Saturday, September 29, 2007

BRAZELL, John and Frederick of Wilkes Co., Georgia

This article by Gayle B. Ellison of Applegate, Oregon appeared in Braswell Branches, Vol. V No. 3

Re: Frederick Brazell:

In the Braswell Branches Fall 1993 issue, page 3, John and Frederick BRAZELL are listed as being in Elsberry's district of Wilkes Co., Georgia, in 1785. Frederick BAZWELL received a land grant #473 for 250 acres in Johnston County [NC]. I don't have the date, but it is probably before 1778, because he is mentioned in Surry County [NC] Joseph Winston land grant #286 in 1778 issued 20 September 1779, to Joseph Harrison (my half-brother's line).

The land description says “... including his own improvement and the cabbin built by Frederick BRASSWELL." This land was on Parker's Creek which I believe is present day Stokes County. I have written the North Carolina archives for a copy of the land grant.

Eunice Young shows him in Wilkes County in 1781 and 1782. Then he is in Georgia before 1785.

Re: John BRASWELL / BRAZIL: According to Eunice Young's timeline, John BRASWELL was in Northampton County in 1742 through 1757. He shows up in Granville County in 1763 and the sheriff of Northampton County was looked for him in Guilford County in 1764. This John received two land grants in Surry County in 1780. He sold one in 1782 and the other in 1784 and then moved to Georgia. His wife's name was Hannah. His mother's name was Jane. Eunice Young says he was the son of Valentine and Jane POPE BRASWELL.

Re: Sampson BRAZIL (BRAZWELL): Sampson BRAZIL (BRAZWELL) is listed in Surry County in 1771, 1772, 1773, 1779 and 1785. Since John and Frederick were in Johnston County prior, this Sampson may be the one in Johnston County in 1756-1761. Any researchers have any ideas?

Re: Talitha BRASWELL/ BRAZIL: Since Sampson was still there in 1785 after John sold the last of his property in 1784, I have a theory that Sampson could be the husband of the Talitha BRAZWELL there in 1792-1799 and perhaps Sampson died, since Talitha received a grant there in 1792. The grant says, "together with her improvements, " so she had been living there prior to 1792. She appears in the 1797 tax roll in the Burch's district with no poles and then disappears. She could have remarried, but so far I can find no mention of a Talitha in Surry County which fits her description. Her grant was registered in the county in 1799. I understand sometimes they did not register the deed until they sold the property, so she could have turned the deed over to a new buyer in 1799 at which time the new buyer registered it.

There are no Braswells listed in the census starting 1790 forward. My ancestor, Boardvine R. BRASWELL, was born in 1799 supposedly in Surry County because he married there in 1820.

Re: Lewis BOSWELL/ BASWELL: A Lewis Bos(s)well or Baswell appears in 1791, 1794 in Capt Edward's district with 1 pole, again in 1795, 1796, 1797, 1798, 1799 in Capt. Oglesby's district with 50 acres, 1 pole. The 1800 census shows 1 male under 10, 1 male 26­45, 2 females under 10 and 1 female 26-45. He is also in the tax lists in 1802 in Capt. Detihers District.

In 1803 an Elizabeth, daughter of Susanna Rauswell/ Bauswell, born 16 Feb 1799 was bound out to George Long in now Yadkin County. In 1807 a Lewis Bosswell, born about 1802, was bound out to John Dillard.

The 1810 census shows Lewis with 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45, 2 females 10-16, with no adult female. The male under 10 in 1800 appears in the 1810 census; however, two females still appear with no wife. I've had other people look at the Elizabeth Rauswell / Bauswell record and they think it is Rauswell. I also tend to think it is Rauswell, since she does not fit into the Lewis Boswell census figures.

A Lewis Braswell was on the Muster Roll in Guilford in 1779, and Eunice Young shows Lewis Braswell in Chatham County in 1783-­1785. Eunice says Lewis went to Edgefield Co., South Carolina; his widow was there with a Valentine.

Figuring with the census, Lewis was at least 35 in 1800, making him 45 in 1810. If the Lewis in Chatham County in 1784 was born in 1755, making him 29, this Lewis might be the same person, but if the Chatham Lewis were born in 1765 and would be 19 in 1784, it probably is not the same person, because Lewis in Chatham sold property in 1785.

I tend to think this Lewis in Surry is actually a "Boswell" and I intend to contact Boswell searchers to see if they claim him.