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William Wilson, Northampton Co., NC, 1745

1745 - January 1, WILLIAM WILLSON, Sons: JOHN, ISAAC (land on south side of Tarr River), ELISHA MOORE WILSON. Daughters: CHARITY, ANNE, KATHERINE, ELINOR and MARY WILSON. Wife JUDITH. Executor. JOHN EDWARDS. Wit. ABRM. HOOD, JOHN GOODALL, MICHAEL TURNER. Northampton Co., NC Will, No Probate. (Google Books, Abstract of North Carolina Wills)

NOTE: William Wilson married Rebecca Braswell, daughter of Richard & Elinor Braswell 1st, then Judith Moore.

Wimberley, Thomas, Bertie Co., NC 1731

"Very weak and sick in body"
Son GEORGE - 300 acres between Tar River & Swift Creek, pewter dishes.
Son JOSEPH - 200 acres between Tar River & Swift Creek, pewter dishes.
Daughter SARAH WIMBERLY - 150 acres out of the same patent, pewter dishes.

JACOB BRASWELL & young RICHD. BRASWELL to divide among them.
Son JOSEPH - 140 acres.
Daughter SARAH WIMBERLY - negro girl Rose.
Wife SUSANN - horse, movable estate during her widowhood; negro woman Judah to live with her & then sd Judah to my sons GEORGE & JOSEPH.

Bertie Precinct, Oct. 22, 1731, Feb. Court 1732. Clerk of the Court: Rt. FORSTER. (Abstract of North Carolina Wills pg. 417 By Bryan Grimes)

Aug _, 1732? Bertie Co: The last Will & Testament of Thos. Wimberley dec'd was in Open Ct exhibited by George Wimberley & Joseph Wimberley Exrs to ye sd deced. wch. was proved in due form in law by the oath of Elenor Braswell one of the Evidences thereto and at the same time the Exrs. took ye Usual Oath. Govr. & Secys fees pd.

Bertie Co Ct Minutes 1724-1739 BK 1 [Weynette Parks Haun]

1731 - 1732 - Will of THOMAS WIMBERLY witnessed by ELINOR BRASSWELL, proved by her Feb. 1732. (Bertie Wills) THOMAS WIMBERLY was living on Fishing Creek and had he lived a few months longer would have died in Edgecombe. One of his bequests was as follows: 150 a. to daughter SARAH WIMBERLY (along with "two puter dishes and two puter basins") "and my desire is for JACOB BRASWELL & young RICH BRASWELL for to Devide it amongst them". No doubt "young RICH BRASWELL" was RICHARD, JUNr., so called to distinguish him from his father. What, precisely, THOMAS WIMBERLY meant to be done with the 150 acres and the four "puter" articles is a mystery. A lawsuit would have probably revealed the answer but evidently the legatees knew what he intended and settled it amicably. Another mystery is what the connection was between the WIMBERLYs & BRASWELLs. It seems evident that it was a
close one but no amount of speculation will reveal the truth and there is no clue in any record I have found thus far. At any rate the bequest to "young RICH" provides evidence that this ELINOR was the wife of RICHARD, SENr. and this is her last appearance in any known

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