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Samuel Braswell, Clarke Co., GA 1876

Samuel Braswell Will - May 16, 1876

...I will and bequeath to John Walker col. one hundred acres of land adjoining J P Mayne's on the lower end of my tract to run from Thrasher's land to the Colham Ferry Road and to get him a mule out of what is left after paying my debts. I will and bequeath to Dick Robertson col. one hundred acres of land adjoining John Walker's running from Thrasher's line to the Colham Ferry Road, also one mule for Dave. I will and bequeath to Louisa Braswell col. one hundred acres with the houses on her tract and at her death said one hundred acres of land to go to Eveline Morton col. three oldest children (Dock, Louisa, and Lavinia Scott). I will and bequeath to Mary Stricklin one hundred and thirteen acres of land adjoining branch and Mayne on the upper part of my place, also one mule Bill. The balance of my property both real and personal to be sold and after my debts is paid out of it, the balance to be placed in trust for building Baptist Churches and support of worn out Baptist Preachers in the county of Oconee the interest only as it accrues to be used for said purposes. Exr: James C Wilson Wit: Thomas Booth, G C Thomas, Albon S Wilson.

Recorded September 4, 1876 (WB A Pg. 9)

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(Samuel 1796-1876 is the son of George & Jane)