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Some Early Isle of WIght Co., Virginia Records

Virginia Land Grants, Volume 1, page 605
“To all to whome these presents shall come I Sr. John HARVEY Lt Governr &c and &c whereas &c NOW KNOW yee that I the said Sr. John HARVEY Kt doo wth the consent of the Councell of State accordingly give and grant unto Leuft John UPTON one thousand acres of Land, Scituate and being in the Countie of the Isle of Wight adjoining to the outside of Ambrose BENNETT’s land lying Northerly Upon the said branch and five hundred acres of Land more on the other Side of the Said branch apposite against the aforesaid Land running Easterly into the woods beginning at an Indian oath which goeth and the head of that branch and runneth Southerly upwards from the head of the said branch the said fifteene hundred acres of land being due unto him the said Leift John UPTON by and for the transportation of thirty prsons into this Colony whose names are in the Records mentioned this pattent To have and to hold &c dated the 10th of November 1638.

Virginia Land Grants, Volume 2, pages 95-96 “To all &c Whereas &c Now Know yee that I the said Sr Willm BERKELEY Knt doe…give and grant unto James BAGNOLL two hundred Acres of Land Scituate or being in the County of Lower Norfolke and lyeing upon the head branch of a branch called the Clarkes Crook belonging to the western Branch of Elizabeth River and beginning at a marked red oake Standing on a point on the Easstern Side of the said branch and runing for Length North by East three hundred and twenty poles Something Nigh unto a reedy Swamp or poquosson unto a Marked red oake standing unto or amongst Certain ponds of water and for breadth from the first Mentioned Marked tree wesst by north one hundred poles by the Fields and over the Said Branch unto a Marked Red oake Standing on the wesstern Side of the Said branch and runing again for Length North by East three hundred and twenty poles by and adjoyning on a prcell of Land of Mr George WHITEs most of the Said Land runing through the aforesaid Swamp or poquosson Unto a marked red oake and soe runing East by South two hundred poles unto the Second mentioned red oak butting towards or on the Land of Mr Richard BENNETT the said two hundred Acres of Land being formerly granted unto the Said James BAGNOLL by pattent bearing Date the 26th of August 1643 and Likewise due unto him by and for the Transportation of four persons into this Colony (assigned unto him by Arthur HASSLINGTON all whosse Names are in the records Mentioned under the said pattent, …. Dated ye 25th of July 1646.”

Record of Wills, Deeds, Etc., Vol. 1 1662-1715, Page 426.
“Articles of Agreemt concluded & agreed Between Ambross BENNETT of ye one partie & Thomas WEBB of ye other partie in manner & forme as followeth. Impris it is agreed between ye parties aforesd that ye sd Ambross BENNETT doth give unto ye aforesd Thomas WEBB & his heires forever, one acre of Land, yt he shall erect a Mill upon, & ye priviledge of ye Runn yt ye sd Mill doth stand upon, and it is further agreed between ye parties aforesd, that if in Case the afforesd Thomas WEBB be att any tyme disposed to make sale of ye aforesd Mill, or Acre of Land, the aforesd Ambrose BENNETT or his heirs for ever, shall have the refusall, of ye aforesd. Mill & ye Acre of Land, And it is further agreed between ye parties aforesd, that the sd Thomas WEBB is to grind the aforesd Ambross BENNETTs Corne toll free, & his heires & all ym that doo belong to his owne family for ever, And it is further agreed between ye parties aforesd that ye sd Ambross BENNETT doth gett & lett unto ye aforesd Thomas WEBB Sixty Acres of Land for ye terme of Thirty years complett & ended, bounded of the one side upon the path, that goeth to ye Church bounded on ye other side, as farr as ye aforesd Ambross BENNETTs land doth runne & soe over ye Runn & soe bounded upon ye Land of Mr. Robert BRACEWELL, and from his Land A Cross over ye path that goeth to the Church It is agreed between the parties aforesd, that ye sd Thomas WEBB is to give the aforesd Ambross BENNETT in Consideration of ye aforesd Amross BENNETT in Consideracon of ye aforesd Land three thousand pounds of tob & Cask & one hogshead of ground meal, to be pd ready downe, the Tobaccoe to be pd fifteen hundred in the year, of or Lord God One thousand Six hundred fifty & two, & for the true performance hereof we have Enforchangeably sett or hands & seales ye 29th of Aprill 1650. The word heires incerted in ye first article was done by ye consent of Ambross BENNETT being onely forgotten att ye first soe along. Ambross A. BENNETT (seal), Thomas W. WEBB (seal) (his mark). Teste: Robert BRACEWELL. Ann A. BENNETT (her mark)

This was entered in ye indyent water way… Signed sealed & d d in ye prsence of Henry PRESTON, George RAWLEY 9th Febry Ambrose BENNETT acknowledged ye wthin written Articles In open Cort held for ye Isle of Wight County & by him proved to be Recorded which is accordingly Ordered & done & Examin’d pr me Johann COMBE, Cl Dep…

Deeds, Wills, Guardians Accounts Book A, 1636-1767 Page 32
“To ALL to whome this present writing shall come I Lieutent John UPTON Esqr Send Greeting… Wheras by a patent granted to me for Sixteen Hundred Acres of Land Scituate Lying & being in the Isle of Wight County in Virginia… dated the Tenth of November One Thousand Six Hundred & Thirty Eight… KNOW YE That I the Sd Lieut Colo John UPTON with Consent of my Loveing Wife Margaret UPTON for a Valuable Consideration in hand received… Set over unto William UNDERWOOD of the Isle of Wight Aforesd… four Hundred Acres of Land part of the Said pattent of Sixteen Hundred aforesd… the sd four Hundred Acres of Land being next Adjoyning to Three Hundred Acres formerly Sold to Robert BRACEWELL Clarke part of the aforesd Devidend and to take his Bredth & Length according to the sd Pattent… IN WITNESS whereof I the said Lieut. Colo UPTON with my aforesd wife have set to our hands & Seals this Eighteenth of November One Thousand Six Hundred Fifty & One. Signed Sealed and Delivd in prts of us. John UPTON Margaret MU UPTON (her mark) Isaac CAVALEIR Thos SCOTT

Deeds, Wills, Guardians Accounts Book A, 1636-1767 Pages 38-40
“IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN, I Capt John UPTON of the Isle of Wight County in Virginia Gent. being Sick of Body but in perfect Memorey do ordain this as my Last Will and Testament in Manner and form as followeth… IMPRIMIS, ITEM. I give… unto my Elest Son John UPTON all that Tract of Land being part of it in the Tenure of John KING, James BAGNALL & Nicholas MORRIS, Containing in the Whole Eight Hundred and fifty acres of Land, and if the said John UPTON dies before he comes to the age of One and Twenty years then I give and bequeath the Said Land unto (39) William, Elizabeth, Sarah & Sarah & Margaret UNDERWOOD to be Divided as followeth (Vizt) Elizabeth, Sarah & Margaret UNDERWOOD each of them a Hundred Acres, and the remainder unto William UNDERWOOD. ITEM, I give and bequeath unto my Said Son one Mare fole and one Cow with Calfe, being upon the probate of my Will Sett apart, for him with their increase, And if it should happen that my Said Son dies before the Age of One and Twenty, that the sd Mare fole and Cow with their Increase to be Equally Shared amongst my Daughters in Law Elizabeth, Sarah & Margaret UNDERWOOD, ITEM. I give and bequeath unto William UNDERWOOD, Elizabeth, Sarah & Margarett UNDERWOOD that tract or parcell of Land runing apon this Side the fresshett near Ambrose BENNETT, Containing fifteen Hundred Acres of Land, Except and allways… out of this Land Three Hundred Acres which Mr. Robert BRACEWELL hath. ITEM, I give and bequeath unto William, Elizabeth, Sarah and Margarett UNDERWOOD all my Land at Rappahannock or what shall be hereafter made good upon my rights they to be possesst with it after my Wifes’ decease, And for the rest of my Estate, Goods, Chattels, Servants, Household Stuff, Lands Tenemts Hereditamts what soever here in Virginia or Elsewhere… I give Devise and bequeath the same unto my very Loveing and Welbeloved wife Margaret UPTON whome I constitute, ordain, & make Sole Executrix of this my Last Will and Testament; and I hereby desire and made my Loveing friends Mr. George HOWDON, William UNDERWOOD and James TAYLOR Clark, my overseers desiring them to Se this my will performed, Likewise I give and ordain my Executx to give each of my Overseers a Ring of Twenty Shillings Sterling price. Likewise ordain Ann WILLIAMSON the wife of James WILLIAMSON to be Equall Sharer in my Land at Rappahannock with thesse above named. ITEM. I give unto Elizabeth UNDERWOOD one pillow & pillow cloth to be delivered at ther day of Marriage. Furthermore I do by thesse prssents Revoke all former Wills by me made Except this my last (40) Will. IN WITNESS, I the Said Capt. John UPTON have hereunto Set my hand and Seal this Sixteenth day of January Anno Domoni. It is to be understood that what Land I have formerly disposed of in that Trackt of fifteen hundred Acres upon the freshett by Ambrose BENNETTs is to rest upon condition, and the remainder Divided as is before provided. Sealed & Signed in the presence of us John J GOTLINS (mark) James TAYLOR. John UPTON Signr.
(recorded December 16, 1652 – Ed.)