Friday, July 8, 2016

1827 - Samuel Braswell to Son Williamson M Braswell

Newton County}  Know all Men by these presents that I Samuel Brasswell of the County and state aforesaid for divers causes and consideration have made ordained and appointed my son Williamson M Brasswell of said state and County my true and lawful attorney for one (?) and in my name ask for and receive the plot and grant of lot of land known and distinguished by lot of land No. 175 one hundred and seventy five in the twenty second district of Muscogee and to bargain sell and Convey the same and to assign my name and for me and in my name to make seal and deliver and to do all other lawful acts and things whatsoever Concerning the premises as fully and every effect a I myself might or could ------ I personally present at the doing thereof and One or More all--nies under him for the purpose aforesaid to make and again at his pleasure to revoke rightfully and Confirming and by these presence allowing whatsoever my sd attorney shall in my name lawfully do or cause to be done - in and about the premises by virtue of these presents In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed My seal this first day of November 1827
In presence of us}                                                           SmBraswell  {LS}
Daniel M-th---}
Archd Ritch J P}     Recorded 1st Nov 1827  L Hopkins D Clk

Contributed by Kay Braswell Dawson