Saturday, September 22, 2007

Smith County, Tennessee Court Minutes

Bk. 7, pg. 206 Ordered that Gilbert WILLIAMS, Arch’d HUNT, William FARREL, Wilson T. TAYLOR, Benj. TAYLOR, and others be a jury to view the road leading from Kenny HAYS on Dry Fork to Aaron BRASWELL’s then down Indian Creek as far as to intersect a road leading down Caney Fork and report, 17 Aug. 1818.

Bk. 8, pg. 261. James COFFEE vs. Gilbert WILLIAMS & John BRASWELL. Motion Thomas A. LANCASTER constable made return ___ execution issue by Isaac BETTY Esq in favour of the plaintiff against the defendant for the sum of six dollars & 54 cents & costs & that he had lived the same on 39 acres of land lying on the waters of Dry Creek adjoining Capt. FORD the 20th Mar. 1820 on motion of the plaintiff it is considered by the court that the said land be sold to satisfy the plaintiff’s debt & cost of this motion.

Bk. 9, pg. 221 Thos. HART’s heirs vs. Thomas HART’s exc. John SPENCE here in open court acknowledges himself security for the heirs for this prosecution ____ will pay & satisfy such damages as may be awarded against them and William WILLIAMS & Sampson BRASWELL acknowledge themselves securities for the def’t. 14 May 1821.

Bk. 15, pg. 166 John JOHNSON, Rueben ALEXANDER, Robin BRASWELL, William I. BENNETT, Thomas SIMPSON, Thos. LANCASTER and others jury for road of 3rd class from Coggins Ferry to intersect the Wolf Creek road passing round the east side of Wm. F. McDANIELS, 25 Aug. 1834.