Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Robert & Sarah Braswell Timeline

Robert "R" BRASWELL = Sarah


Comp. by Eunice H. YOUNG

7 Jan 2008

Abt. 1677 Isle of Wight, Va. Born to Richard & Sarah BRASWELL

9 Apr 1702 Isle of Wight, Va. Robert BRASWELL and Jenkin DORMAN wit. deed of Owen BOURN and wife, Hannah , of Blackwater River, to Thomas MANDUE, Jr.

(Isle of Wight Deeds l:).

15 Jun 1715 Chowan Co., NC William BRASSWELL and Mary of Chowan, sold to John STEWARD, upper part of 600 A. on NS of Youarha Swamp, joining the mouth of a Great branch, the sd. STEWART and Youarha Swamp. 15l. Wit.: Wm. "W" GUNN, Robert "R" BRASSWELL. Reg. 10 Sep 1715.

(Chowan Deeds B:144).

1 Mar 1719/20 Chowan Co., NC Robert BRASSWELL rec’d Patent for 588 A. in Chowan Prec. on NS Maherrin River, joining ye Lower end of Mill Meadow by Gardiner’s Path, Buckhorn Swamp, and the Meadow Branch

(LG 8:178). # 726.

11 Apr 1720 Chowan Co., NC William, Robert, Richard & John BRASWELL listed in Capt. Robert PATTERSON’s Company, "from Meherring Creek to the Meherrin River and so up the river on both sides". (West of the Chowan River).


1721 Chowan Co., NC Robert BRASSWELL paid Poll Tax on 380 A.

1722 Bertie Co., NC Formed from Chowan Co.

28 Feb 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL rec’d 200 A. Yourah Swamp from John STEWARD & Sarah. Pt. of 600 A. Tract. 25L. Wit.: Thomas BONNER, Moore CARTER. May Ct. 1724.

(Bertie Deeds A:239).

26 Mar 1723 Bertie Co., NC John MINSEY rec’d. 640 A. On NS of the Indian Creek Swamp on the WS of Chowan River, joining John HOOKS, a Meadow Branch, Robert BRASWELL and the Va. line. (LG 3:129).

11 May 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASSWELL wit. deed of Thomas BROWNE.

(Bertie Deeds A:127).

15 May 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL sold to John GARLAND of I. of W. Co., Va. for 15L, 290 A., part of a patent granted BRASWELL on 1 Mar. 1719 for 580 A., adj. Mill Meadow along line of Jonathan SANDERSON to John WIGGAINS line. Wife Sarah rel. dower rights. Wit: Mary "M" BRASWELL (Note - wid. of Wm.), and Elizabeth MOLTON. May Ct. 1723.

(Bertie Deeds A:133).

15 Aug 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL sold to Jonathan SANDERSON for 10L part of a pat. of 580 A. (sold 200 A) on Buckhorn Swamp, beg. at Holly Creek. Wit.: Robert HICKS and John E. WIGGINS.

(Bertie Deeds A:140).

15 Aug 1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL sold to John WIGGINS for 10L, 100 A. part of a pat. for 580 A. beg. at 3 pines in Meadow Branch. Wit.: Robert HICKS, Jonathan SANDERSON. Aug. Ct. 1723.

(Bertie Deeds A:141).

1723 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL on list of Jurymen.

1725 Bertie Co., NC John HOOKES, Jr. of Nansemond Co., Va., sold 320 A. (Part of pat. for 640 A. dated 7 Nov 1723) on NS Meherin River, to Jonathan SANDERSON. Adj. RobertBRACEWELL & Beal BROWN.

(Bertie Deeds B:155).

28 Jul 1725 I of Wight, Va. Richard BRASWELL made his will. Legatee - son Robert BRASWELL to have 10 shillings. (Same as other children except Richard, who was to receive 1 sh.).

(I of Wight Great Book 174).

1726 Bertie Co., NC John STEWARD & wife Sarah to James WOOD. Sold 140 A. on NS Marattock River. Wit.: Robert BRASSWELL. Aug. Ct.

(Bertie Deeds B:156).

5 Aug 1726 Bertie Co., NC Jonathan SANDERSON to John WIGGANS. 50 A. for 2L 10 s. On NS Meherring River and Buck Horne. Adj. Robert BRASSWELL . Aug. 1726.

(Bertie Deeds B:148).

7 Nov 1726 Bertie Co., NC Mary GINN to John DEW. Power of Atty. to ack. sale to John POWER. Wit: John BONDE, Sarah BRASWELL.

(Note: Were Mary & Sarah sisters?). (Bertie Deeds B:189).

25 Mar 1727 Bertie Co., NC Jonathan SANDERSON rec’d 95 a. in Buckhorn Woods on
the NS of Maherrin River. adj. Edward BARNES, John GARNER, Robert BRASWELL, and Buckhorn Swamp.

(Land Patent 3:220).

26 Jul 1728 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASSWELL (BRACEWELL) lived on NS Meherring River & Buckhorn Swamp. (Deed Jonathan SANDERSON to Barnard BANGER).

(Bertie Deeds C:58).

31 Jul 1728 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRACEWELL rec’d. 100 A. on SS Yourah Swamp & Mirey Branch & Poplar Br. for 7L from William BRACEWELL (son of Wm. I). Wit.: Edward GREEN & John SUTTON. Aug. 1728. (Bertie Deeds C:3).

9 Feb 1730 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL wit. deed with James SUMNER, of Wm. BRYAN(T) to John VEAL of Norfolk Co., Va.

(Bertie Deeds C:330).

9 Feb 1730 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL & Joseph SUMNER wit. deed of Wm. BRYANT to John VEAL of Norfolk Co., Va. 86A. NS Morattock R. & Bridger’s Creek, adj. Wm. BRYANT.

(Bertie Deeds C:338).

9 Feb 1730 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL & James SUMNER wit. deed of Wm. BRYANT & wife Mary to John VEAL of Norfolk Co., Va., for 320 A. Part of 640 A. rec’d 9 Mar 1717, adj. Wm. BRIDGERS.

(Bertie Deeds C:346).

25 May 1734 Bertie Co., NC William BRASSWELL of Edgecombe Co., to the Rev. John BOYD, M. G., part of 600 A. granted to Wm. 1 Apr. 1714. SS of Yawrahaw Swamp at Mouth of Gr. Branch, adj. Robert BRASSWELL on Poplar Branch.

(Bertie Deeds D:150).

25 May 1734 Bertie Co., NC William BRASWELL of Edgecombe, to Rev. Mr. John BOYD, M. G., 300 A. of SS Yawraha Swamp at Mouth of Great Branch, adj. Robert BRASSWELL.

(Bertie Deeds D:313).

14 Sep 1734 Bertie Co., NC Robert X BRASWELL will made. Names: dau. Sarah DAUGHTRY,

loving son - Robert BRASWELL

loving son - John BRASWELL

loving son - Richard BRASWELL

son - Valentine BRASWELL

loving daughter - Jean

dau. - Mary BRASWELL

godson - Denice SUMNER

loving wife - Sarah BRASWELL

exr’s - loving friends - James BRYANT & Joshuay DAUGHTREY


Thomas BRYANT, jurat

Nicholas BAGET

Patience BRYANT

Proved Nov. Ct. 1736.

5 Nov 1735 Craven Prec. Robert BRASWELL rec’d 150 A. on SS Urakaw Swamp.

(Grant 4:67).

Nov. 1736 Bertie Co., NC Robert BRASWELL will proved.

(NC Wills).

11 Oct 1739 Bertie Co., NC Samuel GARLAND of I. of Wight Co., Va., to Peter GARLAND. 100 A. on NS Meherring River (Part of patent 1 Mar 1719 for 580 A. to Robert BRASSWELL).

(Bertie Deeds E:535).

26 Apr 1740 Bertie Co., NC Jonathan SANDERSON to Barrit MOUNTGOMERY for 100 A. on WS Chowan River & NS Bockkhorne Swamp. (Part of tract to Robert BRASSWELL by pat. 1 Mar 1719).

(Bertie Deeds F:137).

1741 Bertie Co., NC Grant to .... on Buckhorn Swamp of Gardiner’s Br. adj. John BONDE, Robert BRASWELL, Jonathan SANDERSON & John GARDINER.

(L. G. 2204).

1741 Northampton Co., NC Cut from Bertie Co., N. C.

20 Oct 1747 Northampton Co., NC Robert & Julian BRASWELL sold 200 A, on Uraha Swamp (Part of 600 A. his father owned) to Bryant DAUGHTREE of Nansemond Co., Va. Beg. at the Mouth of a Gr. Branch whereon the sd. BRASWELLS father lived and so up the br. to the head line to Uraha Swamp.... Julian BRASWELL the wife of sd. Robert BRASWELL surrendered her dower.

Wit.: Joshua DAUGHTREE and Jane X BRYANT.

Nor. Deeds l:319).

4 Feb 1750 Northampton Co., NC Robert BRASWELL, son of Robert BRASWELL, Dec’d, and William BRASWELL (of Johnston Co., NC) to Bryan DAUGHTREE of Northampton, 100 A. on SS Uraha Swamp.

adj. the mouth of Great Branch, the mouth of Poplar Branch .

(Nor. Deeds 1:466).