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1793 -1794 Valentine & Rachel Braswell

1793 - June 3, Deposition: Edward Couch said that he was present
when Rachel Brazel & her son John McKenney had a conversation respecting a negro boy named Prince, who was the property of Valentine Brazel, husband of said Rachel Brazel. That said Rachel told the desponent that she was unwilling Valentine Brazel should ever have the boy & since her son had no money she would lend him a dollar which might be returned to be imprescences of the deponent as evidence of a contract..that the deponant is well convinced from the conversation that she intended to defraud her husband who was absent in Georgia of his right to said boy as she was provided with other property of less value which might have been sold in case of distress but to his knowledge said Valentine Brazel had furnished her with such necessities... S/ Edward Couch. Sworn by oath 3 Jun 1793 before Joseph Hightower, J.P. Rcd. 3 jun 1794. (Pp. 456-457)

1794 - November 8, Bill of Sale John Varnell, Planter of Edgefield Co., SC to John McKinney for 36 pounds, sold one negro boy named Prince S/John Varnell. Wit: Samuel Messner, Robert Willis, Jacob Odom who swore by oath 10 Nov 1794 before Joseph Hightower J.P. Rec 21 Feb 1795

A case of fraud?  See Rachel's petition for divorce in Hancock County, Georgia and compare these records.

1804 - Rachel Braswell vs Valentine Braswell

Hancock County} To the honorable, the Superior Court

The petition of Rachael Braziel humbly showeth That your petitioner Intermarried with one Valentine Braziel that at the time of her intermarriage she had been a widow for several years & had seven Children by her first husband Benjamin McKinney & had and was posessed of considerable property the Estate of the said Benjamin dec'd and also of A negroe fellow by the Name of Prince the property of her Eldest Son John McKinney that the said Valentine after their Intermarriage lived with her in South Carolina about two years and then brought her to this State where She lived about Twelve months after which he compelled your petitioner to return to South Carolina he remaining in Georgia, that in the fall after her return to South Carolina her said Husband returned, Remained for a short time after which he left her & returned to Georgia and carried with him all her property and left her totally destitute of all sustenance and being old & unable to Labour to advantage she Your petitioner would have felt the cruelty of poverty had not the tenderness of her Elder children supported her with their Labour that her said husband remained about nine years in Georgia, That Your petitioner being greatly distressed for the want of the common necessaries of life left South Carolina with her Children and came into Georgia sometime in the month of Last February. That Your Well hoped that Your petitioner said husband would have furnished her with a House and Home & Ordinary provisions but your petitioner states that her said husband being totally destitute of that Tenderness & Regard due from a Husband to a wife has totally and cruelly neglected her in such a manner that had it not been for the Charity of Mr. Henry Rodgers and her two Eldest sons John & Joseph McKinney, she must Under her complicated sufferings have departed this life long since, and your petitioner further States that her said Husband has moved over upon the late ceded lands and totally Neglects her as his wife and utterly Refuses to Return to her any part of the property he took from her and her Orphan Children by her former husband but Retains the Same, and leaving your petitioner to be supported who is near sixty years of age by her children from all which premises your petioner prays that she may be divorced from her said husband in terms the act of the General assembly in such cases lately made and provided. Wherefore Your petitioner prays process assur your requiring the said Valentine Braziel personally or by his Attorney to be and appear before His honor the Judge of the Superior Court at a Court to be held in and for the County of Hancock on the third Monday in February next then and there to Answer your petitioner in an action for a divorce H. 
J Griffin ptts atty
23 Aug.t 1804

Georgia To the Sheriff of Hancock County Greeting
Rachael Braziel}
           vs}  Case for a Divorce
Volentine Braziel}
The defendant Volentine Braziel, is hereby required personally or by Attorney to be and appear at the Superior Court to be holden in & for the County of Hancock on the third Monday in February next, then and there to answer the plaintiffs demand in an action on the case for a Divorce H: Or in default thereof the Court will proceed as to justice shall assertain
Witness the Honorable Charles
Tait, one of the Judges of said 
Court, this 29th August, 1804. 
Alex Martin Clk.
NOTE:  See related post regarding Valentine & Rachel in Edgefield County South Carolina.
Contributed by Kay Braswell Dawson

1806 - Jacob Braswell to William Wortham

Clark County}  Know all men by these presents that I Jacob Braswell of the aforsaid County & State hath Constituted & appointed & by these presence do Constitute Ordain & appoint William Wortham my true & lawful attorney in fact to warrant (?) for me being (?) herein after mentioned that is to say that I have bargained & Sold to him the said William Wortham one tract of Land Containing fifty two acres as --------- & --------- --- --- ----- ---- date with this ------ which said ------ of Land is included within the lines of a survey claimed by Isaac Suttles originally granted to Elijah Clark Sen decd which said Survey subjects the part which I have Sold to the Said William Wortham to dispute & in the event of the Said disputs terminating in form of the Said Sully to the said William Wortham Should ----- the Land there & that case I do hereby authorise & impower the aforsaid William Wortham me & in my name or in his own name as my atorney in fact for & ------ of one henry Brown of Hancock County in the aforsaid State the value or price of the aforsaid tract of land he being the person from where I purchased the same or other wise to come from ----- & settle the same as well be ---- agreeable to himself in his behalf & also to appropriate the Same -- Recovered or otherwise obtained to his own use in dis charge of his recourse upon me hereby ratifiing  & confirming all the acts which was said atorney Shall or any lawfully do touching the premices aforsaid releasing all ----- & -------- of ------ whatsoever in testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand affixed my Seal this twenty ninth day of October 1806 I am not eventually to be released only in case of the value of the land being discharged by Herry Brown
Signed Sealed & delivered 
In presents of us}   Jacob Braswell {Seal}
James Beasley}
Clark County} Personly appeared Peter Williamson
and made oath that he was a Subscribing
Witness to the power of atorney & that James Beasley
Subscribe his name to the names as a witness
Sworn to & Subscribed
before me this 18 of March 1807
B. Brown Clk  Be: 4th June 1807
(Clark county Georgia Deed Book C Page 419)

1803 - Samuel Braswell to Freemans Creek Baptist Church

State of Georgia} This Indenture made this 17th day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three, between Samuel Braswell of the Clark County} County of clark and State of Georgia of the one part and the Deacons of the Baptist church at Freemans creek of the other part, Witnesseth that the said Samuel Braswell for and in consideration of ten dollars in hand paid by the said Deacons to the Sd Braswell the receipt the said Braswell hath hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained Sold and corpi----d to the Said Deacons and their Successors in office all that tract of Land containing two acres more or less Beginning at a pine thence N65 to 5.C. to a red oak thence N 25 E $ C to a Stake thence S 65 E 5 6 to a spanish oak thence S 25 to 4 - to the beginning it being part of a  tract of Land Granted to Holman Freeman on the Sixth day of January Eighty six together with all and Singular the rights and appertanances thereof to all the iss---- & profits thereof whatsoever to said tract of Land and principles as aforesd unto the Said Deacons & their Successors in office forever to them and their only use & profit & benefit & the aforesd Braswell & his heirs Exrs. Adm - and assigns the aforsd tract of Land unto the sd Deacons & their Successors in office forever against the lawful claims of Every person, will warrant and forever defend the bargained and hereby sold Land in witness whereof the Said Samuel Braswell hath hereunto Set his hand and Seal the day & year first above written
Signed Sealed and delivered}  SB. the Said Braswell
in presents of us}  doth bind himself his
Daniel Bankston} heirs Exrs Adm & assigns
Edmond Brantly}  to give free liberty and
accord to his Spring without any obstruction whatever
Georgia Clark}    Saml Braswell Seal
Personally came Daniel Bankston & after being duly sworn sayeth that he seed  Samuel
Braswell acknowledge the within Deed for the purpose therein mentioned Likewise Edmond --- (rest of deed cut off)
(Clark County Deed Book  B Pages 286-287) 

Contibuted by Kay Braswell Dawson

1799 - John Fielder & Alex Awtry to Samuel Braswell

Georgia} The Indenture made this twenty ninth day of august in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and ninty nine and of the Independance of America the the twenty fourth between John Fielder & Alexander Awtry of the county of Jackson and State aforesaid of the one part and Samuel Braswell of the County and State aforesaid of the other part witnesseth that the said above named John Fielder and Alexander Awtry for and in consideration of of (?) the sum of three hundred dollars to him in hand by the Said Samuel Braswell at and before the Sealing & delivering of these presents the receipt is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained Sold Released & confirmed and by these presents did Grant Bargain Sell release and confirm unto the said Samuel Braswell his Heirs and assigns all that Tract or parcel of Land Containing one hundred Acres be the same more or Less Situate Lying and being in the County of Jackson & state aforesaid beginning and Bounding on a RO+S558hIch to B0.+N.35.E35ch to Stake N65W36ch.R0.t.N.28ch to the beginning Corner R.O+o5 the above plat Reprising on said Deed (?) surveyed the Sixth day July for Holeman Freeman and granted to said Holeman Freeman by his ExcellencyEdward Telfor Esq. governor & Commander in and over said State the 24th day May 1786 and Deeded to Said John Fielder & Alexander Awtry by Holeman Freeman together with all and Singular the rights ---bers and appen-nancy thereof and the Remainders Reversions Rents ---- and profits thereof whatsoever to Said Tract of Land being belonging or in any wise appurtaining to have and to hold the said Tract of land and premises as aforesaid unto the said Samuel Braswell his heirs & assigns forever to his & their only proper use and behoof and benefit and the aforesd Fielder and Awtry and for their selves their heirs and assigns the aforesd Tract of Land And premises as aforesaid unto the said Samuel Braswell his heirs and assigns forever against said Fielder & Awtry their heirs and assigns and against all and Every othe rperson or persons whatsoever Shall and will warrant and defend firmly by these presents In witness hereof the said John Fielder and Alexander Awtry hath hereunto set their hands & affixed their Seals this day and date first above written ~
Signed Sealed & delivered in the}   John Fielder {Seal}
presence of us}  Alex Awtry {Seal}
Test John Ray}
Simon Awtry}
This 31st of Dec 1803. Personally appeared before me John Ray & Simon Awtry both Subscribing witnesses & made oath they see John Fielder & Alexander Awtry Signd & deliver this within deed to Samuel Braswell & that they see each other sign as Subscribing witnesses to the same ~ Sworn to this 11th day of Sept A.D. 1799} Henry Trent J.P.
(Clark County Georgia Deed Book A Pages 115-117)
Contributed by Kay Braswell Dawson

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1812 - Benjamin Braswell to William Leggett

This Indenture made this 15 day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Twelve Between Benjamin Braswell of the County of Clark and State of Georgia of the one part & William Leget of the County and State aforesd of the other part Witnesseth that for and in Consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars to him in hand paid by the sd. Leget to the sd. Braswell the payment whereof the sd Braswelldoth hereby acknowledge hath granted bargained sold by these presents Doth grant bargain Sell and Confirm unto sd. Leget and to his heirs forever one Certain tract or parcel of Land Containing forty five acres more or less being part of a tract of land ---------dred and fifty acres granted to Micajah Williamson the twentieth day of July one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and Conveyed by sd. Williamson to William Hopkins seller (?) the is (?) one thousand Seven hundred and eighty seven and by sdWilliam Hopkins to William Dunman may the 15 one thousand eight hundred and by sd William Dunman to Daniel Cooper January the 07 one thousand eight hundred and one and by sd. Cooper to to Goodwyn the 27 January one thousand eight hundred and one and by P. Goodwyn to Braswell 18 January one thousand eight hundred & two lying and being when granted in the County of Franklin now the County of Clark in the reserve fork on the waters of Oconee river on a branch of Greenbriar Creek Beginning at a gum Corner runing South 32 W to a branch thence up sd. branch to the uper line, the Spring now made use of accepted with passway to it thence N 42 E to a pine Corner thence South 82 E to the begining together with all the appertanences thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining to have and to hold and to occupy and to enjoy forever without any hindrance that may be lawfull or interruption of me my heirs or any other person or persons and sd. Braswell doth Covenant and agree with sd Leget and his heirs that he the said Braswell his heirs executors administrators and assigns and so forth Jointly and Severally will warrant and forever defend the Bargained and Sold land and premises unto the said Leget and to his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful lawful Claim or Claims of all & every other person or persons whatsoever As Witness my hand the day and year above written ~
Signed Sealed and delivered}
in presants of}
John Slogner}    Benjamin Braswell
Benjamin Leggett}
State of Georgia}   Personable (?) came before
Clark County}   me B Leggett and after
being Sworn saith that he was a subscribing
Witness to the within deed and that he saw John
Slogner subscribe to the same ~
Sworn to before me}   B. Leggett
this 10th day of May 1813}
John Williams J.P.}
Recorded the 10th day of June 1813

(Clark County Georgia Deed Book G Page 256)

Contributed by Kay Braswell Dawson

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1814 - Joseph Braswell to Joannah Barron

Jones County} Know all men by these presents that I Joseph Braswell for and in consideration of the Natural love and affection which I have and bare unto my beloved Daughter Joannah Barron also for divers other good causes and conciderations I hereunto moving have given granted and by these Presents doe give grant and confirm unto my said Daughter Joannah Barron eight Negroe slaves namely Pheby grace her child Susa Burnell Simon Joncy agg Mary to have and to hold the said Negroes given to the said Joannah Barron and after her Death to goe to the Lawful heirs of her body and after her death to be Equally divided amongst and between her Lawful heirs for their own proper use or their assigns and I the said Joseph Braswell doe warrant and for ever defend the titles of the said Negroes against the Claim of any person or persons whatsoever in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty sixth day of May one Thousand eight hundred and fourteen
In presants of
Test        Joseph Braswell {Seal}
James Billingslea J.P.
Adam Carson J.P.
Georgia}  Clerks Office Superior Court
Jones County} Recorded the 2nd June 1814
Harrison Smith Clk

(Jones County Georgia Deed Book ? Page 186)

Contributed by Vicki Kruschwitz

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1804 - Joseph & Ann Braswell to Samuel Braswell Jr

Georgia}  Know all men by these presents that we Joseph Braswell and Anne his wife of the County & State aforesaid for & in consideration of the sum of agh (?) hundred dollars to us in hand paid well & truly paid to be paid at or before the sealing & delivering of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath bargained Sold & delivered and by these presents do bargain Sell and deliver to to (?) Samuel Braswell Jun, two negroes named Bob & Simon Bob about twenty one years of age & Simon in his Sixteenth year which said negroes we do hereby (?) assign ourselves our Heirs Executors & administrators Jointly & Severally to warrant & forever defend unto the Said Samuel Braswell his Heirs & assigns against the claim or claims of all and any person or persons whatsoever
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our Seals this 10th day of March 1804 
Sealed and Delivered}   J. Braswell {Seal}
In presence of}   Ann her x mark Braswell {Seal}
James Spullock}
Benjamin Legget}
Georgia} personally apeared before me James
Clark County} Spullock being duly Sworn 
Sayeth that the Said Joseph Braswell and ann his
wife sign and deliver (?) the with the in (?) bill of sail
to Samuel Braswell and that he Saw Benjamin 
Leget sign the Same as a witness with himself
Sworn to before me this}   James Spullock
10th of March 1804}
R. Malpin JP. 

(Clarke County Georgia Deed Book A Page 311

Contributed by Kay Braswell Dawson

1804 - Allen & Mary Braswell to Jeremiah Darnell

211  State of Georgia}
Clark County}
This Indenture made and Conoludes (?) On this 8th day of November in the year of Our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and foure Between Allen Braswell of the above mentioned County of the One part and Jeremiah Darnell of the Same County of the other part Witnesseth that the Said Allen Braswell for and in consideration of the Sum of One hundred Dollars to him in hand well and Truly paid the Receipt where of is hereby Acknowledged hath Granted and Sold and by these presents doth Grant bargain Sell and Confirm unto him the Said Jeremiah Darnell and his heirs and assigns for Ever all that tract Or parcel of land Situate lying and being in the County of Clark Containing thirty acres be the Same more or Less it being a part of CM (?) land and Conveyed Dower to the said Jeremiah Darnell lying On the waters of the appalache (?) River adjoining William Scamp (?) and others Beginning on a dogwood Corner thence S 86 Degrees W 17 chs and fifty Chs On Janny Brtt (?) line to a post oak corner thence along Cupps (?) line S Ja--- to the East -0 chs to a hickory corner thence along Cupps line N. 85 E.--Chs and 50 Ek (?) to the Branch thence up the head to the fork thence to the Beginning dogwood And ip (?) is to be observed the said Darnell is to him the priveledge of the Spring Together with all and Singular the -- ---- and appertenances thereunto (212) belonging or in any ---- appertaining to have and to Hold the said tract of Land and Singuler the -------- of of ou Said unto him the Said Jeremiah Darnell and his heirs and assigns for Ever and the Said allen Braswell and --- --- -- and assigns Shall and will warrant and forever defend the Said land and premises unto him the Said Jeremiah Darnell his heirs and assigns for ever from the ---- and lawful claim of all persons or persons whatsoever in Witness where of we have hereunto Set Our hand and offixed Our Seals the day and date above Written
Signed Sealed and}  Allen Braswell {Seal}
Delivered in Presents of us} Mary her x mark Braswell {Seal}
Williamson C Reese} April 2nd 1805
Thos Loyd Junr}  Georgia }
Benj. Darnold} Clarke County}
personally appeared Wm C Reese Before me and amid oath that he Saw Allen Braswell sign and acknowledge the within Deed to Jeremiah Darnell and and (?) Saw Thomas Loyd Sen (?) the same as a subscribing witness with himself Sworn to Sworn to (?) before me this 1? of march 1805 Sam Braswell JO:  Wmson. C. Reese

(Clarke County Georgia Deed Book B Pages 211-212)

Contributed by Kay Braswell Dawson

(Transcriber's note, parts of this deed difficult to read, and the last time this deed was rewritten it seems to have been a sloppy job, for instance there seems to be confusion as to whether it was Thomas Loyd Sr or Jr who witnessed and proved the deed.)

1809 - Joseph Braswell to Jerusha & Sally Lambert

80} State of Georgia}
Clark County}
Know all men by these presents that I Joseph Braswell of the County & State aforesaid do for the love & affection I have for my Daughter Susana Lambert and for divers other goods causes to me known I give to her Daughter Jerusa Lambert a negro woman named Jone and her Child named Simon ~ also I give to her next oldest Daughter Sally Lambert a negro woman named Easter which negros I give to the said Children as above named for there only use & benefit the right of said negros to the above named Jerusa Lambert and Sally Lambert I warrant & defend from myself my heirs - and from every other person or persons whatsoever In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this 18th day of July 1809 ~
Joseph his x mark Braswell
John Heard}
Georgia} Personally Came before me 
Clark County} Joseph Braswell & acknowledged
the within To be his own proper assignment
acknowledged before me this 4 day
of August 1809
James Langford JP
Recorded the 4th August 1809

(Clark County Georgia Deed Book E Page 60)

Contributed by Kay Braswell Dawson