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Samuel Braswell - War of 1812

WAR OF 1812

NUMBERS: S. O. 15442, S. C. 9950
SOLDIER: Braswell, Samuel (or) Braswel, Samuel
SERVICE: Pvt., Capt. Jesse Thomas' Co., Ga. Mil.
ENLISTED: Dec. 17, 1814
DISCHARGED: Mch 8, 1815
BOUNTY LAND: 84629-40-50, 35216-120-55
RESIDENCE OF SOLDIER: 1852, 1855, Clarke Co., Ga., 1871, Watkinsville, Clarke Co., Ga.
MAIDEN NAME OF Wife: Frankey Thomas.
MARRIAGE OF SOLDIER AND WIFE Jan. 8, 1813, Clarke Co., Ga.

(Samuel is the son of George & Jane)

Samuel Braswell, Clarke Co., GA 1876

Samuel Braswell Will - May 16, 1876

...I will and bequeath to John Walker col. one hundred acres of land adjoining J P Mayne's on the lower end of my tract to run from Thrasher's land to the Colham Ferry Road and to get him a mule out of what is left after paying my debts. I will and bequeath to Dick Robertson col. one hundred acres of land adjoining John Walker's running from Thrasher's line to the Colham Ferry Road, also one mule for Dave. I will and bequeath to Louisa Braswell col. one hundred acres with the houses on her tract and at her death said one hundred acres of land to go to Eveline Morton col. three oldest children (Dock, Louisa, and Lavinia Scott). I will and bequeath to Mary Stricklin one hundred and thirteen acres of land adjoining branch and Mayne on the upper part of my place, also one mule Bill. The balance of my property both real and personal to be sold and after my debts is paid out of it, the balance to be placed in trust for building Baptist Churches and support of worn out Baptist Preachers in the county of Oconee the interest only as it accrues to be used for said purposes. Exr: James C Wilson Wit: Thomas Booth, G C Thomas, Albon S Wilson.

Recorded September 4, 1876 (WB A Pg. 9)

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(Samuel 1796-1876 is the son of George & Jane)

Valentine & Byrd Braswell, Hancock Co., GA 1816

Georgia )

Hancock County ) To Byrd Brazil

You are hereby authorized and empowered to collect and take into your possession and under your care the goods and chattels rights & credits which were of the estate of VALENTINE BRAZIL deceased until permanent letters of administration are granted on said estate at which time you are required to return such goods & chattels rights & credits of which you may be possessed of by virtue of these presents to such person or persons to whom said permanent letters may be granted and these letters to my office Give under my hand and private seal (having no seal of office) this
13th day of January 1816. James H. Jones, Clk C.O. H.C.

* William Braswell, Cumberland Co., NC 1758

Sampson Williams

Absolem Tyler

(Page 250) This Indenture Made this 15th day of July in the rear of Our Lord One thousand seven hundred and fifty eight, and in the 31st year of the Reign of our Lord George the Second King and Defender of the Faith -e. Between Sampson Williams and Absolem Tyler in the County of Cumberland and in his Majesty's province of North Carolina, Now this Indenture Witnesseth that for and in consideration of 30 pounds Current Money to me in hand paid and secured to be paid at or before the ensealing of these presents the receipt whereof I acknowledge myself satisfied content and paid and do acquit exonerate and discharge the said Tyler his heirs administrators and assigns thereof do fully freely and absolutely give grant bargain sell alien Convey and Confirm unto the said Tyler his heirs and assigns forever One Messuage or part or Devedent of land containing 150 acres of land within the Earls boundaries on the East side of Cape Fear on Goodricks Creek. beginning at a Red Oak on the original line then along a line of Marked trees thence crossing the Creek which is a line dividing the said land as the said Tyler lives on then to the original line then along the original line West to the corner then South along the original line to a Red Oak, then last along the original to the beginning Red Oak 150 acres more or less which was part of a tract taken up by Miles Parker & conveyed to George Sweeting and then to Arthur Donally and then to Sampson Williams as among other things will more fully appear. To have and to hold the said land and bargained premices with all the appurtenances priviledges Commodities immunities and property profits to the same belonging (Page 251) or any ways appertaining to him the said Absolem Tyler his heirs or assigns forever to his or their proper use benefit and behoof forever. and I the said Sampson Williams for me my heirs executors administrators and assigns. do Covenant promise grant and agree to and with the said Tyler his heirs and assigns that at and before the ensealing and delivery of these presents I am the true sole and lawful owner of the said land and granted premises on manner as above said. and that the said Abselom Tyler his heirs and assigns shall and may from time to time and at all times forever hereafter by force and virtue of these presents use occupy possess and enjoy the said land and premises with the appurtenances free and clear and freely and clearly acquitted exonerated and discharged of and from all and all manner of former or other gifts grants bargains sales wills entails leases Mortgages -orntures Dowers Judgements power of thirds executions encumberances entails and all rents Lack rents and arrears of rents and all other incumberances only the future quit rents as Shall become due herafter and the promise excepted in Earl Granvill's Deeds furthermore I the said Sampson Williams acknowledge myself my heirs true sole and lawful owner in fee simple of the demiced premises and do Covenant Warrant and forever defend the same from lawful claim or demand of me my heirs or any other person whatsoever but do warrant secure and ever defend.
In Witness whereof I set my hand and affix my seal this day and year above written.
Signed sealed and delivered} Sampson Williams {Seal}
in presence of us}
William his X mark Bruswell}
Charles Reiles}

(Cumberland County Register of Deeds Book 1 Page 250-251)

NOTE: Sampson Williams is believed to be the son or grandson of Jane Braswell & Samuel Williams. William Braswell is believed to be his cousin, the son of Valentine Braswell & Patience.

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Samuel Braswell, Newton Co., GA 1823


Newton County}
Know all men by these presents that we John Farr & Samuel Braswell are held and firmly bound unto their honors the Judges of the court of Ordinary for said County and their successors in office in the just & full sum of twenty five hundred Dollars for the payment of which sum to the said Judges & their successors we bind ourselves our heirs executors & administrators in the whole & for the whole sum jointly & severally, and firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this fifteenth day of September Eighteen hundred & twenty three. The condition of the above obligation is such that if the above bound John Farr administrator of the goods chattles & credits of Daniel Farr late of this County deceased do make a true and perfect inventory of all and Singular the goods Chattles & Credits of said deceased which have or shall come to the hands possessions or knowledge of the said John Farr or into the hands or possessions of any other person or persons for him and the same so made do enhati- (?) into the said Court of Ordinary when he shall be thereunto required and such goods Chattles and Credits do well & truly administer according to law and do make a just and true account of his actings and goings therein when he shall be thereunto required by the Court of Ordinary for said County & all the rest of the goods Chattles & Credits which shall be Found remaining upon the account of said administration the same being first allowed of by the Court shall deliver and pay to such person or persons respectively or as entitled to the same by law & if it shall hereafter appear that any last will & testament was made by the deceased and be provided before the court & the executors obtain a certificate of the probate thereof & the said (blank space) do in such case if required render and deliver up the said Letters of administration then this obligation to be void else to remain in Full Force Signed Sealed and acknowledged in open Court.
John (his X mark) Farr {LS}
Samuel Braswell {LS}
Stephen Hodge C.C.O.} Recorded on the 11th Apr (?) 1829 {L S}

(Page 8)

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Williamson M. Braswell, Newton Co., GA 1830

Newton County}
This indenture made this 19th day of January in the year of our lord One thousand eight hundred and thirty between Williamson M Braswell of the County and state aforesaid of the one part and Samuel Catlin of the County of Walton and State aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the Said Williamson M Braswell for and in consideration of the Sum of Two hundred and thirty Seven dollars to him in hand paid at and before the Sealing and selivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained Sold and Conveyed & do by these presents grant bargain Sell & Convey unto the Said Samuel Catlin his heirs and assigns all that tract or parcel of land Situate lying and being in the County aforesaid but in the County of Walton at the time of Survey and in the 4th district on little Hanes creek Known and distinguished by the No 288 Two hundred and eighty eight Containing Seventy acres more or less granted to John Silman on the first day of June 1821 having Such Shape form and marks as may appear by reference to a plat of the Same To have and to hold Said tract or parcel of land unto him the Said Samuel Catlin his heirs and assigns with all and Singular the rights members and appurtenances thereof to the Same in any manner belonging belonging (?) to his and their own proper use benefit and behoof forever in fee Simple and the Said William M Braswell for himself his heirs and assigns the Said bargained premises unto the Said Samuel Catlin his heirs and assigns will warrant and forever defend the right and title thereof against themselves and against the claim of all other persons whatsoever in Witness whereof the Said Williamson M Braswell hath hereunto Set his hand and Seal the day and year above written
Signed Sealed and delivered in presencs of
Joshua Baker
Allen Summers JP WmSon M Braswell {Seal}
Recorded 8th February 1830
Hamilton Burge Clk

(Pages 32-33)

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Concord, Permelia & Williamson M Braswell, 1833

Walton County}
This indenture made and entered in to on the 16th day of Nov in the year of our lord eighteen hundred and thirty three between Berrien Williams of the one part Parnelia W Brasswell of the other both of the County and state aforesaid. Witness that the said Berrien Williams for & in the consideration of the sum of Two hundred dollars to him in hand paid at or before sealing and delivering , of these presents doth bargain & sell unto the said Parmelia W Braswell her heirs and assigns seventy five acres ofland more or less it being the north east corner of the south half of lot No 48 in the 3d district of walton together with all and singular the rights & privilidges thereunto belonging to have and to hold unto her the said Parmelia W Braswell her heirs and assigns forever in fee simple from me my heirs assigns and all other persons or persons lawfully claiming the same in witness I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, the day before written,, assiged and acknowledged in the presence of Test
Wmson Braswell}
Concord (her X mark) Braswell} Berrien Williams{seal}

Walton County} Personally came before me Wmson M Braswell and after being duly sworn deposeth & saith that he saw Berrien Williams make and assign Seal and deliver the within deed to Parmelia W Braswell & he assigned the Same himsef & saw Concord Braswell assign the Same as a witness Sworn to & Subscribed before me March 10th 1834
James Benley J.P. Wmson M Braswell
Recorded 31st March 1834 J.P. Lucas Cln (?)

(Pages 358-359)

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Samuel & Williamson M Braswell, Newton Co., GA 1838


Newton County}
The following is a list of property appraised belonging to the Estate of Samuel Braswell December 1838 1 Negro Man Bob about Sixty years of age appraised #400.00

Newton County}
We the undersigned do certify that the above is a true appraisement
of all the property produced to us by Williamson M Braswell
Administrator on the Estate of Samuel Braswell Deceased 29th December 1838
Richard Kenone}
Sanford Wilburn}
R Grant}
I do certify that above appraisers were duly qualified according to law. December 29th 1838
Laurence Baker J.P.
Registered October 1839
Wm D. Luckie D.C.C. V.

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Samuel Braswell Jr. & Joseph & Anne Braswell, Clarke Co., GA 1804

1804 - March 10, Joseph Braswell and Anne his wife of Clarke county to Samuel Braswell, Junr.., for egh (sic) hundred dollars, two Negroes named Bob & Simon; Bob about 21 years of age & Simon in his 16th year. Signed, J. Braswell, Ann (X) Braswell. Witnesses, James Spurlock, Benjamin Legget. Sworn to by James Spurlock on March 10, 1804, before R. McAlpin, J.P. (no recording date) (Georgia Settlers Vol. 3, No. 3 August 2002 Pp. 311-312)

Williamson M. Braswell & Williamson Mims, Houston Co., GA 1843

Houston January Sheriff's Sale.

WILL be sold on the first Tuesday in January next, before the court house door in the town of Perry, Houston county, within the legal hours of sale, the following property to wit: One framed house and two acre lot in Fort Valley, with other necessary out buildings, one fifth part of one negro man by the name of Bob, about 65 years of age, one yoke of oxen, one ox-wagon, one barouche and harness, one black mare six or seven years old, five head of cattle, ten heads of hogs, 100 bushels of corn, more or less. 1000 lbs. of fodder, more or less; levied on as the property of Williamson M. Brasewell, to satisfy two fi. fas. issued from Houston Superior Court, one in favor of Daniel Morrison vs. Williamson M. Brasswell and Williamson Mims and one in favor of Chickering & McKays vs Williamson M. Brasswell and John Jacob Lomon, property pointed out by Williamson Mims.
WM. D. HUNT, D. Sh'ff
Dec.1 10

(Macon Weekly Telegraph - January 03, 1843)

Williamson Mims Braswell, Houston Co., GA 1843

1843 – U. S. District Court, District of Georgia In Bankruptcy

In the matter of WILLIAMSON MIMS BRASWELL, Carpenter, of the County of Houston, Georgia. The above described WILLIAMSON MIMS BRASWELL having this day, filed his petition praying that he may be declared a Bankrupt and the Court having assigned the 15th day of February next at 11 o’clock A.M. at the Court House in the City of Savannah , for the hearing of the same; notice is hereby given to all persons interested that they may appear at the time and place aforesaid and show cause, if any they have, why the prayer of the petitioner should not be granted.

Savannah January 7, 1843 Geo. Glen, Clerk

(Published in Federal Union January 17, 1843, January 24, 1843 and January 31, 1843)

W. Mims Braswell, Georgia, 1845

Macon Weekly Telegraph - July 09, 1845

General Assignee's Sale.

I WILL sell at PUBLIC AUCTION, in the City of Macon, on WEDNESDAY, 16th day of July next before the Court House, at 11 o'clock, A.M. all the property and rights of property, of every name and nature, which became vested in me, the Official or General Assignee in the following assets, and which are particularly set forth in the papers on file in the hands of my agent at Macon, Isaac Holmes, as by reference thereto will more fully appear, and the same will be sold subject to all set offs, liens, and incumbrances, as well as all title which may have been acquired under such set-offs, & c., subsequent, as well as prior, to the decrees. Terms cash - purchasers paying at the expense of a formal certificate of sale.

In the matter of W. Mims Braswell, sundry promissory notes and open accounts. (listed among other debtors, AB)

Persons disposed to purchase any of the above assets are requested to make their examination of the papers, or enquiries previous to the day of sale.
Official or General Assignee in Bankruptcy, District of Georgia.
July 9, 1845. 41-tds

William Mims Braswell, Houston Co., GA 1843

1843 – United States District Court )

District of Georgia ) In Bankruptcy

WILLIAM MIMS BRASWELL of Houston County, Georgia, a Bankrupt, having filed his petition praying that a full discharge from his debts may be decreed and allowed, and a certificate thereof be granted to him—Notice is hereby given to all creditors who have proved their debts, and other persons in interest to appear at the Court house in the city of Savannah on the third day of January next, at 11 o’clock A.M. to show cause why such a discharge and certificate shall not be granted. Savannah September 21, 1843 Geo. Glen, Clerk (Federal Union October 10, 1843 issue)

Williamson M Braswell, Georgia, 1840


RANAWAY from the subscriber, in Monroe county, Georgia, on the 27th day of October last, a Negro Man by the name of Joe, about 25 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 8 inches high, yellow complexion, has a mole on the right side of his face, cheek bones high, rather thin jawed, pleasant countenance, quick spoken. When he left he wore off a wide brimmed white hat, a steel-mixed round about. He carried off a set of carpenter's bench planes, saw and hammer, a joint rule, a box square. It is my opinion that he will attempt to pass himself off as a free man, and that he will stop in some large place or city, where he can hire himself to work at the carpenter's trade. I will give the above reward for the delivery of said negro to me, or to the keeper of some jail, and to be placed therein, and information given to the subscriber, living in Fort Valley, Houston county, Ga.
Nov 22 wtf

(Augusta Chronicle - January 22, 1840)

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George Braswell, Jackson Co., GA 1805


Jackson County}
This Indenture made this first day of June in the Year of Our Lord one thousand Eight hundred & five & in the twenty sixth Year of American Independence Between George Braswell of the One part and Joshua Brantley of the other part both of the County & State aforesaid Witnesseth that the Sd George Braswell for and in consideration of One Hundred dollars to him in hand paid by the Said Joshua Brantly at or before the Sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained Sold released and confirmed unto the said Joshua Brantly his heirs and assigns all that tract or parcel of land Comtaining Seventy Six acres be the Same more or less Situate Lying and being in the County of Jackson and Clarke and State aforesaid in the waters of bear Creek beginning and running from a R? N 55 W 55 e to a pine on McDaniels land thence 35 & 27 - to a pine on Hear- land thence S. 55 E 30 - to a Stake on Callings land thence is-- Bear Creek to the beginning R. O Originally granted to Webster and David together with all and Singular the rights --------- and appurtenances --thereof Whatsoever to Sd tract of land belonging or in any ----appertaining to have and to hold this Sd tract of land and premises as aforesaid unto the Sd Joshua Brantly his heirs and assigns forever to his and their only proper use benefits and behoof and the aforesaid George Braswell and for himself his heirs the aforesaid tract of land unto the Said Joshua Brantly his heirs and ------- forever against him the Sd Braswell his heirs --and of against all and every person or persons whatsoever Shall and --- warrant and defend the titile of Said land ---- ----- by these presents In Witness Whereof I Set my hand and Seal this day and date above Written
Signed and delivered in the presence of us Test - George Braswell
David Beauchamp
Saml Braswell J.P.
Recorded the 14th day of Jany 1806
Sylvanus Riply Clk
(Page 213)

NOTE: Original copy difficult to read, check for accuracy.

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* Britain & Letitia Braswell

- January 3, James Parham to Drury Parham for 120 pds, 125 acres on the S. side of Cape Fear River, joining Thomas Partridge. Witnesses: John Barginneer, Benjamin Yarbrough, Britain Brazil, Wm. Ragland "Feb. Ct. Sessions Chatham County 1785. Certified that the within Deed was duly proved in Open Court by the Oath of Britain Braswill and ordered to be registered. Test. JOHN RAMSEY CC" (Chatham Co. NC DB C Pg 400)

NOTE: Benjamin Yarborough's sister Anna had a child with Henry Braswell, assumed brother of Valentine of Chatham Co., NC, Edgefield Co., SC, and Georgia.

NOTE: In Georgia Revolutionary War Soldiers' Graves, compiled by H. Ross Arnold, Jr. and Clifton Burnham, it is stated that Britain is buried in Barrow County and that he "served in the North or South Carolina Troops and came to Georgia in the 1790s from South Carolina. He settled in the Mulberry Fork area of old Jackson County and later drew land in the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery as a Revolutionary War Soldier and resident of Jackson County". This published work provided dates for another man named Britton Brassell (wife LaDicey Davis) who is documented in Edgefield Co. South Carolina until at least 1805.

Also featured in the same book is Isaac Burson, "b. c.1745, d. 1823. Served as an express rider in the South Carolina Army, and later settled along the Mulberry River in old Jackson County. His widow, Sarah drew land in the 1825 Georgia Land Lottery as a widow of a Revolutionary War Soldier and resident of Jackson County".

NOTE: Barrow County was created in 1914 from Jackson, Walton and Gwinnett.

1788 - "South Carolina. I do hereby certify for Valentine Breaziel a tract of land containing two hundred and twenty six acres (surveyed for him the 10th day of December 1788 & situate in the District of Ninety Six in Edgefield County on the waters of the Edisto River at the Sister Ponds & hath forms and marks buttings and boundings as the above plat Represents. Given under my hand this 8th day of March 1791. David Burks Depty Sevnr., F. Bremar Suvr Genl.

1794 – August 19, Valentine (X) Braziel sold 120 acres in Edgefield County, SC to James Herring. The land was bounded by lands of Thomas Adams "boundary line near the Jester Ponds beginning on land of Thomas Adams, incl. improvement that Breton Brazeel now lives on, adj. Benjamin McKinney, being part of 226 acres granted to Valentine Breazeel 4 April 1791"(Deed Book 13, page 136 – copy of deed)

1795 - Hancock Co. Georgia Tax List Capt C. Raines District Valentine Braswell - 1 slave, no land (next door to) Britton Braswell - 1 poll only (Donna Sarchet)

1801Briton Brazeil, Aaron Wood’s District, Jackson Co., Tax List (Index to GA Tax Digests)

1802 – January 20, William Hopkins of Clark County to Jesse Kirk of Jackson County, $144 for 72 acres of land on Barbers Creek being the same parcel whereon Britton Braswell formerly resided, beginning at stake on the Creek, N30E 28 chains to a post oak corner, N35W 28 chains, 50 links to a stake, S12W 30 chains to the Creek, alder corner, down meanders of Creek to the beginning, being part of a tract granted to Horatio Marbury. Signed William Hopkins; Witnessed: Thomas Bankstron, Thomas Williams; Sworn to by Thomas Williams on March 1806 before Arnold Atkinson, JP. Recorded February 29, 1808, (Jackson County Deed Book E, page 14. from Joyce Zachman on Braswell List)

It is interesting to note that on October 13, 1813 Jesse Kirk of Jackson County sold to William Blalock of the "State of South Carolina, Edgefield District" for the "sum of two hundred fifty" land in County of Jackson on Barbers Creek where said Kirk now resides, originally granted to Marbury, containing "seventy two acres".

1804 – June 3, Deed from William Kirkland to John Ship, both of Jackson County, in consideration of $200 100 acres of land in said county on the waters of the Mulberry River bounding SW by Kirkland, N by , W by Brooks, being part of a track containing 600 acres granted to Buckner Harris BY HIS HONOR james Jackson. Signed: William (X) Kirkland. Witnesses: Britain Braziel, C. T. TRAYLOR, J.P. Recorded June 25, 1805. (page 259, from Kay Dawson)

1804, Aaron Wood's District, Jackson Co., GA Britain Braziel, 100 acres, granted to Kirkland, Jackson Co., Mulberry, joining Cullers, 50 tax.

1805 - January 21, Jackson County, Georgia, Deed Abstracts Deed Book D, 1803-1808
Page 187. deed from David McCullers of Warren County to John Bagby Jackson County, $300 for a certain parcel of land whereon James Brooks now lives in Jackson County on the Waters of the Mulberry fork it being part of a tract surveyed for and granted to Buckner Harris on June 14, 1802 by his honor Josiah Tatnall, Junior containing by estimation 100 acres beginning on a maple corner on Joseph Georges line, joining Brassel, Beach corner on the branch that runs between said land and Isaac Bursons land. Signed David "D" McCullers. Witnesses: James "X" Brooks, George Hargraves, J.I.C. Recorded February14, 1805

1805 – Jackson County Tax List Britain Brazeel, 100 acres, originally granted to Kirkland, Mulberry Branch, 1.56 1/4 Aaron Wood's District.

1805 – Georgia Land Lottery Britton Braziel of Jackson Co., GA, Reg. #1242, blank draw (transcribed & indexed by Virginia S. Wood & Ralph V. Wood, 1964 from Terry Cliett)

1805 - Leonard Stringer won a lot in the 1805 Land Lottery which would have been 202 1/2 acres. 1805 Land Lottery: Counties - Baldwin: 5 Districts (1-5) - Wayne: 3 Districts (1-3) - Wilkinson: 5 Districts (1-5) - Size of Land Lots - Baldwin: 202 ½ acres - Wayne: 490 acres - Wilkinson: 202 ½ acres

1806 – June 18, Clarke County, GA, Leonard Stringer to Robert Fullwood both of county afsd., for $500 , in 4th Dist. of Baldwin Co., Lot 284, on Sugar Creek, including plantation where self now lives and where Britton Braswell formerly occupied, 202 ½ acres in fee simple. (signed) Leonard Stringer. Test: Benjamin Braswell, Saml Braswell, J.P. Recorded 6 June 1815 (p. 377, Morgan County Deed Book D 1813-1815)

1807Braswell, ValentineBaldwin Co. – lst Dist –drew land in Wilkinson Co. “Second Land Lottery – 1807 Lottery of Georgia” by Silas Lucas, Jr. (Karen Pickett)

1809 – Index to Tax Digest 1809, Jackson Co., GA Britton Brazel (USGenWeb)

1810 - Britton Braswell, Jackson County (Index to GA Tax Digests)

1811 - A List of Defaulters in Jackson County for the year 1811 Capt. Geo. Penticost's District Britton Brazeal

1812 – For Sale. A very valuable tract of land in Jackson Co. on Beech Creek containing 800 acres, 150 of which is cleared and under a good fence, with a large peach and apple orchard….good springs of pure water….comfortable dwelling house, with brick chimneys, a very good barn, stables, kitchen…..about 15 mi. west from Athens, same from Watkinsville and 10 mi. from Jefferson, with a thick settled country westward….apply to Mr. Britain Brazeal on the land….Geo. N. Lyles. February 8, 1812 (Georgia Express, Vol. IV, No. 187, February 21, 1812 )

1813Britain Brazeel witnessed deed William Lyles to Peter Williams, Jackson Co.

1813 – April 2, William Lyles to Britain Brazael for $200 100 acres in Jackson County beginning at Marbury's line on a pine running south 45 degrees west 40 chains to a hickory thence north 45 degrees west 25 chains to a white oak on Ignatius Fews line thence north 45 degrees east 40 chains to a Peach tree & Rock on said FEWs line thence south 45 degrees east 25 chains to the beginning. (Jackson County Deed Book F, page 69. Copy of Deed on USGenWeb) NOTE: SOLD 1827

1817 - Britain Brazelle, Jackson Co. (Index to GA Tax Digest)

1820 – Georgia Land Lottery Britain Brazel, Residence: Jackson Co. County Drawn: Early Co. (KD)

1820 – U.S. Census, Jackson County, Georgia
B. Brazell 1 male 26 & under 45, 1 male 45 & upward, 1 female 10 & under 16, 1 female 45 & upward

1820-1821 – Tax List, Capt. Flanningham's District, Jackson County
Britton Brazeal – 100 – granting Marbury – joining Few & others – Jackson County

1821 - November 4, Rolley Bowen to daughter Sally Bowen one feather bed and furniture and two cows and calves both of the Cows brindled colour and six puter plates & one puter dish & two Basans & two pots & one baker. Wit: Isaac Burson Jun, Britain Brazeal. Robert Watkins J.P. (Recorded Nov 6, 1822 Jackson Co. GA)

1822Britain Brazel, County of Residence: Jackson; date of grant: 2 April 1822; Lot No. 332; present location: G (Grady Co.) [Grants to land lots in this 18th District of originally Early County, Georgia. All lots became a part of Thomas County when it was organized on 23 December 1827. Many were included in Grady County upon its creation on 17 August 1906. All lots were 250 acres]

1822 – April, Letters left at Post Office in Jackson County, Georgia Breten Braswell Valentine Brazeal (Kay Dawson)

1822 – July, Letter left in Jackson County Post Office Bratain Brazzeal (Kay Dawson)

1823 - January 15, Valentine Brazeal married Nancy Burson in Jackson County (usgennet)

1824 – April 8, Micajah Bennett will. Witnesses: William Penticost, Brittain Brazeal and Josiah Bradley (Jackson Co. Will Book A, 1803- 1860)

1824 – September 22, Georgia, Jackson County. This Indenture made the 22nd day of September 1824 between Briton Brazzel and John Cook, both of the state and county aforesaid and the other part witnesseth that the said Briton Brazzel for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars by the said John Cook…a parcel of land situate, lying and being in the county aforesaid on the waters of beach creek containing fifty acres……/s/ Briton Brasal. Wit: William Rook, Ezekial Milsaps. Proved 12 February 1823 and recorded 13 February 1825. (#211)

1824Beton Brasal, Joseph “X” Downey and Green Thue withness Deed #212, William Rooks to John Cook, Jackson Co., GA.

1827 – February 18, Britain Brazill sells land to Francis Meriwether for $120 on Marbury's line. Hickory 3N45W 24 chains N45E 40 chains to Peachtree and Rock. Signed Britain Brazeal and witnessed by J. W. Penticost and Samuel Hunters. (from Kay Dawson on Braswell List 11/21/2006)

1827 – Georgia Land Lottery – 67-69 days' drawing – May 23-25
Britten Braziel R.S., Residence Jackson Co., Land Lot No. #47, Dist. 9, (Landrums) County Drawn: Lee County Land grant was issued 5/16/1833 (GA Sec. of State Archives)

1830 – U.S. Census, Campbell County, Georgia
Britain Brazeal 1 male 60 & under 70, 1 female 50 & under 60
Isaac Burson 1 male 40 & under 50, 1 female 50 & under 60, 4 males 10 & under 30

1834 – April 10, Deed from Britton Brazil of Campbell County to Ausbin J. Casey of Campbell Co. 50 acres lying in LL #141, Dist. 14, Fayette Co, GA that is now Campbell originally granted to William L. Bryant. (page 350, from Kay Dawson)

1835 – July 8, Executed Campbell Co., GA deed from Britton Brasele of Campbell Co. to Ausborn J. Casey of Campbell Co., 101 ¼ acres lying in LL #141, Dist 14, Fayette, now Campbell Co., GA., $200. Witnesses: James T. Richardson, David D. Smith No recording date entered (page 292, Campbell Co, GA, from Kay Dawson)

1840 – U.S. Census, Gwinnett Co., GA
Britton Brazeal 1 male 70 & under 80, 1 female 60 & under 70, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20 & under 30

1844 – July 17, Britton Brazeal Campbell Co., GA wrote his will naming wife Lettiitia "faithful partner in this world". Executrix: wife Lettitia Brazeal. Witnesses: John Dunlap and James Mason. (Pg. 42, Will Book A, from Kay Dawson)

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* George Braswell Clarke Co., GA 1821

In the name of God Amen. The fifteenth of August one thousand eight hundred and twenty one I GEORGE BRASWELL of the state of Georgia and County of Clarke being weak in body and of a Sound mind and memory do make this my Last will and testament at the _____ion & truly rendering all former wills made by me declaring this to be my Last Will and Testament.

First I give and bequeath to my Daughter MARY AKRIDGE one dollar to be paid out of my estate.

Secondly I give to my son WILLIAM BRASWELL one dollar to be paid out of my estate. Thirdly I give to my daughter JANE BRASWELL one feather bed and furniture that ----- Cald Hern ?.

Forthly I give unto my Daughter FANNY BRASWELL one feather bed and furniture.

5 After all Just Debts are paid the balance of my estate both real and personally I wish to Remain in the hand of my beloved wife NANCY BRASWELL for the support and Education of my children.

6 I wish my Executors to have the control of my will with the ____ of the County of Clarke to manage my Estate to the best ____ of the benefit of my wife and children.

7 When my Executors and the Cort think proper to make a Division of my estate my will and that all my estate be Equally divided between my wife NANCY BRASWELL and the children I had by her and six children I had by my former wife JANE BRASWELL deceased at the same time I do appoint my Executors ANDERSON BURT, JAMES BURT, SAML BRASWELL. Hereunto I have set my hand this 15 of August 1821. Sined and acknoedg before us: JAS. HEARD, JAS “X” GRIMES, SUSANNAH “+” TRUMAN. GEORGE BRASWELL

Georgia ) Personally appeared in Open Court JAMES HEARD

Clarke County )and JAMES GRIMES two of the subscribing witnesses to the within will and being duly Sworn saith that they saw GEORGE BRASWELL sign and acknowledge the within Instrument to be his Last Will and Testament and that he was of Sound and Desparing mind and memory at the time of the Signing and that they saw SUSANNAH TRUMAN sign this_______. Sworn to in Open Court Sept. 3rd 1821 JAS. HEARD, JAMES “X:” GRIME J. H. LOVE, Clk Recorded September 5th 1821

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* Joannah Braswell & Samuel Barron Bible Record


Samuel Barron was born 4 July 1768.

Joannah Barron, S. Barron’s wife was born 10 December 1771.

Sally Barron was born 2 February 1794.

James Barron was born 8 May 1795.

Wiley Barron was born 5 September, 1796.

William Barron was born 1 January 1798.

Nancy Barron was born 5 May 1799.

Rebecca Barron was born 29 December 1800.

Benjamin Barron was born 3 July 1802.

Jonathan Barron was born 16 May 1804.

Willis Barron was born 9 August 1805.

Thomas Green Barron was born 28 July 1807.

Abington Barron was born 3 October 1809.

Isac Jones Barron son of Jothathan and Judy Barron was born on the 6th of

April 1845.


Samuel Barron and Joannah, his wife were married 22 March 1793.

James Barron was married on the 18th of August 1818

Rebecca Barron was married on the 1 day of March 1821

Wilie Barron was married on the 17 of June 1821.

William Barron was married on the 21 of January 1823

Sarah Barron was married on the 20 of Febuary 1823

Willis Barron was married on the 25 of January 1827

Johnathan Barron was married on the 22 of January 1829

Benjamin Barron was married on the 14 of July 1831

Nancy Barron was married 21st July 1835

Thomas G Barron married 28th April 1836


Samuel Barron died the 20 June 1826.

Sarah Jane Barron the daughter of Willis Barron died the 14 of November 1832

Joannah Barron the wife of Samuel Barron died on Wednesday morning at four

o'clock the 5 of Febuary 1834

William Barron died 20th Detm 1836

Nancy Morrow died 25th Dec 1864

Willis Barron died 17th July 1840

Sarah Pryorey died 21st Nov 1841

Johnathan Barron died 3rd of April 1845.

Judy Barron wife of Johnathan Barron died 23d April 1845

Abington Barron died March 11th 1852

Wiley Barron died January 6th 1856

William G Barron died 29th day of July 1854.

James Barron died 1st Sept 1857

* Benjamin Braswell Will Morgan Co., GA 1818

Morgan County )
State of Georgia ) In the name of God Amen. I, BENJAMIN BRASWELL, of the County & State aforesaid being sick and weak in body but of sound & perfect memory and calling to mind the transitory things of this life do make & ordain this to be my last will & testament revoking all other wills made by me in my name, Viz,

Having no children of my own it is my wish to dispose of my property so that it may be of a benefit to the unfortunate poor, etc. ----

Firstly. It is my will that any Executors hereafter named shall dispose of my sundry household and furniture with all my stock of Horses, Cattle and hogs in a way they may think best for the purpose of promoting the intention of this my last will and testament.
Secondly. It is my will that my Executors do dispose of the following named Negroes in the manner hereafter presented in this will Susannah, Nancy, Milbery, Jack, Ephrain, Amy, Abram, Solloman, Ransom, Lusana, Lucy Alicat & Benjamin. but the above negroes are to be sold on the following conditions which is to say that each Negroe is to be sold to such person as they may chuse for a master provided such person so chosen will pay at least one half the value of such Negroe and after the sale of all my property as aforesaid and together with all the money now in hand and also that is due me it is my express wish that my Executors do take the whole amount of the money and lodge it in the funds of the State Bank and whenever there shall be a sufficient sum arising from the interest of the principal it is my will that my Executors shall appropriate the said money to the sole purpose for Educating of Orphan children in the County of Morgan and it is my earnest request that after the death or refusal to act of my Executors, that the Court of Ordinary and their Successors in office in Morgan County do take the money into their hands and cause the true intent and meaning of this my last will and testament to be carried affect. I do hereby appoint as my Executors to this my last will & testament JAMES MALCOM, DAVIS GRISHAM & WILLIAM ________.

Given under my hand & seal this 20th day of March 1817



Recorded 28th Feby 1818 Jn NESBIT

Georgia ) Personally appeared in open court came EPPIE DUKE &
Morgan County ) DAVID MALCOM Subscribing Witnesses to the within will who after being duly sworn saith that they saw the testator BENJAMIN BRASWELL sign & seal the same and heard him proclaim it to be his last will and testament and that they believe he was at the time in his proper sanity and that Z. AEIDDLETON also signed his name as a witness to the same sworn to & subscribed in open court this 1 day of Sepr 1817


Recorded 28th Feby 1818 John Nesbet Clk

Photo copy September 9, 1971 from Morgan County Ordinary Court, 1815-1830, pages 135, 136 & 137, Drawer 41, Box 49. Last name of the third Executor and part of the year it was written is cut off.

* Byrd William & Elizabeth Braswell

Byrd William Braswell born in North Carolina – gave age as "about sixty-nine years" on his January 7, 1833, RW pension application

1776 – May 5, Enlisted at Chatham County, NC for 2 ½ years

1777 - June 23, William Brinkley of Halifax Co. to Abraham Brinkley. 20 pounds proclamation money. 550 acres which had been a Granville Grant to sd William Brinkley, on both sides of Fishing Creek, joining Bar Swamp, William Gilbert, William Brinkley. Wit: William Pullen, Robert Cleves (X), Byrd Brazell (X). Feb Ct. 1778. CC: Ben McCulloch [1773 - 595-(640)]

1778 – October, discharged

1778 – November 20, John Wommack entered 386 acres on the south side of Cape Fear, crossing Fall Creek, adjacent the County line. Henry Brazile and Byrd Brazile chain carriers. File #125 dtd 20 Nov 1778, grant #124 issued 20 Aug 1779, surveyed 1 Feb 1779. Recorded in Book 30, p. 124 Chatham Co., NC (List 2/24/2000 from Carey Bracewell who received it from Glenda)

1779 – February 20, Henry Brazwell entered 100 acres on the waters of Bush Creek, Cumberland Co., NC, joining Bird William Brazwell's line and the Chatham County line.

1784 – May 24, Byrd Braswell, N.C. Private, 228 acres, GA (Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants)

1785Bird Braswell, 400 acres in Wilkes Co., GA (Book HHH, page 603)

1787 - July 1, Byrd Braswell of Richmond County to Wm. W. Nunnelee of Wilkes County, 400 acres on Beaverdam Creek original grant 1785 to said Braswell . Warren Philpot, John Bryan, Test. (Wilkes Co., GA DB DD 1788-1789 Pg 155)

1787 - December 12, Wm. Womack Nunnelee to Walter Nunelee 400 acres on Beaverdam Creek for L5 original grant 1785 to Byrd Braswell. Chas. Cosby, Wm. H. Tait, Test. (Wilkes Co., GA DB DD 1788-1789 Pg 114)

1790 – Wilkes Co. Tax – Capt. Fretwell’s District 058 Byrd Brazell – 0 0 1458 acres

1790 - March 18, Isaac Ball to Edmond Cody 200 acres bounded on all sides by vacant land. Thos. McMath, Byrd Brazil, John Sallis, Test. (Wilkes Co., GA. DB G.G Pg 150)

1790 – March 22, Byrd Brazil and Elizabeth, his wife, to Isaac Ball, all of Wilkes County, for 300 pounds, 1220 acres in Wilkes County in fee simple (signed) Byrd Brazil, Elizabeth“X” Brazil. Wit: J. M. Perryman, George “X” ----. Plat: Isaac Ball 1220 acres, adj. Selfridge, John Appling, vacant, Richd. Call, David Hillhouse. Warren Co., GA: proved by Harmon Perriman who saw Bird Brazel and Elizabeth, his wife, sign. 9 November 1796 (signed) Harmon Perryman. Wit: George Weatherby, J.P. Regd. 14 April 1800 (p. 128, Elbert County Deed book F, 1799-1800)

1790 – October 8, Bird Braswell of Chatham County, NC sold 100 acres adjacent to Joseph Yarborough's land near the Cumberland Co. line to William Parham. Witnesses: John Wommack, Nicholas Harden (Copy of deed from Carey Bracewell)

1791 - Bird Brazell, 245 acres on Briar Creek in Wilkes County. (Virtual Vault)

1805 - Ordered that whereas there has been formerly appraisers appointed to appraise the estate of Michael Dickson and they have refused to serve, it is hereby ordered that Thomas Dickson, Ticey Thomas, Bird Braswell and Jacob Duckworth or any three of them be and they are hereby appointed to appraise on oath the personal estate of Michael Dickson, dec’d. Wm. Raybun, Jno Crowder, Stephen Evans. Attest: MYLES GREENE, Clk (Hancock County Georgia Court Records, Court of Ordinary, 1799-1817)

Ordered that William Dickson be and he is hereby appointed Administrator on the estate both real and personal of Isaac Newton late of said county, deceased, on giving bond in the sum of $1400 with Cuury Dickson and Byrd Brazil as securities to the same. (Hancock County Georgia Court Records, Court of Ordinary 1817-1837)

1820 – September 4, Ordered that Benjamin Wilson, Byrd Brazil, John Potter, John Cheely, Jared Carter or any three of them be and they are hereby appointed as Commissioners to lay off and assign to Nancy Eubanks, widow of Thomas Eubanks, dec’d, her dower of the tract of land whereon the sd dec’d resided at the time of his death on Dry Creek in Hancock County and return their proceedings to this Court (Hancock Court Records, Court of Ordinary, 1817-1837)

1820 - US Census Capt Brantley's District, Hancock Co. GA Byrd Brazil

1823 – October 18, Hancock Co., GA, Byrd W. Brazil and Nancy Minton apply for Letters of Administration on the estate of Jesse Minton, late of said county, deceased…..given under my hand this 18th October 1823 (signed) James H. Jones, C. C. O.

1830 - US Census Hancock Co. GA Bird Brazel

1833 - BYRD BRAZIL The data which follow are found in the papers on file in pension claim, S. 31571, based upon service of Byrd Brasil in the Revolutionary War. Byrd Brazil (as he signed his name) was born in North Carolina; the date and exact place of his birth, and the names of his parents are not shown. He enlisted May 5, 1775, at which time he resided in Chatham County, North Carolina, served in Captain William Brinkley's company, 3r North Carolina regiment, marched to Charleston, South Carolina, where he remained about three months, thence to Savannah, thence to Osabow Island, thence to Halifax, North Carolina, thence to Belle Haven on the Potomac, thence to General Washington's headquarters at Valley Forge, at which place the army was reduced and Captain Brinkley returned to North Carolina and Byrd Brazil was placed in Captain Phil Taylor's company, from which company, still at Valley Forge, he was transferred to Captain Benjamin Williams' company, marched to Monmouth under Colonel Morgan, reached there after the battle, was discharged in October 1778, near New York, from Captain Benjamin Williams' company, Colonel John Patten's 2d North Carolina Battalion, and marched south under Major Colonel Davidson. Byrd Brazil was allowed pension on his application executed January 7, 1833, at which time he resided in Hancock County, Georgia. He was aged then sixty-nine years. Grave not found. Revolutionary War Pension Files, Series: M805 Roll: 116 Source

1837 - September 5, The Southern Recorder, "In Hancock County at the home of Bird Braswell on 23rd ult., Mrs. Angelina Longhren in her 23rd year; she was Mr. Braswell's grandaughter. Member Baptist church 5 years. Married only a short time before her death to Daniel Longhren who is left to mourn her demise." (James Allen)

1840 - US Census District 114, Hancock Co. GA Bird Brasel

1844 – August 21, Bird W. Brazill of Hancock County, Georgia wrote his will naming six children: daughters – Lamentation Loring, Nancy Minton, Martha Minton - sons Alsey, Mansfield, William - granddaughter Martha Ann Elizabeth Dickinson Loring Executors: William Rachels & Henry Rogers.

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* Joseph Braswell & Joannah Barron, Jones Co, GA 1814


Jones County}

Know all men by these presants that I Joseph Braswell for and in consideration of the Natural love and affection which I have and bare unto my beloved Daughter Joannah Barron also for divers other good causes and considerations I hereunto moving have given granted and by these Presants doe give grant and confirm unto my said Daughter Joannah Barron eight Negroes slaves namely Pheby. grace. her child Sura. Burrell. Simon. Jincy. agg Mary to have and to hold the said Negroes given to the said Joannah Barron and after her Death to goe to the Lawful heirs of her body and after her death to be Equelly divided amongst and betwen her Lawful heirs for their own proper use or their assigns and I the said Joseph Braswell doe warrant and for ever defend the titles of the said Negroes against the Claim of any person or persons whatsoever in Witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this twenty sixth day of May one Thousand eight hundred and fourteen --- presants of
Test.........................................Joseph Braswell {Seal}
James Billingslea J.P.
Adam Carson J.P.

Georgia} Clerks Office Superior Court
Jones County} Recorded the 2nd June 1814
Harrison Smith Clk

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* Joannah Braswell Barron, Jones Co, GA, 1827

I Joannah Barron of the county and State aforesaid, Jones County} being of sound mind and memory but weak in body and knowing that is appointed for all women to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament revoking all other former wills.

In the first place I will and bequeath my soul to God who gave it and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my executor.

In the second place, I will and bequeath to my well beloved daughter Nancy Barron the square or lot of land No. Six in the tenth district of Jones County, together with all the houses thereon and all the household furniture, and the stock consisting of horses, cattle, sheep and hogs, and all other articles of which I am now possessed. And I further will and bequeath to my said daughter, Nancy Barron, all the lot of land (if any) to which I may be entitled in the present Land Lottery, having given in for one draw therein.

In the third place, my request and desire is that Joseph Day, Esquire, shall act as my sole executor in carrying this my last will and testament into effect.

In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name in the presence of --This 28th day of April 1827.
Thos. C. McDowell......................................Joannah Barron {Seal}
John Bridges
Adam Carson


Georgia} Court of Ordinary, March term 1834
Jones County} This day and appeared before me Adam Carson being duly sworn, deposeth and saith that he saw Joannah Barron sign and execute the foregoing to be her last will & testament and that he together with Thomas C. McDowell & John W. Bridges witnessed the same in the presence of each other and in the presence of the testator and at her request and that the testator was at the time of the execution thereof of sound mind and memory.
Swon to and subscribed before me Adam Carson
in open Court this 3rd March 1834
Charles Macarthy, C.C.O.

Note: Joannah Barron is the daughter of Joseph & Anne Braswell of Clarke County, Georgia.

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* Britton Brazeal, Campbell Co., GA 1844

– July 17, Britton Brazeal, Campbell Co., GA wrote his will naming wife
Lettitia "faithful partner in this world". Executrix: wife Lettitia Brazeal. Witnesses: John Dunlap and James Mason. (Pg. 42, Will Book A) KBD

* Samuel Barron, Jones Co, GA, 1823

In the name of God amen. I Samuel Barron of the Jones County} county and State aforesaid being of a sound mind and memory but weak in body and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament revoking all other former wills.

In the first place I will and bequeath my soul unto God who gave it and my body to the earth to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors.

Secondly I bequeath to my well beloved wife Joanna Barron the square or lot of Land number six in the tenth district of Jones County together with the houses theron and all the household furniture to be disposed of as she may think proper together with thirteen Negroes, viz. Phebe, Grace, Burrel, Simon, Jincy, Agg, Mary, Sue, Diner, Elizar, Sampson, Jacob, Charity, and one gigg and harness.

Thirdly I will and bequeath to my daughter Sarah four Negroes namely Mariah, Page, Rose, and James.

Fourthly I will and bequeath to my son James Barron seventeen hundred and fifty dollars all ready received.

Fifthly I will and bequeath to my son Wiley Barron one Negro man named Tom and one thousand dollars in money all ready received.

Sixthly I will and bequeath to my son William Barron one Negro man named Came all ready received.

Seventhly I will and bequeath to my daughter Nancy Barron one Negro man named Prince and Negro woman Charlotte and Clary and Molly and Lize

Eighthly I will and bequeath to my daughter Rebekah Barron, now the wife of James Lockett, the following property to wit, Silvy, Limmon, Cresy, Jerry, as her full proportionable part of the Estate of the said Samuel Barron.

Ninthly I will and bequeath all the ballance of my property to my sons namely Benjamin, Jonithan, Willis, Thomas Green, Aventon Barron to be divided equally between them five children.

I now appoint James Billingslea and Adam Carson my Executors to this my last will and testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this tenth day of July one thousand Eight hundred and twenty three.

Signed, sealed and delivered.................................Samuel Barron
in the presants of Test.
John Kirk
Robert McGaugh
Joel Culpepper


Georgia} This day comes and appears in the clerk's office in Jones County} vacation, John Kirk, who being duly sworn saith he was present dec'd Samuel Barron sign & execute the within & foregoing to be his last will & testament, and that the said Robert McGaugh and Joel Culpepper with himself subscribed said will & witness at the time of its execution, in the presence of the testator & in the presence of each other and at his request and that the said testator was at the time of the execution thereof of sound mind.
John Kirk
Sworn to & subscribed before
us this 35d July 1826.
James Gray, I.C.
Horatio S. Whitfield, I.C.
James Smith, C.C.O.

Note: Joannah Barron is the daughter of Joseph & Anne Braswell of Clarke County Georgia.

Contributed by Vicki Kruschwitz

* Burson, Isaac, Jackson Co., GA

Isaac Burson

I give and bequeath unto Sylvania Shipp $50.00 and also Penelope Brazeal $50.00 to be paid out of my money from my estate not heretofore dispose of.
I give and bequeath unto the lawful heirs and wife of David Burson, deceased, $1.00 only to be paid from estate.
It is my will and wish that my wife Sarah Burson to be decently supported out of my money arising out of my estate and to have control and use of all the household furniture and stock of cattle and sheep she is possession of during her life and then to be disposed of as hereinafter mentioned.
It is my will that all just debts to be punctually paid. The residue of my estate, which consists in money, notes and papers, credits and some personal property designated in the 4th item, to wit, cattle, children, share and share alike, to wit: Joseph Burson, Hannah Thomas, Isaac Burson, Sally Hinton, Delila Shaw, Elisha Burson, Brookfield Burson.

Executor: Sons, Joseph and Elisha Burson

Witnesses: William Shaw, John H. Johnson, and Barnabus B. Johnson

Dated Sept 28, 1829. Probated: July 5, 1830.

Jackson County, Georgia Will Book A, Page 97


* Charity Braswell & James Muse Jr.

- James Muse was Born January 2nd 1734

1739 - Charity Muse his wife was Born april the 5th 1739

1753 - Page 7, Count of Sept. 1753, Deed of gift from James Muse, James Muse, Jr. for negroes, hogs, horses, cattle, beds & furniture, etc… Wit: Giles Tillet, Charles Steel, Alex Going? or Young? [Orange County, North Carolina Abstracts of the Minutes of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions of September 1752 – August 1766 By Ruth Herndon Shields]

1755 – January 21, James Barton, to James Muse Sr, 20 pounds, 80 acres on south side of Deep River (part of a track James Barton bought of Joel McClendon granted to him in 1748) Wit: Timothy Claven, Joseph Elkins. (page 65, Deed Book 2, Cumberland County Register of Deeds)

1755 - James and Charity was married May the 27th 1755

1755 – July 15, James Muise, Junr., to James Muise, Senr., both of Cumberland County, 200 pounds, "all and every part of an estate formerly made over to the said James Muise, Junr., by him the said James Muise, Senr. together with all the negroes, utensils thereunto belonging excepting one negro girl named penny to have and to hold all and every part of the said estate……" Wit: Jacob Blocker, James Nicol. (page 29, Deed Book 1, Cumberland County Register of Deeds)[See 1753 Orange County deed of gift]

1758 – March 30, James Muse of DEEP RIVER, Cumberland County, NC,wrote his will naming wife Sophia, son James a negro named Penelope and what I have already given him, daughter Leddy Ceal, son Thomas, son Daniel (not yet 14 years old), daughter Anne Muse, daughter, Annabarbury, daughter Sophia Pope Runnells and her son William Ceal Muse. Executors, wife, son James and Charles Ceal. Wit: Robert Dickinson, James Bain, Isaac Dickinson (page 241, Deed Book 1,Cumberland County Register of Deeds)

Due to the fact that Charity Braswell was married to James Muse Jr. of Deep River May 27, 1755 at the age of 16 (born April 5, 1739) it is likely that she was the daughter of one of the Deep River Braswells and a grandaughter of Valentine Braswell & Jane Pope. Based on Charity's birthdate, name, location and other circumstantial evidence it is believed that Charity is the daughter of Valentine Braswell & Patience whose daughter Patience was married to Charles Harrington Jr.


It has been speculated by some that Charity was the daughter of Joseph Braswell (grandson of Susannah Burgess Braswell & Richard Towle through their son Richard) of Isle of Wight, but the documented evidence conflicts. Notice that Charity married James Muse Jr of Deep River in North Carolina at the tender age of 16 on May 27, 1755.

1757 - Jun 21, The following persons are Vagrants...Joseph Braswell (Isle of Wight Co., VA D.B.9 P. 510 1752-1758)

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