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* Children of Arthur Braswell

By Joyce R. Braswell, PO Box 53, Laurinburg, NC 28353 Reece@carolina.net

William BRASWELL made his will 4 March 1785, proven May Court, 1785. The original will is located at the North Carolina Archives at Raleigh.

Nash Co., NC Wills
In the Name of God Amen I William BRASWELL, Sen. of Nash County in the State of North Carolina being weak in body and in a low state of health but of a Disposing mind and memory Thanks be God for the same but remembering the mortality of my body do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament. Principally and first of all I bequeath my soul to God that gave it and my body to be buried at the discretion of my Executors and as Touching my worldly Estate I give in manner and terms as followeth:

Item, I give and bequeath to my loving wife Margaret BRASWELL one feather bed and furniture also all the money she has by her also all the linings and woolings with awosling wheel and cards to be at her own dispose.

Item, I give to my son Jacob BRASWELL one dollar sterling to him and his heirs forever.

Item, I give to my son Arthur BRASWELL a negro wench named Mott and her increase to him and his heirs forever.

Item, I give to my daughter Patience WEST one dollar sterling to her and her heirs forever.

Item, I give to my daughter Dorcas HOOKS one dollar sterling to her and her heirs forever.

Item, I give to my daughter Pattey BRIDGERS one dollar sterling to her and her heirs forever.

Item, I give to my son Samuel BRASWELL one negro man Jack with all the rest of my estate undisposed of to which he is to take care of his mother and not let her suffer during her life.

Item, I do constitute and appoint my son Samuel BRASWELL and John CHITTY, Sen. my whole and sole executors of this my Last Will and Testament and do hereby pronounce and publish the same in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this fourth day of March 1785.

William BRASWELL (Seal)

Children of William and Margaret BRASWELL

1. Arthur BRASWELL, born about 1730, died 1819 Robeson Co., North Carolina. The name of his wife is not known she must have died before he did and is not mentioned in his will.

2. Jacob BRASWELL, born about 1735, died 1823 Nash County, North Carolina, married Mary ?. Children: Jacob, Jr., William, Brittian, Nathan, Jesse, Lucretia PITTMAN, Mary JONES, Patience THOMPSON, Cloah SELLERS, Selah EVANS, Patsy ATKINSON.

3. Samuel BRASWELL, born about 1738, died 1794 Nash County, North Carolina, married Sarah. Children: Wilson, Micajah, Sampson, Samuel, Margaret, Elizabeth, Queeny, Sallie.

4. William BRASWELL, born about ?, died 1778, married Martha. Will proved in Nash County, North Carolina, January Court 1779. Children: Sons, Robin, Dempsey, daughters, Judah HUNT, Lucrecy WILLIAMS, Priscilla EXUM, Rhoda POWELL, Mourning BRASWELL, grandson, Alexander HUNT, granddaughter, Nancy HUNT.

5. Patience BRASWELL, married WEST.

6. Dorcas BRASWELL, married Nash County 6 April 1784 William HOOKS.
William HOOKS was proved in Wayne County, North Carolina November term of Court 1820 naming the following: Dorcas, wife, Blake, William, Robert, John, Warren sons; Mourning HOWELL, Sarah WARRELL, Polecy BOYET, Smithery RAIFORD, Nancy HOOKS, daughters.

7. Patty (Martha) BRASWELL, married ? BRIDGES, or BRIDGERS.

Arthur Braswell 1730 - 1819

Very little is known about Arthur BRASWELL from the various BRASWELL family histories published, except that he was the son of William BRASWELL, Junior. It is assumed that Arthur BRASWELL was born in Bertie Precinct about 1730. Bertie County was established from Chowan County in 1722. Nash County Tax List of 1782 has the following: Arthur BRASWELL 1523 acres of land, 5 slaves; Samuel BRASWELL (his brother) with 596 acres; (his brother) Jacob BRASWELL with 1474 acres land and 9 slaves; Martha BRASWELL, (his brother William’s widow) 1450 acres, making a total of over 5,000 acres for the family. The Lineage of Jacob Thomas Braswell, Viola Vick Braswell, page 23. Arthur received a Granville Land Grant of 627 acres on Pigsbasket Creek, May 1761, plus others.

The earliest record of Arthur BRASWELL in Robeson County, North Carolina is a deed between Arthur and Samuel HANES in 1785. These deeds will be listed later.

The Annals of Ashpole Community 1750-1814, Judge Z. T. Fulmore, “ as soon as peace was assured after the Revolution, immigration began to flow in and the country between Ashpole and Richmond on the west and from the immediate country on the south--I have found no means of fixing the dates of arrivals except in a few cases of those who came between 1785 and 1790.

“One of the first acts passed by the first Congress of the United States was a provision for a census of the population. This shows substantially all heads of families in Robeson in that year. One of the drawbacks to it was the uncertainty as to the exact lines between North and South Carolina, and the county lines between Richmond and Robeson. The first classification embraces those old settlers of English, Welsh and Scotch-Irish descent who made their homes on Ashpole Swamp and its tributaries. Among those names are Arthur BRASWELL and David BRASWELL.”

Arthur seems to have lived the rest of his life in Robeson County, North Carolina, where he made his will 18 January 1819. No probate date has been found. He is listed in the census of Robeson County 1790, 1800, and 1810, but not the 1820 census.

His will is recorded in Robeson County Will Book 1, page 354, and is as follows:

Will of Arthur Braswell

In the name of God Amen I Arthur BRASWELL of the county of Robeson and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and Memory thanks to God, do on this eighteenth day of January in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and substance following to wit:

First, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son Henry BRASWELL my negro fellow Jim, my negro wench Poll and whatever corn Jim may have on hand at my decease, his hogs, his household furniture and whatever property said Jim may have in his possession at my decease as aforesaid, also Jim’s working tools - say an axe, a grubbing hoe and spreading hoe, also my rifle gun.

Second, I give and bequeath unto my beloved son, David BRASWELL, one hundred and sixty three acres of land adjoining the lands of Daniel POWELL and my son Aaron BRASWELL, also my coopers tools and one hundred acres of land and my ?bed.

Thirdly, unto my son Aaron BRASWELL, I give and bequeath my carpenters tools, also one hundred acres of land being a part of the Tract on which he now lives and the feather bed which I now lie on.

Fourthly, unto my daughter-in-law, Betsy BRASWELL, I will and bequeath to her and her heirs five dollars.

Fifthly, to my daughters, Susanna and Patience, I will and bequeath five dollars each.

Sixthly, to my grandson, Alexander BRASWELL, I will and bequeath one hundred and fifty acres lying on the east side of boggy branch and my chest sixthly to my beloved daughter, Mary BRASWELL, I will and bequeath three hundred acres in­cluding my plantation and the lands adjoining it on each side, also my Still and apparatus belonging to it, the new large Iron Pot and the dutch oven, my farming utensils, and my cart.

Seventhly, to my daughter, Peggy, I give and bequeath two hundred and fifty acres adjoining the land which I give my daughter Mary below it on Ashpole Swamp, also an old Iron pot and my riding horse, bridle and saddle.

Eightly, it is my will and desire that after my daughters, Susanna, Patience, and my daughter in Law, Betsy BRASWELL received the legacies which I have given them as above mentioned that my stock of cattle, my corn, and fodder which may be on the plantations and will be called mine at my death and the residue of the household furniture which I have not already bequeathed be equally divided between my daughters, Mary and Peggy.

Ninthly, I appoint my sons, Henry, David, and Aaron, Executors to this my last will and testament. Signed and sealed in the presence of:

Ken BLACK his
Sampson PITMAN

(“A” his mark) (seal)

A. Henry BRASWELL, born 2 January, 1756, Nash County, North Carolina, died 22 September 1840 Marion County, South Carolina, married Martha.

B. David BRASWELL, ? , died about 1845 Robeson County, North Carolina, married Lydia. (Book Z, page 474). Lay off to Lydia BRASWELL her dower and thirds? in the lands of David BRASWELL.

C. Margaret BRASWELL (Peggy), was born ?, died 1839, Robeson County. Never married, her lands were divided between her brothers and sisters. (Robeson Co. Deed Book W, page 309).

D. Aaron BRASWELL, born about 1787 Robeson County, died 1877 Madison County, Missouri, married Nancy WILLIAMS, daughter of William and Lucreasy WILLIAMS, born 1795 North Carolina, died 1870 Madison County, Missouri. Aaron along with his brothers and sisters sold 400 acres of the lands of Arthur BRASWELL to William TOWNSEND. By 1840 Aaron is in DeKalb County, Tennessee. Six of his children and two Negro slaves went to Tennessee. He is suppose to be the father of eighteen children. By 1852, he was in Madison County, Missouri. Aaron served in Moore’s Regiment of the North Carolina Militia in the War of 1812.

According to Anna Fern Wamser, 401 West Main Street, Fredericktown, Missouri 63645, great-great-granddaughter in a letter to me “Aaron BRASWELL born N. C. 1787, died Madison County, Mo. 1877, married between 1810-1820 Nancy WILLIAMS, born North Carolina 1795, died Madison County, Mo. 1870. They had 18 children, six of whom came to Missouri with them in 1852. Aaron was 65 and Nancy was 57. They brought two Negroes. One Negro man was willed to Nancy by her father, William WILLIAMS. They lived in a house on the NORTON place which was owned by his daughter, Willia Dewiluth Parlee BRASWELL NORTON. Nancy died here and was buried near the house where Aaron could see her grave from the window until he “was resting beside her.” Aaron and Nancy are buried in unmarked graves, but they rest upon the land that they loved and had given so much of themselves to.”

Children of Aaron BRASWELL who were in DeKalb County, Tennessee in 1850:

1. Willa Paralee Dewilmuth BRASWELL, born 1820, died 1895 Madison County, Missouri, married Abraham P. NORTON, born 1815 Tennessee died 27 September 1893 Madison County, Missouri. They purchased a farm on Castor River, southeast of Frederick-town, Missouri. They brought a document from the State of Tennessee, DeKalb County, Mount Moriah Baptist Church, stating that Abraham and Paralee were members in full fellowship and dismist [sic] from us when joined to another Baptist church of the same faith, dated the second Lord’s day Sept. 1852.

a. Aaron NORTON, married Mollie GARNER
b. Lucretia NORTON, married George HELTIBRAND
c. Duane NORTON, married Lillie Belle PEACE
d. Mary Ann NORTON, born 1856, married Garrett A. VENERABLE

le. Harley Bass VENERABLE, married Presha BARKS

lee. Anna Fern VENERABLE, born 1 January 1917, Marquand, Missouri married 1 December 1940 Alford Frank WAMSER.

2. Lee BRASWELL, born ca. 1821 North Carolina - gave his life for the Confederacy in a Civil War battle about 10 miles south of Marquand, Missouri. He fought with bushwackers led by the notorious Sam HELTIBRAND and his aide, Tom HALE. Never married.

3. William BRASWELL, born 1826 (1850 DeKalb Census says Tennessee) believe should read North Carolina since his father did not sell his land in Robeson County until 1831. Lived Madison Co. Missouri.

4. Henry BRASWELL, born 1828 Tennessee (1850 DeKalb Census says Tennessee) I believe should read North Carolina since his father did not sell his land in Robeson County until 1831. Lived Madison Co. Missouri.

5. Micajah BRASWELL, born 1833 Tennessee.

6. Lucretia BRASWELL, born 1837 Tennessee (twin to Duane), married Forney RUNNELS.

7. Duane BRASWELL, born 1837 Tennessee (twin to Lucretia). Lived Madison County, Missouri.

8. Leroy BRASWELL, born 1842 Tennessee.

9. Napoleon Bonaparte BRASWELL

10. Dempsey BRASWELL lived Madison County, Missouri.

E. Susanna BRASWELL - mentioned in her father’s will. No trace of her afterwards. (Robeson County Court of Equity - Fall Term, 1839 -Distribution of MargaretPeggyBRASWELL’s estate states another sister, Sarah, who intermarried with William BRASWELL. This may be Susanna BRASWELL). This William BRASWELL has not been identified.

F. Mary BRASWELL - mentioned in her father’s will. She must have married in Robeson County, but no marriage found. There is no record of the land she inherited from her father being sold in the BRASWELL name. Therefore I think she married and it would be listed under her married name.

G. Patience BRASWELL - mentioned in her father’s will. No trace of her afterwards.

H. Another son - daughter-in-law, Betsy BRASWELL, and grandson, Alexander BRASWELL are mentioned in Arthur’s will.

Nash County North Carolina Deeds

Robert ROGERS to Henry BRASWELL, 31 October 1778, for 50 pounds proc.money 100 acres adjoining Denis BRADLY, Chapman, and Wiliba TUCKER, it being part of a tract deeded in 1762. Wit: James MASINGIL, William RITCHASON, and Arthur BRASWELL. Book 1, page 48.

George MASSINGIL and wife, Amey MASSINGIL to Henry BRASWELL, 1 October 1778, 40 pounds proc. money 70 acres on the west side of Back Swamp, it being part of a tract deeded to James MASSINGIL by Earl Granville on March 16, 1761. Wit: James MASSINGIL, Walker MASSINGIL, and Elizabeth MASSINGIL. Book 1, page 48.

William RICHARDSON to Henry BRASWELL, 17 March 1780, for 10 pounds a tract of 295 acres on the Back Swamp adjoining James MASSINGALE, Richardson, and Isaac BASS. Wit: James MASSINGALE, Samson POWELL, and Walker MASSINGALE. Book 3, page 133.

Henry BRASWELL of Liberty County, South Carolina to William RICHARDSON, Jr. of Nash Co., 5 December 1792, for 80 silver dollars a tract of 70 acres on the west side of Back Swamp, it having been conveyed to Henry BRASWELL from George MASSENGAL; also another tract of 290 acres adjoining the aforesaid tract and James MASSENGAL, Richardson, and Isaac BASS, it being a tract conveyed from Wm. RICHARDSON, Sr. to Henry BRASWELL. Wit: William HOOKS, William Richard, and Sampson POWELL. Book 4, page 217.

Earl Granville grant to Arthur BRASWELL of Edgecombe County, 26 February 1761, a tract of 250 acres on both sides of Pig Basket Creek. Book 2, page 79.

Earl Granville grant to Arthur BRASWELL of Edgecombe County 3 November 1761, a tract of 627 acres on both sides of Pig Basket Creek. Book 2, page 79.

State of North Carolina grant to Arthur BRASWELL by Gov. Rd. CASWELL, 10 November 1779, a tract of 538 acres on the north side of Pig Basket Creek adjoining Boling BECKWITH, Matthew DRAKE, Jacob BRASWELL, and his own line. Book 3, page 195.

Arthur BRASWELL of Bladen Co. to Thomas MORRISS of Nash Co., 25 November 1785, for 250 pounds Virginia money three tracts of land on both side of Pig Basket Creek: (1) 250 acres on the north side of the creek granted to said BRASWELL by Earl Granville on 26 February 1761; (2) 627 acres on the south side of the creek near Anthony’s Branch; (3) 538 acres adjoining Boling BECKWITH, Matthew DRAKE, and Jacob BRASWELL, a tract granted to said Arthur BRASWELL by the State on 10 November 1779. Wit: Edmund BRANCH, Benjamin HEDGPETH, and James WATKINS. Book 3, page 414.

Jacob BRASWELL to his son, Nathan BRASWELL, 10 February 1794, for paternal love and affection a tract of 350 acres adjoining MORRIS, POWELL, and William BRASWELL. Wit: John H. DRAKE. Book 4, page 275.

Nathan BRASWELL of Robeson Co. to Brittain BRASWELL of Nash Co., 13 February 1798, for $200.00 a tract of 250 acres adjoining MARRIET and POWELL. Wit: Sion BECKWITH. Book 6, page 295.

Nathan BRASWELL of Robeson Co. to William BRASWELL of Nash Co. 13 February 1798, for $100.00 a tract of 100 acres adjoining his own line and POWELL. Wit: Sion BECKWITH. Book 6, page 296.

Abstracts of Land Entries: Cumberland Co. North Carolina 1778-1795
Dr. A. B. Pruitt, 1988.

Formed from Bladen County in 1754

Jan 30, 1779 - Henry BRACEWELL enters 300 ac on both sides of Fall Creek includes Wm. DICKENSON’s old field.

Feb. 20, 1779 - Henry BRAZWELL enters 100 ac on waters of Bush Cr.; border: BIRD, William BRAZWELL, & Chatham (County) line.

1784 Bladen County, North Carolina Tax List

Capt. Burns District

Nathan BRASWELL - 280 acres - 2 white polls - 3 black polls

Capt. Barnes District

Henry BRASWELL - 715 acres - 1 white po11

1788 Bladen County, North County Tax List

Benjamin BRASWELL - Free po11s

1837 Robeson County, North Carolina Tax List

Captain Angus Taylor’s District
No. Acres Value Location Poll
Cade BRASWELL 252 125 East side Contray Swamp

Could be Gadi BRASWELL

David BRASWEL 293 250 On the Sester Pond

Arthur BRASWELL’s son

Theophilus BRASSWELL
David BRASWELL’s son

Margaret BRASSWELL 200 100 West side Ashpole
Arthur BRASWELL’s daughter

Richard BRASSWELL 439 315 Lead Jonigan Branch
Henry BRASWELL’s son

Margaret BRASSWELL 281 281 West side Ashpole
Arthur BRASWELL’s daughter

Robeson Co., North Carolina Deeds to Braswells
(Established from Bladen County in 1787)

Samuel HANES (Bladen Co., North Carolina) to Arthur BRASWELL (Bladen Co.) 22 November 1785; 50 pounds, 100 acres on S side of Drowning Creek and S side of Ashpole Swamp, adj. Ishmael CHAVIS, pat. granted to Richard JONES 11 November 1779 & conveyed by deed from JONES to Samuel HAINS. Wit: Henry BRASWELL, Charles WATSON & Benjamin HEDGPETH. Book A, pp. 35‑37.

Samuel HANES to Arthur BRASSWELL (both of Bladen Co.), 22 November 1785; 50 pounds, 100 acres on S side of Drowning Creek & S side of Ashpole Swamp, adj. his improvements, pat. granted to Dudley LOCKLEAR 11 November 1779 and conveyed by deed from LOCKLEAR to Samuel HAINS. Wit: Henry BRASSWELL, Charles WATSON & Benjamin HEDGPETH. Book A, pp. 39‑41.

Land grant # 1299, State of North Carolina to Arther BRASWELL, 100 acres in Bladen Co. on S side of Ashpole Swamp back of PITTMANs, adj. LOCKLEER, Richard JONES, Arthur BRASWELL. Ent. 26 February 1785; pat. 19 November 1787 by Richard CASWELL. Book A, pp. 174‑175.

Land grant # 1342, State of North Carolina to Arther BRASELL, 200 acres in Bladen Co. on S side of Ashpole Swamp, adj. CADE & Randal LOCKLEAR. Ent. 26 February 1785; pat. 19 November 1787 by R. CASWELL. Book A, pp. 175‑176.

Land grant # 1338, State of North Carolina to Arther BRASELL, 300 acres in Bladen Co. on W side of Ashpole Swamp, adj. Saml. HAINES, Solomon KINSEY & Benjamin WATSON. Ent. 14 September 1785; pat. 19 November 1787. Book A pp. 176‑177.

Samuel HAINES to Arthur BRASWELL, 24 November 1788; 100 pounds, 100 acres on S side of Drowning & S side of Ashpole Swamp, adj. Dudley LOCKLIER, pat. by Samuel HAINES 10 October 1787. Wit: Henry BRASWELL, William BRASWELL, & Nazary MITCHELL. Book A, pp. 307‑308.

Albriton DRAKE (Coroner of Robeson Co.) to Arthur BRASWELL, 12 January 1789; 100 acres Arthur BRASWELL obt. an original attachment from John CADE against Benjamin WATSON for 100 pounds ‑ judgment levied on 100 acres land, property of said WATSON in Robeson County on S side of Ashpole including HAYS improvement and where Henry BRASWELL now lives. Ventition Exponas directed to the coroner commanding him to sell aforesaid land, after advertisement, sold to Arthur BRASWELL for six pounds. Wit: Charles WATSON & William BRASWELL. Signed A. B. DRAKE. Book A, pp. 309‑310.

William BRASWELL to Arthur BRASWELL, Bill of Sale 2 May 1793; 100 pounds, a sorrel mare & colt, one gray mare, 12 head of hogs, 5 head of sheep, 5 head of Yus, two feather beds & furniture, one pot, one Rifle Gun, 6 pewter Basons, 6 pewter plates, case of knives, one pane of cotton cards, the Crop of Corn & Potatoes now standing. Wit: Matthew JONES & James BRASWELL. Book D, pp. 168‑169.

Land grant # to Arthur BRASWELL, 200 acres in the Island between Ashpole & drowning, near the State line, said to be near Jacob RHODES lower corner on the side of the run of flatt swamp. Ent. 21 January 1795; Pat. 30 June 1797. Book H, p. 140.

Arthur BRASWELL to James HUNT, 12 September, 1800, 20 pounds two parcels of land. 1st ‑ 50 acres lies on both sides of Boggy branch, granted to Richard JONES, pat. 11 November 1779. 2nd ‑ 99 acres being part of 100 acres on Boggy branch granted to Arthur BRASWELL, pat. 9 November 1787, lies on West side of Boggy branch. Wit: J. BARNES, William BARNES. Book M, pp. 295‑296.

Arthur BRASWELL to David BRASWELL, 20 October 1798, 25 pounds, 100 acres S side of Ashpole Swamp, adj. Matthew JONES, Saint Clibourne?, William BRASWELL, Arthur BRASWELL. Wit: Thos. MAYD, Matthew JONES. Book 0, p. 87.

Arthur BRASWELL to Thomas TOWNSEND, 9 February 1807, 50 pounds 102 acres S side of Ashpole Swamp, adj. CADE, LOCKLIER. Wit: N. ROWLAND, Washington CADE. Book P, page 57.

Arthur BRASWELL to Aaron BRASWELL, 29 February 1808, 50 pounds, 299 acres S side Ashpole Swamp on Boggy branch adj. MUNS, Thomas TOWNSEND, James HUNT. Wit: Samson PITMAN, Margaret BRASWELL. Book P, p. 58.

Arthur BRASWELL to Moses HILL, 8 August, 1807, to pounds 200 acres, the Islands between Ashpole and Drowning Creek adj. Jacob RHODES, Flat Swamp. Wit: Dickson FLOWERS, Sampson PITMAN. Book P, p. 184.

William BRASWELL to Sons, Rutherford BRASWELL & Allen BRASWELL, Deed of Gift, 2 April 1796; for “natural love and affection”, 150 acres to each being two tracts: (1) 200 acres on S side of Ashpole Swamp, near the two open meadows called the two Sisters; & (2) 100 acres on W side of Ashpole & N side of the two sisters, adj. Joshua CLIBOURN. First tract pat. by Meedy LAMB on 11 November 1779 & second tract pat. by William PHILLIPS on 26 November 1789. Wit: Josiah BARNES. Book F, pp. 82‑83.

William PHILLIPS to William BRASWELL, 2 April 1796; 20 pounds, 100 acres on W side of Ashpole Swamp on N side of the two Sisters, adj. Joshua CLIBORN & his own line, pat. by William PHILLIPS 26 November 1789. Wit: Josiah BARNES. Book F, p. 84.

Isaac FOLLY (Georgetown District, South Carolina) to William BRASWELL, 20 January 1792; 20 pounds, 200 acres in Robeson County on S side of Drowning Creek & S side of Ashpole Swamp, N. of the two open meadows called the two Sisters, conveyed from Meedy LAMB to Isaac BIRD & from Isaac BIRD to Isaac FOLLY. Wit: Neill McARTHUR, James BRASWELL & William PHILLIPS. Book F, pp. 85‑86.

William BRASWELL to George THOMPSON, 4 September, 1805, William BRASWELL of South Carolina, Planter, 50 pounds 150 acres E side of Ashpole, adj. Benjamin HEDGPETH, George THOMPSON. Wit: E. ELLIS, Wm. ARD. Book N, pp. 379‑381.

Daniel WILLIS to Nathan BRASWELL, 5 April 1797, Daniel WILLIS of Bladen County [North Carolina], ? pounds, 473 acres on Westside of Ashpole lying on both sides of Long Branch. wit: Needham ROWLIN, N. POWELL. Book G, pp 143‑145.

Nathan BRASWELL to Duncan McCORMAIG, 29 December 1798; 10 pounds, 28 acres adj. his other Survey. Wit: Nathn. NICHOLAS & John McCORMAIG. Book I, pp 24‑25. Nathan is the son of Jacob BRASWELL of Nash Co.

Nathan BRASWELL to John McCORMAIG, 29 December 1798; 25 pounds, 48 acres near Duncan McCORMAIG's station & said BRASWELL'S line. Wit: Nath. NICHOLAS & Duncan McCORMAIG. Book I, pp 47‑48.

Mathew JONES to David BRASWELL, 22 December, 1798, 25 pounds, 220 acres. Wit: Thomas FLOYD & Arthur BRASWELL. Book 0, p. 85.

Griffin STATEN to David BRASWELL, 1 December 1805, 75 pounds, 190 acres W side of Ashpole adj. Howards Bay, & Mathew JONES. Wit: Mathew JONES & Needom ROWLAND. Book 0, p. 97.

David BRASWELL to Thomas TOWNSEND, 1 December, 1805, 85 pounds, 320 acres adj. Mathew JONES, Sarah CLYBOURN, William BRASWELL, Arthur BRASWELL. Wit: Needam ROWLAND & Griffen STATEN. Book 0, pp. 112‑113.

Washington CADE to David BRASWELL, 17 January 1810, $200.00, 150 acres West of Ashpole, North side of Two Sisters. Wit: Aaron BRASWELL, Wm. JOLLY. Book T, pp. 105‑106.

Washington CADE to Sampson BRASWELL, 8 November, 1814, $50.00 ‑ 50 acres, surveyed for Meedy LAMB. Test: Samson PITMAN, Margaret BRASWELL. Book T, p. 101.

Sampson BRASWELL to David BRASWELL, 20 April 1818, $50.00, 50 acres surveyed for Meedy LAMB. Wit: Isham PAUL, Theopolus BRASWELL. Book T, p. 108.

John A. ROWLAND, Sheriff to John W. POWELL, 15 February 1842, against David BRASWELL, 293 acres on W side of Ashpole. Wit: R. W. FULLER, ? Gregory?. Book Y, p. 54. (very hard to read).

David BRASWELL to Mary Jane CAMPBELL, 12 March, 1842, $75.00, 75 acres surveyed for Meedy LAMB. S. side of Ashpole. Wit: Theopolus BRASWELL, John C. ALLEN. Book Y, p. 177.

David BRASWELL to Theopolus BRASWELL, 20 March, 1842, $200.00, 250 acres, S side of Ashpole Swamp. Wit: John C. ALLEN, & William HUMPHREY. Book Z, p. 232.

David BRASWELL estate to Lydia BRASWELL, 2 February, 1846, lay off and allot to Lydia BRASWELL, her dower and thirds in the lands of David BRASWELL, 68 ½ acres adj. William MILLER, James L. GADDY, PHILLIPS. Test. J. A. ROWLAND, Sher. by John TAYLOR D. Sheriff. Book Z. p. 474.

John FIVETH to Richard BRASWELL, 23 November, 1822, Neill MURPHY Attorney an agent for John FIVETH, $350.00, 105 acres being a part of two surveys, the first pat. to John HAYS 1778 containing 200 acres, the other containing 300 acres pat. to William HUNT 1779 S. Westside of Ashpole Swamp adj. Nathan DEESE, Dempsey POWELL, Henry SHIPWASH, Neill McCORMAIG. Wit: Gideon YELVINGTON, James BRASWELL. Book U, pp 115‑116.

James SHIPWASH, Samuel SHIPWASH, Elias SHIPWASH, to Richard BRASWELL,11 December, 1834, $100.00, 224 acres Southwest side of Ashpole Swamp adj. Dempsey POWELL, William SHIPWASH, Malcolm McCORMICK. Book W. pp 232‑233.

Aaron BRASWELL to James TOWNSEND, 28 December 1831, $450.00, certain tract or parcels of land‑ first part 299 acres, South side of Ashpole Swamp lying on Boggy Branch adj. Thomas TOWNSEND, own line, James HUNT. Second part 163 acres lying on the southeast of Ashepole Swamp being apart of 300 acres granted to Arthur BRASWELL, pat. 1791. Third part 100 acres my father, Arthur BRASWELL left to me by will lying between the above mentioned tracts. Wit: Wm, TOWNSEND, John TOWNSEND. Book W. pp. 29‑31.

Henry BRASWELL & others to William TOWNSEND, 27 February 1827, David, Aaron & Margaret BRASWELL of the State of North Carolina and Henry BRASWELL of South Carolina, Marion District, lawful heirs of Arthur BRASWELL, $355.57, a certain plantation, 400 acres, southwest side of Ashpole and east side of Boggy Branch adj. Richard JONES, Sampson PITTMAN, WATSON, Dudley LOCKLEAR. Wit: Dougal CARMICHAEL, Everet PITTMAN. Book W. pp. 300‑301. (This is part of the Land Grants which Arthur BRASWELL received).

William S. NORMENT to Margaret BRASWELL, 26 August, 1839, $40.00, 100 acres S Ashpole Swamp adj. David BRASWELL, John BUTLER. Wit: B. C. RHODES, Cornelias JENKINS. Book X. p. 244.

Richard BRASWELL to Gadi W. BRASWELL, 3 April, 1845, "for and in consideration of the natural love which I have and bear unto my well beloved son, Gadi W. BRASWELL, my negro woman, Sophia and her child Mazy Ann Jane, also my negro man. Quin." Wit: Archd McKAY, Duncan McCORMICK DD. Book Z, p. 159.

R. B. GREGORY, Sheriff to Theopolus BRASWELL, 8 June 1847, judgment levied on 75 acres adj. James GADDY, Theopolus BRASWELL, & others. Ventition Exponas directed to the sheriff commanding him to sell the aforesaid land to satisfy the sum of thirteen dollars together with all costs to which the said Lidia BRASWELL is liable. Wit: Alex McMILLAN, James BLOUT. Book AA, p. 59‑60.

Angus GILCHRIST to Gadi BRASWELL, 26 March, 1836, Gadi BRASWELL of South Carolina Marion District $125.00, 252 acres in two tracts. (1) Westside of Ashpole Swamp, 106 acres granted to Neill THOMPSON 20 December 1791. (2) 156 acres Westside of Ashpole Swamp adj. William SHIPWASH, Henry SHIPWASH, Angus GILCHRIST's line, John McCORMICK, Demsey POWELL. Wit: Neill McCORMICK, Solomon BUTLER. Book AA, pp. 669

Gadi W. BRASWELL to Moore T. SEALY, 22 October, 1850, Gadi W. BRASWELL of County of Robeson $300.00 250 acres on the South West side of Ashpole Swamp, adj. BRASWELLs line, A. BASS, SHIPWASH. Wit: Eli WISHART, N. McCORMACK. Book AA, pp. 670‑671.

Gadi W. BRASWELL to Moore T. SEALY, 22 October 1850, $24.00 20 acres north side of Dry Branch, part of a survey of 250 acres pat. to William HOOKS 23 July 1787. Wit: Eli WISHART, W. McCORMICK. Book AA, p. 671.

Benjamin LOCK to Gadi W. BRASWELL,15 February, 1847, $24.00 20 acres on the North side of Dry Branch Wit: William McCORMICK, Richard BRASWELL. Book AA, p. 678.

Gadi W. BRASWELL to Shared F. LEGETT, 25 June, 1852, $200.00, 240 acres lower side of Wilkinsons Swamp. Wit: Wyatt ADAMS, Jas A. McCORMICK. Book EE, p. 79.

N. A. McLEAN to Henry BULLOCK, Jr., 28 November, 1859, $600.00, 250 acres Ashpole Swamp adj. the lands devised by Arthur BRASWELL to Mary BRASWELL for the heirs at law of Peggy BRASWELL. Wit: C. STATEN. N. A. McLEAN Clerk of Court and Master. Book EE, p. 228.

Theophilus BRASWELL to Hz. MILLER, 31 January 1848, $300.00 212 acres on the Southside of Ashpole Swamp ‑ 50 acres west of Ashpole Swamp on the North side of the two sisters. Wit: William C. MILLER, John WILLIAMS. Book FF, p. 258.

D. B. AYERS, others to N. A. BRASWELL, 5 February, 1869, Homestead Exemption 110 acres on the South West side of Harris Mill pond Bay adj. Martha JONES, & others. Wit. A. I. THOMPSON, J. P. Also fire arms, set of coopers tools, a silver watch, 1 sow & 8 pigs, 1 Brandy Still, 100 bushels Corn, shucks, 5 stacks fodder, 400# Bacon, lard, 1 trunk, 1 sythe, 8 bushels Peas, Coopers Ware, Farming utensels, 2 Brace & bits. Book GG, P. 435.

N. A. BRASWELL to W. B. HUNT, 15 January 1877, N. A. BRASWELL and Wife Christian BRASWELL of the State of South Carolina, $240.00 120 acres on the South Side of Ashpole Swamp being a part of a tract purchased by C. Y. POWELL of Thos J. CURTIS in February 1853, bounded by lands of Catherine HILL on the North East, on the South East by the Estate of Joseph K. WILLIAMS and others. Wit: Jas C. McKELLAR, Martha J. McKELLAR. Book SS, pages 358‑359.

John H. MORRISON & wife to Allen BRASWELL, 1 January 1878, $709.00 141.8 acres on W. Branch bounded by a public road. Wit: J. G. MORRISON. Book TT, page 756.

This is not all the deeds in Robeson County concerning Braswells, but this is a good place to stop and leave the other deeds for those who may have interest to look at in the future. This includes all deeds up to this time.