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Carey Bracewell's Ancestry

Contributed by Carey H. Bracewell


My surname, Bracewell, originated in the village by that name in the
West Riding of medieval Yorkshire. The village was enumerated in the
Doomsday Book of 1086 A.D.

While a certain 'John de Bracewell' was recorded in neighboring
Lincolnshire as early as 1273, no Lincoln parish records have survived
to show any connection between this John and Edmund Bracewell, my oldest
known direct paternal ancestor, who was born in England about 1510 and
died in Grantham Parish, Lincoln, on 27 Mar 1560.

Owing to a particular Y chromosome 'mutation' present in myLincolnshire Bracewells but not found in our Yorkshire cousins, it is clear that my Grantham Bracewells had separated from their Lincoln cousins long before the beginning of modern history (1453 AD).


EDMUND BRACEWELL Born c. 1510. Died 27 Mar 1560 in Grantham Parish,
Lincolnshire. Father of.....

ROBERT Born before 1550. Died 23 Sep 1613, Grantham. Wife JONE died
there 29 Aug 1591

RICHARD Born c. 1576 in Grantham. Died 1641, London

Rev. ROBERT Born 1611 London. Died Spring, 1668, Virginia

RICHARD Born c. 1652, Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Died there Summer
of 1725

VALENTINE BRASWELL Born c. 1680, VA. Died there or in NC after 1730

RICHARD Born c. 1707 in VA. Died in North Carolina Piedmont after 1755

RICHARD Born c. 1732. Died 16 Apr 1799 probably in Greenville
District, SC. Wife OBEDIENCE died in Anderson County, TN on 28 Oct 1805

RICHARD Born 1759 in the Carolinas. Died c. 1842 in Saline County, AR.
Wife JEMIMA WHITE born 25 Dec 1764 and died in Saline County, AR in late 1840

MOSES BRAZIL Born 1803 in Anderson County, TN. Died 3 Apr 1872
Bastrop County, TX

JESSE Born 5 Apr 1827 in Fulton County, IL. Died 18 Jul 1888 San
Saba County, TX

JESSE CALVIN Born 3 Jan 1865 in Collin County, TX. Died 26 Jan 1951
San Saba County, TX

ETHERIDGE CLAUDE Born 27 Apr 1896 Smithville, Bastrop County, TX. Died
15 Jul 1997 Dallas, TX

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* Arkansas, Saline County Marriages

Saline County, Arkansas Marriage Book A 1836 - 1850

Aaron Brazil & Mrs. Sally Hutchinson Jun. 20, 1839
V. E. Brazil, JP pg.17

Alfred Brazil & Mrs. Jane Dederline Jun. 25, 1839
V. E. Brazil, JP pg.15

Andrew Jackson Brazil & Nancy Bland Oct. 22, 1837
S. M. Henderson, Elder pg.7

Emeline Brazil & Owen Stanley May. 5, 1840
James Hicks, JP pg.26

Jane Brazil & Mark S. Miller , 1850
Stephen Chennault, JP pg.172

Jemima Brazil & Thomas H. Bolt Jan. 23, 1845
Aaron Bolt, MG pg.77

Martha Brazil & Given Dyer Jul. 25, 1839
James A. Hicks, JP pg.17

Martha Brazil & Thomas E. Colbert Feb. 3, 1848
Aaron Bolt, MG pg.122

Moses Brazil & Eady Watson Jun. 7, 1838
Squire Allen, JP pg.9

Nancy Ann Brazil & Enoch T. Thorn Dec. 25, 1845
W. H. Jiles, JP pg.91

Richard, Sr. Brazil & Jane Carpenter Sept. 22, 1841
Squire Allen, JP pg.36

Sarah Brazil & Francis Willson May. 8, 1845
Henry Willson, JP, pg.83

Sarah Brazil & Jacob Trillamon Oct. 29, 1842
S. T. Collier, IT pg.53

Valentine E. Brazil & Mary Wafford Feb. 14, 1841
L. T. Collier, JP pg.31

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Hall, Millien, Will Wilkes Co., NC 1802

Millen Hall
was the Mother of Nancy Hall Braswell, wife of James Braswell who was the son of Richard and Obedience Braswell.
May Term 1803 Millien Halls Will ~

In the name of God Amen ~
Whereas I Millien Hall of Wilkes County State of North Carolina being weak in body but of sound mind and understanding do ordain and appoint this to be my last will and Testament any will heretofore made by me is hereby cancelled and made void. I do hereby dispose of the worldly goods wherewith the Lord hath blessed me in manner following - VIZ. First I do give and bequeath unto my son Thomas my negro woman named Judea in absolute possession and his heirs after him -- Item. To my son Samuel I do give and bequeath my bed and the furniture appertaining thereto -- Item, All and every of the monies that may be in my possession or due to me at my decease and likewise my cattle to be divided equally among my children hereafter named with this express condition that they give my Daughter Betsy Hendrix ten dollars in cash the names of the others are as follows, viz, Merry Hall, John Hall, David Hall & Nancy Brazel -- Item to my Daughter Mary Dugger one Shilling. Item to my son David Lansdown one shilling ~ Item. To my Daughter Nancy Brazel my Cotton Petticoat and fine linen shift & handkerchief ~ Item, the rest of my wearing apparel I do bequeath to Elizabeth Hendrix and Judea Hall to be divided equally between them -- I do constitute and appoint Darby Hendrix and Martin Hall Executors of this my last will and testament. Sealed with my seal and Dated this 27th day of August 1802.
Millien Hall (Seal)
In presence of:Thomas Dula, Francis Webb, Nancy (X her mark) Elmore
May Term 1803
Duly proven by the oath of Thomas Dula ~~~ Test Wm. B. Lenoir Clerk

Nancy Hall Braswell's brother David Hall married James Braswell's sister Obedience Braswell in Wilkes Co., NC on January 20, 1784 as stated in David Hall's Revolutionary War pension record. It is believed that James and Nancy were married about the same time. Both families have three children on the 1790 Census for Greenville Co., SC.

James and Nancy Braswell had five children, the youngest, Richard James Brasel, was born April 6, 1799 and James was murdered July 29, 1799.

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Kindred Bracewell, Bryant & Joshua Daughtrey

Bryant & Joshua Daughtry move from Emanuel Co., GA after 1820 where their father Jacob Daughtrey was listed on the same census page with Kindred Braswell Sr. We next find them in Houston County not far from William P. Downman who married the widow of Richard Bracewell of Laurens Co., GA with brothers Sampson & James, descendants of Richard Braswell III.

Census Roll 18:

Beverly O. Downman. Year: 1830; , Houston, Georgia; Pg: 263.
William P. Downman. Year: 1830; , Houston, Georgia; Pg: 263.
Bryant Daughtry. Year: 1830; , Houston, Georgia; Pg: 261.
Joshua Daughtry. Year: 1830; , Houston, Georgia; Pg: 281.

1832 – March 17, JOSIAH JOHNSON of Bibb Co., GA, to BEVERLY DOWNMAN of Houston Co., GA, 202 ½ acres, Witness: WILLIAM P. DOWNMAN, KENDREAD (X) BRADEWELL (page 408, Houston Co., GA Deed Book E, 1831-1834)

From a Daughtrey researcher:

Bryant DAUGHTRY b. abt. 1795 prob. in Screven Co. GA, son of Jacob and UNKNOWN (Bird) DAUGHTRY of Emanuel, d. aft 1867 in Houston Co. GA, m. (1) 1818 to Nancy NEEL, m. (2) 1832 to Cynthia K. DOLLAR.

Bryant received two grants totaling 1,400 acres in Emanuel in 1816 and was enum. there 1820. By 1830 he had moved his family to Houston Co., where he was enum. 1830-1850. He was not enum. 1860 and is presumed to have d. bef. that date.

Emanuel grants from Land Plat Book A:-

Braswell, David
April 7, 1815
200 Ac.
Braswell, Kindred, Jr.
Oct. 8, 1813
35 Ac.
Braswell, Robert
Oct. 8, 1813
600 Ac. On Long Creek
Braswell, Robert
Oct. 8, 1813
500 Ac. On Long Creek
Daughtry, Brian
Sept. 14, 1816
400 Ac.
Dautery, Jacob
Jan. 28, 1815
100 Ac. On Fifteen Mile Creek
Dautry, Brian
Sept. 27, 1816
1000 Ac. On Yam Grandee Creek

Posted by Sandy Cliett @ genforum:

According to _Laurens County Legal Records_, Winnifred Carlisle Braswell married William P. Downman (I'm not sure of the year). In 1820, George Linder was appointed guardian of Kindred and Allen Braswell, since they were still minors. Commissioners to divide the estate of Richard Braswell deemed it impractical (January, 1821) and it was decided to auction off the estate the first Tuesday in April, 1821. In July, 1827, "William P. Downman, in right of his wife, Winifed Downman (widow of deceased [Richard] Braswell), petitioned for right to sue upon bond of James Braswell and securities Bryan Allen and Sampson Braswell [brother of the deceased Richard], Downman also guardian of Kindred Braswell and Allen Braswell."

Interesting is the will of Robert Braswell, (uncle of Richard Braswell III) wherein he names his daughter Sarah Daughtry and appoints loving friends James Bryant and Joshuay Daughtrey to be his executors, Joshua being Robert's son in law, who has a brother named Bryant Daughtry.

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Bracewell, Rev. Robert's Ancestry by Eunice Young

Ancestors of (Rev.) Robert Braswell by Eunice H. Young

[This is Mrs. Young’s revised and corrected article published in full in Braswell Branches Vol. 9, Nos. 3 and 4, at her request. Errors had been introduced to this article when it was published by The Virginia Genealogist.]

Edmund1 BRACEWELL, earliest proven ancestor of Rev. Robert, was born about 1510 in England. He owned land in Grantham, held by freehold and by soccage, of the Queen of England. He died 27 March 1560 at Grantham, and his Inquisition Post Mortem was made in 1583, (25 Eliz.) at which time his (eldest son) Robert was aged "30 and upwards". (Ref. Conrad Swan College of Chancery Ser. 2 276: 53 P.R.O.) As the Grantham Parish Registers do not begin until 1562, the burial was not found. As his children were young when he died, perhaps his widow remarried, as her death is not recorded. in Grantham. 14 May 1583 his Inquest Post Mortem (I.PM.) was made. Children:

2. i. Gulhaem (William) Filius Senior

3. ii. + Robert? born by 1550; married 157_ to Jone. Robert was Churchwarden and Co‑Burgess of Grantham. He was buried 23 September 1613 Grantham, Lincolnshire, England

4. iii.. (daughter)? married Mr. DOUBLEDAY.

5. iv. (daughter)? married Mr. MARSHALL.

6 v. ? John? Verger in the Cathedral Church of Lincoln 20 February 1599/1600.

2. (Mr.) Robert2 BRACEWELL, born by 1550, married 157_ to Jone. He was Churchwarden and Co‑Burgess of Grantham Churchwarden 26 October 1596, 31 October 1597, .3 November 1598. Co‑Burgess 1613. (FHL# 009406) Final Concords (land) 1576 (FHL #436013, 436014) (18 Eliz. Easter Term): Plaintiff (owners) # 66. Ric. WOLLAN, John RUSSELL, George COLE and Robt. BRACEWELL. Deforciant: Arthur HALL, esq. and Mary, his wife. Location: Grantham. (19‑20 Eliz., Michaelmus Term) 1577/8. Plaintiff ‑ Sybil TODKYN. Deforciant: Robt. BRACEWELL and Joan his wife. Location ‑ Grantham. (# 28). (44‑45 Eliz., Mich. Term Pt. 1, # 5. Plaintiff ‑ Robt. BRACEWELL. Deforciant: Geo. COLE and Anna, his wife and John NORTON and Jane his wife. Grantham. Manor Rolls of Grantham (fragmentary) for 1493‑1581 show: View of Frankpledge for Grantham taken on 18 April, 13 Eliz. (1571) shows Robert BRASWELL, and again the next two years. He was a juror at the Court in 1571, and then was included among the list of freeholders. The Lay Subsidies for Donteven Division of Lincoln for 33 Hen. VIII, 35, 37, 38 Henry VIII, 1, 5 Edw. VI, 14, 40 and 42 Eliz. show 40 Eliz., Robert BRACEWELL assessed on his goods at Grantham-with-the-Soke for the value of L. 3.8. He was also assessed for the same amount two years later. He was bur. 23 September 1613 at Grantham, and a probate inv. was taken. Children:

6. i. ? Edmund, (d. y. ?)
7. ii. + Richard3 Gentleman, born ca 1576 Grantham, Lincoln. (FHL #009406) (There is a note in the Grantham Parish Register that the baptism January 1571/2, 13 November 1573 ‑ February 1579 are lost, a most I important time period for this family). He married Jane by 1604 (wife's surname unknown), and died 8 December 1641 in St. Bartholomew the Great Parish, London. Exec. of his will were to be his son, (Rev.) Robert, who was "absent", and his brother, Robert, with his brother Edward, were to be overseers. (Edward and Edmund used interchangeably). His wife to receive a third part of estate. ? married (2) 26 September 1627 Margaret BEDDAM (St. Andrew-by-Ward.)

8. iii. Nathaniel3 b. ca. 1578, buried 23 December 1580 Grantham.

9. iv. Anne3 christened 29 January 1581/2 Grantham. Possibly married Mr. GRAVENRIDE, as a person of that name witnessed the will of Richard in 1640 in London. (? GRAVENDER or GROSVENOR).

10. v. + Robert3 christened 1 November 1584 Grantham married 23 July 1616 in London, Grace TOLLER. He was living in 1654 in London. (Roll of the Draper's Company; freedom 1611; living in 1641).

11. vi. Mary3 married 26 May 1601 Grantham, Bartholomew CAREW (probably born ca. 1578 and eldest daughter).

12. vii. + ‑ ? John3 born ca 1586, married 8 June 1615 Grantham, Mary BURNHAM. Died by 9 February 1655 Grantham.

13. viii. + Edmond3 christened 15 June 1589 Grantham. married PARNELL Resided in London for a time, and then moved to Rufford, Notts., England. He proved Richard's will in London 1641. Edmond's will gave to the poor of the town of Grantham, and to the poor of St. Bartholomew's Parish in London (his former homes). His will refers to him as Edmund BRACEY or BRACEWELL, Gentleman. Dated 2 Oct 1669; probated 11 May 1674.

14. ix. ? William3 born ca 1590; married 30 January 1617 Elizabeth BOAD resided at High Toynton, Lincoln, where a William BRACEWELL lived in 1603.

7. Richard3 BRACEWELL, Broker; Gentleman, born ca 1576 probably at Grantham, (records for the time period are destroyed). He married by 1604 Jane. His nuncupative will was (dated 13 November 1640 in St. Bartholomew the Great Parish, London, and probably 13 Dec 1641. He named his son‑in‑law and his two children; John STILES; son (Rev.) Robert to be his Executor. His wife to receive a third part of estate. His two brothers, Robert and Edward to be overseers. . His son Robert was absent from London when he died, so his brother Robert was overseer. (Arch. Court Reg. 8, 352. Act. Book 7 page 90 probate. Original Wills.) A will was not found for his widow. Checked to 1700. Wife Jane buried 21 February 1625/6 St. Bart. Great

15. i. Jone4 christened 4 December 1605, St. Bride, Fleet St., London.. A Jone married 1627 Owen PRICE in St. Gregory by St. Paul, and a Jone married 14 October 1633 (London Marriage License Alleg.), to Thomas WOODCOCKE. Jone married 21 May 1624 to John STYLES. (Reference St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe.)

16. ii. Thomas4 christened 8 July 1610 St. Andrew, Holborn, London. possibly died by 1640, as he is not mentioned in his father's will. (likely buried 13 July 1611 St. Andrew Holborn.

17. iii. + (Rev.) Robert4 christened 13 October 1611, St. Andrew, Holborn, London, matriculated at Oxford 22 February 1627/8, received B. A. 3 November 1631. Resided Hart Hall. married. 164_, name of wife unknown. It is thought that she died in England before he came to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. prior to 1651. His will was probated 1 May 1668 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. He was chosen Burgess in 1653. Episcopalian (See Southside Virginia Families, vol. 1, page 85 et seq. for descendants of Rev. Robert Braswell).

18. iv. Stillborn child4, buried 22 February 1613/14 Feild Lane, St. Andrew Holborn, London, England

18a. v. Stillborn child4, buried 11 March 1614/15 Feild Lane, St. Andrew Holborn, London, England

10. Robert3 christened 1 November 1584 Grantham, married 23 July 1616 (London) Grace TOLLER, St. Martin‑in‑the‑Field Parish, daughter of Edmund TOLLER, Gentleman Children not found. (Yeoman)

12. John3 born ca. 1586, Grantham? (Records missing), married 8 June 1615 at Grantham, Mary BURNHAM. John's will was dated 20 January 1654 at Grantham, and probated 9 February 1655. He is buried in Grantham C. Y. His will named brothers Robert and Edward; cousins William DOUBLEDAY and Mary MARSHALL.

19. i. Robert4 christened 30 November 1617 Grantham, buried 13 April 1622 Grant.

20. ii. Robert4 named in his father's will.

21. iii. Mary4 christened 10 March 1621/2 Grantham. buried 17 August 1631 Grant.

22. iv. Richard4 christened 24 May 1625 Grantham.

23. v. John4 christened 21 June 1629 Grantham.

24. vi. Edward4

13. Edmond (or Edward)3 christened 15 June 1589 Grantham, married PARNELL, Proved Richard's will (his brother), London 1641. Edmond gave to the poor of Grantham 5 L and to the poor of St. Bartholomew-the-Great, London, 5L in his will of 2 October 1669, Rufford, Notts., and pr. 11 May 1674. Given as Edmund BRASEY in will. (Reference 55 Bunc 1684 p. 10.)


25. i. Robert4 christened 29 September 1616 St. Bart. the Great, London, buried 16 September 1618. (Reference FHL 374430.)

26. ii. Grace4 christened 22 April 1618 St. Bart. the Great, London.

27. iii. Robert4, christened 12 September 1619 St. Bart the Great, London.

28. iv. Joane4 christened 27 April 1623, St. Bart the Great, London. Died as an Infant.

29. v. Ffaith4 named executor of her father's will, "son Robert having died" (Others named in his will were: grandchild Edmund BRACEY and wife and children Edmund and Benjamin; Jane, daughter of son Robert; Faith, Charles, Dorothy, Spencer and Anne and Mary BRACEY. Ffaith may be his granddaughter, as the probate gives "Faith BRACEY, daughter of the exec. named, Robert BRACEY, he having died"). A second probate of Edmund's was taken 1 July 1684 (Act book page 105) to Thos. CHADWICK, alias BRACEY, alias. BRACEWELL.

17. (Rev.), (Mr.) Robert BRACEWELL4 christened 13 October 1611, St. Andrew Holborn, London. Matriculated at Oxford 22 February 1627/8. Received B. A. degree 3 November 1631. Resided at Hart Hall. Married 164_. Name of wife unknown. It is thought by some that she died in England before Robert came to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia (prior to 1651). His will was probated 1 May 1668, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia., where he was clerk and minister for several years. He owned a large amount of land. No data has been found on the ordination of Rev. Robert, nor any of his assignments. If this could be found, perhaps his marriage could also be found. (This author has checked every county in England in the computer microfiche cards of the LDS Church for BRACEWELL and all variants, but nothing has been found on Robert's marriage) He came at a time when there was much unrest in England, and after the death of his father.


30. i. Jane5 born ca 1643, married (1) by 15 February 1667 Robert STOKES; (2) Robert ELEY (ancestor of President Lyndon B. JOHNSON and James MacLamroc of Greensboro, North Carolina. It was through the efforts of Mr. MacLamroc, who paid the College of Arms, etc., in London to search out Rev. Robert BRACEWELL's ancestry, that we know what we do today about his British ancestry. Mr. MacLamroc is a very kind and generous person, and has accomplished more than most people during his lifetime. For a fuller description of his achievements see, Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants pages 29‑31. Rev. Robert would be very proud of him!), (3) John ROBERTS. Jane's will was probated 24 August 1713, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia.

31. ii. Rebecca5 born ca 1645, married by 15 February 1667 (1) William WEST; (2) Mr. BRINKLEY. She died about 1700, Isle of Wight, Virginia.

32. iii. Ann5 born ca 1647, married by 15 February 1667, James BAGNALL Will 1734/5, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. ? (BAGNALLs in St. Andrew, Holborn)

33. iv. Robert, Jr.5 born ca 1651, married Susannah BURGESS. 1696 ‑ left Virginia.

34. v. Richard5 born ca 1649, married 1672 Sarah. Will 28 January 1724/5 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia (This, is ancestor of the author.)

17. Jone BRACEWELL4 christened 4 December 1605 St. Bride, Fleet Street, London, likely died c. 1626 in one of the plagues. She married 21 May 1624 St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, London to John STYLES (erroneously given in London IGI as SCYLES). (Jone's father Richard married (2) 26 September 1627 at St. Andrew By The Wardrobe also, to Margaret BEDDAM, who was buried as widow "of this Pish" 13 October 1653 St. Bartholomew The Great.) John STYLES was first known to come to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia., having received 200 acres November 17, 1642, adj. Henry HEARDES 50 acres by assignment from John WHITE and 150 for trans. 3 pers. (Ref: 17th Century Isle of Wight, Va., p. 668). [Ed. Note: This reference appears on page 669 of my copy of Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia] Rev. Robert was in Isle of Wight County by 1650. John STILES made his will 26 October. 1652, so did not live long after the arrival of Rev. Robert, but was probably influential in his coming to America. The will of John STILES names: son John STILES my plantation of 200 acres and cattle, to John MURRY my godson 1 calf, to Elizabeth JOHNSON, my goddaughter, 1 calf, To Joane MADDEN my goddaughter 1 calf remainder of estate of servants and cattle to wife Elizabeth, friend Humphrey CLARKE overseer. Teste, Thomas JOHNSON, James PYLAND. (ibid p 519). Note‑ CLARKE, JOHNSON and PYLAND were in the same area where the Rev. Robert was located. You will see James PYLAND as a witness to an assignment of a patent on Lawnes Creek in the entry immediately preceding John STILES' will. (Ref: Wm. C. Fields letter 21 Aug. 1977). Final ref. for John in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia.: John GULDERIDGE, September 15, 1670, 200 acres escheat land formerly granted to John STILE, dec. (ibid p 690). John STYLES was named as son‑in‑law in Richard BRACEWELL's nuncupative will 13 Dec 1641 St. Bartholomew The Great, London. (See will). (Richard) gave and or bequeathed to his sonne in lawe Mr. John STILES twenty pounds which he the said John STILES then ought him, (Owed), for and because of his two children and to the two children of his said sonne in law he gave (12?) pence apeace, and he made & appointed his sonne Robert BRACEWELL his executor (Ref: probate). Note it would appear that Thomas, Rev. Robert's brother had died, as nothing further has been found, and that Rev. Robert did not yet have children and possibly was not yet married, when their father pronounced his will. The Latin probate notes at the bottom state that (Rev.) Robert had been absent from (London) for some time.

35. i. Jane STYLES, christened 12 December 1624 St. Bartholomew the Great, London, England. (nothing further known).

36. ii. Elizabeth STILES, christened 13 February 1625/6 St. Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London. (nothing further known).

37. iii. John STYLES (named in will of his father).

Note - John STYLES was called "Mr." in various records.

A Mr. John STYLES of ye Psh. of Clarkenwell was bur. 1 Jan. 1647/8 in St. Bartholomew The Great Par., London, possibly father of John who came to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia.
Edward, the uncle of Rev. Robert, was first to come to St. Bartholomew The Great, having children christened there 1616‑23. Rev. Robert likely came there to join him. (Ref: St. Bart. The Great. FHL # 0374430). I checked burials 1616‑1677.

Did Rev. Robert BRACEWELL marry Faith ALLEN 1 April 1642 Edwinstowe, Nottingham, England? The time frame is perfect, as his children seem to be born in the 1640's. Many ALLENs were in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. Also, Robert's uncle had his will in Rufford, Nottingham, England, an Extra Parochial Parish about 5 miles from Edwinstowe, probated 11 May 1674. (No other marriage for a Robert of this time period has shown up for all of England on the IGI). No issue found there for Robert.

Did Rev. Robert's grandfather Robert marry (2) 1597 Nottinghamshire, Catherine PARK? (Ref.: Boyd's Marriage Index, Vol. 1). His wife had died by 29 August 1590 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. Nottinghamshire adjoins Lincolnshire. The road from Grantham leads up to Edwinstowe ‑ Rufford area. Evidently the family resided both places.

The earliest will found thus far in all of England was for: Christopher, 5 May 1558 Heapham, Lincolnshire, England. His children are named with the same pattern as ours in Grantham, but he does not name an Edmund. Was Edmund dead by then? Heapham records begin 1558 and the population was 143 in 1831 (Ref: Smith's General Register of England.). Smith says Heapham was 5 miles from Gainsborough, whose parish register begins in 1564, and their, population was 7535 in 1831. A search should be made there. Many denominations were there later and Rev. Robert was a non‑conformist according to some, so the seeds were there for change.

To get to Heapham and Ashby Twp., Bottsford Parish, Lincoln from Grantham one would follow the road pretty much North to Lincoln and then NW. The earliest parish registers of the area should be searched for burials, as all of Lincolnshire is in the IGI for christenings and marriages for early times, it would appear. From here, it is but a few miles to the West Riding of Yorkshire where our surname appears to have begun. Digging must be done 1147‑1575 in land records, etc., Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. (I tried to get an unbroken line back to William the Conqueror, but was unable to connect every step to that time period, but it was fun trying!)

Another early will in the Archdeaconry Court of Stow was that of Thomas BRACEWELL of Ashby, Bottesford, Lincolnshire, Husbandman, who named a brother Richard BRACEWELL and wife Elizabeth. Who? Note that Rev. Robert BRASWELL had an older brother Thomas, also. He named a son George, also a given name in London, England (2 January 1605).

The will of John BRACEWELL of the city of Lincoln, Taylor, named a brother George and cozen Richard BRACEWELL (18 December 1621). As Conrad Swan, York Herald stated, these must all be related.

Edmund BRAISWELL's Inquest Post Mortem in 1583 lists a Gulhaem (William) as Senior filius, something Swan never mentioned. (Latin document not transcribed).

Who was the earliest BRASWELL in London, Rychard, who had William christened 14 April 1562 St. Clement Danes, Westminster; John 6 October 1564 (ibid), and Burcott, 29 March 1567 (ibid)? Was he a brother of our Edmund? There are still many interesting things to be learned in pre‑1600 records in England. I know others can add to what is now known.

Finally‑ In St. Bart the Great London, why does the christening 26 September 1624 say Joane, the daughter of Edward now BRACEWELL?

Sainte Andrewes in Holborne, London, England Burials) (1558 1 September 1623) (FHL # 0374389) (has many COTTENs, and other names associated with our BRASWELLs in Virginia.)

? 13 April 1581 John BAGNALL

20 May 1597 A child of Goodwife STYLES

23 May 1597 Elizabeth STYLL

27 Mar 1598/9 John STYLE

19 May 1600 John BAGNELL

1603 Plague About 50 people a day were dying.

15 Nov 1603 Robt. BAGNALL (of Plague)

20 Jun 1607 Jeffry BAGNALL

13 Jul 1611 Richard BRASEWELL A Child (of)

31 Dec 1611 A child stillborn of Roger BAGNALL

22 Feb 1613/14 A stillborn child of Richard BRASWELL in Feild Lane

11 Mar 1614/15 A stillborn child of Richard BRASWELLS (Broker)

13 Mar 1615/16 Thomas STOWPE a Prentice of Roger BAGNALL's

(Note ‑ The child of Richard BRASEWELL who was buried 13 July 1611 was likely Thomas who was christened there 8 July 1610 and of whom nothing further.)

St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, London, England (Burials) (FHL # 0374346) (1620‑36)
nil. BRACEWELL, etc. (Has WOODCOCKEs and COTTONs).

St. Bartholomew the Great, London, England (Burials) (FHL # 0374430) (1616 ‑ July 1677)

16 September 1618 Robert, the sonne of Edward BRACEWELL

26 September 1624 Joane, the daughter of Edward now BRACEWELL & of Parnell his wife

(Much Plague in London, especially July ‑ October each year. 1625 hundreds died.)

21 February 1625/6 Jane, the wyf of Rch BRACEWELL

1637 (Much Plague)

1641 (Much plague, especially July ‑ October)

8 Dec 1641 Richard BRASWELL of Long Lane Side

1643‑4 (much plague)

25 Apr 1645 Still borne child of Brassell PRESSON

1 Jan 1647/8 Mr. John STYLES of ye Parrish of Clarkenwell

13 Oct 1653 Margaret BRACEWELL, widdowe of this Pish.

(Note ‑ this is 2nd wife of our Richard BRASWELL).

St. Bride's, Fleet Street, London, England (Burials) (FHL # 0574354) (1603‑11)

27 Sep 1603 wife of Roger STYLES

St. Giles in the Fields Parish (Court Records) London, England Ref: P. R. 0., London, England C3/386/32 2 1p/792
2 Junig 1623.

(Very long document).

Bill of Complaint ags. Robert BRASWELL (Brooker) of St. Clement's.

(Note ‑ this was the uncle of Rev. Robert, and his namesake).

Answer to complaint above. Ref: C3/386/32 M lp/792

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Jacob Strickland's Will Nash Co., NC 1788

IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN, I Jacob Strickland of the County of Nash, State of North Carolina, being of perfect mind and memory, blessed be God for it, do make and ordain this my last WILL AND TESTAMENT in the manner and form following: FURST I recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body a commend to be decently buried at the discretion of my executor hereafter named and as for what estate it hath pleased God to bless me with I give as follows:

Item ~ I give and bequeath unto my son Elisha Strickland all my waring cloes after my death. I give also unto his son Isak Strickland one Negro Boy called Quan to him and his hares forever after my death.

Item ~ I give unto my son Jacob Strickland a Negro man called Robin to him and his hares forever after my death.

Item ~ I give and bequeath to my son Matthew Strickland five shillings lawful money. I also give to his daughter Mary Strickland a Negro girl named ----- ----- him and his hares forever after my death.

Item ~ I give to son, Marke Strickland five silings. I also give to his son Ismel Strickland one Negro man called Hary to him and his hares after my death.

Item ~ I give and bequeth to my son Hardy Stricland the plantation and all my land containing 362 acres to him and his hares forever after my death.

Item ~ I give and bequeth to my grandson Theophelus Hickman one Negroman named Prince that he hath in possession.

Item:-- I give bequeth to my son Henry Strickland five shilings after my death. I also give to his son Carrolus Strickland one Negro boy called ------- to him and his hares forever after my death.

Item ~ I give and bequeth to my Granddaughter Creasy Hickman one Negro girl named Jude, she and her son Crus to her and her hares forever after my death.

Item ~ I give and bequeth to my granddaughter, Sarah Hickman one feather bed and furniture after my death.

Item ~ I give and bequeth to my son Soloman Strickland and my daughter Creasy Hickman all the remainder of my eastate unmentioned in the above legacies to be equally divided between them as they can agree after my death.

Item ~ I hereby nominate and appoint my son Marke Strickland fully and solely my Executor to my last will and testament in manner my will is that if should happen and I should die when there is a crop on the ground that Marke Strickland should have the full power to divide with Hardy Strickland as myself give back to our bargain wich is half of everything that is on the land.

In witness whereof I do hereunto set my hand and assign this, my last will and testament, this 18 August 1788.


Signed and sealed by Jacob Strickland
as his last will and testament in the
presence of us;

Edward Nicholson
Christopher Naylor
William Marten (His Mark)

Recorded May 1790 Nash Co., NC

NOTE: Jacob Strickland is the son of Ann Braswell & Matthew Strickland.

* Bastardy Bonds Etc.

In "the old days" if children were born outside of marriage their legal surname was that of their mother, not their father.

Documentation suggesting paper trails, surnames and/or DNA won't match:

1692 - 9ber 5, Richard Towle in his will bequeaths his entire estate to "my three youngest children of Susanna Braswell, Richard, William and Elizabeth Braswell". (IOW Co., VA W&DB 2 Pg 323)

1747 - November 18, Richard Braswell, Edge. Co to Robert born of the body of Ann Carver and commonly known by the name of Robert Braswell, for 5 pds sterling, Great Britain, the receipt of which I hereby acknowledge, and for the natural love and affection I have and bear to the said Robert Braswell and for other good causes, me hereunto moving, the plantation whereon I now dwell and all the land belonging to the same in Edgecombe county containing 444 acres, and also nine Negroes, to wit, Sciser, Adam, Dick, Sue, Hannah, Sabrina, Crese, Bick, (Penny) and one still, signed Richard Braswell, wit Thomas Barker, William McGee. Recorded Nov Ct 1747 (Edge. Co (Halifax) Db 3, page 177 CTC)

1747 - November 18, Richard Braswell, Edge. Co. to my son, William Braswell, the son of (Anne Carver), commonly known by the name of William Braswell, for 5 pds sterling of Great Britain, and for the natural love and affection I bear to said William Braswell, a plantation at White Oak Swamp whereon my Negro, Jack now lives and all the land belonging to the said plantation in Edge. Co. containing 300 acres and also ten Negroes, to wit, Jack, Harry, Violet, Jo, Lucy, John, Cate, Betty, Frank, Tony and also one bed and furniture, one iron pot, one gray mare, a horse colt and one Negro child named Isaac, signed Richard Braswell, wit Thomas Barker, William McGee. Recorded Nov Ct 1747 (Edge. Co (Halifax) Db 3, page 178 CTC)

1747 - November 18, Richard Braswell, Edge. Co to my son, David Braswell for 5 pds sterling of Great Britain, and natural loved and affection and me hereunto moving, a plantation at Maple Creek in Edge. Co and all the land belonging to said plantation, containing 200 acres and also nine Negroes, to wit, Sammy, (Jammey), Rose, Judith, Hugo, (Jenny), Rachel, Moll and Bee and all my cattle and hogs marked with a crop and two slits in the right ear, one feather bed and furniture and one iron pott and one gray mare, signed Richard Braswell, wit Thomas Barker, William McGee. Recorded Nov Ct 1747 (Edge. Co (Halifax) Db 3, page 179 CTC) (David is a son of Ann Carver)

1747 - November 18, Richard Braswell, Edge. Co to my daughter, Sarah Braswell for natural love and affection and my hereunto moving, one Negro girl named Anne, one Negro boy named Peter, one feather bed and furniture, one iron pot, six cows & calves, six pewter dishes, six spoons, signed Richard Braswell, wit Thomas Barker, William McGee. Recorded Nov Ct 1747 (Edge. Co (Halifax) Db 3, page 180 CTC) (Sarah is the daughter of Ann Carver)

1776 - May, Frederick Cobb, father of two children begot on the body of Winifred Braswell, pay to Henry Braswell, three pounds proc. for expenses expended in the said Winefred laying in. (Chatham Co., NC Pg 89)

1779 - February, Henry Braswell pay to a certain Anna Yarborough, 5 pounds for maintaining said Braswells child one year from this time. (Chatham Co., NC Pg 77)

1791 - April, Mary Brassell; Bondsman: John Winberly (Bastardy Bonds, Bertie Co, NC 1739-1879)

1806 - Aug Court, Hansel Braswell, bastard child, bound to George Edwards until he is 21. (Bastardy Bonds, Nash County, NC 1787 to 1835)

1822-1831, Ordered that Reuben Brazilton be & he is hereby appointed Guardian of ____ Brazeel an illegitamate child of Sarah Brazeel, which is sworn to the said Reuben Brazilton. Ex'd David Witt, Saml Barnett, Tandy Key. (Jackson Co., GA, Early Court Records, Minutes of Court of Ordinary, R.S. Oaths, 1822-1831 Page 73)

1825 - Marthalin, Sarah, & Nathan E. Brazil, illegitimate children of Creasy Brazil, 1 draw (A List of Persons Entitled to Draws Captain Walden's District No. 79 Jefferson Co., GA Land Lottery 1825)

1825 - Elizabeth B. Brazil, illegitimate child of Nancy Brazil, 1 draw (A List of Persons Entitled to Draws Captain Walden's District No. 79 Jefferson Co., GA Land Lottery 1825)

1825 - Louiza Brazil, illegitimate child of Lavina Brazil, 1 draw (A List of Persons Entitled to Draws Captain Walden's District No. 79 Jefferson Co., GA Land Lottery 1825)

1825 - Polly Brazil, illegitimate child of Esther Brazil, 1 draw (A List of Persons Entitled to Draws Captain Walden's District No. 79 Jefferson Co., GA Land Lottery 1825)

1827 - March 5, Georgia) Know all men by these presents that we REUBEN

Jackson County) BRASELTON & JACOB BRASELTON held & firmly bound unto their honor the judges of the inferior court of said county sitting for ordinary purposes in the sum of Eight hundred dollars for which payment well & truly to be made we bind ourselves our heirs, executors & administrators Jointly & severally firm by these presents sealed with our seals & dated this 5th day of March 1827.

The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the said REUBEN BRASELTON is this day appointed Guardian to MATILDA BRAZEAL an Illegitimate child of SARAH BRAZEAL which child is sworn to the said REUBEN by said SARAH. Now if the said REUBEN BRASELTON do well & truly demean himself as Guardian in aforesaid agreeably to letters of guardianship bearing even date herewith & agreeable to law in such case made & provided the above obligation to be void otherwise remain in full force & virtue


Signed, acknowledged) JACOB BRASELTON (seal)

In open court)

Edw. Adams Clk)

Recorded 25th Feby 1832 Edw Adams Clk

1829 - February 8, Ordered that James Tait be and he is hereby appointed Guardian of Horatio Braziel an illegitmate child of Patsy Braziel which she ___ to said James Tait he complying with the law by giving bond & security

Georgia, Jackson. Know all men by these presents that we James Tait and Joshua Roberts are hereto & firmly bound unto the Court of Ordinary for said county for the true being & their purposes in office in the sum of five hundred dollars for which payment will truly to be made or bind ourselves our heirs, executors & administrators jointly & severally firmly by these presents to wit with our seals & dated this 8th day of February 1829. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas said James Tait is on this day appointed guardian to Horatio Brazeal an Illegitimate son of Patsey Brazeal. Now if the said James Tait do will truly dem---- himself as ____ aforesaid agreeable to letters of guardianship bearing even date herewith and agreeably to law in such case made & provided the above obligation to be void else to remain in full force. Signed: James Tait (seal), Joshua Roberts (seal). Test: Edw. Adams Clk Recorded 17th February 1832, Edw. Adams Clk. (Jackson County, GA Early Court Records, Minutes of Court of Ordinary 1822-1831)

1867 - November 26, Lewis Braswell & Sarah Daughtry (Bastardy Bonds, Johnston Co., NC Pg 80)

1876 - March 27, Sandy Braswell & Georgianna ? (Bastardy Bonds, Johnston Co., NC Pg 130)

1893 - October 4, Braswell Thomas & Annie Smith (Bastardy Bonds, Johnston Co., NC Pg 183)

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Benjamin Blake Will Orange Co., NC 1783

From the files of Carey Bracewell

In the name of God Amen. I BENJAMIN BLAKE of the County of Orange in the State of North Carolina (planter) being weak in body but of purfect minde and memory thanks be given unto God Calling unto mind the Mortallity of my body, and knowing it is appointed for all men once to Die, Do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament That is to say Principally and first of all I give and recommend by Body to the earth to be buried in Decent Christian burial and my Soul to almighty God that gave it and as touching such Worldly Estate which it has pleas'd God to bless me in this life, I give demise and Disposed of the same in the following manner. First I give & bequest to my Daughter MARTHA CAIN, Ten pounds in Specia with what she had forever, Also I give and bequeath to Son BENJAMIN BLAKE fifty pounds in Spicia with what he had, forever. Also I give and bequeath to my Daughter SARAH BRASWILL Eighty five pounds in Specia, forever. Also I give and bequeath to my Daughter REBECKA MASSA Eighty eight pounds in Specia forever. Also I give and bequeath to my granddaughters and son of THOMAS PHILIPS, named PENOLOPE, MARY, ANN, OBEDIENCE and HARDY PHILIPS, the Sum of Fifth pounds in Specia when they are of lawfull age to be equally Divided between them forever. Also I give and bequeath to my Grandchildren SARAH CAIN & ABSALOM CANE Son and Daughter of ELISHA CANE, the sum of sixty pounds in Specia as they become of lawful age equally to be divided between them forever. Also I give and bequeath to my Daughter PENELOPE BLAKE one hundred pounds in Specia forever. Also I give and bequeath to my Daughter ANN BLAKE one hundred pounds in Specia forever. Also I give & bequeath to my Daughter BETHANA BLAKE one hundred pounds in Specia forever. Furthermore it is my Will that my three youngest daughters, PENELOPE, ANN and BETHANA BLAKE shall be brought in a good reputable Decent manner until they are of Lawful age and as they become of Lawful age to receive their above said Legacies out of my Estate of (Real or Personal) I likewide appoint my Trusty friend EDWARD TRILE (my near Neighbor) Trustee of this my last Will and Testament. Lastly I give bequeath and Devise after my lawful Debts are paid all the residue or remainder of my whole Estate, Lands and Teniments, Claims of land, Household Goods, Negroe Slaves, Cattle, Horses, Bills, Bonds, Book Debts, with all manner of Moveables whatsoever to my son JONIS BLAKE and his heirs forever whom I likewise Constitute make & ordain my Sole Executor of this my last will & Testament and I do hereby utterly Revoke and Disannul, all & every other former Testaments, Wills, Legacies, Bequests and Executors by me in anywise before named, Willed and bequeathed. Ratifying this and no other to be my last Will and Testiment. In Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and affixed my seal this Second Day of April in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty three (signed) BENJAMIN BLAKE

Sign'd, seal'd, publish'd, pronounc'd and declared by the said BENJAMIN BLAKE as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us: ENUCH LEWIS, JAMES TRICE, WILLIAM TRICE

Orange County May Court 1783 The Execution of the within will of BENJAMIN BLAKE Decd was duly prov'd in open court by the oath of JAMES TRICE & WILLIAM TRICE subscribing witnesses thereof & ordered to be recorded

NOTE: Sarah Braswell was the wife of Henry Braswell.

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Isle of Wight Co., VA Deed Book 1, Page 103

From the research of Carey Bracewell who administers the Braswell DNA program.

Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

Deed Book 1, 1688-1704, Page 103—

“I underwritten Ja: CORLEY w’th y’e Conssent of my wife Eliz’a: doe assign & make over our whole Right, title & Interest In the within Pattent to Tho: KERBEY his heirs Ex & Assignes Witnesse my hand this 9th day of Feb’ry 1693/4

Test. Richard: BRACEWELL his
Will W WEST marke
His marke
Eliz’a: CORLEY
May ye 1st 1694

Ackno. In open Courte by ye sd James CORLEY & Eliz’a: his wife to be their free & voluntary Act & Deed.

Test: Hugh DAVIS Ct”

* Bracewell Timeline: British Origins

Chronological Order Chart – Bracewell - England

Compiled by Eunice H. Young 2 22 99

Published in Braswell Branches, Vol. 9, No. 2, Spring 2000

Note: The original format is can't be retained here. It looks better on my web site here.

D a t e : Event: Name : Place:

1147 50 Land BRAISUELLE Yorkshire (Domesday Book)

1273 Land John de BRACEWELL Lincolnshire

1349 Church Henr. de BRAYCEWELL Vicarii de Gisburne (Yorks)

1379 Land Willelmus de BRAYCEWELL Yorkshire

1430 Will Geoffrey BRESELE (Par.) St. Martin , Fornham , Norfolk

1431 Court John BRACLE (Armiger) Ingham, Norwich

1471 Land BRAYCEWELL Charter West Riding, Yorkshire

1484 Feb11 Fine Rolls John BRANCEWELL, Gent. Grantham, Lincoln

1486 1515 Chancery Richard BRASWELL Coventry, Warwick

14 Mar 1507/8 School John BRASYLL M.A. Oxford Univ. , Oxon

1524 Church "BRASWELL Church So. Willingham, Lincoln

1558 Probate Christopher BRASWELL Heapham, Lincoln

1555 1603 Requests Thomas BRASWELL Northamptonshire

1560 I. P. M. Edmundi BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln

1562 Apr. 14 Chr. William (of Rychard) St. Clement Danes, London

1562 June 14 Marriage Richard BRASWELL & Elsabeth BRADLY St. Clement Danes, London

1564 Oct 6 Chr. John (of Rychard) St. Clement Danes, London

1566 Apr. 28 Marriage Richard BRASWELL & Mabell NEWTON St. Clement Danes, London

1567 Mar 29 Chr. Burcott (of Rychard) St. Clement Danes, London

1568 Marriage Richard BRASIL Tydd Giles, Cambridge

1571 Land Robert BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln

1576 (Easter) Land Robt. BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln

1577 June 16 Court Richard BRAZELL Norwich

1577 Birth Edward BRASWALE Great Barford, Bedford

1577 8 Land Robert & Joan BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln

1580 Dec 23 Burial Nat., son of Robert Grantham, Lincoln

1581 Marriage Richard BRASIL Willingham by St. Ives, Cam

1582 Jan 29 Chr. Anne, dau. of Robert Grantham , Lincoln

1583 May 14 I. P. M. Edmund BRASWELL Lincolnshire (Grantham)

1584 Nov 1 Chr. Robt., son of Robt. Grantham, Lincoln

1584 Jun 7 Chr Richard, son of Robt. Kirton in Lindsey, Lincoln

1589 Jun 15 Chr. Edmond, son of Robt. Grantham, Lincoln

1590 Dec. 1 Marriage John BRACEWELL St. Marg. in the Close, Linc.

1591 Aug 29 Burial Jone BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln.

1593 Mar. Richard BRACEWELL Salterforth, Yorks.

1595 Bur. William BRACEWELL Salterforth, Yorks .

1595 Dec. 21 Bapt. Mary, dau. of John BRASWELL St. Clement, Danes, London

1596 Oct 28 Church Warden Robert BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln.

1597 Mar. Robert BRASEWELL Nottingham, Notts.

1597 Oct 21 Church Warden Robert BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln.

1598 Sep 15 Chr. Ann BRASWELL St. Martin's, Lincoln, Lin.

1598 Nov 3 Church Warden Robert BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln.

1599 Feb 20 Verger John BRACEWELL Cathedral Ch., Lincoln, Lin

1601 Mar 11 Chr. George BRACWELL St. Mary Somerset, London

1601 May 26 Mar. Mary BRASEWELL Grantham, Lincoln.

1602 Oct. 24 Mar. Edw. BRASWALE Gr. Barford, Bedford

1602 3 Land Robt. BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln.

1604 Sep 5 Draper's Roll Robert BRACEWELL London, England

1605 Jan 2 Will Thomas BRACEWELL Ashby, Bottsford, Lincoln

1605 Dec 4 Chr Jone, dau. of Richard St. Bride's Fleet St., London

1607 Jan 27 Mar. Thomas BRASELE Tilsworth, Bedford

1608/9Feb 28 Mar. George BRASWELL St. Mary Mounthaw, London

1610 Jul 8 Chr. Thomas, son of Richard St. Andrew Holborn, London

1611 Jan 15 Boyd’s Pedigrees Robert BRACEWELL Citizen & Draper free by Andrew RING

1611 Jul 13 Bur. Child of Richard BRASEW. St. Andrew Holborn, London

1611 Oct 13 Chr. Robert, son of Richard St. Andrew Holborn, London Feild Lane

1613 Sep 23 Bur. (Mr.) Robert BRASSWELL Grantham, Lincoln.

1613/14 2 22 Bur. stillborn child Richd. St. Andrew Holborn, London Feild Lane

1614/15 3 11 Bur. stillborn child Richd. St. Andrew Holborn, London Feild Lane (Broker)

1615 Jun 8 Mar. John BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln

1615 Bur. Christopher BRACEWELL Barnoldswick, Yorks.

1616 Jul 23 Mar. Robert BRASWELL St. Martin in the Field, London (of St. Bride's)

1616 Sep 29 Chr Robert, son of Edward St. Bartholomew the Great (London)

1618 Apr 22 Chr Grace, dau of Edward St. Bartholomew the Great

1618 Sep 16 Bur Robert, son of Edward St. Bartholomew the Great

1619 Sep 12 Chr Robert, son of Edward St. Bartholomew the Great

1621 Dec 18 Will John BRACEWELL (Tailor) Grantham, Lincoln.

1623 Apr 27 Chr. Joane, dau of Edward B. St. Bart. the Great, London

1623 Jun 2 Court Robert BRASWELL (Brooker) St. Clements, Middlesex

1624 Sep 26 Bur Joane, dau of Edward St. Bartholomew the Great:

1624 May 21 Mar. Jone to John STYLES St. And. by the Ward., London

1624 Nov Will George BRASSELL London (Fruiterer & Citizen)

1624 Dec 12 Chr. Jane, dau. of John STYLES St. Bart. the Great, London

1625/6 Feb 13 Chr. Eliz. dau. of John STYLES St. Martin in the Field, London

1625/6 2 21 Bur. Jane, wife of Richard B. St. Bart. the Great, London

1627 Sep 26 Mar. Richard/Marg. BEDDAM St. And. by the Ward., London

1627/8 2 22 Matric. Robert BRASWELL (15) Hart Hall, Oxford Univ.

1631 Nov 3 Degree Robert BRASWELL (B. A.) Oxford University

1633 Oct 14 Mar. Joane & Thos. WOODCOCKE London

1641 Poll Tax Robert BRACEWELL Near Clements Well

1641 2 Protest. George BRASELE Wysall, Notts.

1641 Dec 8 Bur. Richard BRACEWELL, Gent. St. Bart. the Great, London

1641 Dec 13 Will pr. Richard BRACEWELL, Gent. St. Bart. the Great, London

1642 Apr 1 Mar. Robert/ Faith ALLEN Edwinstowe, Notts.


1642 Nov. 7 Land John STYLES Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

1650 Land Rev. Robert BRASWELL Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

1652 Oct 26 Will John STYLES Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

1653 Oct 13 Bur. Margaret BRACEWELL, wid. St. Bart, the Great, London

1654 Jan 20 Will John BRACEWELL Grantham, Lincoln, England

1667 Will George BRASWELL St. Mary Mag. in the Close, London

1668 May 1 Will (Rev.) Robert BRACEWELL Isle of Wight Co., Virginia

1669 Will Edmund BRACY, alias BRACEWELL Rufford, Notts.

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The Murder of James Brasel

The Murder of James Brasel
By Palmyra Spencer, of Sioux Falls, SD

This article appeared in Braswell Branches, Vol. 9, No. 1 Winter 1999/2000

In this age of instant communication, all too frequently we hear of mass murders characterized as a phenomenon of the 1990's; however, it happened 200 years ago and touched our Braswell family with the murder of James BRASEL, son of Richard and Obedience BRASWELL.

M. B. Morton's Kentuckians are Different recounts the story of two North Carolina Colonists, John and William HARP, and their sons who fought on the side of the British. They were Scotch Covenanters intensely loyal to the Crown as a religious obligation and believed firmly in the doctrine of predestination. The sons, Micajah (called William in some accounts) known as 'Big Harp' and Wiley (called Joshua in some accounts) known as 'Little Harp', decided the cause of the King was lost, that it was foreordained from the foundations of the world, they were predestined to be damned and there was no use fighting against fate so they decided to abandon civilization and lead lives of outlawry and warfare against the human race. They joined a tribe of Cherokee Indians, wandering like themselves, outlawed for some breach of faith from the general confederacy of the Indian nations, and headquartered at Nickajack, a Cherokee Village on the Tennessee River in Alabama near the Tennessee line. Their killing began on trails frequented by immigrants and traders.

The Outlaw Years by Robert M. Coates relates how in 1796 the two brothers, Big Harp and Little Harp, arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee, portraying themselves as 'honest' settlers. They had two women with them. One account identified them as Susan WOOD and her neighbor Maria DAVISON, the daughters of two Continental soldiers, who the HARPS brothers had kidnapped in North Carolina. Another account identified them as Susan and Betsy ROBERTS. The HARPS, on occasion, used the ROBERTS name as an alias. Regardless, all accounts agree two women arrived with them and they left with three women. Knox County records verify that Wiley HARP did marry Sarah RICE on I June 1797 while living in Knoxville. Sarah (Sally) was the daughter of John RICE, a minister who performed the ceremony.

Having robbed and killed before, the HARPS brothers couldn't conceal for long their true nature and maintain the appearance of honest settlers so were soon back to their old ways. They began stealing hogs and selling the pork, then stealing horses and soon had to flee town. They were captured, but escaped. Their killings intensified. Twenty‑three victims have been identified by name. In addition they killed the children they had by the three women traveling with them because they hindered their operation, an unknown number of immigrants on flat boats coming down the Ohio River and others encountered in the sparsely populated mountainous region between Kentucky and Tennessee. They often murdered just for the thrill of it. They were non‑discriminatory ‑ man, woman, child ‑ babies to old people ‑ and they did it in the most vicious ways.

Quoting from the August 7, 1799, Knoxville Gazette "On Monday the 29th James BRAZEL was found murdered on the road leading to Stogden's Valley in Prices Settlement. This unfortunate man is supposed also to have fallen a victim of the above named atrocious villains (HARPS Brothers)."

The September 26, 1799, Carolina Gazette, recounts the murder as follows:

they (the HARPS Brothers) overtook two brothers by the name of James and Robert BRASEL traveling from near Knox to Stockton's Valley in Cumberland County, Kentucky, and challenges them with being the murderers, by the name of HARP, who had murdered two men near Knox, and ordered them to surrender, until the balance of their company should come up. They immediately seized James BRASEL, who was walking and had a gun, and tied him; then ordered Robert, who was on horseback and had no arms, to dismount, which he did. They then pointed a gun to him, but he dodged round a horse and made his escape. Soon after said BRASEL met with a company who returned to the place, and found his brother James dead near the place, much beating and his throat cut." His gun had been shattered and a quarter dollar was left in his pocket. This murder took place in what is today Morgan County, Tennessee, on the spur of a mountain that became known as Brasel's Knob.

The Knoxville Gazette stated a reward of "upwards of four hundred and fifty dollars have been subscribed by the citizens of Knoxville and its vicinity . . . together with the reward offered by the Governor and Citizens of Kentucky . . . amounts to upwards of two thousand dollars."

Micajah HARP was captured, killed and beheaded in August 1799. The place where Big HARP's head was hung became known as Harps Head Road. Wiley HARP escaped and remained on the lose for five years until he made the mistake of bringing into Natchez the head of his companion in robbing and killing, Tom MASON, to collect a reward for capturing him. He was recognized, taken into custody, condemned and executed shortly thereafter.

The three women were arrested, came to trial but were acquitted. All three women subsequently married and lived respectable lives and it is said their descendants never knew about their past.

The Outlaw Years by Robert M. Coates
Kentuckians Are Different by M. B. Morton
Life As It Is by J. W. M. Breazeale
Knoxville Gazette, August 7,1799
Draper Manuscripts, Carolina Gazette, September 26,1799
Knox County Marriage Records

James Sampson Will Isle of Wight Co., VA 1688/89

Will of James Sampson, P mark: Dau. MARGARET wife of Nicholas Wilson one silver Bowle and 2 silver wine cupps, one with a foot and the other with a bulge, and three silver spoons with nobs at the ends, and six pounds sterling to buy her a silver Tankard, one sky colored water tabby gown, two fine holland pillow beeres with Elgin lace and one piece of stuffe strip't with blew, a round black scarfe with a flanders lace, and my best bed with blankets, sheets and coverlid and my cedar chest and cabinett, my horse and mare and filly; my son-in-law Nicholas Wilson a coasting coat and a blew silke sash and half my pewter, and one gould ringe to his wife. I do likewise give him three of my oldest steeres, and the halfe of my hoggs and four of the best doeskines in the house, and a payre of buck-shoes and silver Buckells in them, &c.; legacy to Mr. George Moore, my red silk sash, &c.; dau. CLARKE a large and a small Dram cupp, two silver spoones, &c., Son JAMES my wearing ringe and one silver spoone and all my arms in my house and all my wearing apparell and the second best bed in my house with its furniture, and doeskins; various other legacies. 11 Feb., 1688. My wife's two daus. ELIZABETH and MARGARET referred to in a codicil. Pr. April 9, 1689. will dated 4 Feb 1688/9 and proven 9 Apr 1689

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 4 (Apr 1899), p. 245.

NOTE: James Sampson (wife Elizabeth Barcroft) is often referred to as the father of Sarah, wife of Richard Braswell the 1st, yet there is no mention of a Sarah Braswell in this will. Richard & Sarah followed Braswell naming patterns yet it is evident by their wills they did not name children James, Sampson, or Elizabeth. There are no records to indicate that Sarah's surname was Sampson. It is another Braswell Myth.

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Appraisal of the Estate of Richard Towle

Research of Carey Bracewell

Deed Book 1, Page 133—

“Isle of Wight County

In obedience to an ord’r of Court bearing Date the 10th day of ffeb’ry 1692/3 we the Subscribers being Sworne by Cap’t Jo’n. GOODRICH to Appraze the estate of Richard TOWLE deceased doe appraze the said Estate – Viz
lb s d
3 Cows at 03 – 05 – 00 03-05-00
1 Steare 7 yeare ould and one vearelen 02-10-00
one hors and ould saddell 03-00-00
9 shoats and pigs 01-00-00
one ould bead and blankett 01-10-00
a parsell of ould Iron as ould pott frie pan 01-00-00
a small parsell of ould Puter 00- -00
a parsell of ould wooding Lumber 00-72-00
in all 13-05-00
To the a bove Sd Apprazem’t we have
Sett our hands this 20th day of ffebr’y 1692/3


Recorded Test: H DAVIS C’l.”

Carey Bracewell - Eunice Young Articles on Early Bracewell Families

The following article appeared in Braswell Branches, Vol. 9, No. 1, Winter 1999, 2000

Review of Eunice Young’s 1999 Paper on Rev. Robert Bracewell’s Family

By Carey Bracewell of, Austin, TX

Mrs. Eunice H. Young’s paper on Rev. Robert BRACEWELL’s family first appeared in The Virginia Genealogist. Vol. 43, Number 2 (April-June 1999) on pp. 134-142 under the title, “Notes on the Ancestry of the Rev. Robert Braswell of Isle of Wight County, Virginia.” It is essentially a summary of her conclusions about our family’s English origins, the fruit of years of research. Whatever we may say of her effort, we will always be indebted to our cousin from Sandy, Utah for her important contribution to our family history.

Rather than the definitive statement of our English origins, Young’s paper should be received as a working paper, a point of departure for future research. Why? If for no other reason, to flesh out her story with the full details of significant documents that are only mentioned in passing, e.g. the Grantham parish records. More importantly, additional research is needed to prove or disprove several speculations which are presented as truth but for which no convincing proof is offered, e.g. that Rev. Robert’s mother’s name was “Jane____”. In her defense, Eunice did preface a number of her conjectures with “possibly”, as when she suggests that Richard’s second wife (assuming he had one) was the widow Margaret BEDDAM, but other unproved surmises--e.g. the identity of Richard’s children, including Jone, alleged wife of John STILES of Isle of Wight County--are presented as established facts.

Narrowing the focus of this critique to specific problems, I offer the following observations:

(1) Vocabulary. Eunice’s present immersion in medieval records clearly shines through in her use of such arcane--and unfortunately undefined terms--as “soccage”, ”verger”, “co-Burgess”, “Deforciant”, “Frankpledge”, “Lay Subsidies”, “Soke”, and “residuary legatee”.

(2) Robert BRACEWELL, son of Edmund, was actually born c. 1553, not “by 1550”, if we accept the evidence of his “inquisition post mortem” which gives Robert’s age as 30 as of May 14, 1583.

(3) Edmund BRACEWELL, son of Robert, is listed as having “died young” when in fact Conrad Swan’s research shows that Edmund moved to Nottinghamshire where he lived out a long life, not writing his will until Oct. 2, 1669 (probated May 11, 1674). Swan was the York Herald of Arms at the College of Arms, London, England’s official genealogical research office. The late James G.W. MacLamroc of Greenville, N.C. (who discovered our connection to President JOHNSON and who also placed that brass plaque honoring Rev. Robert at St. Luke’s Church) commissioned Swan’s Braswell research. Swan’s 1969 report is the basis of Young’s and all other subsequent inquiries into our English roots.

(4) While it is possible--perhaps even probable--that Jone BRACEWELL, baptized at St. Bride’s, London, on December 4, 1605, was our Rev. Robert’s sister, proof is still lacking. Notwithstanding she was listed daughter of Richard BRACEWELL of St. Bride’s, this is still insufficient evidence that she was daughter of “our” Richard BRACEWELL (d.1641), let alone future wife to John STILES of Virginia. The same criticism must be applied to Young’s assertion that Thomas BRACEWELL, baptized July 8, 1610 at St. Andrew’s., Holborn, was Rev. Robert’s brother (although this, too, was likely).

(5) Eunice made a couple of relatively minor mistakes in describing Rev. Robert’s own American family which I’m sure she would have corrected herself were so not so busy with her other professional genealogist duties. Of these the least minor is making Richard BRACEWELL (c.1652-1725) older than his brother when in fact we know that Robert, Jr. was the oldest: their brother-in-law, James BAGNALL, in his escheat action of August 9, 1681 {IW DB1-457}, in referring to Rev. Robert’s original title, refers to Robert, Jr., as “his eldest son”. Eunice--or was it the typesetter?--erroneously reports Richard’s will date as “28 Jan. 1724/5” when in reality it was July 28, 1725. I would also challenge the birth order and estimated birth years for Rev. Robert’s children. In the case of the sons, 1674 must peg the year when they both came of legal age since that year they sold off their patrimony and left for the new lands then opened in Nansemond County.

(6) At the risk of appearing to nitpick, I will close by pointing out that Rev. Robert was in Virginia by April 29, 1650 (Bennett to Webb, DB1-426), which of course was “before 1651” as Eunice states. Also no doubt dear to the editor of this periodical is the fact that George GWILLIM (WILLIAMS), not “GUILLEN”, was appointed guardian to the BRASWELL children in 1668.

Eunice Young's response was published in Braswell Branches, Vol. 9, No. 2, Spring 2000

From Mrs. Eunice Young of Sandy, UT

This letter is in response to Carey's comments on my article on the BRASWELL family in England. I had not had time to go over it since it was published, but have a little break between projects and decided I had better take some time to look at it. Before beginning, may I say that I spent several years working on this in England and have much material on hand. 20 years ago, I spent days looking at all books on the shelves at the Archives in Salt Lake in the General section, Middlesex County, and London, checking for any variant of BRASWELL, to try to establish a line of movement across England for them. I had hoped to have an unbroken chain back to William the Conqueror's time. I searched the old pipe and close rolls and anything early. I found the name to be as scarce as the proverbial "hen's teeth". I tried to continue Conrad Swann's research for us. From the legal records found, I went to the Parish Registers, but found very little there, since we were into the 1500’s already. I located a few crumbs, and so worked up a time line with my findings, and am sending my latest, revised edition of
that, for you to publish [to be posted to this blog]

I studied intensely, Smith & Gardner's, Research in England & Wales, vols. 1‑3 as to how to proceed in my quest. I pursued almost every angle that I could think up, concentrating in Lincolnshire & London. The London records are so voluminous, that a lifetime of study there would hardly be enough, so there is still much that could be done. This week, I printed off 20 pages from the Salt Lake Catalog (fiche) for London, as we have no deeds or land records there for our people. I learned that our key parishes ‑ St. Andrew Holborn, St. Bartholomew the Great, St. Bartholomew the Less, St. Bride, Fleet Street, St. Dunstan in the West and St. Sepulchre (without Newgate) and Temple Church are all grouped in Guildhall Library, London, under the heading, FARINGDON‑WITHOUT WARD, just as Palmyra Spencer mentioned years ago.

An analysis needs to be made of the microfilmed records available at the Archives in Salt Lake for our key areas, and further research begun. Some of the younger researchers will need to pick up on this. I have been unable to get into the Archives this past year because of all of the road construction and lack of parking, but hope that improves soon. I spend several days a week at our Stake Center extracting records in the 1500's and 1600' s, and am in England at this time researching.

As I went over this article, I could see why Carey was agitated. The editor of The Virginia Genealogist asked my permission to cut my article down (it went from 10 pages to 4), and between that and the many typos, it leaves much to be desired. [A revised version was published in the Braswell Branches newsletter.]

Now to Carey:
(1) Vocabulary. Smith & Gardner say concerning Terminology ‑ "One of the obstacles in the path of the user of (probate) records is the terminology used in such documents, which varies from court to court". They suggested using "A Handlist of Medieval Ecclesiastical Terms", published in London in their Local History Series No. 9. It is traditional to state the terms as given in the document.

(2) Birth date of Robert BRACEWELL, son of Edmund, 1550 or 1553. Date is not known, as the I. P. M. of Edmund says Robert was 30 & upwards. The British quite often round off ages to 5 years (i.e. e. 1841 census, etc. I read an article on that at one time. As I worked with my time line and family groups sheet, noticed that Robert, in order to be at least 21 in 1571 when he was on the Manorial Court Records, unless there is yet another Robert there.

(3) Edmund BRACEWELL, son of Robert, died young. If Carey will look further, he will see that the Edmund (or Edward) who survived is one of the younger children in the family (see # 13). 1 added an Edmund with a question as it was so traditional to name the eldest son for his father's father. Many times, the child died young and another one was named in his honor, and even a third.

(4) 1 feel 99% certain that Jone was the sister of (Rev.) Robert. Our Richard was the only BRACEWELL, etc., in the area having children. As stated above, the parishes that Richard BRACEWELL had events happening in are all grouped together in Faringdon‑Without (the walls), London. As Palmyra said, it's like they all had the same zip code, today in America. I will stick with what. I have said, that Joan is Robert's sister. Their father named her two children in his will, and their father John STYLES, forgiving John his debts to him. I combed all of the key parishes a few months ago, especially to find burials. John was moving around, so I didn't find Joan's burial, but it can be found, and she did have two daughters christened.

The IGI for all of England doesn't divulge more being born to them. John went to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia, soon after the death of his father‑in‑law. His mother‑in‑law was already deceased. I believe it was Thomas who was buried 13 July 1611, as no further record is found. There were many plagues there and in Lincolnshire and England The given name of Thomas shows up somewhat in the early records where our line is found. Another child to Richard was likely born abt. 1608.

(5) 1 was playing around with the order of the kids because of the naming system, and hadn't looked at the paper calling Robert his eldest. The date of Richard's will is given both as July 28, 1725 and 28 January 1724/5, so I chose the latter, because only January 1‑ March 25 is used in double‑dating. Even the Virginia Wills Index gives this as 1724/5.

(6) My papers were typed 8 years ago, before we learned an earlier date for Rev. Robert's being in America. Because of the pressure to get this [finished], some things were missed. In one part of my article, it does say 1650. I think John [editor of The Virginia Genealogist] did not print that part. The GWILLIM or GUILLEN was taken off of whatever record I was copying it from (or whose).

In summary: probably all genealogies are "working papers and a point of departure for future research", as there is almost always another record that can be found on any person. We all present our findings so we can get onto other things and other lines, so that others won't have to look in the same places that we have looked. Anyone can re‑check documents once they have been found and give their opinions on same. I love finding the record, and I am sure there are others among you who do, also. There is still plenty to be done on this line in this new century, both in England and in America. Let's go for it!

* Valentine Braswell Will Wake Co., NC 1794

In the name of God amen I VALENTINE BRASWELL of the State of North Carolina and County of Wake being in perfect Health of Body, mind and Memory thanks to God for it but Calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it's appointed for all men once to die. Do make & ordain this my last Will and testament and desire it may be received by all as such First and Principally I give and bequeath to my beloved Wife PATIENCE BRASWELL all my Lands Mesuges & Tennements together with all the rest & every part & parcel of my Estate real and Personal to Her and Her Heirs & assigns for Ever, to enjoy the same and every part and Parcel thereof. I also nominate appoint and ordain the above said PATIENCE BRASWELL: JOHN STRICKLAND, Junior and AUGUSTUS TURNER the whole and Sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament and I do hereby make void and disanul all and every other former Wills, Testaments legacies and bequests made by me heretofore ratifieing and confirming this and no other to be my last Will and Testament, in Witness whereof I have hereunto Set my Hand and affixed my Seal this Second day of august in the Year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred & Ninety one Signed Sealed, pronouncedand declared in Presence of



Wake County Dec. Term 1794

The within Will was duly proved in open Court by the Oaths of JOHN STRICKLAND & ISHAM STRICKLAND Witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded~~~

H. Lane, C.C.

Recorded in the clarks office in the County of Wake in Book D. and page 67this 27th day of May 1797~~

H. Lane, C.C.


December 15, 1794. VALENTINE BRASWELL's estate was inventoried by AUGUSTUS TURNER and JOHN STRICKLAND. It included 300 acres of land, 3 horses, 20head of cattle, 47 hogs, "a quantity" of corn, cotton, peas, and beans, andhousehold goods that included 6 chairs and 5 pewter plates.

Contributed by Carey Bracewell

* Henry Bracewell, Chatham Co., NC 1784

In the name of god amen I Henry Bracewell of the county of Chatham & State of N Carolina being very sick of body but of perfect mind and memory do make ordain & constitute this my last Will & Testament (To Wit) first I leave to the use of my beloved wife Sarah the dwelling house whereon I now live & two Hundred and fifty acres adjoining one bed & furniture one negroe girl named Nance one sorrel Horse colt and hunting saddle to her during her during her natural life and then & at that time it is my Will & desire that my Daughter Cynthia may have the said Dwelling house & plantation with the two Hundred and fifty acres adjoining also the negroe girle named Nance she and her Increase to be equally divided between my said Dau'r Cynthia & son Blake William Bracewell to them & their heirs forever secondly I give and leave to my Daughter Cynthia one negroe man named Berwick one negroe boy named Dick and one bed and furniture to & her heirs forever ~Thirdly I give and leave to my son Blake William Bracewell three Hundred acres of land adjoining the said plantation I left my wife Sarah and then to my Dau'r Cynthia including the plantation whereon Benjamin Kitchen now lives one negroe wench named fann one negroe boy named Jimm one Bed & furniture to him his Heirs forever with fortyacres of land whereon old Shaddox lived and the half of the Still that now belongs to me & John Wommack ~ Fourthly It is my will & desire and do give Eli Yarborough the sum of Twenty pounds specie to be laid out on the said Eli Yarborough by my Executors to the best advantage in giving him good & sufficient Education so as is enable him by acting his part to git his living by his -- or other way of occupation & in case of his death before the aid money shall be laid out by my Exec'rs then and in that casethe said money to be equally divided between my Dau'r Cynthia & son Blake Wm. Bracewell ~ fifthly I leave all the rest of my Estate to be sold at twelve month credit by my Exec'rs taken bond & approved security and the money so arising after all just debts being collected & discharged to be equally divided between my wife Sarah Dau.'r Cynthia and son Blake William Bracewell & if either of the said of my children should die without issue then the other one shall & may enjoy the full of the others part & portion and further more do appoint constitute make & ordain Joseph Brantly John Wommack & Burwell Williams Executors of this my Last Will and Testament revoking and disanulling all other former Wills Legacies and bequests and declaring none other & only thisto be my last Will & testament In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal this seventeenth day of November Anno Domini 1784 Sign'd seal'd published & acknowledg'd by the s'd Henry Bracewell in our presence & are in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names Nathan Prince, James Scer'vt Jones, Signed Henry (H) Bracewell (seal) A Copy Test John Ramsey, C.C.

Contributed by an anonymous researcher

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Time Line of British Bracewell Family by Eunice Young

Notes on the Ancestry of the Rev. Robert Braswell of Isle of Wight County, Virginia
By Mrs. Eunice H. Young, Sandy, Utah

Published in Braswell Branches, Vol. 9, No. 1 Winter 1999/2000

The formatting of this Bracewell Timeline looks better here.

Time Line & Comparative Chart Of Events In The Lives Of His Ancestors In England


1484, John BRANCEWELL, Gent., Close Rolls, Grantham, Lincoln.

1485, End of Mediaeval Period ‑ beginning of Modern Age.

c 1510, Edmund BRACEWELL born.

1535,Henry VIII appointed himself supreme head of the Church of England

Non‑conformity began.

1536,Henry VIII began a system of registration.

1538, Henry VIII ordered parish record keeping;

An English Bible was printed & distributed.

1560, Edmund BRACEWELL died Grantham, Lincoln

1571,Robert BRACEWELL on Manorial Rolls Grantham, Lincoln

1574, All villeins were made free.

1576,Robert BRACEWELL sold land Grantham, Lincoln

1577 ,William HARRISON split the people of EnglanD into four classes: Gentlemen, Citizens or Burgesses, Farmers & Yeomen, Laborers.

1578, Robert BRACEWELL & Joan bought land Grantham, Lincoln

1580, Nathaniel BRACEWELL buried Grantham, Lincoln

1582, Anne, dau. of Robert, chr. Grantham, Lincoln

1583, 1. P. M. of Edmund BRACEWELL (Sadler). Grantham, Lincoln Eldest son, Robert, Heir.

1584, Robert BRACEWELL, son of Robert, chr. Grantham, Lincoln

1584, First colony estab. in No. America ‑ called Virginia.

1584, Richard BRACEWELL, son of Robert, chr. Kirton‑in‑Lindsey, Lincoln

1589, Edmund, son of Robert, chr. Grantham, Lincoln

1590, Joan BRACEWELL, wife of Robert, bur. Grantham, Lincoln.

1596‑7‑8, Robert BRACEWELL, Churchwarden Grantham, Lincoln

1597, "Poor Law" was passed Churchwardens had the task of looking after the church fabric, assisting the overseers of the poor, and keeping a record of church income & expenditures.

1603,Robert BRACEWELL sold land. Grantham, Lincoln

1603, Queen Elizabeth died. Her successor was James I, who felt that he ruled by divine right, but House of Commons didn't agree.

1605,Jone BRACEWELL, sis. of Rev. Robert chr. St. Bride, Fleet St., London

1607,Jamestown, Virginia, settled by London Merchants.

1610,Thomas BRACEWELL, bro. of Rev. Robert chr. St. Andrew Holborn, London

1611, King James version of Bible printed & distr.

1611M (Rev.) Robert BRACEWELL born & chr. Field Lane, St. Andrew,Holborn,London

1613, Robert BRACEWELL Co‑Burgess, Grantham, Lincoln

1613, Robert BRACEWELL buried, Grantham, Lincoln

1625, King Charles I succeeded to the throne.

1628, (Rev.) Robert BRACEWELL entered university, Oxford, Oxon.

1629, King Charles I dissolved Parliament.

1631, (Rev.) Robert BRACEWELL, B.A., graduated, Oxford, Oxon.

1640, Travel in Eng. became easier. Stages began making regular runs.

1641, Richard BRACEWELL, Gent., died, St. Bartholomew the Robert, son and heir, absent. Brother, Great, London Robert, admin. his estate.

1642, Civil War in England

1649, King Charles I killed.

1649‑60, England ruled by Oliver and then Richard CROMWELL. No King. Called, "The Commonwealth".

1651, (Rev.) Robert in America, Isle of Wight, Virginia

1658, Richard CROMWELL ruled.

1660, Richard CROMWELL deposed. Charles II brought from the continent & proclaimed king. He revived laws forbidding anyone to preach unless he was ordained by the Church of England.

1665, Great Plague, London

1666, Great Fire, London

1668, (Rev.) Robert BRASWELL, will probated, Isle of Wight, Virginia

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