Friday, October 19, 2007

James Sampson Will Isle of Wight Co., VA 1688/89

Will of James Sampson, P mark: Dau. MARGARET wife of Nicholas Wilson one silver Bowle and 2 silver wine cupps, one with a foot and the other with a bulge, and three silver spoons with nobs at the ends, and six pounds sterling to buy her a silver Tankard, one sky colored water tabby gown, two fine holland pillow beeres with Elgin lace and one piece of stuffe strip't with blew, a round black scarfe with a flanders lace, and my best bed with blankets, sheets and coverlid and my cedar chest and cabinett, my horse and mare and filly; my son-in-law Nicholas Wilson a coasting coat and a blew silke sash and half my pewter, and one gould ringe to his wife. I do likewise give him three of my oldest steeres, and the halfe of my hoggs and four of the best doeskines in the house, and a payre of buck-shoes and silver Buckells in them, &c.; legacy to Mr. George Moore, my red silk sash, &c.; dau. CLARKE a large and a small Dram cupp, two silver spoones, &c., Son JAMES my wearing ringe and one silver spoone and all my arms in my house and all my wearing apparell and the second best bed in my house with its furniture, and doeskins; various other legacies. 11 Feb., 1688. My wife's two daus. ELIZABETH and MARGARET referred to in a codicil. Pr. April 9, 1689. will dated 4 Feb 1688/9 and proven 9 Apr 1689

William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, Vol. 7, No. 4 (Apr 1899), p. 245.

NOTE: James Sampson (wife Elizabeth Barcroft) is often referred to as the father of Sarah, wife of Richard Braswell the 1st, yet there is no mention of a Sarah Braswell in this will. Richard & Sarah followed Braswell naming patterns yet it is evident by their wills they did not name children James, Sampson, or Elizabeth. There are no records to indicate that Sarah's surname was Sampson. It is another Braswell Myth.