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John (signed) Braswell & Jane 1

[15 Dec 1735]
Richard Brasswell of the Upper Parrish of the Isle of Wight Co appointed lawfull attorney to acknowledge a deed for 150 acres John and Susannah Penny to Daniel Storey. Wit: John (signed) Brasswell and Wm.(+) Brasswell "land situate & being in upper parrish of the Isle of Wight County joining upon Nottoway River on the north side & being part of a tract of land in a patent granted to Mr. Richard Washington bearing date of sixteenth day of December 1714 and by said Washington….to John Howell who sold it to John Penny (DB 5, 1736-1741, Part 1, page 17-19, from Carey Bracewell) NOTE: No doubt Susannah Penny is the grand daughter of Susannah Burgess Braswell through one of Richard's sons. This is NOT Richard II who married Eleanor and Richard I is deceased.

[2 Jun 1736] Richard Brassell, Isle of Wight Co., from Mosses Faircloth of Isle of Wight Co., for five shillings, 100 acres bounded as followeth Viz Beginning at a Gum stand in Nottoway Swamp at the mouth of Bardens Branch so up the Branch to a pine standing in Thos Craford’s line from then along a line of marked trees to a pine standing by the side of a branch so down that branch to a white oak standing Nottoway Swamp so down the various courses of the run of the swamp to the first station""part of a patent for 475 acres granted June 16, 1714 to Matthew Rufhen and Edward Goodson & by the said Rufhen & Goodson devis’d unto William Faircloth, Senr by deeds of lease and release & released by a power of attorney bearing date the twenty fifth day of March one Thousand Seven Hundred & twenty one and by the said Wm. Faircloth willed to his son Moses Faircloth" . Wit: John (signed) Brassell, Giles Smelly, Wm. (+) Brassell. Release was dated June 23, 1736. The consideration was that Brassell was to pay Faircloth "fifteen hundred poinds of pork". Recorded Sep 27, 1736. (DB 5, 1736-1741, pages 36-39. Copy of deed from Carey Bracewell)

NOTE: Richard's sons William (W) Braswell & Joseph (mark) Braswell sold this 100 acres March 12, 1746/7, which was cut into Southampton Co., VA in 1749.

[9 NOV 1752] Richard Vick to Albridgton Jones 6 acres adj. sd. Jones' mill and Nottoway Swamp on the north side of the Bridge Road (part of 100 acres sold to sd. Vick by William & Joseph Braswell), S: Richard (R) Vick, Wit: Robert (signed) Ricks, Jesse (signed) Browne, and Phillip (P) Brantley (Southampton Co., VA DB 1 P. 412-414)

[23 Apr 1739] Zebulon Lewis estate appraised by John Brassell, John Fort, Christopher Foster. Signed Jane Lewis. (IOW Co., VA WB IV Pg. 229)

[22 Feb 1741] Zebulon Lewis Account Estate, signed by John and Jane Brassell. Examined by J. Simmons, Timothy Thorpe, James Ridley. (IOW Co., VA WB IV Pg. 398)

[9 Feb 1741/42] Christopher Kilbee. Sons: Epaphroditus, Christopher (to each is devised land). Daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth, Frances. Wife: Katherine. Executors: Maj. Joseph Gray, Thomas Jarrell. Friends: Joshua Lewis and John Fort. Witnesses: John Brassell, Thomas Westbrook. Clerk of the Court: I. Edwards. Northampton Co., NC May Court 1752.

[21 Apr 1744] Richard Braswell Will: Leg: Son William and son Joseph my Exs., daughter Elizabeth, son John, loving wife. R. Aug 26 1745. Wit: Benjamin Johnson Jr., Joseph Woodward, Arthur Edwards. (IOW Co., VA WB IV Pg 541)

[12 Jan 1747] John Brassill granted 400 acres in IOW Co., VA north side of Meherrin River beginning corner of Samuel Westbrook's land, Thomas Harris' line, Joshua Claud's line. (Library of Virginia) NOTE: This land is in Southampton Co., VA when sold to Joshua Claud in 1753.

[8 Feb 1753] John Braswell and wife Jane to Benjamin Lewis ? acres on the south side of Nottoway River on the lower side of Three Creeks (sd. Jane was wife of Zebulon Lewis and his wife received 1/3 of what he died holding), John (signed) Braswell and Jane (-) Braswell, Wit: George (signed) Gurley Jr and John (signed) Wilkinson Jr (Southampton Co., VA DB 1 Pg 458-460)

[6 Aug 1753] Nathan Lewis to Benjamin Lewis ? acres adj. Three Creeks where sd. Benjamin now lives (given to sd. Nathan by father (Z)Lebulon Lewis in his will), Nathan (signed) Lewis, Wit: John (signed) Braswell, William (X) Westbrook, and Edward (signed) Marthias (Southampton Co., VA DB 1 Pg 500-502)

[11 Oct 1753] John Braswell to Joshua Claud, carpenter, 400 acres on the north side of Maherin River adj. Samuel Westbrook, sd. Joshua, and Thomas Harris (patent by sd. John on 12 Jan 1747), John (signed) Braswell, Wit: no witnesses. (Southampton Co., VA DB 2 Pg. 1-2)

[6 Feb 1754] Nicholas Boon to John Braswell, both of Northampton for 41.1.6 pds VA, 490 acres in sd Co., part of a pat. granted to Mr. Thomas Boon, decd, May 1, 1668, beginning at the mouth of a branch known by the name of Know Bottom, so up the sd branch bending on George Seller's line to ye head line of the patent so then bending on the sd patent line to the first station. Wit: Thomas Boon, Wm. Murfree. Ackd. February Court 1754.

[3 Jan 1757] William Braswell of Bladen County to John Demery of Northampton County, planter, for 14 pounds current money of VA the sd 100 acres joining Arthur Sellars, the sd Braswell, Thomas Boon, John Braswell (signed) Wm (W) Braswell. Wit: John Braswell, Elizabeth Epperson, Sarah Braswell. Proved by John Braswell Feb. 1757. Reg. Northampton Co Feb. Ct. 1757, J.Edwards C. Ct. (p. 345, Deed Book II) NOTE: William (W) Braswell & John (signed) Braswell owned land adjacent to each other. John (who always signs his name and his wife is Jane) has a close connection to William (W) Braswell. See Part 1 of deed here. Part 2 of deed here

[23 Feb 1758] James Massingall of Northampton Co to William Wills of Southampton Co. Va, 175 acres on the NE side of Corriroy Swamp. Wit: John Brasell, Epaphridites Kilbee (pg 138, pg 443 from Nona Williams, Abstracts of Deeds Northampton Co., NC, 1741-1759, Public Registry Deed Book I and Deed Book II, Margaret M. Hofmann)

[1762] John Braswell (?) Jane Braswell, witnesses: Epaphraditus Killbee & Henry Howell (Northampton Co., NC, wills? Feb. 1762(3) to August 1764, Edwards (Clk) from Kay Dawson)

[28 Jan 1764] John Braswell to William Bennet, both of Northampton, for 65 pds current money of Virginia, 490 acres beginning at the mouth of a branch known by the name of Know Bottom, up sd branch bending on George Sellars line to the head line of the patent then bending on sd patent line to the first station. Witnesses: James Cunningham & John Wade. Signed: John Braswell, Jane Braswell the Mother of said John Braswell and Hannah Brasswell the wife of said John Brasswell.

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