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Braswells of Nash Co, NC 1777-1859

Abstracts of Early Records of Nash County, North Carolina 1777-1859 by Joseph W. Watson

pg. 8 Petition of Lucinda J. BRASWELL for a year’s provisions. She was the widow of Arthur BRASWELL, who died intestate with Jerry GRIFFIN as admr. Feb. Term 1859.

Pg. 8 Petition of Mary BRASWELL for a year’s support. She was the widow of Cullen BRASWELL, who died intestate in 1855, Nov. Term 1855.

Pg. 8 Petition of Polly BRASWELL for a year’s support. She was the widow of Dempsey BRASWELL, decd. Nov. Term 1854.

Pg. 8 Petition of Elizabeth BRASWELL, for a year’s support. She was the widow of Nicholas J. BRASWELL, who died intestate with William H. WESTER’s as admr. Feb. Term 1858.

Pg. 92 Petition of the sale of the Negroes of Demsey BRASWELL, who died intestate with Mary BRASWELL as his widow. The remainder was distributed among the eight heirs, to wit: (1) John BRASWELL; (2) Jesse BRASWELL; (3) Jerry BRASWELL; (4) Jim BRASWELL; (5) William BRASWELL; (6) children of Francis HEDGEPETH by his wife Nancy; (7) Perry GRIFFIN; William H. GRIFFIN; Peggy Ann GRIFFIN and husband, Nathan GRIFFIN; Frances S. HEDGEPETH and husband, Calvin HEDGEPETH, all children of Mourning GRIFFIN, who was a sister of said Dempsey BRASWELL, decd.; (8) Lucinda BRASWELL and husband, Arthur BRASWELL; Susan GUTHRIDGE and husband, Jordan GUTHRIDGE; Alfred GRIFFIN; Robert GRIFFIN, all children of Charity GRIFFIN, who was a sister of said Dempsey BRASWELL, decd. Feb. Term 1855.

Pg. 160 Benjamin BRASWELL inventory of money on hand and notes by Gideon BASS, exr., May 14, 1827. Sale held March 5, 1827 with Cloa BRASWELL, William BRASWELL, Roeny BRASWELL, and Susan BRASWELL buyers. Feb. Term 1829. Account current with Gideon BASS and Isaac BASS. According to the will, they paid accounts to William BRASWELL, Bolen MELTON, William BASS, Elizabeth FREEMAN, E. Thomas STAVES (?), and Reuben BRASWELL, May Term 1829.

Pg. 160 Chloe BRASWELL inventory and sale by Bolen MELTON, admr., Dec. 6, 1843. William BRASWELL and Roeny BRASWELL mentioned. Account current, Aug. Term 1845.

Pg. 160 Cullen BRASWELL sale by May BRASWELL, admrx., Dec. 6, 1855. Ele LEWIS principal buyer and Hutchen BRASWELL bought a saddle.

Pg. 160 Dempsey BRASWELL inventory and sales by John BRASWELL, admr., Dec. 7 and 8, 1854. The widow, Oscar BRASWELL, William BRASWELL, Jessie BRASWELL, Arthur BRASWELL, and William H. C. BRASWELL bought. Account current, Nov. Term 1856.

Pg. 160 Jacob BRASWELL sale by George BODDIE, exr., Aug. 30, 1823, Nov. Term 1824, Jesse BRASWELL, Jacob BRASWELL Jr., Brittain BRASWELL, James BRASWELL, and William BRASWELL bought. Second sale held Dec. 13, 1823 with Jordan BRASWELL a buyer. Account current, Nov. Term 1824.

Pg. 160 Jacob BRASWELL inventory by Willie BUNTING, admr., Feb. Term 1833. Sale held Dec. 6, 1832. William BRASWELL, Sr., Benjamin BRASWELL, Jeremiah BRASWELL, James BRASWELL, and John BRASWELL were buyers. Account current, May Term 1834.

Pg. 160 Jeremiah BRASWELL inventory of notes and inventory and sale of property by E. B. HILLIARD, exr., July 15, 1857, Aug. Term 1857. Account of money on hand taken April 16, 1857. Account current, Nov. Term 1859.

Pg. 161 Joseph John BRASWELL of the State of Georgia inventory and sale of property, an interest in a 34 or 36 acre tract of land whereon his father, Jesse BRASWELL, then resided near Red Bud Creek in Nash Co. It was sold by his admr., John W. EARL, to Jesse BRASWELL, May Term 1857.

Pg. 161 Margaret BRASWELL inventory by Howell ELLIN and Frederick HINES, admrs., Nov. 7, 1794.

Pg. 161 Mary BRASWELL sale held June 10, 1856, Aug. Term 1856. Account current with Worrell P. WALKER, special admr. Account received from John BRASWELL, admr. of D. BRASWELL, decd. Accounts paid to John BRASWELL and to Rhoda BRASWELL, Aug. Term 1858.

Pg. 161 Micajah BRASWELL inventory by John MASSENGILL, admr., Aug. 6, 1804.

Pg. 161 Nicholas BRASWELL inventory and sale by William H. WESTER, admr., March 6, 1858, May Term 1858. The widow bought almost all.

Pg. 161 Orren BRASWELL account current with Washington HARRIS, admr., Nov. Term 1847. Received from the “Clerk” his part of the proceeds of the sale of the property of Benjamin BRASWELL, decd.

Pg. 161 Queeny BRASWELL inventory by Howell ELLIN, admr., May 14, 1798. Was orphan of Samuel BRASWELL, decd., with Archibald GRIFFIN as guardian. Sale of estate, one Negro, to Sarah BRASWELL and feather bed and furniture to John WARBURTON, Aug. 11, 1798. Account current 1799. Legacies were paid to Mathew HUNT, Margaret HUNT, Wilson BRASWELL, Sarah BRASWELL, and David WOODARD.

Pg. 161 Samuel BRASWELL, inventory by Howell ELLIN and Frederick HINES, exrs., Jan. 7, 1795.

Pg. 161 Sarah BRASWELL inventory by John VICK, admr., Jan. 7, 1806. Sale held March 4, 1806, May Term 1806.

Pg. 162 William (BRACEWELL) BRASWELL, inventory by Benjamin MANNING, exr., Feb. 17, 1796 included 907 acres of land and three Negroes.

Pg. 162 William BRASWELL sale by Solomon BATCHELOR, exr., no date. Account current, Feb. Term 1805.

Pg. 162 William BRASWELL Jr. inventory dated July Term 1779 included 1480 acres of land and four Negroes. Sale held July 15, 1779 by Arthur ARRINGTON, Sheriff. Samuel BRASWELL, William HUNT, Hardy BREWER, and Edmund BRANCH, were prominent buyers. Residue of money received by Martha BRASWELL from the exrs., William WILLIAMS and Joseph EXUM, Aug. 9, 1787.

Pg. 162 William BRASWELL Sr. wrote a paper on Feb. 14, 1831 certifying that he had given to four of his sons property as a part of their distributive share of his estate at or after his death: to son, Dempsey BRASWELL, a Negro boy; to son, James BRASWELL, 100 acres of land; to son, Jeremiah BRASWELL, 148-1/2 acres of land; to son, William BRASWELL, 148-1/2 acres of land and a horse, witnessed by Willie BUNTING. He also gave to his son, John BRASWELL, a Negro boy on June 8, 1831 and, on Oct. 8, 1832, he gave to his daughter, Mourning GRIFFIN, a tract of 50 acres whereon she then lived. They signed receipts for these. On Jan. 15, 1833, he gave to his son, Jesse BRASWELL, in advance, a Negro girl. Inventory of this estate was taken by John BRASWELL, special admr., Feb. Term 1845. Sales of property were held Jan. 7, 1845 and March 11, 1845, May Term 1845. Distributive shares were given to the following: Dempsey BRASWELL, James BRASWELL, Jeremiah BRASWELL, William BRASWELL, John BRASWELL, Mourning GRIFFIN, Jesse BRASWELL, Nancy HEDGEPETH, and the heirs of Charity GRIFFIN.

Pg. 307 Ann E. BRASWELL, daughter of Jesse BRASWELL. Bond 1850 by Thos. W. WRIGHT, gdn. Bond 1859 by R. M. WHITAKER, gdn.

Pg. 307 Dawson BRASWELL. Bond 1828 by Simon WILLIAMS, gdn.

Pg. 307 Mourning BRASWELL, orphan of William BRASWELL. Bond 1779 by Joseph EXUM, gdn.

Pg. 307 Sampson BRASWELL, orphan of Samuel BRASWELL. Bond 1799 by Archibald GRIFFIN, gdn.

Pg. 307 Samuel D. BRASWELL, son of Jesse BRASWELL. Bond 1850 by Thos. W. WRIGHT, gdn. Bond 1859 by R. M. WHITAKER, gdn.

Pg. 307 Sarah BRASWELL, orphan of Samuel BRASWELL, Bond 1799 by Archibald GRIFFIN, gdn.