Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Solomon Braswell's 1st wife & children

Contributed by Judy Griffin

Edge. Co Db C, page 552, deed date 15 Jul 1767, recorded May
Ct 1768,

Solomon Braswell, Edge. Co to my son, William Braswell
and my daughter, Elizabeth Braswell, for love good will &
Affection, legacies given and devised unto
my former wife,
(Mary) by the last will and testament of her father, Samuel
Deloach, dec'd, to be equally divided between my son and
daughter, William and Elizabeth, consisting of one fourth part of
two Negro women, namely (Bett) and (Frann), and one fourth part
of all their increase from the death of the testator until the
death of his widow, Mary Deloach, signed Solomon Braswell, wit
Etheld Ruffin, William Deloach.

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Also, copy of original in my possesion