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1789 - Bolen Beckwith to David Woodard

This Indenture made this 16th day of April the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty Nine between Bolin Beckwith of the county of Nash in the state of North Carolina of the one part and David Woodard of the county and state aforesd of the other part Witnesseth that the said Bolin Beckwith for and in consideration of the sum of sixty Pounds Specie to him in hand paid and by His Receipt whereof doth hereby acknowledge --- and himself fully satisfied and paid hath granted bargained sold alliened ------- Released & confirmed and by these presents doth give grant Bargain sell alien In fee off (?) relas (?) & confirm unto David Woodard his heirs & assigns for Ever two hundred acres of Land more or less Lying in the county of Nash on Pigbasket Creek it Being part of a Tract of land Granted to the sd. Bolin Beckwith by the state of North Carrolina by a Deed Bearing Date the tenth day of November in the fourth year of our Independence and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & seventy nine Butted and Bounded as followeth Beginning at Turkey (?) oak on the North side of the said Creek Micajah {196} Thomas corner then running East 94 pole to post oak a corner then North by a line of Marked trees to pine a corner in the original line then west one hundred & fourteen pole to a black oak in Arthur Brasswells Line then along his line south one hundred & seventy Eight pole to a Burch in the sd Creek then down the meander thereof to the Begining With the reversion & reversions Rents Issues and profits thereof and of Every part and parcel thereof with the appertainences together with all the rights titles Estates Interest claim & Demand Whatsoever of him the said Bolin Beckwith of in & to the aforesd land & premises to him the sd David Woodardhis heirs & assigns for ever to his and there only proper use and Behoof & the said Bolin Beckwith doth covenant & agree both for himself his heirs Extrs & Admins. to give the said David Woodard his heirs & assigns that he will warrant and for Ever Defend the afforsd. David Woodard his Heirs be In the Peacible possesion of the sd. Land and premises and against the Lawful Claim and Demand of all persons Whatsoever In Witness whereof I the sd. Bolin Beckwith have hereunto set my hand & fixt my seal the day and year first above written
signed sealed & Delivered in presents of        Bolin his X mark Beckwith  {Seal}
Jos Exum
Demcy Brasswell     Nash County February court 1793 the within deed was in open court acknowledged ordered to be regis (cut off) and is registered
                             Test Wm Mearns P,R  Test Wm Hall CC
(Nash Co., NC 4-195)
Arthur Braswell is the son of William Braswell II & wife Margaret.
Dempsey Braswell is the son of William Braswell III & wife Martha.
Joseph Exum is the husband of Priscilla Braswell, daughter of William III.