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* Pitts, John, Chatham Co., NC 1780

In the name of God, Amen.
I, John Pitts Senr. of Chatham County and State of North Carolina, being very sick in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks be to God calling into mind the mortality of body and knowning that it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that is to say principally and first of all I give and recommend my soul into the hands of almighty God that gave it and my body I recommend to the earth to be buried in a decent manner nothing doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God and as touching what wordly estate wherewith it has blessed God to bless me in this life give demise and dispose of the same in the following manner, first I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved son John Pitts Junr. six hundred acres of land lying in Chatham County on the waters of Whitoak, likewise my gray horse called Bucky, likewise my Negro man named Jos. I give and bequeath to my beloved son Joseph Pitts six hundred acres of land including the plantation whereon I now live, also my Negro child called Bob, also a dark iron gray colt called __ __. I give to John Pitts, my son, my whip saw, also my gray mare called Pal, branded L and a flower deland. I gave and bequeath to my beloved daughter Mary Lear my Negro man named Oliver, also I give and bequeath to my beloved daughter Elizabeth Brassel my Negro wench named Lett. I give and bequeath to my daughter Peggy Mimes eleven head of cattle, also I give and bequeath to my beloved son Joseph Pitts my bed and furniture and bedstead the bed as I lie on, also what hogs belongs to me to be equally divided between my two sons John Pitts and Joseph Pitts, also what corn is on the plantation to be equally divided between the same two also I give and bequeath to my son John Pitts one bed and furniture after his mother's death, also I give and bequeath to my son Joseph Pitts my old white horse branded Vs on the shoulder, also seven head of sheep, also one saddle and bridle and shot gun. I give to my son Joseph Pitts also all the working tools and the remaining part of the household staff I leave and give to my son Joseph Pitts. I do hereby appoint my beloved son John Pitts and my true and trusty friend Elisha Cain executors of this my last will and testament in witness thereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 29th day of November in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty. Signed by the testator as his last will and testament in our presence and at his request have witnessed the same.

James Chrithan, John Pitts, Benjamin Willson (his mark) Mary Willson (her mark)

Note: Elizabeth was the wife of Valentine Braswell Jr. who was deceased in 1782, and they are the parents of daughters Edy who married Stephen or Jeptha Freeman, and Sedy who married Andrew Hartsfield.

Elisha Cain was the great grandson of Susannah Burgess Braswell, and the brother in law of Henry Braswell. Elisha & Henry both married daughters of Benjamin Blake.

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Found at Barbee's Crossroads

Massey, Pettipool, Franklin Co., NC 1794

In the name of God Amen, I, Pettipool Massey of Franklin County in
the State of North Carolina being at present, in reasonable health and sound mind & memory, Thanks be to God for the same, therefore calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form following---

I give and bequeth unto my son Eli Massey, to him and his heirs for ever, part of the old plantation that was formerly my father’s and all the lands on the east side of the Great Branch that runs thro the said old plantation so up the branch to the first fork then up small branch to where Noel Massey's house stood and so up the bottom to the upper line for one Hundred and the 200 Hundred acres I had of Fed Smith* and 305 acres I surveyed about the Huckelberry Pond to a corner black jack in Benj. Upchurch's line and square a south course from that corner to other line--- in all 600 [605] acres more or less and one Negro girl named Vilet and her increase after his mother's decease only the first child of the said Vilet to my youngest daughter (Zilpah). Also to Eli one young horse or mare when he comes of age, one cow & calf, 0ne cutlass, one iron pot, one feather bed, one pewter dish, 1 axe and one hand Hoe and the saddle and bridle that was Pettipool’s.

Item. I give and bequeth unto my son, Asa Massey, to him and his heirs forever the plantation whereon I now live and all the land I had of Sampson Brasswell on both sides of the Creek, 390 acres and my Mill my son Nathan to have his truck ground Toul free as long as he will help to keep her in order after his mother's Deces or widowhood. Also to my son, Asa, the rest of my land that was formerly my father's to the said Great Branch that runs thro
the plantation for 140 acres and 45 acres in my First Survey joining Obediah Strickland's to the same corner black jack in Benj. Upchurches line--- in all 575 acres more or less, one Negro girl named Pat and her increase only her first child to my daughter, Lucy. But his mother is to keep all these things in possession as long as she lives my widow without the pleases to give up any part. Also to Asa, one young Horse or mare when he comes to age, one cow & calf, one whipsaw, one iron pot, one pewter d1sh, one sew and pigs, one featherbed.

Item. I give and bequeth unto my son, Warren Massey, to him and his heirs for ever, the last land I surveyed below the Wolf Harbor for 400 acres more or less.

Item- I give and bequeth unte my beloved wife, Selah Massey, the choice of beds and furniture, her choice of horses, bridles and saddles and the rest of my living I lend to my beloved wife to raise my children or as long as she lives my widow and if my wife dies before my young children are grown, I desire my son, Nathan Massey, to have the care of my children and keep them together if possible, nothing to be sold, hired, nor rented. If one girls should marry and there is any to spare, let them have and take an account that there may be an equal division and after my wife’s decease or widowhood, I desire all thats(?) left be divided between my six youngest daughters, Salley, Lidia, Lucy, Selah, Elizabeth, & Zilpah, not sold if possible to help it But divided by three honest men.

And last of all, I do constitute and appoint my wife, Selah Massey, and my son, Nathan Massey, and Simon Williams my executors, to see the same dulyly performed and executed.

In witness, my hand and seal this sixth day of April one thousand seven hundred and ninety four.

Pettipool Massey {seal}


John Norwood Junr

Jno. Williams (jurat)

Obediah Strickland (jurat)

(Franklin Co., NC WB B Pg. 13, --- 1794)

Transcribed by Theron Smith

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Note: Noel Massey's daughter Nancy Massey married George Braswell.

Christian Williams had a brother named Simon Williams.

* Frederick Smith

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TN County, William Bracewell 1795

[1795-Nov 14] DB 8-641

WILLIAM BRACEWELL of Tennessee County and Southwestern Territory appointed JOHN SHURRED of Edgecombe Co. as his attorney, Nov. 14, 1795, to recover and receive for him that part of the estate of SOLOMON BRACEWELL, decd., that blongto to him.

Source: Abstracts of Early Deeds of Edgecombe Co., NC 1788-1798 by Joseph W. Watson.

Historical note: In 1789, North Carolina gave the Tennessee region to the United States. The federal government made it into a new territory and called it The Territory of the United States South of the Ohio River. William Blount became the first and only governor of this territory. Tennessee became the 16th state on 1 June 1796. John Sevier, one of the heros of the battle of King's Mountain, became the first governor.

From Foy Braswell's Library

Bennett Braswell Will DeKalb Co., TN 1868

I Bennet Braswell do make and publish this as my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any other time made, 1st I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible, out of any monies that I may die possesed of, or may first come into the hands of my executor, 2nd I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Elizabeth Braswell, all of my property during her lifetime viz 247 acres of land two head of horses two cows one yoke of oxen all of my sheep, all of my hogs, four beads and furniture and all my household and furnitures to have and to hold her lifetime, or whatever I may die possesed of also after her death the same to my son William Braswell, and his heirs forever
I do hereby nominate and appoint --Fredrick Starnes my executor in witness whereof I do to this my will set my hand and seal this 26 day of November 1868

...............................................Bennet Braswell (seal)
Signed sealed and published in our presence and have subscribed our names hereto in the testator this 26 day Nov 1868

Witness........................................N J Brock
...............................................John K. Starnes

Contributed by Ann Braswell

Davis, Christopher, Will Anson Co., NC 1785

In the name of God Amen. I, Christopher Davis being weak in body but perfect in mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament. First of all I recommend my soul to God who gave it to me and also my body to the grave to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner and as to my worldly goods wherewith it has pleased God to bless me, I dispose of them as follows:

First of all I give and bequeath to my loving son, Arthur Davis, fifty head of hogs all my proper mark and a twenty five pound horse creature which Captain Patt Bogan owed me. I also give and bequeath to my loving son, Thomas Davis, a negro woman named Het and also a mare and colt which is called his and also a acow and heifer which I bought of Joseph White and also one rifle gun which is called his. I also give and bequeath to my loving daughter, Sarah Benton, five pounds to be raised out of my estate. I also give and bequeath to my loving daughter, Mary Baker, five pounds to be raised out of my estate. I also give and bequeath to my loving daughter, Deuy Brazzill, five pounds to be raised out of my estate. I also give and bequeath the plantation whereon I now live to my loving son, John Davis, also a cow and calf and a feather bed and furniture and a rifle gun and also the first child the negro woman named Het that I give to my son Thomas. I also give and bequeath to my loving son, Isham, a negro boy named Jack and also a cow and calf my proper mark and also one sorrel horse with a blaze face. I also give and bequeath to my loving son, John Davis, one mare and saddle the mare called an eagle mare. I also give and bequeath to my loving son, Lewis Davis, two hundred acres of land lying on Little Brown Creek which I bought of Roland Williams and also one negro woman named Mary Ann. After my wife's death also a cow and yearling and also one bay mare. I also give and bequeath to my loving daughter, Elizabeth Davis, Thirty pounds to be raised out of my estate and one cow and calf my proper mark and a feather bed and furniture and suite of cloths. I also give and bequeath to my loving wife, Mary Davis, all the rest of my movable estate and after her death to be equally divided among my youngest children, Lewis Davis, John Davis, and Elizabeth Davis and I also make and ordain Mr. Joseph White to be my hole and sole executor where I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifth day of November in the year of our lord one thousand seven hundred and eighty five.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of Wm. Boggan, Mary Prisler, Joseph White

The suite of cloths to Elizabeth Davis enterlined befored signed.

Christopher (his X mark) Davis

NOTE: "Deuy" Brazill married Britton Brassell
whose descendants fall within the S/H DNA group.

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* Morgan and George Braswell - Tennessee to Alabama

1804 - Wilson Co., TN Tax List (USGenWeb Wilson Co. contributed by Wanda Gant), Capt. Cannon’s District

1806 – White County, Tennessee was formed from Smith, Jackson & Overton Counties

1807 – Warren County was formed from White County

1806 – Petition of citizens of Smith County to form a new county was signed in 1806 by:
(from Nona Williams)

1806 – August 26, 1st Petition to form Warren County, Tennessee was signed in this order by the following.
(from USGenWeb)
250. HARGAIN (MORGAN) BRASSEL (indicated signatures hard to read)

1808 – August 15, GEORGE BRAZEL, 100 acres, Rutherford Co., TN, middle Fork Stones River ______. Cc Abraham Pallet, MORGAN BRAZELL. Adjoining tract of Robt McComb (Tennessee’s Second Surveyors District, Volume B on USGenWeb)

1808 – September, GEORGE BRAZEL was chain carrier for eight surveys in Rutherford County on the Stones River for JENKIN WHITESIDE, two for DAVID ROSS, one for ROBERT DYER , and one for JASON THOMPSON (Tennessee’s Second Surveyors District, Volume C on USGenWeb)

1809 – May 15, MORGAN BRAZIL & ABRAHAM PALLET chain carriers for BENJAMIN HARVEY survey of 100 acres on Stones River in Rutherford County, TN, adjoining tract GEORGE BRAZIL & ROBERT CARSON. (Tennessee's Second Surveyors District, from USGenWeb)

1809 - Rutherford County, Tennessee Tax List (The Middle Tennessee Journal of Genealogy and History, Vol. XV,No. 1, Summer 2001, pages 10-11 as published in Braswell Branches Winter 2002) MORGAN BRASSEL 1 free poll

1810 - U.S. Census, Nashville, Rutherford County, Tennessee
GEORGE BRAZEL 1 male under 10
1 male 10-16
1 male 16-26
1 male 45 & over
1 female 16-26
1 female 45 & over

1812 GEORGE BRASEL signed a petition to approve the location of the county seat of Rutherford Co., Tennessee (Petition #56-2-1812)

1820 - April 23, GEORGE BRAZIL md CATHERINE RENEAU Lawrence Co., AL
(USGenWeb, Lawrence Co., AL)

1820 - Alabama State Census, Lawrence Co, Alabama ("Tracking Your Roots", 1820 State Census, Lawrence County, AL. transcribed by Ray Pennington, Courtland, AL.-- The transcription on USGenWeb, Lawrence Co., AL only gives George Brazle)
GEORGE BRAZLE 1 male over 21
1 female over 21

MORGAN BRAZLE 2 males over 21
2 males under 21
1 female over 21
3 females under 21

1825 - April 18, Certificates #1746 and #1747 issued to MORGAN BRAZEL for
160A in Walker County, Alabama (BLM Records)

1825 - September 23, endorsement to a Lawrence Co., AL Grand Jury indictment of JOHN GILLIAM for shooting and wounding MEREDITH ALSUP with intent to kill and murder "On which Indictment the following endorsement made to with 'A True Bill, John S. White, the foreman of the Grand Jury Sept 23, 1825' State of Alabama to the Sheriff of Lawrence County, Greetings. You are Lawrence County hereby commanded to take the body of JOHN GILLIAM , wherever he may be found in your county and him safely keep do that you have this body before the Judge of our Circuit Court now in session at the Court House in the town of Moulton to answer a charge of the State of Alabama against him for assaut on the body of GEORGE BRAZLE with intent to murder. Herein fail not and have then and there this wit. JONATHON BUFORD, Clerk of Said Court at office the 126th September 1825." Court Record from 1825 1827 contributed by Sam Alsup to USGenWeb, Lawrence Co., AL

1830 - U.S. Census, Walker County, Alabama
MORGAN BRAZILE 1 male under 5
1 male 5-10
2 males 10-15
1 male 40-50
1 male 70-80
1 female under 5
2 females 5-10
2 females 10-15
2 females 15-20
1 female 20-30
1 female 40-50

1838 - September 10, Certificate #8955 issued to MORGAN BRAZILL for 77.81A E1/2SE Sec 30 T13S R9W in Walker County, Alabama (BLM Records)

1838 - September 10, Certificate #10188 issued to GEORGE BRAZILE for 38.9A SENE Sec 30 T13S R9W in Walker County, Alabama (BLM Records)

1840 - U.S. Census, Walker County, Alabama
MORGAN BRAZEAL 2 males 5-10
1 male 15-20
1 male 50-60
2 females 15-20
1 female 20-30
1 female 50-60

1843 - June 15, MORGAN BRAZILLE issued Certificate #9793 for173.21 acres NE Sec. 13, T7S, R9E, Tishomingo Co., MS (BLM records)

1843 - November 28, MORGAN BRAZILLE issued Certificate #14319 NE Sec. 22, T7S, R9E, Itawamba Co.,MS (BLM records)

1847 - Walker Co., AL Tax Record taken about 1847 (USGenWeb Walker Co.AL)
William Robbins Collector

1848 - April 9, JOHN BRAZEL, son of George and Catherine Reneau Brazel, md MALINDA JANE IRELAND, Lawrence Co., AL

1850 - U.S. Census, District 8, Lawrence County, Alabama
306/305 BRAZZLE, John A. 27 Collecting Officer AL
Malinda 20 AL
Elizabeth 1 AL

856/856 BRAZELL, Catherine 50 KY
Malinda 26 AL
Sarah 24 AL
Mary 21 AL

1850 - U.S. Census, Walker County, Alabama December 16 & 18
396/396 BRAZEL, Morgin 70 Farmer Unknown
Sarahan 57 VA
George 33 Farmer TN
Obediance 28 TN
Mary 28 AL
Sarah 23 AL
Tomas 19 AL
Morgin 16 AL

182/182 BRAZEL, Richard 29 Farmer AL
Milla 35 AL
Mary An 4 AL
Thomas 1 AL

1850 - August 10, Certificate No. 14637 issued to RICHARD BRAZEALE for 40 acres SENW Sec 28, T12S, R9W, Walker Co., AL (BLM records)

1854 - November 12, JOHN A. BRAZIL, son of George & Catherine Reneau Brazil, md SARAH GOODBY, Lawrence Co., AL

1858 - March 1, Certificate No. 23984 issued to MORGAN BRAZEAL for 80 acres S1/2NE Sec. 29, T13S, R9W, Walker Co., AL (BLM records)

1859 - December 1, Certificate No. 28398 issued to MORGAN BRAZEAL for 200.67 acres N1/2NE Sec 29, T13S, R9W; S1/2SE Sec. 20, T13S, R9W; NESE Sec. 20, T13S, R9W, Walker Co., AL (BLM records)

1860 - U.S. Census, Walker County, AL
405 BRAZEAL, Richard 37 Farmer AL
Emily 41 TN
Sarah A. 15 AL
Thomas T. 10 AL
Martha Ann 7 AL
Richard 4 AL
Mary E. 1 AL
PACE, Isaac 12 unknown

415/407 BRAZEAL, Morgan 25 Farmer 800/300 AL
(Roden*) Beady 40 female Farmer 1500/300 TN
Vallance J. 5 AL
William M. 2 AL
*See 1880 Census, Beady Roden is William's Aunt

544/536 BRAZEAL, Thos. 28 Farmer AL
Vallna 26 AL
Nancy Ann 5 AL
William T. 5/12 AL

1860 - U. S. Census, Southern Division, P.O. Moulton, Lawrence Co., AL
206/201 BRAZZEL, John A. 33 Farmer 250/250 AL
Sarah 25 GA
Elizabeth C. 11 AL
John C. 9 AL
Malinda 4 AL
George M. 2 AL
Henery C. 1 AL

207/202 BRAZZLE, Catherine 60 AL
Malinda 36 AL
Sarah 33 AL

1878 - February 12, R. W. BRAZEAL md KEZIAH ALDRIDGE in Walker Co., AL (Alabama Marriages 1800-1920)

1880 - U.S. Census, Twp13, Beat 5,Walker Co., AL
BRAZEL, Richard W. 24 Farmer AL AL AL
Kisih 23 AL AL AL
Savaner M. 1 AL AL AL

BRAZEL, Milly S. 50 AL AL AL
Martha A. 22 AL AL AL

BRAZEL, Thomas 34 Farmer AL AL AL
Rachel 42 AL AL AL
Mary J. 12 AL AL AL
Thomas A. 10 Farm Laborer AL AL AL
Condaly 7 AL AL AL
Martha A. 4 AL AL AL

1880 - U.S. Census, NorthRiver, Fayette Co., AL
RODEN, Beady 60 Female Farmer TN KY SC
BRASIL, William M. 22 Nephew Farmer AL AL AL
Nancy L. 24 Wife AL NC AL

Compiled and shared by Palmyra Spencer. Unfortunately this blog is unable to retain all of Pal's original formatting.

Sampson Braswell Rev War Pension Statement

Pension application of Sampson Braswell W3930

State of North Carolina, Anson County

On this 15th day of January 1838 personally appeared Before me William Hamilton a Justice of the peace Lucresa Braswell a resident of Anson County State of North Carolina aged 74 years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on her oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provision made by the act of Congress passed July 4th, 1837. That she is the widow of Sampson Braswell, decd [deceased], a Soldier of the Revolution. That he entered the Service of the United States in the year 1777 or '78 as well as recollected in the militia Service a private foot soldier marched under Captain John Shepperd in Colonel Caswell's Regiment to Moore's Creek there had a Battle in which the Americans were victorious, a volunteer Served two months and was discharged, he was a volunteer again for three months, and marched under Captain Shepperd to Wilmington. Served three months & discharged the year not recollected. In the winter Before Charleston was taken by the British he served on a three months tour was marched down into the low country and to Charleston Served three months and was discharged a little before the town was taken by the British, as I have heard him say these three tours were done before we were married, as I have heard him Speak of them Before and after we were married, we were married December 21st, 1780 and in the Spring of the year after we were married '81 he was drafted into the Service for three months and marched under Captain Stringer Machelwane or Captain Shepperd marched down the country in
pursuit of British and Tories Served a three months, was discharged and came home, at the time he done this Service I went to Stay with my father and his father & other friends of mine until my husband returned home – at the time last Service was rendered we lived in Wane [sic, Wayne] County North Carolina a neighbor to each other before we were married. She further declares that she was married to her husband Sampson Braswell on the 21st day of December 1780 and that her husband the aforesaid Sampson Braswell died on the 11th day of September 1831 and that she has remained a widow ever since that point as will more fully appear by reference to the proof hereto annexed. She further declares, she is not able to travel to the court house by reason of Bodily infirmity it being Sixteen or seventeen miles, not having been more than four miles from home in five years past.

Sworn to and subscribed the day & year aforesaid Before me.

S/ W. Hamilton, JP S/ Lucresa Braswell, X her mark

Affidavit of Richard Braswell a pensioner of the United States, aged 83 years

I Richard Braswell of Anson County North Carolina do certify that I and Sampson Braswell as above Stated are Brothers, and lived in Wayne County in the time of the War, we Both were in Service together – called out by the authority of the State of North Carolina at the Battle of Moore's Creek under Captain John Shepperd, we were volunteers for three months but were discharged at the end of two months, we returned home, in the year 1777 or 78 as well as recollected & in a Short time after Brother Sampson Braswell was a volunteer and Served a three month tour under Shepperd went to Wilmington as I heard him Say & he Served a three months tour under Captain Shepperd the year that Charleston was taken by the British. I heard him Say after he returned home that he was discharged a little before the British took the town. Brother Sampson Braswell and Lucresa Waide [sic, Lucretia Wade] was lawfully married on the 21st day of December 1780 and I was at the wedding, after they were married Brother Sampson was drafted into service and marched down the country in pursuit of British and Tories. Served three months & returned home. I think he was under Captain McElhaney in
or Shepherd in Colonel Caswell's or Lowry's Regiment as he talked of these things after he returned home. We all lived at that time in Wayne County North Carolina on one plantation and have lived a near neighbor until the day of his death which occurred on the 11th day of September 1831 with Palsey and she has remained a widow ever since. Sworn to and Subscribed this 15th day of January 1838.

S/ W. Hamilton, JP S/ Richard Sampson

[Affidavit of son, Richard Braswell stating that he was born on March 23rd 1782, the eldest child of Sampson and Lurcresa Braswell.]

North Carolina Anson County

Affidavit of Richard Braswell and Penelope Braswell his wife why they fix the dates of the marriage of Sampson Braswell & Lucretia his wife to be December 21st, 1780.

We Richard Braswell & Penelope his wife do certify that we were married in the fall of the year 1780 in October and that our first child was born October 27, 1781 as appears on record in my family Register kept by us of our children's ages, and Brother Sampson & Lucretia Wade was married four days before new Christmas of the same year, as we all lived in the same neighborhood at that time and have continued to live near each other to the present days, and the said Lucretia Braswell is not able to be carried to the court house it being 16 or 17 miles, that she is hardly ever able to attend her church meetings which is near [at] hand, that her disease & infirmness increases on her continually; not a doubt remaining in our minds after referring to the family Register, but that Sampson Braswell and the Lucretia Wade was married on the 21st of December 1780 and that Sampson Braswell Deceased Served in behalf of the United States as has been before stated, and that Shadrach Braswell another Brother served his country faithfully but it is long since no more.

Sworn to and subscribed the 15th day of March 1839

S/ William Prewitt, JP S/ Richard Braswell, X his mark

S/ Penelope Braswell, X her mark

I Richard Braswell & Penelope his wife do further certify that the Script or four leaves of paper containing the names of Richard Braswell, Delaney – Elizabeth – Burril – Ervin – Benjamin – Patty –Bryant – Cullen – Penelope Braswell is a true family register kept by us of our children's ages.

Sworn to and subscribed the day & date above. S/ Richard Braswell, X his mark S/ William Prewitt, JP S/ Penelope Braswell, X her mark State of North Carolina, Dobbs County

Know all men by these present that we Sampson Braswell and William Bridger are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency Abner Nash Esq. Governor &c or his successors the first and full Sum of five hundred Pounds Current money for which Payment well and truly to be made and done we bind ourselves our Heirs Executors Administrators & Assigns and each of us firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals and hand this 19th day of December Anno. Dom. 1780. The condition of above Obligation is such that whereas the above bound Sampson Braswell have made application for a License to celebrate the Rites of Matrimony Between the said Sampson Braswell and Lucretia was both of Dobbs County aforesaid agreeable to an act of assembly in such case made and Province Now if it shall not appear at any time hereafter that there is not any Lawful case to Obstruct the said Marriage – that then and in such case the above Obligation to be Void otherwise to be and remain in full force and Virtue.

S/ Sampson {SEAL}

Signed Sealed & delivered in Presence of S/ Wm Bridger {SEAL}

S/ Jesse Wingate

Transcribed by Will Graves

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Tennessee, Morgan County James Brasel

A petition from the citizens of Morgan County, Tennessee was microfilmed with the petitions filed in 1813, however, Morgan County wasn't formed until 1817. This petition was created by citizens who wanted to move the site of the county seat and was probably submitted to the Tennessee Assembly in or after 1817.

One of the men signing was JAMES BRASEL

His name appeared as follows on the petition:

Bejaman Stinesipher
Saml Stinesipher
Daniel Stinesipher
Joseph Stinesipher
John Stinesipher

Perhaps he was associated with a Stinesipher family?

Source: Petitions to the Tennessee State Assembly Petition #25-2-1813

* Hale, Hosea, Clarke Co., GA 1838

In the name of God Amen, I Hosea Hale of the County of Clarke and State of Georgia, being of sound mind and full health, but recollecting the certainty of death, do make this my last will and testament. I commend my soul to God who gave it and my body to the dust from whence it came. To be buried in a decent manner. ITEM 1st: I wish out of my property all my just debts be paid in the first place. ITEM 2nd: For the love and affection I have for my beloved wife, Druscilla, I give her a Negro child, a boy in his fifth year by the name of Jefferson, on bed and sted(sic) and one stand of bed curtains, four coverlets, pillows, seven sheets, three quilts, a side saddle and one spinning wheel at her own disposal and to do with as she thinks best. ITEM 3rd: I give to my beloved son, James Hale, fifty dollars to be paid out of my estate. ITEM 4th: I wish the balance of my estate both real and personal equally divided between my wife Druscilla and children Lucy Hale, John Hale, Patsey Burgess, William Hale, James Hale and Benjamin Hale. It is my wish if they can agree not to sell any part. If no let all be sold and divide the proceeds as their own right and property. ITEM 5th: My son, Jesse Hale, having left this state several years past, and I do not know whether he is living or not, I consider that I have done for him his portion. It is my wishes and intentions that no part of my estate should be given him or his heirs. ITEM 6th: I appoint Thomas E. Williamson and John H. Lowe my Executors of this my last will and testament revoking all others. Given under my hand and seal this 22nd Nov 1838.
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of

James B. Davenport .....................................Hosea Hale
Joseph Braswell
Thomas E. Williamson

(Recorded 9 Jan. 1839 Clarke Co., GA, WB B pg. 201-202. From Carlton D. Lee)

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Tennessee, Rutherford Co. 1812

George Brasel and Achy Brazeal signed a petition to approve the location of the county seat of Rutherford Co., Tennessee in 1812

Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee, petition #56-2-1812

Note from Lucy Barron: Nash County deed proves Archy, ie Archibald, to be son of Dempsey BRASWELL.

Note from Nona: This petition had several pages of signatures and George Brasel signed on one of the first pages but Achy Brazeal signed one of the later pages suggesting that the two weren't with one another when the petition was signed.

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Rev Robert Bracewell London England Timeline

(Rev.) Robert BRACEWELL =

London, England


By Eunice H. Young

3 Feb 2008

13 Oct 1611 London, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL, St. Andrew Holborn, London, Eng.

Parents - Richard & Jane BRACEWELL.


21 Feb 1625/6 London, Eng. Jane BRACEWELL, mother of Robert, buried at St. Bartholomew the Great, London, England. (Burial)

26 Sep 1627 London, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL’s father Richard md. (2) Margaret BEDDAM at St. Andrew By The Wardrobe.


22 Feb 1627/8 Oxford, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL, Matriculated Oxford Univ., Hart Hall at age 15. B. A. 3 Nov 1631.

(Alumni Oxoniensis 1:165).

(Note - A search for him in London clergy divulged nothing).

1641 London, Eng. About one-half year before he died, Robert’s father Richard of the parish of Greate St. Bartholomew in the City of London, declared his last will and testament (noncupative, or by word of mouth), and gave to his son-in-lawe, John STILES 20L that he ought (owed) him, for and because of his two children, and to the two children he gave 12 pence apiece.

He appointed his son Robert BRACEWELL to be his executor,

and to his wife he gave l/3 of his estate. He appointed his two

brothers Robert & Edward to be overseers of his will. There being then present Mr. Thomas PERRY, Clerk, Edward BRACEWELL and Ann GRAVERIDE(?).

Wit.: Edward BRACEWELL and Ann GRASVENOR. (?).

(Original Will 7:90) PRO

8 Dec 1641 London, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL’s father Richard was buried at St. Bartholomew the Great.


13 Dec 1641 London, Eng. Robert BRACEWELL’s father Richard’s nuncupative will filed. Latin at bottom of will says, "On the 13th month December year of the Lord 1641..... Rowland JENNINGS (Clerk?) surritie ....... comes Robert BRASWELL, brother relict & Administrator bona et wita (?) with a second tenorem and efferta (purpose) testament during the enduring absence of admin. Robert BRASEWELL son natural(?).......................... Edo. BRASEWELL and Ann GRASVENOR

Signed: Julio. VALENTINE.

(Original Will 7:90) PRO

1 Apr 1642 Notts. Eng. ? Robert married Faith ALLEN in Edwinstowe, Nottingham, England. (This town is about 5 miles from Rufford, where Robert’s uncle Edward (or Edmund) made his will 11 May 1674. Rufford adjoins Sherwood Forest and is on a main road leading NW from Grantham, Eng., home of Robert’s father. It would seem that Robert would have tried to be near family after the deaths of his parents). This is the only marriage for a Robert on the IGI for all of England that is in the right time period. There were many ALLENS in Isle of Wight Co., Va., where Robert settled. I haven’t made a search of ALLEN wills, etc., in Nottinghamshire to try to prove this. Robert & Faith could have had the 5 children in England before coming to Va. 1650.

(Marriage record)

17 Nov 1642 Isle of Wight, Va. John STYLES, brother-in-law of Robert BRACEWELL, md. Jone BRACEWELL, (bapt. 4 Dec 1605 St. Bride Fleet St., London) 21 May 1624 St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, London, Eng. They had: Jane, bapt. 12 Dec 1624 St. Bartholomew the Great, London, and Elizabeth, bapt. 13 Feb 1625/6 St. Martin By The Fields, Westminster). John rec’d 200 A in Warresquicke (old name for Isle of Wight, Va.) for transporting 3 people, and 50 A. from John WHITE.

(Va. Land Patent Bk. I pt.2 page 855).

1650 Isle of Wight, Va. Robert BRACEWELL land mentioned.). Deeds 1:426.

13 Oct 1653 London, Eng Margaret BRACEWELL, wid. of this parish (St. Bartholomew the Great) was buried. (Burial).

North Carolina, Nash Co - William & Robert Braswell

Will of MICAJAH THOMAS of Nash County, NC who requested burial in his “own burying ground, between the graves of his wife and sisters” and leaves bequests to half-brother Josiah Crudup; niece Mourning Arrington; niece Rhoda Ricks; nieces Temperance and Mary Perry; father-in-law Phillemon Hawkins; natural daughter Mary Crawford, child of late Elizabeth Crawford of Surry Co., Virginia; twin daughters Margaret Thomas Jackson and Mourning Thomas Jackson and daughter Temperance Thomas Jackson, all children of Ann Jackson; nephew Bennett Boddie; Geo. Boddie; Solomon Cotton; Geo. Crudup; Jacob Butts; daughters of Nathan Boddie, Elizabeth Boddie and Mourning Boddie, and Julian King.

Land owners mentioned are: Capt. Saml Bryant, Samuel Cotton, estate of Frederick Ruffin, William Boddie, James Woodard, Richard Hollan, David Evans, Geo. Wimberley, Julian King, Jesse Thomas, Whiddon, Reubin Whitfield, Barrentine, Maulpass, David Owens, Reubin Williams, WM. BRASWELL, Joshua Stephens, Edward Purcel, John Warren, Henry Taylor, Robert Rogers, Drury Alford, Jesse Bass, Matthew Drake, Wm. Lindsey, John Jones, Thomas Hill (Franklin County), John Webb, Josiah Johnson, Massengal, ROBERT BRASWELL and Wm. McDonald.

Places named are: plantation on Tar River; land on the north side of Roanoke River in Northampton County; plantation on north side of Peachtree Creek; Pig Basket Creek and the Cross Roads; 420 acre tract known as the Kersey place; 640 acres on western waters of North Carolina, a soldier’s warrant; Sappony Swamp; the courthouse; the Harris place; 5000 acres on the waters of the Tennessee

Executors were Nathan Boddie, William Boddie, Benjamin Hawkins, Shadrack Rutland, dated
19 May 1788.

Witnesses: Wilson Vick, Saml Westray, Thaddeus Barnes, Hardy Brewer.

A true copy taken from the original by William Hall, Clerk of Nash County, NC
2 March 1806

From Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee, microfilm, petition #23-1-1807

Tennessee, Anderson County - 1806- William Braswell

In 1806 a Wlm. BRAZLE [sic] signed a petition "of the citizens of Anderson County" to change the boundary of the proposed new county. Source: 8-1-1806 Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee (microfilm)

Tennessee, Smith County 1806 George & Morgan Brassel

A petition of citizens of Smith County to form a new county was signed by the following

William Williams (his wife was Lucreasy Braswell and he was the father-in-law of Sampson and Aaron Braswell who didn't sign this petition)

George Brassel

John Hunt

William Hunt

Henry Hunt

George Brassel, Sen.

Morgan Brassel

George Brassel, Jun

Note: This petition was signed by three men named George Brassel [sic]

Source: 24-2-1806 Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee (microfilm)

* David Braswell, Halifax Co., NC 1835

Know all men by these presents that I DAVID BRASWELL of the County of Halifax & State of North Carolina being of sound mind & memory do make & ordain this to be my last will & testament viz.

Imprimis – I give to my niece SALLY BRASWELL after the death of my Brother JAMES BRASWELL (should he survive me) that tract of land lying on the west side of the road leading from Tarborough to Norfleets ferry a part of which was bought of WHITMELL WILKINS to a part of POLLY BROWN on the same side of the road & adjoing the one to the other; to her & her heirs forever.

2dly I give to my niece PHEREBA HARRELL all the remaining part of the tract of land known as the Brown tract above mentioned lying on the East Side of the road & also all of the Edmunds tract adjoining the same to her & her heirs forever, - Reserving nevertheless the use of these lands to my brother JAMES BRASWELL during his natural live in manner as above mentioned.

3dly I give my nephew JAMES HARRELL after the death of my brother JAMES BRASWELL all the WHITMEL BRASWELL tract of land, also the tract of land whereon my brother JAMES BRASWELL & myself now live on the east side of the road before mentioned & also fifty acres on the west side of the road adjoining the tract last memtiond, to him & his heirs forever.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this 31st day of March Anno Domini 1835 his



Chas. Shield, Jr.

Levi Howell

Recorded Feb. Co. 1837, Will Book No. 4, Page 148

NOTE: David & James Braswell are believed to be sons of James Braswell Jr. & Mary Strickland. See the 1786 North Carolina State Census with Drew Braswell
next door to a James Braswell, who is believed to be the son of James who died 1761/65.

*James Braswell Will Halifax Co., NC 1839

In the name of god Amen I JAMES BRASWELL of Halifax County & State of North Carolina being weak & infirm but of Sound mind and memory do this the 29th day of September 1839 make and publish this as my last will and testament in manner and form as follows viz

Item the 1st at my death I give to my nephew JAMES HARRELL my young horse cotter by name Sandy and one bridle & Saddle also one half of all the Perishable estate of which I am lawfully possessed after paying my Just debts.

Item the 2nd I give to my two nieces PHERIBY D. HARRELL and SALLY BRASWELL the other half of Perishable estate to be Equally divided between them that is one fourth of my Perishable estate to Each of them.

Lastly I nominate and appoint my nephew JAMES HARRELL my only Executor to this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I the said JAMES BRASWELL have hereunto Set my hand and affixed my Seal the day and date first above written

Signed Sealed & acknowledged ) JAMES BRASWELL

In Pressance of us )

Levi Howell X

John H. Lauson

James Braswell Will Recorded page 185, February Co. 1840

Witness James Simmons Clk

Note: James is the brother of David and they are believed to be sons of James Braswell Jr. & Mary Strickland. James appears to have no wife or children.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Land, Charles, Will Edgecombe Co., 1838

In the name of God Amen, I Charles Land of
Edgecombe County being of sound and perfect mind and memory.... I give to my loving son, Kenny Land one horse and bed and furniture together with sundry other articles now in his possession; lend to my loving wife, Mary Land the use of my land plantation together with the balance of my personal estate that remains after my debts during her natural life; to my beloved daughter, Fanny Whitehead one dollar with what she has had to her and her heirs forever; to my beloved daughter Polly Weaver one dollar; to my beloved son, Charles Land all my land lying on the south side of Cabbin Branch together with one gallon bason; to my beloved son, John Land, all my land lying on the north side of the Cabbin Branch if he stays on it and if not to my son, Charles, also to son, John one still and all its contents and half of my house hold furniture and the balance to my son, Charles; to my beloved son, Jesse Land, one dollar; to my beloved daughter, Sally Braswell, one bed and stead and furniture and one pine chest; my sons, Charles and John Land to be executors, signed 23 May 1838, Charles Land wit John Beeland, ( ).

Transcribed by Tommy Colbert

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Rev. Robert Bracewell's 1650 Articles of Agreement

Contributed by Carey Bracewell

Articles of Agreement concluded & agreed Between Ambross Bennett of the one partie & Thomas Webb of the other partie in manner & forme as followeth

Imprimis it is agreed between the parties aforesaid that the said Ambross Bennett doth give unto the aforesaid Thomas Webb & his heires forever, one acre of Land, that he shall erect a Mill upon, & the privilege of the Run that the said Mill doth stand upon, and it is further agreed between the parties aforesaid, that if in Case the aforesaid Thomas Webb be att any time disposed to make sale of the aforesaid Mill, or Acre of Land, the aforesaid Ambrose Bennett or his heirs for ever, shall have the refusall, of the aforesaid Mill & the Acre of Land, And it is further agreed between the parties aforesaid, that the said Thomas Webb is to grind the aforesaid Ambross Bennetts Corne toll free, & his heires & all them that doo belong to his owne family for ever, And it is further agreed between the parties aforesaid, that the said Ambross Bennett doth sett & lett unto the aforesaid Thomas Webb Sixty Acres of Land for the terme of Thirty years complett & ended, bounded on the other side, so farr as the aforesaid Ambross Bennetts Land doth runne & soe over the Runn, & soe bounded upon the Land of Mr Robert Bracewell, and from his Land A Cross over the path that goeth to the Church It is agreed between the parties aforesaid, that the said Thomas Webb, is to give the aforesaid Thomas Bennett in Consideration of the aforesaid Land three thousand pounds of tobacco & Cask & one hogshead of ground meal, to be paid ready downe, the Tobacco to be paid fifteen hundred in the year, of our Lord God One thousand Six hundred fifty & two, & for the true performance hereof we have Enforchangeably sett our hands & seales the 29th of Aprill 1650

Ambrose A Bennett (seal)
Thomas W Webb (his mark)

The word heires incerted in the first article was
done by the consent of Ambross Bennett being
onely forgotten att the first soe along

Teste Robert Bracewell
Ann A Bennett (her mark)

This was entered in the indyent
= water way . . . .

Signed Sealed & delivered in the presence of
Henry Preston
George Rawley

9th February I Ambross Bennett acknowledged the within written Articles In open court held for the Isle of Wight County & by him proved to be Recorded which is accordingly Ordered & done & Examined per me Johann Combe, Clerk Deputy. . . .
Record of Wills, Deeds, Etc., Vol. 1, 1662-1715, page 426


Excepting his will and inventory some eighteen years later, this informal agreement is the most important document that has come down to us from Rev. Robert Bracewell because it (1) dates his arrival to the New World to before 29 April 1650, (2) provides the history of the grain mill and adjacent land that later became the property of the Reverend and his heirs, and (3) gives us a writing very likely in his own words.
That this agreement was written by a non-lawyer is evident from its unique language. Nowhere else do we find such expressions as "sett & lett", "the terme of Thirty years complett & ended",
"to be paid ready downe" and such other vernacular expressions. No lawyer would have admitted in a post script to some important term "being onely forgotten att the first soe along."

So if a lawyer didn't write this agreement-- which is really two documents in one, an agreement and a sales contract--then who did? Rev. Robert is the obvious choice. He had a personal interest in the transaction and signed himself as "teste" (an arcane use of 'testator') along with Ann Bennett's dower mark and two witnesses. Moreover, he had the same education as a seventeenth century lawyer. And even to this day, county clerks are obliged to file important documents regardless of who wrote them.


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John (signed) Braswell & Jane 1

[15 Dec 1735]
Richard Brasswell of the Upper Parrish of the Isle of Wight Co appointed lawfull attorney to acknowledge a deed for 150 acres John and Susannah Penny to Daniel Storey. Wit: John (signed) Brasswell and Wm.(+) Brasswell "land situate & being in upper parrish of the Isle of Wight County joining upon Nottoway River on the north side & being part of a tract of land in a patent granted to Mr. Richard Washington bearing date of sixteenth day of December 1714 and by said Washington….to John Howell who sold it to John Penny (DB 5, 1736-1741, Part 1, page 17-19, from Carey Bracewell) NOTE: No doubt Susannah Penny is the grand daughter of Susannah Burgess Braswell through one of Richard's sons. This is NOT Richard II who married Eleanor and Richard I is deceased.

[2 Jun 1736] Richard Brassell, Isle of Wight Co., from Mosses Faircloth of Isle of Wight Co., for five shillings, 100 acres bounded as followeth Viz Beginning at a Gum stand in Nottoway Swamp at the mouth of Bardens Branch so up the Branch to a pine standing in Thos Craford’s line from then along a line of marked trees to a pine standing by the side of a branch so down that branch to a white oak standing Nottoway Swamp so down the various courses of the run of the swamp to the first station""part of a patent for 475 acres granted June 16, 1714 to Matthew Rufhen and Edward Goodson & by the said Rufhen & Goodson devis’d unto William Faircloth, Senr by deeds of lease and release & released by a power of attorney bearing date the twenty fifth day of March one Thousand Seven Hundred & twenty one and by the said Wm. Faircloth willed to his son Moses Faircloth" . Wit: John (signed) Brassell, Giles Smelly, Wm. (+) Brassell. Release was dated June 23, 1736. The consideration was that Brassell was to pay Faircloth "fifteen hundred poinds of pork". Recorded Sep 27, 1736. (DB 5, 1736-1741, pages 36-39. Copy of deed from Carey Bracewell)

NOTE: Richard's sons William (W) Braswell & Joseph (mark) Braswell sold this 100 acres March 12, 1746/7, which was cut into Southampton Co., VA in 1749.

[9 NOV 1752] Richard Vick to Albridgton Jones 6 acres adj. sd. Jones' mill and Nottoway Swamp on the north side of the Bridge Road (part of 100 acres sold to sd. Vick by William & Joseph Braswell), S: Richard (R) Vick, Wit: Robert (signed) Ricks, Jesse (signed) Browne, and Phillip (P) Brantley (Southampton Co., VA DB 1 P. 412-414)

[23 Apr 1739] Zebulon Lewis estate appraised by John Brassell, John Fort, Christopher Foster. Signed Jane Lewis. (IOW Co., VA WB IV Pg. 229)

[22 Feb 1741] Zebulon Lewis Account Estate, signed by John and Jane Brassell. Examined by J. Simmons, Timothy Thorpe, James Ridley. (IOW Co., VA WB IV Pg. 398)

[9 Feb 1741/42] Christopher Kilbee. Sons: Epaphroditus, Christopher (to each is devised land). Daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth, Frances. Wife: Katherine. Executors: Maj. Joseph Gray, Thomas Jarrell. Friends: Joshua Lewis and John Fort. Witnesses: John Brassell, Thomas Westbrook. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. Northampton Co., NC May Court 1752.

[21 Apr 1744] Richard Braswell Will: Leg: Son William and son Joseph my Exs., daughter Elizabeth, son John, loving wife. R. Aug 26 1745. Wit: Benjamin Johnson Jr., Joseph Woodward, Arthur Edwards. (IOW Co., VA WB IV Pg 541)

[12 Jan 1747] John Brassill granted 400 acres in IOW Co., VA north side of Meherrin River beginning corner of Samuel Westbrook's land, Thomas Harris' line, Joshua Claud's line. (Library of Virginia) NOTE: This land is in Southampton Co., VA when sold to Joshua Claud in 1753.

[8 Feb 1753] John Braswell and wife Jane to Benjamin Lewis ? acres on the south side of Nottoway River on the lower side of Three Creeks (sd. Jane was wife of Zebulon Lewis and his wife received 1/3 of what he died holding), John (signed) Braswell and Jane (-) Braswell, Wit: George (signed) Gurley Jr and John (signed) Wilkinson Jr (Southampton Co., VA DB 1 Pg 458-460)

[6 Aug 1753] Nathan Lewis to Benjamin Lewis ? acres adj. Three Creeks where sd. Benjamin now lives (given to sd. Nathan by father (Z)Lebulon Lewis in his will), Nathan (signed) Lewis, Wit: John (signed) Braswell, William (X) Westbrook, and Edward (signed) Marthias (Southampton Co., VA DB 1 Pg 500-502)

[11 Oct 1753] John Braswell to Joshua Claud, carpenter, 400 acres on the north side of Maherin River adj. Samuel Westbrook, sd. Joshua, and Thomas Harris (patent by sd. John on 12 Jan 1747), John (signed) Braswell, Wit: no witnesses. (Southampton Co., VA DB 2 Pg. 1-2)

[6 Feb 1754] Nicholas Boon to John Braswell, both of Northampton for 41.1.6 pds VA, 490 acres in sd Co., part of a pat. granted to Mr. Thomas Boon, decd, May 1, 1668, beginning at the mouth of a branch known by the name of Know Bottom, so up the sd branch bending on George Seller's line to ye head line of the patent so then bending on the sd patent line to the first station. Wit: Thomas Boon, Wm. Murfree. Ackd. February Court 1754.

[3 Jan 1757] William Braswell of Bladen County to John Demery of Northampton County, planter, for 14 pounds current money of VA the sd 100 acres joining Arthur Sellars, the sd Braswell, Thomas Boon, John Braswell (signed) Wm (W) Braswell. Wit: John Braswell, Elizabeth Epperson, Sarah Braswell. Proved by John Braswell Feb. 1757. Reg. Northampton Co Feb. Ct. 1757, J.Edwards C. Ct. (p. 345, Deed Book II) NOTE: William (W) Braswell & John (signed) Braswell owned land adjacent to each other. John (who always signs his name and his wife is Jane) has a close connection to William (W) Braswell. See Part 1 of deed here. Part 2 of deed here

[23 Feb 1758] James Massingall of Northampton Co to William Wills of Southampton Co. Va, 175 acres on the NE side of Corriroy Swamp. Wit: John Brasell, Epaphridites Kilbee (pg 138, pg 443 from Nona Williams, Abstracts of Deeds Northampton Co., NC, 1741-1759, Public Registry Deed Book I and Deed Book II, Margaret M. Hofmann)

[1762] John Braswell (?) Jane Braswell, witnesses: Epaphraditus Killbee & Henry Howell (Northampton Co., NC, wills? Feb. 1762(3) to August 1764, Edwards (Clk) from Kay Dawson)

[28 Jan 1764] John Braswell to William Bennet, both of Northampton, for 65 pds current money of Virginia, 490 acres beginning at the mouth of a branch known by the name of Know Bottom, up sd branch bending on George Sellars line to the head line of the patent then bending on sd patent line to the first station. Witnesses: James Cunningham & John Wade. Signed: John Braswell, Jane Braswell the Mother of said John Braswell and Hannah Brasswell the wife of said John Brasswell.

Related Link: John (signed) Braswell & Jane 2

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Robert & Sarah Braswell Timeline

Robert "R" BRASWELL = Sarah


Comp. by Eunice H. YOUNG

7 Jan 2008

Abt. 1677 Isle of Wight, Va. Born to Richard & Sarah BRASWELL

9 Apr 1702 Isle of Wight, Va. Robert BRASWELL and Jenkin DORMAN wit. deed of Owen BOURN and wife, Hannah , of Blackwater River, to Thomas MANDUE, Jr.

(Isle of Wight Deeds l:).

15 Jun 1715 Chowan Co., NC William BRASSWELL and Mary of Chowan, sold to John STEWARD, upper part of 600 A. on NS of Youarha Swamp, joining the mouth of a Great branch, the sd. STEWART and Youarha Swamp. 15l. Wit.: Wm. "W" GUNN, Robert "R" BRASSWELL. Reg. 10 Sep 1715.

(Chowan Deeds B:144).

1 Mar 1719/20 Chowan Co., NC Robert BRASSWELL rec’d Patent for 588 A. in Chowan Prec. on NS Maherrin River, joining ye Lower end of Mill Meadow by Gardiner’s Path, Buckhorn Swamp, and the Meadow Branch

(LG 8:178). # 726.

11 Apr 1720 Chowan Co., NC William, Robert, Richard & John BRASWELL listed in Capt. Robert PATTERSON’s Company, "from Meherring Creek to the Meherrin River and so up the river on both sides". (West of the Chowan River).


1721 Chowan Co., NC Robert BRASSWELL paid Poll Tax on 380 A.

1722 Bertie Co., NC Formed from Chowan Co.

28 Feb 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL rec’d 200 A. Yourah Swamp from John STEWARD & Sarah. Pt. of 600 A. Tract. 25L. Wit.: Thomas BONNER, Moore CARTER. May Ct. 1724.

(Bertie Deeds A:239).

26 Mar 1723 Bertie Co., NC John MINSEY rec’d. 640 A. On NS of the Indian Creek Swamp on the WS of Chowan River, joining John HOOKS, a Meadow Branch, Robert BRASWELL and the Va. line. (LG 3:129).

11 May 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASSWELL wit. deed of Thomas BROWNE.

(Bertie Deeds A:127).

15 May 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL sold to John GARLAND of I. of W. Co., Va. for 15L, 290 A., part of a patent granted BRASWELL on 1 Mar. 1719 for 580 A., adj. Mill Meadow along line of Jonathan SANDERSON to John WIGGAINS line. Wife Sarah rel. dower rights. Wit: Mary "M" BRASWELL (Note - wid. of Wm.), and Elizabeth MOLTON. May Ct. 1723.

(Bertie Deeds A:133).

15 Aug 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL sold to Jonathan SANDERSON for 10L part of a pat. of 580 A. (sold 200 A) on Buckhorn Swamp, beg. at Holly Creek. Wit.: Robert HICKS and John E. WIGGINS.

(Bertie Deeds A:140).

15 Aug 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL sold to John WIGGINS for 10L, 100 A. part of a pat. for 580 A. beg. at 3 pines in Meadow Branch. Wit.: Robert HICKS, Jonathan SANDERSON. Aug. Ct. 1723.

(Bertie Deeds A:141).

1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL on list of Jurymen.

1725 Bertie Co., NC John HOOKES, Jr. of Nansemond Co., Va., sold 320 A. (Part of pat. for 640 A. dated 7 Nov 1723) on NS Meherin River, to Jonathan SANDERSON. Adj. RobertBRACEWELL & Beal BROWN.

(Bertie Deeds B:155).

28 Jul 1725 I of Wight, Va. Richard BRASWELL made his will. Legatee - son Robert BRASWELL to have 10 shillings. (Same as other children except Richard, who was to receive 1 sh.).

(I of Wight Great Book 174).

1726 Bertie Co., NC John STEWARD & wife Sarah to James WOOD. Sold 140 A. on NS Marattock River. Wit.: Robert BRASSWELL. Aug. Ct.

(Bertie Deeds B:156).

5 Aug 1726 Bertie Co., NC Jonathan SANDERSON to John WIGGANS. 50 A. for 2L 10 s. On NS Meherring River and Buck Horne. Adj. Robert BRASSWELL . Aug. 1726.

(Bertie Deeds B:148).

7 Nov 1726 Bertie Co., NC Mary GINN to John DEW. Power of Atty. to ack. sale to John POWER. Wit: John BONDE, Sarah BRASWELL.

(Note: Were Mary & Sarah sisters?). (Bertie Deeds B:189).

25 Mar 1727 Bertie Co., NC Jonathan SANDERSON rec’d 95 a. in Buckhorn Woods on
the NS of Maherrin River. adj. Edward BARNES, John GARNER, Robert BRASWELL, and Buckhorn Swamp.

(Land Patent 3:220).

26 Jul 1728 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASSWELL (BRACEWELL) lived on NS Meherring River & Buckhorn Swamp. (Deed Jonathan SANDERSON to Barnard BANGER).

(Bertie Deeds C:58).

31 Jul 1728 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRACEWELL rec’d. 100 A. on SS Yourah Swamp & Mirey Branch & Poplar Br. for 7L from William BRACEWELL (son of Wm. I). Wit.: Edward GREEN & John SUTTON. Aug. 1728. (Bertie Deeds C:3).

9 Feb 1730 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL wit. deed with James SUMNER, of Wm. BRYAN(T) to John VEAL of Norfolk Co., Va.

(Bertie Deeds C:330).

9 Feb 1730 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL & Joseph SUMNER wit. deed of Wm. BRYANT to John VEAL of Norfolk Co., Va. 86A. NS Morattock R. & Bridger’s Creek, adj. Wm. BRYANT.

(Bertie Deeds C:338).

9 Feb 1730 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL & James SUMNER wit. deed of Wm. BRYANT & wife Mary to John VEAL of Norfolk Co., Va., for 320 A. Part of 640 A. rec’d 9 Mar 1717, adj. Wm. BRIDGERS.

(Bertie Deeds C:346).

25 May 1734 Bertie Co., NC William BRASSWELL of Edgecombe Co., to the Rev. John BOYD, M. G., part of 600 A. granted to Wm. 1 Apr. 1714. SS of Yawrahaw Swamp at Mouth of Gr. Branch, adj. Robert BRASSWELL on Poplar Branch.

(Bertie Deeds D:150).

25 May 1734 Bertie Co., NC William BRASWELL of Edgecombe, to Rev. Mr. John BOYD, M. G., 300 A. of SS Yawraha Swamp at Mouth of Great Branch, adj. Robert BRASSWELL.

(Bertie Deeds D:313).

14 Sep 1734 Bertie Co., NC Robert X BRASWELL will made. Names: dau. Sarah DAUGHTRY,

loving son - Robert BRASWELL

loving son - John BRASWELL

loving son - Richard BRASWELL

son - Valentine BRASWELL

loving daughter - Jean

dau. - Mary BRASWELL

godson - Denice SUMNER

loving wife - Sarah BRASWELL

exr’s - loving friends - James BRYANT & Joshuay DAUGHTREY


Thomas BRYANT, jurat

Nicholas BAGET

Patience BRYANT

Proved Nov. Ct. 1736.

5 Nov 1735 Craven Prec. Robert BRASWELL rec’d 150 A. on SS Urakaw Swamp.

(Grant 4:67).

Nov. 1736 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL will proved.

(NC Wills).

11 Oct 1739 Bertie Co., NC Samuel GARLAND of I. of Wight Co., Va., to Peter GARLAND. 100 A. on NS Meherring River (Part of patent 1 Mar 1719 for 580 A. to Robert BRASSWELL).

(Bertie Deeds E:535).

26 Apr 1740 Bertie Co., NC Jonathan SANDERSON to Barrit MOUNTGOMERY for 100 A. on WS Chowan River & NS Bockkhorne Swamp. (Part of tract to Robert BRASSWELL by pat. 1 Mar 1719).

(Bertie Deeds F:137).

1741 Bertie Co., NC Grant to .... on Buckhorn Swamp of Gardiner’s Br. adj. John BONDE, Robert BRASWELL, Jonathan SANDERSON & John GARDINER.

(L. G. 2204).

1741 Northampton Co., NC Cut from Bertie Co., N. C.

20 Oct 1747 Northampton Co., NC Robert & Julian BRASWELL sold 200 A, on Uraha Swamp (Part of 600 A. his father owned) to Bryant DAUGHTREE of Nansemond Co., Va. Beg. at the Mouth of a Gr. Branch whereon the sd. BRASWELLS father lived and so up the br. to the head line to Uraha Swamp.... Julian BRASWELL the wife of sd. Robert BRASWELL surrendered her dower.

Wit.: Joshua DAUGHTREE and Jane X BRYANT.

Nor. Deeds l:319).

4 Feb 1750 Northampton Co., NC Robert BRASWELL, son of Robert BRASWELL, Dec’d, and William BRASWELL (of Johnston Co., NC) to Bryan DAUGHTREE of Northampton, 100 A. on SS Uraha Swamp.

adj. the mouth of Great Branch, the mouth of Poplar Branch .

(Nor. Deeds 1:466).