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* Britain & Letitia Braswell

- January 3, James Parham to Drury Parham for 120 pds, 125 acres on the S. side of Cape Fear River, joining Thomas Partridge. Witnesses: John Barginneer, Benjamin Yarbrough, Britain Brazil, Wm. Ragland "Feb. Ct. Sessions Chatham County 1785. Certified that the within Deed was duly proved in Open Court by the Oath of Britain Braswill and ordered to be registered. Test. JOHN RAMSEY CC" (Chatham Co. NC DB C Pg 400)

NOTE: Benjamin Yarborough's sister Anna had a child with Henry Braswell, assumed brother of Valentine of Chatham Co., NC, Edgefield Co., SC, and Georgia.

NOTE: In Georgia Revolutionary War Soldiers' Graves, compiled by H. Ross Arnold, Jr. and Clifton Burnham, it is stated that Britain is buried in Barrow County and that he "served in the North or South Carolina Troops and came to Georgia in the 1790s from South Carolina. He settled in the Mulberry Fork area of old Jackson County and later drew land in the 1827 Georgia Land Lottery as a Revolutionary War Soldier and resident of Jackson County". This published work provided dates for another man named Britton Brassell (wife LaDicey Davis) who is documented in Edgefield Co. South Carolina until at least 1805.

Also featured in the same book is Isaac Burson, "b. c.1745, d. 1823. Served as an express rider in the South Carolina Army, and later settled along the Mulberry River in old Jackson County. His widow, Sarah drew land in the 1825 Georgia Land Lottery as a widow of a Revolutionary War Soldier and resident of Jackson County".

NOTE: Barrow County was created in 1914 from Jackson, Walton and Gwinnett.

1788 - "South Carolina. I do hereby certify for Valentine Breaziel a tract of land containing two hundred and twenty six acres (surveyed for him the 10th day of December 1788 & situate in the District of Ninety Six in Edgefield County on the waters of the Edisto River at the Sister Ponds & hath forms and marks buttings and boundings as the above plat Represents. Given under my hand this 8th day of March 1791. David Burks Depty Sevnr., F. Bremar Suvr Genl.

1794 – August 19, Valentine (X) Braziel sold 120 acres in Edgefield County, SC to James Herring. The land was bounded by lands of Thomas Adams "boundary line near the Jester Ponds beginning on land of Thomas Adams, incl. improvement that Breton Brazeel now lives on, adj. Benjamin McKinney, being part of 226 acres granted to Valentine Breazeel 4 April 1791"(Deed Book 13, page 136 – copy of deed)

1795 - Hancock Co. Georgia Tax List Capt C. Raines District Valentine Braswell - 1 slave, no land (next door to) Britton Braswell - 1 poll only (Donna Sarchet)

1801Briton Brazeil, Aaron Wood’s District, Jackson Co., Tax List (Index to GA Tax Digests)

1802 – January 20, William Hopkins of Clark County to Jesse Kirk of Jackson County, $144 for 72 acres of land on Barbers Creek being the same parcel whereon Britton Braswell formerly resided, beginning at stake on the Creek, N30E 28 chains to a post oak corner, N35W 28 chains, 50 links to a stake, S12W 30 chains to the Creek, alder corner, down meanders of Creek to the beginning, being part of a tract granted to Horatio Marbury. Signed William Hopkins; Witnessed: Thomas Bankstron, Thomas Williams; Sworn to by Thomas Williams on March 1806 before Arnold Atkinson, JP. Recorded February 29, 1808, (Jackson County Deed Book E, page 14. from Joyce Zachman on Braswell List)

It is interesting to note that on October 13, 1813 Jesse Kirk of Jackson County sold to William Blalock of the "State of South Carolina, Edgefield District" for the "sum of two hundred fifty" land in County of Jackson on Barbers Creek where said Kirk now resides, originally granted to Marbury, containing "seventy two acres".

1804 – June 3, Deed from William Kirkland to John Ship, both of Jackson County, in consideration of $200 100 acres of land in said county on the waters of the Mulberry River bounding SW by Kirkland, N by , W by Brooks, being part of a track containing 600 acres granted to Buckner Harris BY HIS HONOR james Jackson. Signed: William (X) Kirkland. Witnesses: Britain Braziel, C. T. TRAYLOR, J.P. Recorded June 25, 1805. (page 259, from Kay Dawson)

1804, Aaron Wood's District, Jackson Co., GA Britain Braziel, 100 acres, granted to Kirkland, Jackson Co., Mulberry, joining Cullers, 50 tax.

1805 - January 21, Jackson County, Georgia, Deed Abstracts Deed Book D, 1803-1808
Page 187. deed from David McCullers of Warren County to John Bagby Jackson County, $300 for a certain parcel of land whereon James Brooks now lives in Jackson County on the Waters of the Mulberry fork it being part of a tract surveyed for and granted to Buckner Harris on June 14, 1802 by his honor Josiah Tatnall, Junior containing by estimation 100 acres beginning on a maple corner on Joseph Georges line, joining Brassel, Beach corner on the branch that runs between said land and Isaac Bursons land. Signed David "D" McCullers. Witnesses: James "X" Brooks, George Hargraves, J.I.C. Recorded February14, 1805

1805 – Jackson County Tax List Britain Brazeel, 100 acres, originally granted to Kirkland, Mulberry Branch, 1.56 1/4 Aaron Wood's District.

1805 – Georgia Land Lottery Britton Braziel of Jackson Co., GA, Reg. #1242, blank draw (transcribed & indexed by Virginia S. Wood & Ralph V. Wood, 1964 from Terry Cliett)

1805 - Leonard Stringer won a lot in the 1805 Land Lottery which would have been 202 1/2 acres. 1805 Land Lottery: Counties - Baldwin: 5 Districts (1-5) - Wayne: 3 Districts (1-3) - Wilkinson: 5 Districts (1-5) - Size of Land Lots - Baldwin: 202 ½ acres - Wayne: 490 acres - Wilkinson: 202 ½ acres

1806 – June 18, Clarke County, GA, Leonard Stringer to Robert Fullwood both of county afsd., for $500 , in 4th Dist. of Baldwin Co., Lot 284, on Sugar Creek, including plantation where self now lives and where Britton Braswell formerly occupied, 202 ½ acres in fee simple. (signed) Leonard Stringer. Test: Benjamin Braswell, Saml Braswell, J.P. Recorded 6 June 1815 (p. 377, Morgan County Deed Book D 1813-1815)

1807Braswell, ValentineBaldwin Co. – lst Dist –drew land in Wilkinson Co. “Second Land Lottery – 1807 Lottery of Georgia” by Silas Lucas, Jr. (Karen Pickett)

1809 – Index to Tax Digest 1809, Jackson Co., GA Britton Brazel (USGenWeb)

1810 - Britton Braswell, Jackson County (Index to GA Tax Digests)

1811 - A List of Defaulters in Jackson County for the year 1811 Capt. Geo. Penticost's District Britton Brazeal

1812 – For Sale. A very valuable tract of land in Jackson Co. on Beech Creek containing 800 acres, 150 of which is cleared and under a good fence, with a large peach and apple orchard….good springs of pure water….comfortable dwelling house, with brick chimneys, a very good barn, stables, kitchen…..about 15 mi. west from Athens, same from Watkinsville and 10 mi. from Jefferson, with a thick settled country westward….apply to Mr. Britain Brazeal on the land….Geo. N. Lyles. February 8, 1812 (Georgia Express, Vol. IV, No. 187, February 21, 1812 )

1813Britain Brazeel witnessed deed William Lyles to Peter Williams, Jackson Co.

1813 – April 2, William Lyles to Britain Brazael for $200 100 acres in Jackson County beginning at Marbury's line on a pine running south 45 degrees west 40 chains to a hickory thence north 45 degrees west 25 chains to a white oak on Ignatius Fews line thence north 45 degrees east 40 chains to a Peach tree & Rock on said FEWs line thence south 45 degrees east 25 chains to the beginning. (Jackson County Deed Book F, page 69. Copy of Deed on USGenWeb) NOTE: SOLD 1827

1817 - Britain Brazelle, Jackson Co. (Index to GA Tax Digest)

1820 – Georgia Land Lottery Britain Brazel, Residence: Jackson Co. County Drawn: Early Co. (KD)

1820 – U.S. Census, Jackson County, Georgia
B. Brazell 1 male 26 & under 45, 1 male 45 & upward, 1 female 10 & under 16, 1 female 45 & upward

1820-1821 – Tax List, Capt. Flanningham's District, Jackson County
Britton Brazeal – 100 – granting Marbury – joining Few & others – Jackson County

1821 - November 4, Rolley Bowen to daughter Sally Bowen one feather bed and furniture and two cows and calves both of the Cows brindled colour and six puter plates & one puter dish & two Basans & two pots & one baker. Wit: Isaac Burson Jun, Britain Brazeal. Robert Watkins J.P. (Recorded Nov 6, 1822 Jackson Co. GA)

1822Britain Brazel, County of Residence: Jackson; date of grant: 2 April 1822; Lot No. 332; present location: G (Grady Co.) [Grants to land lots in this 18th District of originally Early County, Georgia. All lots became a part of Thomas County when it was organized on 23 December 1827. Many were included in Grady County upon its creation on 17 August 1906. All lots were 250 acres]

1822 – April, Letters left at Post Office in Jackson County, Georgia Breten Braswell Valentine Brazeal (Kay Dawson)

1822 – July, Letter left in Jackson County Post Office Bratain Brazzeal (Kay Dawson)

1823 - January 15, Valentine Brazeal married Nancy Burson in Jackson County (usgennet)

1824 – April 8, Micajah Bennett will. Witnesses: William Penticost, Brittain Brazeal and Josiah Bradley (Jackson Co. Will Book A, 1803- 1860)

1824 – September 22, Georgia, Jackson County. This Indenture made the 22nd day of September 1824 between Briton Brazzel and John Cook, both of the state and county aforesaid and the other part witnesseth that the said Briton Brazzel for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars by the said John Cook…a parcel of land situate, lying and being in the county aforesaid on the waters of beach creek containing fifty acres……/s/ Briton Brasal. Wit: William Rook, Ezekial Milsaps. Proved 12 February 1823 and recorded 13 February 1825. (#211)

1824Beton Brasal, Joseph “X” Downey and Green Thue withness Deed #212, William Rooks to John Cook, Jackson Co., GA.

1827 – February 18, Britain Brazill sells land to Francis Meriwether for $120 on Marbury's line. Hickory 3N45W 24 chains N45E 40 chains to Peachtree and Rock. Signed Britain Brazeal and witnessed by J. W. Penticost and Samuel Hunters. (from Kay Dawson on Braswell List 11/21/2006)

1827 – Georgia Land Lottery – 67-69 days' drawing – May 23-25
Britten Braziel R.S., Residence Jackson Co., Land Lot No. #47, Dist. 9, (Landrums) County Drawn: Lee County Land grant was issued 5/16/1833 (GA Sec. of State Archives)

1830 – U.S. Census, Campbell County, Georgia
Britain Brazeal 1 male 60 & under 70, 1 female 50 & under 60
Isaac Burson 1 male 40 & under 50, 1 female 50 & under 60, 4 males 10 & under 30

1834 – April 10, Deed from Britton Brazil of Campbell County to Ausbin J. Casey of Campbell Co. 50 acres lying in LL #141, Dist. 14, Fayette Co, GA that is now Campbell originally granted to William L. Bryant. (page 350, from Kay Dawson)

1835 – July 8, Executed Campbell Co., GA deed from Britton Brasele of Campbell Co. to Ausborn J. Casey of Campbell Co., 101 ¼ acres lying in LL #141, Dist 14, Fayette, now Campbell Co., GA., $200. Witnesses: James T. Richardson, David D. Smith No recording date entered (page 292, Campbell Co, GA, from Kay Dawson)

1840 – U.S. Census, Gwinnett Co., GA
Britton Brazeal 1 male 70 & under 80, 1 female 60 & under 70, 1 female under 5, 1 female 20 & under 30

1844 – July 17, Britton Brazeal Campbell Co., GA wrote his will naming wife Lettiitia "faithful partner in this world". Executrix: wife Lettitia Brazeal. Witnesses: John Dunlap and James Mason. (Pg. 42, Will Book A, from Kay Dawson)

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