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William & Joseph Braswell vs Henry & Ann Vaughn

Contributed & researched by Ann Braswell & anonomous researchers

Virginia Genealogical Quarterly

Isle of Wight County Order Book, 1746-1752 14 May 1747

Henry Vaughan and wife Ann, administrators of Richard Blow, plaintiffs, vs. William Brasswell and Joseph Brasswell, executors of Richard Brasswell, type, in debt, attorney: Robert Jones, defendants, verdict: plaintiff.

(page 21) Arthur Washington provided evidence for William and Joseph Brasswell vs Henry Vaughan and wife Ann.

John Thomas provided evidence for Henry Vaughan and wife Ann vs William and Joseph Brasswell

Albridgton Jones provided evidence for William and Joseph Brasswell vs Henry Vaughan and wife Ann.


Richard Blow Jr. witnessed Sarah Braswell's IOW Co., VA will.

Arthur Washington is the son of Richard Washington who gave land to William & Joseph's father Richard Braswell in 1717.

John Thomas named children of Henry & Ann Vaugh in his will and sold land to Arthur Sellers who sold land to William (W) Braswell in Northampton Co., NC in 1749 who was adjacent to John (signed) Braswell.

JOHN THOMAS, Leg. - John Thomas Blow, son of Richard Blow, decd., land on which ARTHUR SELLERS formerly dwelt, other bequests upon the death of Elizabeth Inman; Martha daughter of Richard Blow, Jr., decd.; to Richard, son of Richard Blow, Jr., decd., the plantation on which William Stanford dwells; James son of Henry Vaughan when twenty-one; to Henry son of Henry Vaughan at twenty-one; Mary Briggs Vaughan, daughter of Henry Vaughan at eighteen or marriage; Thomas son of Henry Vaughan land adjoining Benjamin Evans at twenty-one,; to Elizabeth Inman for maintenance of herself and family, reversion at her death to John Thomas Blow. Exs. John Thomas Blow and Elizabeth Inamn. In case of death of said Elizabeth Inamn, Henry Vaughan is to made trustee. D. April 9, 1763. R. March 8, 1770. Wit. GEORGE GURLEY, Jr., Charles Taylor, Joseph Newson, Jeremiah Ellis, Robert Williams (Page 304,. Southampton County Will Book II)

NOTE: John Thomas owned land adjacent to Thomas Taylor, who mentioned his daughter Elizabeth Strickland in his will and was Hermon Strickland's father in law. Hermon's daughter Mary married James Braswell Jr., who was the cousin of William & Joseph named above.

Albridgeton Jones provided testimony for William (W) Braswell & his brother, Joseph. Their brother was John (signed) Braswell.

1727/28 – January 28, MATHEW JONES wrote his will. Leg. Son SCARVANT my tract in Warwick County, devised me by my father, my sister MARGARET JONES and COUSIN MATHEW JONES to raise the aforesaid son;; daughter ANN the plantation bought of Thomas Briant at Nottyoway Swamp; daughter MARGARET the land adjoining Dr. Browne's line; daughter AGATHY, the tract which was a survey of Henry Sumerlings on the Notoway River, reversion of bequest to son ALBRIDGETON; son BRITTON, 144 acres in Warwick County, which I bought of Edward Kippen and the rest of my land on the Nottoway; my land and stock to be sold in Brunswick County; to loving wife. Extx. Elizabeth Jones. R. March 25, 1728. Wit: Mary Wrenn, Ann Bigood (page 66, IOW Will Book III)

Appears to be Robert Jones the attorney:

JONES, James. Leg. - wife Martha the land on which Captain Timothy Thorpe lives; son Robert; daughter Susanna Simmons; daughter Elizabeth Barnes; daughter Lucresy; son James land bought of Thomas Ridley, adjoining John Cooper; daughter Mary; son ABRAM PARHAM JONES, land bought of Fathy Lane; son Richard; son David Jones. Exs. sons ROBERT and James Jones and son-in-law John Simmons. D. Dec. 15, 1771. R. April 9, 1772. Wit. Thomas Jarrell, Jordan Waller, John Cooper, Winfred Cooper. (page 459, Southampton Will Book IV)

(To help those whose efforts are to attach S/H DNA lines onto Richard & Sarah Braswell who have 4 sons represented in the DNA project that match the Braswell DNA Haplotype, Richard, Robert, William & Valentine, grandsons of the Reverend Robert Bracewell of Isle of Wight Co., VA.)