Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Carey Bracewell's Ancestry

Contributed by Carey H. Bracewell


My surname, Bracewell, originated in the village by that name in the
West Riding of medieval Yorkshire. The village was enumerated in the
Doomsday Book of 1086 A.D.

While a certain 'John de Bracewell' was recorded in neighboring
Lincolnshire as early as 1273, no Lincoln parish records have survived
to show any connection between this John and Edmund Bracewell, my oldest
known direct paternal ancestor, who was born in England about 1510 and
died in Grantham Parish, Lincoln, on 27 Mar 1560.

Owing to a particular Y chromosome 'mutation' present in myLincolnshire Bracewells but not found in our Yorkshire cousins, it is clear that my Grantham Bracewells had separated from their Lincoln cousins long before the beginning of modern history (1453 AD).


EDMUND BRACEWELL Born c. 1510. Died 27 Mar 1560 in Grantham Parish,
Lincolnshire. Father of.....

ROBERT Born before 1550. Died 23 Sep 1613, Grantham. Wife JONE died
there 29 Aug 1591

RICHARD Born c. 1576 in Grantham. Died 1641, London

Rev. ROBERT Born 1611 London. Died Spring, 1668, Virginia

RICHARD Born c. 1652, Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Died there Summer
of 1725

VALENTINE BRASWELL Born c. 1680, VA. Died there or in NC after 1730

RICHARD Born c. 1707 in VA. Died in North Carolina Piedmont after 1755

RICHARD Born c. 1732. Died 16 Apr 1799 probably in Greenville
District, SC. Wife OBEDIENCE died in Anderson County, TN on 28 Oct 1805

RICHARD Born 1759 in the Carolinas. Died c. 1842 in Saline County, AR.
Wife JEMIMA WHITE born 25 Dec 1764 and died in Saline County, AR in late 1840

MOSES BRAZIL Born 1803 in Anderson County, TN. Died 3 Apr 1872
Bastrop County, TX

JESSE Born 5 Apr 1827 in Fulton County, IL. Died 18 Jul 1888 San
Saba County, TX

JESSE CALVIN Born 3 Jan 1865 in Collin County, TX. Died 26 Jan 1951
San Saba County, TX

ETHERIDGE CLAUDE Born 27 Apr 1896 Smithville, Bastrop County, TX. Died
15 Jul 1997 Dallas, TX