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Bracewell, Rev. Robert's Ancestry by Eunice Young

Ancestors of (Rev.) Robert Braswell by Eunice H. Young

[This is Mrs. Young’s revised and corrected article published in full in Braswell Branches Vol. 9, Nos. 3 and 4, at her request. Errors had been introduced to this article when it was published by The Virginia Genealogist.]

Edmund1 BRACEWELL, earliest proven ancestor of Rev. Robert, was born about 1510 in England. He owned land in Grantham, held by freehold and by soccage, of the Queen of England. He died 27 March 1560 at Grantham, and his Inquisition Post Mortem was made in 1583, (25 Eliz.) at which time his (eldest son) Robert was aged "30 and upwards". (Ref. Conrad Swan College of Chancery Ser. 2 276: 53 P.R.O.) As the Grantham Parish Registers do not begin until 1562, the burial was not found. As his children were young when he died, perhaps his widow remarried, as her death is not recorded. in Grantham. 14 May 1583 his Inquest Post Mortem (I.PM.) was made. Children:

2. i. Gulhaem (William) Filius Senior

3. ii. + Robert? born by 1550; married 157_ to Jone. Robert was Churchwarden and Co‑Burgess of Grantham. He was buried 23 September 1613 Grantham, Lincolnshire, England

4. iii.. (daughter)? married Mr. DOUBLEDAY.

5. iv. (daughter)? married Mr. MARSHALL.

6 v. ? John? Verger in the Cathedral Church of Lincoln 20 February 1599/1600.

2. (Mr.) Robert2 BRACEWELL, born by 1550, married 157_ to Jone. He was Churchwarden and Co‑Burgess of Grantham Churchwarden 26 October 1596, 31 October 1597, .3 November 1598. Co‑Burgess 1613. (FHL# 009406) Final Concords (land) 1576 (FHL #436013, 436014) (18 Eliz. Easter Term): Plaintiff (owners) # 66. Ric. WOLLAN, John RUSSELL, George COLE and Robt. BRACEWELL. Deforciant: Arthur HALL, esq. and Mary, his wife. Location: Grantham. (19‑20 Eliz., Michaelmus Term) 1577/8. Plaintiff ‑ Sybil TODKYN. Deforciant: Robt. BRACEWELL and Joan his wife. Location ‑ Grantham. (# 28). (44‑45 Eliz., Mich. Term Pt. 1, # 5. Plaintiff ‑ Robt. BRACEWELL. Deforciant: Geo. COLE and Anna, his wife and John NORTON and Jane his wife. Grantham. Manor Rolls of Grantham (fragmentary) for 1493‑1581 show: View of Frankpledge for Grantham taken on 18 April, 13 Eliz. (1571) shows Robert BRASWELL, and again the next two years. He was a juror at the Court in 1571, and then was included among the list of freeholders. The Lay Subsidies for Donteven Division of Lincoln for 33 Hen. VIII, 35, 37, 38 Henry VIII, 1, 5 Edw. VI, 14, 40 and 42 Eliz. show 40 Eliz., Robert BRACEWELL assessed on his goods at Grantham-with-the-Soke for the value of L. 3.8. He was also assessed for the same amount two years later. He was bur. 23 September 1613 at Grantham, and a probate inv. was taken. Children:

6. i. ? Edmund, (d. y. ?)
7. ii. + Richard3 Gentleman, born ca 1576 Grantham, Lincoln. (FHL #009406) (There is a note in the Grantham Parish Register that the baptism January 1571/2, 13 November 1573 ‑ February 1579 are lost, a most I important time period for this family). He married Jane by 1604 (wife's surname unknown), and died 8 December 1641 in St. Bartholomew the Great Parish, London. Exec. of his will were to be his son, (Rev.) Robert, who was "absent", and his brother, Robert, with his brother Edward, were to be overseers. (Edward and Edmund used interchangeably). His wife to receive a third part of estate. ? married (2) 26 September 1627 Margaret BEDDAM (St. Andrew-by-Ward.)

8. iii. Nathaniel3 b. ca. 1578, buried 23 December 1580 Grantham.

9. iv. Anne3 christened 29 January 1581/2 Grantham. Possibly married Mr. GRAVENRIDE, as a person of that name witnessed the will of Richard in 1640 in London. (? GRAVENDER or GROSVENOR).

10. v. + Robert3 christened 1 November 1584 Grantham married 23 July 1616 in London, Grace TOLLER. He was living in 1654 in London. (Roll of the Draper's Company; freedom 1611; living in 1641).

11. vi. Mary3 married 26 May 1601 Grantham, Bartholomew CAREW (probably born ca. 1578 and eldest daughter).

12. vii. + ‑ ? John3 born ca 1586, married 8 June 1615 Grantham, Mary BURNHAM. Died by 9 February 1655 Grantham.

13. viii. + Edmond3 christened 15 June 1589 Grantham. married PARNELL Resided in London for a time, and then moved to Rufford, Notts., England. He proved Richard's will in London 1641. Edmond's will gave to the poor of the town of Grantham, and to the poor of St. Bartholomew's Parish in London (his former homes). His will refers to him as Edmund BRACEY or BRACEWELL, Gentleman. Dated 2 Oct 1669; probated 11 May 1674.

14. ix. ? William3 born ca 1590; married 30 January 1617 Elizabeth BOAD resided at High Toynton, Lincoln, where a William BRACEWELL lived in 1603.

7. Richard3 BRACEWELL, Broker; Gentleman, born ca 1576 probably at Grantham, (records for the time period are destroyed). He married by 1604 Jane. His nuncupative will was (dated 13 November 1640 in St. Bartholomew the Great Parish, London, and probably 13 Dec 1641. He named his son‑in‑law and his two children; John STILES; son (Rev.) Robert to be his Executor. His wife to receive a third part of estate. His two brothers, Robert and Edward to be overseers. . His son Robert was absent from London when he died, so his brother Robert was overseer. (Arch. Court Reg. 8, 352. Act. Book 7 page 90 probate. Original Wills.) A will was not found for his widow. Checked to 1700. Wife Jane buried 21 February 1625/6 St. Bart. Great

15. i. Jone4 christened 4 December 1605, St. Bride, Fleet St., London.. A Jone married 1627 Owen PRICE in St. Gregory by St. Paul, and a Jone married 14 October 1633 (London Marriage License Alleg.), to Thomas WOODCOCKE. Jone married 21 May 1624 to John STYLES. (Reference St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe.)

16. ii. Thomas4 christened 8 July 1610 St. Andrew, Holborn, London. possibly died by 1640, as he is not mentioned in his father's will. (likely buried 13 July 1611 St. Andrew Holborn.

17. iii. + (Rev.) Robert4 christened 13 October 1611, St. Andrew, Holborn, London, matriculated at Oxford 22 February 1627/8, received B. A. 3 November 1631. Resided Hart Hall. married. 164_, name of wife unknown. It is thought that she died in England before he came to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. prior to 1651. His will was probated 1 May 1668 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. He was chosen Burgess in 1653. Episcopalian (See Southside Virginia Families, vol. 1, page 85 et seq. for descendants of Rev. Robert Braswell).

18. iv. Stillborn child4, buried 22 February 1613/14 Feild Lane, St. Andrew Holborn, London, England

18a. v. Stillborn child4, buried 11 March 1614/15 Feild Lane, St. Andrew Holborn, London, England

10. Robert3 christened 1 November 1584 Grantham, married 23 July 1616 (London) Grace TOLLER, St. Martin‑in‑the‑Field Parish, daughter of Edmund TOLLER, Gentleman Children not found. (Yeoman)

12. John3 born ca. 1586, Grantham? (Records missing), married 8 June 1615 at Grantham, Mary BURNHAM. John's will was dated 20 January 1654 at Grantham, and probated 9 February 1655. He is buried in Grantham C. Y. His will named brothers Robert and Edward; cousins William DOUBLEDAY and Mary MARSHALL.

19. i. Robert4 christened 30 November 1617 Grantham, buried 13 April 1622 Grant.

20. ii. Robert4 named in his father's will.

21. iii. Mary4 christened 10 March 1621/2 Grantham. buried 17 August 1631 Grant.

22. iv. Richard4 christened 24 May 1625 Grantham.

23. v. John4 christened 21 June 1629 Grantham.

24. vi. Edward4

13. Edmond (or Edward)3 christened 15 June 1589 Grantham, married PARNELL, Proved Richard's will (his brother), London 1641. Edmond gave to the poor of Grantham 5 L and to the poor of St. Bartholomew-the-Great, London, 5L in his will of 2 October 1669, Rufford, Notts., and pr. 11 May 1674. Given as Edmund BRASEY in will. (Reference 55 Bunc 1684 p. 10.)


25. i. Robert4 christened 29 September 1616 St. Bart. the Great, London, buried 16 September 1618. (Reference FHL 374430.)

26. ii. Grace4 christened 22 April 1618 St. Bart. the Great, London.

27. iii. Robert4, christened 12 September 1619 St. Bart the Great, London.

28. iv. Joane4 christened 27 April 1623, St. Bart the Great, London. Died as an Infant.

29. v. Ffaith4 named executor of her father's will, "son Robert having died" (Others named in his will were: grandchild Edmund BRACEY and wife and children Edmund and Benjamin; Jane, daughter of son Robert; Faith, Charles, Dorothy, Spencer and Anne and Mary BRACEY. Ffaith may be his granddaughter, as the probate gives "Faith BRACEY, daughter of the exec. named, Robert BRACEY, he having died"). A second probate of Edmund's was taken 1 July 1684 (Act book page 105) to Thos. CHADWICK, alias BRACEY, alias. BRACEWELL.

17. (Rev.), (Mr.) Robert BRACEWELL4 christened 13 October 1611, St. Andrew Holborn, London. Matriculated at Oxford 22 February 1627/8. Received B. A. degree 3 November 1631. Resided at Hart Hall. Married 164_. Name of wife unknown. It is thought by some that she died in England before Robert came to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia (prior to 1651). His will was probated 1 May 1668, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia., where he was clerk and minister for several years. He owned a large amount of land. No data has been found on the ordination of Rev. Robert, nor any of his assignments. If this could be found, perhaps his marriage could also be found. (This author has checked every county in England in the computer microfiche cards of the LDS Church for BRACEWELL and all variants, but nothing has been found on Robert's marriage) He came at a time when there was much unrest in England, and after the death of his father.


30. i. Jane5 born ca 1643, married (1) by 15 February 1667 Robert STOKES; (2) Robert ELEY (ancestor of President Lyndon B. JOHNSON and James MacLamroc of Greensboro, North Carolina. It was through the efforts of Mr. MacLamroc, who paid the College of Arms, etc., in London to search out Rev. Robert BRACEWELL's ancestry, that we know what we do today about his British ancestry. Mr. MacLamroc is a very kind and generous person, and has accomplished more than most people during his lifetime. For a fuller description of his achievements see, Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants pages 29‑31. Rev. Robert would be very proud of him!), (3) John ROBERTS. Jane's will was probated 24 August 1713, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia.

31. ii. Rebecca5 born ca 1645, married by 15 February 1667 (1) William WEST; (2) Mr. BRINKLEY. She died about 1700, Isle of Wight, Virginia.

32. iii. Ann5 born ca 1647, married by 15 February 1667, James BAGNALL Will 1734/5, Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. ? (BAGNALLs in St. Andrew, Holborn)

33. iv. Robert, Jr.5 born ca 1651, married Susannah BURGESS. 1696 ‑ left Virginia.

34. v. Richard5 born ca 1649, married 1672 Sarah. Will 28 January 1724/5 Isle of Wight Co., Virginia (This, is ancestor of the author.)

17. Jone BRACEWELL4 christened 4 December 1605 St. Bride, Fleet Street, London, likely died c. 1626 in one of the plagues. She married 21 May 1624 St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, London to John STYLES (erroneously given in London IGI as SCYLES). (Jone's father Richard married (2) 26 September 1627 at St. Andrew By The Wardrobe also, to Margaret BEDDAM, who was buried as widow "of this Pish" 13 October 1653 St. Bartholomew The Great.) John STYLES was first known to come to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia., having received 200 acres November 17, 1642, adj. Henry HEARDES 50 acres by assignment from John WHITE and 150 for trans. 3 pers. (Ref: 17th Century Isle of Wight, Va., p. 668). [Ed. Note: This reference appears on page 669 of my copy of Seventeenth Century Isle of Wight County, Virginia] Rev. Robert was in Isle of Wight County by 1650. John STILES made his will 26 October. 1652, so did not live long after the arrival of Rev. Robert, but was probably influential in his coming to America. The will of John STILES names: son John STILES my plantation of 200 acres and cattle, to John MURRY my godson 1 calf, to Elizabeth JOHNSON, my goddaughter, 1 calf, To Joane MADDEN my goddaughter 1 calf remainder of estate of servants and cattle to wife Elizabeth, friend Humphrey CLARKE overseer. Teste, Thomas JOHNSON, James PYLAND. (ibid p 519). Note‑ CLARKE, JOHNSON and PYLAND were in the same area where the Rev. Robert was located. You will see James PYLAND as a witness to an assignment of a patent on Lawnes Creek in the entry immediately preceding John STILES' will. (Ref: Wm. C. Fields letter 21 Aug. 1977). Final ref. for John in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia.: John GULDERIDGE, September 15, 1670, 200 acres escheat land formerly granted to John STILE, dec. (ibid p 690). John STYLES was named as son‑in‑law in Richard BRACEWELL's nuncupative will 13 Dec 1641 St. Bartholomew The Great, London. (See will). (Richard) gave and or bequeathed to his sonne in lawe Mr. John STILES twenty pounds which he the said John STILES then ought him, (Owed), for and because of his two children and to the two children of his said sonne in law he gave (12?) pence apeace, and he made & appointed his sonne Robert BRACEWELL his executor (Ref: probate). Note it would appear that Thomas, Rev. Robert's brother had died, as nothing further has been found, and that Rev. Robert did not yet have children and possibly was not yet married, when their father pronounced his will. The Latin probate notes at the bottom state that (Rev.) Robert had been absent from (London) for some time.

35. i. Jane STYLES, christened 12 December 1624 St. Bartholomew the Great, London, England. (nothing further known).

36. ii. Elizabeth STILES, christened 13 February 1625/6 St. Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London. (nothing further known).

37. iii. John STYLES (named in will of his father).

Note - John STYLES was called "Mr." in various records.

A Mr. John STYLES of ye Psh. of Clarkenwell was bur. 1 Jan. 1647/8 in St. Bartholomew The Great Par., London, possibly father of John who came to Isle of Wight Co., Virginia.
Edward, the uncle of Rev. Robert, was first to come to St. Bartholomew The Great, having children christened there 1616‑23. Rev. Robert likely came there to join him. (Ref: St. Bart. The Great. FHL # 0374430). I checked burials 1616‑1677.

Did Rev. Robert BRACEWELL marry Faith ALLEN 1 April 1642 Edwinstowe, Nottingham, England? The time frame is perfect, as his children seem to be born in the 1640's. Many ALLENs were in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia. Also, Robert's uncle had his will in Rufford, Nottingham, England, an Extra Parochial Parish about 5 miles from Edwinstowe, probated 11 May 1674. (No other marriage for a Robert of this time period has shown up for all of England on the IGI). No issue found there for Robert.

Did Rev. Robert's grandfather Robert marry (2) 1597 Nottinghamshire, Catherine PARK? (Ref.: Boyd's Marriage Index, Vol. 1). His wife had died by 29 August 1590 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, England. Nottinghamshire adjoins Lincolnshire. The road from Grantham leads up to Edwinstowe ‑ Rufford area. Evidently the family resided both places.

The earliest will found thus far in all of England was for: Christopher, 5 May 1558 Heapham, Lincolnshire, England. His children are named with the same pattern as ours in Grantham, but he does not name an Edmund. Was Edmund dead by then? Heapham records begin 1558 and the population was 143 in 1831 (Ref: Smith's General Register of England.). Smith says Heapham was 5 miles from Gainsborough, whose parish register begins in 1564, and their, population was 7535 in 1831. A search should be made there. Many denominations were there later and Rev. Robert was a non‑conformist according to some, so the seeds were there for change.

To get to Heapham and Ashby Twp., Bottsford Parish, Lincoln from Grantham one would follow the road pretty much North to Lincoln and then NW. The earliest parish registers of the area should be searched for burials, as all of Lincolnshire is in the IGI for christenings and marriages for early times, it would appear. From here, it is but a few miles to the West Riding of Yorkshire where our surname appears to have begun. Digging must be done 1147‑1575 in land records, etc., Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. (I tried to get an unbroken line back to William the Conqueror, but was unable to connect every step to that time period, but it was fun trying!)

Another early will in the Archdeaconry Court of Stow was that of Thomas BRACEWELL of Ashby, Bottesford, Lincolnshire, Husbandman, who named a brother Richard BRACEWELL and wife Elizabeth. Who? Note that Rev. Robert BRASWELL had an older brother Thomas, also. He named a son George, also a given name in London, England (2 January 1605).

The will of John BRACEWELL of the city of Lincoln, Taylor, named a brother George and cozen Richard BRACEWELL (18 December 1621). As Conrad Swan, York Herald stated, these must all be related.

Edmund BRAISWELL's Inquest Post Mortem in 1583 lists a Gulhaem (William) as Senior filius, something Swan never mentioned. (Latin document not transcribed).

Who was the earliest BRASWELL in London, Rychard, who had William christened 14 April 1562 St. Clement Danes, Westminster; John 6 October 1564 (ibid), and Burcott, 29 March 1567 (ibid)? Was he a brother of our Edmund? There are still many interesting things to be learned in pre‑1600 records in England. I know others can add to what is now known.

Finally‑ In St. Bart the Great London, why does the christening 26 September 1624 say Joane, the daughter of Edward now BRACEWELL?

Sainte Andrewes in Holborne, London, England Burials) (1558 1 September 1623) (FHL # 0374389) (has many COTTENs, and other names associated with our BRASWELLs in Virginia.)

? 13 April 1581 John BAGNALL

20 May 1597 A child of Goodwife STYLES

23 May 1597 Elizabeth STYLL

27 Mar 1598/9 John STYLE

19 May 1600 John BAGNELL

1603 Plague About 50 people a day were dying.

15 Nov 1603 Robt. BAGNALL (of Plague)

20 Jun 1607 Jeffry BAGNALL

13 Jul 1611 Richard BRASEWELL A Child (of)

31 Dec 1611 A child stillborn of Roger BAGNALL

22 Feb 1613/14 A stillborn child of Richard BRASWELL in Feild Lane

11 Mar 1614/15 A stillborn child of Richard BRASWELLS (Broker)

13 Mar 1615/16 Thomas STOWPE a Prentice of Roger BAGNALL's

(Note ‑ The child of Richard BRASEWELL who was buried 13 July 1611 was likely Thomas who was christened there 8 July 1610 and of whom nothing further.)

St. Andrew by the Wardrobe, London, England (Burials) (FHL # 0374346) (1620‑36)
nil. BRACEWELL, etc. (Has WOODCOCKEs and COTTONs).

St. Bartholomew the Great, London, England (Burials) (FHL # 0374430) (1616 ‑ July 1677)

16 September 1618 Robert, the sonne of Edward BRACEWELL

26 September 1624 Joane, the daughter of Edward now BRACEWELL & of Parnell his wife

(Much Plague in London, especially July ‑ October each year. 1625 hundreds died.)

21 February 1625/6 Jane, the wyf of Rch BRACEWELL

1637 (Much Plague)

1641 (Much plague, especially July ‑ October)

8 Dec 1641 Richard BRASWELL of Long Lane Side

1643‑4 (much plague)

25 Apr 1645 Still borne child of Brassell PRESSON

1 Jan 1647/8 Mr. John STYLES of ye Parrish of Clarkenwell

13 Oct 1653 Margaret BRACEWELL, widdowe of this Pish.

(Note ‑ this is 2nd wife of our Richard BRASWELL).

St. Bride's, Fleet Street, London, England (Burials) (FHL # 0574354) (1603‑11)

27 Sep 1603 wife of Roger STYLES

St. Giles in the Fields Parish (Court Records) London, England Ref: P. R. 0., London, England C3/386/32 2 1p/792
2 Junig 1623.

(Very long document).

Bill of Complaint ags. Robert BRASWELL (Brooker) of St. Clement's.

(Note ‑ this was the uncle of Rev. Robert, and his namesake).

Answer to complaint above. Ref: C3/386/32 M lp/792