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Joseph Braswell of Edgecombe Co., NC

1714 - October 22, SUSANNAH BRASWELL Will: Leg: son RICHARD, son WILLIAM, grand daughter ELIZABETH BRASWELL, daughter ANN, grandson JOHN RIGGS, son JAMES. Trustee Richard Jones & Richard Jordan. Wit: William Allen, Richd Jones, Richd Jordan. (IOW Co., VA WB 3 P 304)

1760 - September 20, JAMES BRASWELL Will: Son JOSEPH BRASWEL, Son JAMES BRASWEL, Son BENJAMIN BRASWEL, Daughter SARAH CAIN, Daughter OLIVE STINSON, Son SIMON BRASWEL, Wife mentioned but not named. Witness: Samuel Ruffin, John Davis. (Edgecombe Co., NC) NOTE: See 1784 entry.

1742 – June 8, Edgecombe Co., NC inquisition into the death of CONSTANTINE DEVOTION, hatter, presented to THOMAS BLOUNT, J.P., Jurry finds that DEVOTION died when his mare fell on him on the 8th of June. Jury: JOHN ROYALL, THOS. DRUCE, P. ROCHER, JAMES BIRD, JAMES BROSWELL, THOS. TURNER, LEWIS DAVIS, JAMES PERRY, JOSEPH BRASSELL, WM KILLINGSWORTH, WILLIAM BRYANT, JOSEPH BRYANT. (Colonial Court Papers, Group 6: Inquests, Instructions from Lord Granville, Bills of Sale for chattels.) NOTE: This record proves Joseph & James were born by 1721.

1742 - September 21, John JACKSON of Edge. Co. to Joseph CAIN of Edge. Co., 200 pounds current money of N.C., 300 acres on the south side of Roanoke river and ye south side of Little swamp. Wit: WILLIAM CAIN (his mark), JOSEPH BRASWELL. Reg. Edge. Co. May Ct. 1743. R. FORSTER C. Ct. (Edge Co., NC D.B. 5 Pg 154) NOTE: William Cain is Joseph Braswell's brother in law.

1743 - April 9, Captain John SPIER of Terrill Co. to JOSEPH BRASSELL of Edge. Co., 10 pounds sterling money of Great Britain, 100 acres on the north side of Deep creek where William BLACKBURN lived. Wit: Thomas BLOUNT, George JOHNSTON, James GAINER. Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1743. Robert FORSTER C. Ct. (Edge Co., NC D.B. 5 Pg. 196)

1746 - February 7, Richard KEMP of Edge. Co. to WILLIAM CAIN of Edge. Co., 4 pounds 16 shillings 9 pence current money of Va., on Deep creek and the east side of Little swamp, joining JOSEPH BRASSWELL, a grant to Richard KEMP for 300 acres dated 21 July 1725. Wit: John CORNELIUS (his mark), Thomas COCKRELL (his mark), William MAGEE. Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1746. R. FORSTER C. Ct. (Edge Co., D.B. 3 Pg. 77)

1746 - February 7, Richard KEMP of Edge. Co. to JOSEPH BRASSWELL of Edge. Co., 4 pounds 16 shillings 9 pence current money of Va., 70 acres on Deep creek and the east side of Little swamp, part of 300 acres granted to the sd. KEMP, 21 July 1743. Wit: John CORNELIUS (his mark), Thomas COCKRELL (his mark), Will MAGEE. Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1746. Robert FORSTER C. Ct. (Edge Co., NC D.B. 3 Pg. 78)

1754 - January 24, JOSEPH BRASSWELL of Edge. Co. to John HOBGOOD of Edge. Co., 30 pounds Va. currency, 175 acres on Deep creek at the mouth of Little swamp, joining Richard KEMP, the sd. BRASSWELL, WILLIAM CANE and the swamp, all houses, etc. Wit: Henry Guston KEARNEY, Arthur BELL, William WILLIAMS. Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1754. Benjamin WYNNS C. Ct. (Edge Co., NC D.B. 4 Pg. 583)

1756 - October 1, Solemon ALSTON (co not identified) to JAMES BRASWELL, Jr. (Co not identified), planter, 14 pounds 15 shillings 9 pence current money of Va., 205 acres more or less, joining Mill swamp, Town creek, Reedy branch and the sd. ALSTON. Wit: JAMES BRASSWELL X his mark, JOSEPH BRASSWELL. Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1756. J. MONTFORT C. Ct. (Edge Co., NC D.B. 6 Pg. 98)

1758 - August 21, Lord Granville to Lodowick ALFORD of Granville County 564 acres in Edgecombe County in the Parish of Edgecombe on both sides of Marsh Swamp OR: /s/ Lodk ALFORDl Wits: Wm MACKEY, Richd VIGERS surveyed 7 July 1758 SCC: JOSEPH BRADWELL, Joseph EDMONDSON Jno Haywood D S

1762 - January 1, Granville grant to John MORRIS, planter, Edgecombe Co. for 10 shillings sterling, a tract beginning at a pine in JOSEPH BRACEWELL's line on the south side of JAMES BRASWELL's Mill Branch then west 280 poles to a pine then east 280 poles to a pine then south 300 poles by BRASWELL's line to the first station, containing 525 acres, signed Tho CHILD, Jno LINTON. (STINSON?) Recorded Nov Ct. 1790 (Edge Co., NC DB 5 Pg 477)

1778 - Orangeburg District South Carolina - Petit Jurors to Savannah River JOSEPH BRASWELL (ancestry.com) NOTE: William Everit's name is listed 6 names above Joseph.

1785 - Judgement Roll: William ROBERTSON VS William DUNBAR, administrator of JOSEPH BRAZEL (South Carolina Dept. of Archives & History)

This is JOSEPH'S brother whose land was on on the Screven/Burke Georgia line.

1784 - February 19, Thursday. Notice is hereby given to all persons having demands against SIMON BRASWEL, deceased, to present them to me properly made out, within the time prescribed by law, so as to show their character and amount. And all persons indebted to said deceased are hereby required to make immediate payment. (signed) EDWARD BOYKIN, Administration. [Savannah, Georgia, Newspaper Clippings (Georgia Gazette)]

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Simon Braswell

Simon Brassils land was on the Burke/Screven line & on Brassils Branch & Brier Creek:

- Pursuant to a Wart. from the Honourable the Court of Justices Directed to Tho. Lewis Esqr. C.S Dated the 5th of Dec. 1785 I have admeasured and laid out unto Charles Kimball a tract of Land Containing Two Hundred and Fifty Acres in Burke County on Brassils Branch So side of Brier Creek Bound to the North and East by Simon Brassils Land and on the other side Vacant Contains as is above Discribed hath Such Shape Form and marks as the above plat represents and was Vact Land before this Survey. Certified this 20th Day of Dec. 1785 - Isaac Terry A.S. (Georgia Archives)

David Emanuel Esqr was near Brassills Branch & the south side of Brier Creek:

1787 - Pursuant to A Wart. from the Honble the Court of Justices for Burke County Directed to Thos. Lewis Esqr. Dated the 6 Day of August 1787. I have admeasured and laid out unto Thomas Yarbrough a tract of Land Containing One Hundred & Fifty acres in the sd County of Burke at the Head of Brassils Branch near Land of David Emanuel Esqr. on the So side of Briar Creek Bound on all sides by vacant Land------Contains as is above Described Hath such shape form and marks as the above plat represents ---- Certified this 12th Day of August 1787 Isaac Perry A. S. (Georgia Archives)

Peter Reddick was a chain carrier on a plat that was adjacent to John Nick Buckhalter aka John Michael Burkhalter:

1788 - Pursuant to a Wart. from the Honble the Court of Justices for Burke County to me Directed (Signed Davd. Emanuel --) Dated the 1st of Dec. 1788 I have admeasured and laid out unto Francis Paris (who actually resides in this State) a tract of Land Containing Three Hundred & fifty Acres in the sd County of Burke on the No side of Briar Creek Bound to the No Wt by John Nich Buckhalter to the So. Wt. by sd Francis Paris and on the other sides Vacant Having Such Shape form & marks as the above plat represents. Certified this 10th Day of Janry 1789 Isaac Perry C. - Ch Carriers James Long, Peter Ridick (Georgia Archives)

Nich Reddick was on Brassells Branch:

1793 - Tapley Tuller 250 Acres Wart. Dated the 4th of Feby 1793 Surveyed the 8th of May 1793 For sd Tapley Tuller One Hundred & Seventy acres of Land in Burke County on Brassells Branch Bound to the No. by Sanders Walker to the No.- by his own Land to the So Wt by Rachel Chambers to the Wt by Catharine Chambers & Nich Anch----- to the So by John Bell & to the Eastward by Nich Reddick. Cert. Isaac Perry (Georgia Archives)

1793 - Screven County was created from Burke and Effingham Counties.

James Brasel had land in Screven County:

1798 - Scale 20 ch to an -nch Warrant Dated the 2 Day of Aprill 1798 Surveyed the 16th day of February 1799 Fore James Brasel Who Resides in this state a Tract of Two Hundred acres of Land in scriven County Bound to the No. Est by Aberham Lewis sir -- Est by Precila Thomas and on all other sides by vacant land Certified Aborham Lewis sir Aberham Lewis Juner ch CB James Oliver C- (Georgia Archives)

1801 - John Braswell was born in "Scriven" County Georgia. (US Census 1850 Tattnall Co., GA)

John Braswell was the orphan of James Braswell:

1807 – Georgia Land Grant Jno. Braswell (orphan of Jas. Braswell) Lot #254, Dist. 20, County: W

1807/8 - Jacob died circa 1806 or '07 and Nancy married the administrator / executor of the Jacob Reddick estate - Turner Braswell - in either '07 or '08. (Dale Reddick)

Simon Brassil's neighbor, David Emanuel was the guardian of John Braswell:

1811-1823 - David Emanual-Guard. John Braswell (Screven County - Index to Court of Ordinary Minutes, Book I)

Peter Reddick was the administrator of Turner Braswell's estate:

1828 - November 4, Peter Reddick, Administrator of the Estate of Turner Braswell, conveys to James Mobley, a tract of 200 acres of land which adjoins land of Seaborn Jones on one side, originally granted to John Michael Burkhalter, who conveyed the same to Jacob and Peter Reddick. When they divided the first tract fell to Jacob Reddick. It was deeded by him to his wife who afterward intermarried with Turner Braswell. Peter Reddick, Administrator sells same to James Mobley.

For a map of Simon Braswell's land send email to Ann Braswell.

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Greenberry Sewell, Carroll Co., GA 1846

Greenberry Sewell married Martha Ann Braswell on the 29th of December in 1807 in Franklin County, Georgia.

Carroll county}
Know all men by these presents that I Green B Sewell of the County and state aforesaid being of sound mind and memory do make this my last will and Testament that is to say after payment of all my just debts my will is that the following disposition by made of my property that is to say I wish my wife to live on the land where we now live that is numbered one-hundred and sixty-six in the tenth District of said county during her life and after my death and at her death the said land and farm with all the appertained thereto to go to my two sons Franklin and William I wish my son Alexander to have a certain lot of land in Paulding county ---- by Thomas Chandler which land lies near C---- Town by Alexander paying Thomas Chandler five Dollars. I wish my son Clark to have my lot of land lying in Clarke county Georgia number I cannot recollect. I wish my children who are not married to have an equal part with those who are married heretofore as they marry off or if any of them should never marry to have an equal part with the rest. At my wife's death if she should outlast me I wish my stock of horses cattle and hogs and sheep -- to remain here on the farm to be managed for the use of the family by my wife and two sons William and Franklin as they may think best and also wagons smith tools and all the rest of my personal estate to remain for the use of the family during the life of my wife and at her death for all of my estate except what I have before provided for by this my Will to be divided equally amongst all my children if they can agree with any sale and if they cannot all agree for the property except the aforesaid three lots of land and what the children that is married have got a sufficient to the rest to make them equal to be sold and in equal distribution to all the children of the proceeds of the sale be made I hereby appoint my son Alexander Seawall to be my Executors to carry this my Will into effect after my death given under my hand this thirteenth day of January Eighteen hundred and forty-six signed in the presents of
}Green Berry Seawall

WW Merrell
Washington P. Parker
Hiram (his X mark ) McClery
B S Merrell JP


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* Richard Bracewell II & III & IV & Carvers

Richard Braswell the 1st, son of the Reverend Robert Bracewell was deceased by 1725, so we can be certain that the following Richard Sr and Jr in North Carolina are Richard II who married Eleanor, and had children with Ann Carver; and his son Richard III who was married to Elizabeth Bryant.

- August 13, Richard BRACEWELL, Jun. to Richard BRACEWELL, Sen., 5 pds. for 640 a. On SS Cashy Swamp. Wit: Thomas BRYANT, Thomas JENKINS. August Court 1728. Edw. MASHBORNE. (Bertie Co., NC DB C Pg 19)

1736 - April 24, Captain Thomas BRYANT of Bertie Prect. to William HAM of Edge. Prect., 5 pounds cash, 80 acres on the south side of Pamlico River, joining the river part of a patent granted to Thomas BRYANT, 28 Feb. 1726. Wit: Samuel HORSFORD, Jacob BRASWELL. T. KEARNEY D.C. Ct. (Edge. Co., NC DB 1 Pg 179)

1739 - August 6, William HAM of Edge. Co. to Richard BRASWELL, Jr. of Edge. Prect., 55 pounds current money of Va. money, 80 acres on the south side of Pamlico river, joining the river part of a patent to Thomas BRYANT, 28 Feb. 1726. Wit: Joseph HART, George FOORT (his mark), Richard SESSUMS. Aug. Ct. 1739. J. EDWARDS C. Ct. (Ibid Pg 279)

1741 - June 23, Francis GRICE of Edge. Co. to Richard BRACEWELL, Jr. of Edge. Co., 5 pounds Va. currency, 175 acres on the south side of Tar river, joining William HAM, the sd. GRICE, John CREEL, the sd. BRACEWELL and the river. Wit: John FORT, Thomas ACOCK. Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1741. R. FOSTER C. Ct. (Ibid Pg 405)

1741 - August 21, Jonathan HORSFORD to Richard BRACEWELL, Jr., 50 pounds current money of Va., 100 acres on the south side of Tar river, joining the river all houses, buildings, etc., part of a patent to Captain Thomas BRYANT, 28 Feb. 1726. Wit: ____ BARKER, Thomas KEARNEY. Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1741. R. FOSTER C. Ct. (Ibid Pg 413)

1747 - November 18, Richard BRASWELL, Edge. Co to Robert born of the body of Ann CARVER and commonly known by the name of Robert BRASWELL, for 5 pds sterling, Great Britain, the receipt of which I hereby acknowledge, and for the natural love and affection I have and bear to the said Robert Braswell and for other good causes, me hereunto moving, the plantation whereon I now dwell and all the land belonging to the same in Edgecombe county containing 444 acres, and also nine Negroes, to wit, Sciser, Adam, Dick, Sue, Hannah, Sabrina, Crese, Bick, (Penny) and one still, signed Richard BRASWELL, wit Thomas Barker, William McGee. (Edge Co., [Halifax] DB 3 Pg 177)

1752 - December 27, Robert CARVER alias BRASWELL of Bladen County to William BRYANT of Edgecombe County 125 pounds for 445 acres west of Fishing Creek and Crooked Branch granted to Mr. Richard BRASWELL on 24 February 1728. Wit: Richard SESSOMS, Henry HORN, John SIKES (Halifax Co., NC DB 4 Pg 399)

1755 - August 18, Richard BRACEWELL to James BRACEWELL, 18 Aug. 1755, 50 pounds current money of Va., 118 acres on the south side of Tar river, all houses, buildings etc., part of a grant to Captain Thomas BRYANT, 28 Feb. 1726, and since conveyed to Jonathan HORSFORD and then conveyed to the sd. Richard, 21 Aug. 1741. Wit: Benjamin HART, Jesse HART, Ann HART. Reg. Edge. Co. Aug. Ct. 1755. J. MONTFORT C. Ct. (Ibid Pg 311)

1758 - December 2, Bond of Anne BRASWELL "of Bladen County widow" for 200 pds. as administratrix of the estate of Richard BRASSWELL dec'd. Securities and ROBERT CARVER and WILLIAM CARVER. (Sec'y of State, Administrators' Bonds, 1716-1774) Bill Fields. More Carver info: Richard Braswell II, Elinor & Ann Carver

NOTE that Richard BRACEWELL II is now deceased and his son is now Richard BRACEWELL Sr. in the following deed.

1760 - March 21, Richard (R) Bracewell, Senr. to Sampson Bracewell, for L50 lawful money of Great Britain a 119 acre plantation, more or less, on the south bank of Tar River adjoining James Braswell and said Richard Braswell. Of the above mentioned lands, 39 acres was part of a tract granted to Capt. Thomas Bryant on Feb 28, 1726, and the other 87 acres was part of a tract granted to Francis Griss bearing date June 8, 1739. Wit: Benja. Hart, Mary Bracewell. (DB 00-101)

1760 - Jun 24, Richard (R) Bracewell of Edgecombe Co. to William Braswell, for L100 Proc. money a 200 acre plantation on the south side of Fishing Creek and west bank of Crooked Swamp. Wit: Solomon Bracewell, Mary Bracewell, Benja. Hart. (DB 00-98)

1762 - May 31, Marriage Bond # 000042973 issued to Sampson BRASWELL & Miss MOORE in Edgecombe Co., NC. Bondsman: Edward MOORE. Witness: Thomas HILL.

1767 - December 7, Richard BRASWELL Will: Wife Elizabeth. Sons: Sampson, Solomon, Richard, James, William. Daughters: Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth. Wife & son James Extrs. Wit: Thomas BRYANT, Jos Fort, Samson Dillard, Jams Gray. Proven Feb. 1772 by Thomas BRYANT and James Gray. Elizabeth Braswell and James Braswell qualified as executors

1773 - September 13, Richard BRACEWELL, Dobbs Co, NC to Thomas Farmer, Edge. Co for 20 pds, 120 acres beginning at a gum in Hatchers Swamp in the mouth of Buck Meadow Branch then up the various courses of the said branch east 120 poles to a gum in said branch then (north) 160 poles to a pine in Bee Tree Branch then west 120 poles to a white oak in Hatchers Swamp then up the several courses of said swamp to the first station, being part of a grant to William McDaid 4 Aug 1769 and by McDaid to Pender and from Pender to Richard BRASWELL, Sr and by his death descended to his son, Richard BRACEWELL. signed Richard Bracewell, wit Sampson Dilliard, William BRACEWELL (proved), Nicholas Dilliard, Wm. Sherrod. Recorded Apr Ct 1774 (Edge Co., NC DB 2 Pg 88 CTC)

1780 - April 15, George Linch, Edge. Co to Sampson BRACEWELL, same county, for 100 pds, a tract on the south side of Tar River and on Hendricks Creek beginning in James BRACEWELL's line at a white oak in Hendricks Creek then along John Sutherlin's line at a white oak south 45 west 50 poles to his corner a white oak in a branch of said creek then west 70 poles by BRACEWELL's line to a maple then south 60 west 203 poles by the BRACEWELL's line to a pine in Jacob Fort's line then north 228 poles by his line to his and the said Solomon BRACEWELL's corner then by his line north 5 east 78 poles to his corner pine in side of Hendricks Creek then down the said creek to the first station, containing 230 acres, signed George Linch, wit Elias Fort (proved), Thomas Teat (mark), Rhoda Coleman (her mark). Recorded May Ct 1780. (Edge. Co., NC DB E Pg 61 CTC)

1794 - December 14, Sampson BRACEWELL, Washington Co, GA to Abner BRACEWELL, Edge. Co for 140 pds, a tract of 200 acres on the south side of Tar River beginning at a sow wood on the river bank running out from there to a poplar an agreed corner BRACEWELL's line then along his line to a corner post oak then along Abner BRACEWELL's line to a white oak & dead pine on or near the road then along the said Abner BRACEWELL's line to a corner red oak then along his line to a corner pine then along his line to a corner red oak James BRACEWELL's corner then along James BRACEWELL's line to the corner red oak on the river bank then up the river to the first station, whereof 32 acres of the above mentioned land is part of a tract granted to Capt Thomas BRYANT dated 28 Feb 1726 & 87 acres is part of a tract granted to Francis GRICE dated 8 Jun 1739 and the other (81) acres being left to the said Sampson BRACEWELL by his father, Richard BRACEWELL in his last will, signed Sampson BRACEWELL, wit Jas. BRACEWELL (proved), Sampson BRACEWELL Jr. Recorded May Ct 1796. (Edge Co., NC DB 8 Pg 548 CTC)

1803 - January 26, Reddick BRACEWELL of Washington Co., Ga. to Richard BRACEWELL, Edge. Co. for 400 silver dollars "all of the land and plantation which fell to him and which he claimed by virtue of the death of his father, Solomon BRACEWELL, Senr., dec'd, containing 50 acres and "all the land and plantation that fell to him by virtue of the death of his brother, Solomon BRACEWELL, Junr. dec'd, containing 26 acres, and "all the land which fell to him by the virtue of the death of his sister (Winney) BRACEWELL" containing 5 acres (total 81 acres, signed Reddick BRACEWELL, wit. Jas. BRACEWELL, William Britt. Recorded Aug Ct 1803 (Edge. Co., NC DB 11 Pg 43 CTC)

1806 - October 3, [Warrant] A complaint was made by Dempsey Wood that John Quinn on 12 July did make a false oath and appears in the affidavits of J. B. Blackshear, Reddick BRASWELL, and Joseph Bryan, all of Washington County. You are commanded to take John Quinn into custody. 9 October 1806 - Executed and the prisoner present.
Wilson Conner, J.I.C.
Alan Johnson, D.S.
Witnesses: Wm. Hall, Joseph Ricketson.
(Tattnall County, Georgia, Loose Papers KBD)

NOTE: Sampson Bracewell Sr. who married Miss Moore is not to be confused with his son Sampson Bracewell Jr who married Elizabeth Scarborough, and it is no longer believed that this Sampson was in the Revolutionary War.

Click here to see the will of Richard Bracewell III

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