND, Sr, and wife Elizabeth was probably born in the year 1674, before his parents settled in Isle of Wight County where he died in 1730.

On May 12, 1696, Matthew (M) STRICKLAND Jr sold merchant Henry BAKER for 3,000 pounds of tobacco a tract of 100 acres south of Beaver Dam Swamp or Kingsdale Swamp where Thomas JONES formerly lived (from a patent of 902 acres), witnessed by Anthony HOLLADAY and Charles CHAPMAN.

On August 14, 1699, Matthew (M) and William (W) STRICKLAND, sons of Matthew STRICKLAND, Deceased, made a division of their late father’s property: (Deed Book 1, Page 208, 1688-1704).

1) William STRICKLAND, the land where their father lived on Horse Swamp and Gum Branch near Colonel PITT
2) brother John STRICKLAND, 150 acres at the old plantation
3) brother Samuel STRICKLAND, 150 acres on Watery Branch adjoining Arthur WHITEHEAD
4) brother Joseph STRICKLAND, 150 acres on Blackwater adjoining Mr. WOODWARD
Witnessed by Barnaby MACKINNEY and Thomas MARKS. (Deed Book 1, 1688-1704, p. 302.)

December 8, 1702, Mathew (M) STRICKLAND sold Thomas BOON for 12,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 300 acres in the Lower Parish on Horse Swamp, Blackwater, First Branch, Gum Branch, and the Arthur WHITEHEAD line, witnessed by William JOLLY, James JOLLY, and Adam MURRAY.

On April 26, 1714, Mathew (M) and Anne (A) STRICKLAND (Deed Book 1, pp. 398/399) Newport Parish sold Joseph JACKSON for 4,400 pounds of tobacco 300 acres where they were living north of Main Blackwater adjoining Ann POPE, Thomas BOONE, and Cypress Branch (from a grant of 1,803 acres to my father Mathew STRICKLAND on April 20, 1680), witnessed by William CRUMPLER and John WILLIAMS. (Deed Book 2, 1704-1715, p. 269).

November 17, 1718, Matthew (M) and Ann (A) STRICKLAND sold Benjamin SPIVEY a tract of 200 acres, “it being ye plantation that was old Matthew STRICKLANDs,” witnessed by Joseph LANE and John (x) CAIN. (Great Book, 1715-1724, Vol. 2, Part 2).

July 28, 1724/25, the will of Richard BRASWELL (probated in 1725) named
1) son Richard BRASWELL
2) son Robert BRASWELL
3) son Valentine BRASWELL
4) son Jacob BRASWELL
5) son John BRASWELL
6) daughter Martha MURFREY
7) daughter Ann STRICKLAND
8) daughter Jane WILLIAMS
9) granddaughter Susannah BRASWELL
10) wife and executrix Sarah BRASWELL

Witnessed Edward POWERS, Sr and Edward POWERS, Jr. (Great Book, p. 174)

Matthew (M) STRICKLAND made his will in Isle of Wight County on July 14, 1730, and it was probated on October 25, 1730:

1) son John STRICKLAND, 100 acres on Greenland and the Swamp, a heifer, dark bay mare “branded upon the Shoulder with James ___ brand, branded by Edward CHAFFEY and Abraham DEW
2) son William STRICKLAND land east of the swamp, gray mare, heifer
3) son Sampson STRICKLAND, home plantation of 150 acres, bay mare, heifer
4) son Mathew STRICKLAND, gray mare, 4 steers, 2 heifers, calf
5) son Jacob STRICKLAND, young bay horse
6) daughter Sarah STRICKLAND, black mare and colt
7) daughter Ann STRICKLAND, “Stone Horse branded with two CC, “bed, blanket, sheet, 2 dishes, plate
8) daughter Elizabeth STRICKLAND, black mare, cow and calf
9) daughter Jane STRICKLAND, bay mare branded SS
10) son and executor Joseph STRICKLAND, 2 heifers, calf, feather bed and furnishings, pot, 2 dishes, plate, 6 spoons
11) a sorrel horse, stone horse, and barren cow are to be sold to buy land for Joseph and Jacob STRICKLAND
12) wife and executrix Ann STRICKLAND, use of residue of the estate
Witnesses Joseph STRICKLAND, Mathew COOPER and Arthur TAYLOR. (Will Book 3, p. 224)

On July 26, 1731, the estate of Mathew STRICKLAND was appraised to have a value of L1077-7 by Robert CROCKER, John CAIN and Robert BURYMAN: 10 cows and calves, barren cow, 11 steers, 6 heifers, 5 year-old heifers, bull, gray horse, bay horse, sorel horse, slave man, 14 sheep, 6 sows and pigs, 3 barren sows, some shoats, brass spice mortar, candlestick, 5 pewter basins, 31 1/2 pounds of pewter, dish, 10 plates, 12 3/4 pounds of old pewter, some spoons, box iron and ___, spit, 3 jugs, 6 bottles, jar, skillet, frying pan; pails, trays, tubs, old tubs, old cart and wheels, stock lock, sickle, 2 axes, 2 hoes, pair of stones; 4 old barrels, 6 cider hogsheads, 4 barrels; hammer, pair of steelyards, some shoe tools, 4 old drawing knives, old handsaw, 149 pounds of pot iron, reels of old iron; looking glass, old table, 9 chairs, 4 feather beds and furniture, 2 blankets, 2 chests, 2 old chests, old couch, woolen wheel; gold ring, sword, gun, 2 old saddles and bridles. (Will Book 3, p. 280)

Children of Matthew and Anne (BRASWELL) STRICKLAND, Jr.:
· Elizabeth STRICKLAND