Monday, October 8, 2007

William (W) Braswell & John (signed) Braswell

Contributed and researched by Ann Braswell & anonymous researchers

Considering that:

Susannah Braswell's son Richard named sons Joseph, William & John, and daughter Elizabeth in his 1744 IOW Co., VA will,

and that John always signed his name while his brother William used a "W" when selling their father's land, and that William married a Sarah,

and their brother Joseph was listed on the 1757 Vagrant List in their former home Isle of Wight,

and their cousin James Braswell Jr. married into the Strickland family (who were related to Thomas Boon),

it isn't difficult to perceive that the following deeds can easily pertain to Susannah's grandsons.

William (W) Braswell buys 100 acres in Northampton Co., NC 2 years after William (W) Braswell and brother Joseph (mark) Braswell were sued by Henry & Ann Vaughn:

DB 1, 398 - 23 May 1749 - ARTHUR SELLARS to WILLIAM BRASWELL, both of Nhmptn, for 2.3 pds Silver, 100 a. part of a patent to THOs WALL for 340 a. 16 Mar 1742/43, on SE/S of Correroy Swamp in Co. afsd, beg. at a corner pine then along a line of marked trees to an ash in the swamp then down the swamp to BOONs line then along BOONs line to Wm BRYANTS line then along BRYANTS line to the first sta. Arthur Sellers (signed) Wit: John Wade, WM. BUNN, OWEN BUNN Ackd Nov 1749

William (W) Braswell sells it and John (signed) Braswell an adjacent land owner witnesses & proves the deed. A Sarah Braswell signs the deed. William's wife? Could Elizabeth Epperson be their sister?

1757 – January 3, WILLIAM BRASWELL of Bladen County to JOHN DEMERY of Northampton County, planter, for 14 pounds current money of VA the sd100 acres joining ARTHUR SELLARS, the sd BRASWELL, THOMAS BOON, JOHN BRASWELL (signed) WM (W) BRASWELL. Wit: JOHN BRASWELL, ELIZABETH EPPERSON, SARAH BRASWELL. Proved by JOHN BRASWELL Feb. 1757. Reg. Northampton Co Feb. Ct. 1757, J.Edwards C. Ct. (p. 345, Deed Book II)

Considering that Jesse Braswell of the S/H DNA group witnessed the George Gurley will adds to the evidence.

GEORGE GURLEY, Sr. of St. Luke Parish. Leg. - loving wife; son George; son John; daughter MARY WEST; daughter FATHEY SELLERS; grandson George Edwards; residue of estate to George Gurley, Jr. and Ann Edwards. Ex. Son George Gurley. D. Aug. 12, 1768. R. Jan. 10, 1771. Wit. William Thomas, JESSE BRASWELL, James Peding. Page 362, Southampton Co. Will Book II

George Sellars was George Gurley's son in law and lived adjacent to John (signed) Braswell & William (W) Braswell. Jesse Braswell is believed to be a son of this John Braswell.

p120 pg. 283 GEORGE SELLARS and FAITH SELLARS his wife of Northampton Co. to Jesse Lasciter of Northampton Co. 7 Feb 1756 25 pounds current money of Va. 150 acres, my plantation on the south side of CORRIROY SWAMP, joining the mouth of MIRY BRANCH and the swamp Wit: John Turner, ARTHUR SELLARS Reg. Northampton Co. May Ct. 1756 J. Edwards C. Ct.

1754 - February 6, NICHOLAS BOON to JOHN BRASWELL, both of Northampton for 41.1.6 pds VA, 490 acres in sd Co., part of a pat. granted to Mr. Thomas Boon, decd, May 1, 1668, beginning at the mouth of a branch known by the name of Know Bottom, so up the sd branch bending on George Seller's line to ye head line of the patent so then bending on the sd patent line to the first station. Wit: Thomas Boon, Wm. Murfree. Ackd. February Court 1754.

1764 - January 28, JOHN BRASWELL to WILLIAM BENNET, both of Northampton, for 65 pds current money of Virginia, 490 acres beginning at the mouth of a branch known by thename of Know Bottom, up sd branch bending on George Sellars line to the head line of the patent then bending on sd patent line to the first station. Witnesses: James Cunningham & John Wade. Signed: JOHN BRASWELL, JANE BRASWELL the Mother of said JOHN BRASWELL and HANNAH BRASSWELL the wife of said JOHN BRASSWELL.

1750 - ANSON CO., was formed from BLADEN Co., NC.

1763 – _________ BRAZEWELL, Bladen County (NC Early Census Index on

1779 – January 8, WILLIAM BRAZIL entered 100 acres on Pelllam’;s Fork between Jethro Weaver’s and John Adams (McBee) in Anson Co., NC.

1780 – Mr. Hackford to Estate of Cornelius Evans, decd. Pd.: JOHN GRIFFEN, Senr. BRITAN BRASWELL, JOHN RAY, JOHN WALLIS, Jurnr., THOMAS DUNN, WIDOW OLIVEHEAD, WILLIAM MEDCALF. (Anson County, NC, Wills and Estates, page 328)

1783 – October 14, WILLIAM BRASSELL, granted 100 acres in Anson Co. on the south west side of PeeDee River on Ray Fork , No. 136, File No. 4571

NOTE: Benjamin Brassell and Nathan Brassell were each granted 100 acres on the south west side of PeeDee River on Pelhams Fork in Anson Co., NC on October 14, 1783 (copies of grants) They entered the land in 1778-1779.


1785 – November 5, CHRISTOPHER DAVIS wrote his will in Anson County, NC He named a daughter DECEY BRAZZELL.

It's interesting to note that William & Britton both named children William & Sarah, and that Nathan named a son William, even though they are common names, they still fit the naming pattern.

1795 – December 17, Deed of Gift from WILLIAM (X) BRASWELL unto his children JACOB, WILLIAM, RICHARD, JOHN, ALLEN, NANCY, ELIZABETH and SALLY. It was witnessed by BRITTIAN BRASWEL and JAMES BRASWELL. Edgefield Co., SC Deed Book 12,1794-1796, pages 470-471 (Walter Braswell) NOTE: Sally is the nickname for Sarah.

1798 – September 14, BRITAIN BRAZEEL to his children: son WILLIAM land, crops, etc., daughters POLLEY and NARSHEBA slaves & furniture, daughters ELIZABETH and SARAH livestock. (Deed Book 15, page 179 – from Walter Folger who obtained it from Probate Judge’s Office, Edgefield Co., SC )

1816 - January 19, Will of NATHAN BRASSEL Wife ELIZABETH, Sons NATHAN, BENJAMIN, WM, KINDRED ELIAS, JAMES LITTLETON. Jefferson Co., GA Will Book A pg. 137.

The evidence indicates that William (W) Braswell of North Carolina counties Northampton & Bladen from which Anson was formed, is the most likely candidate to be the father of William, Britton, Nathan & Benjamin Braswell of the S/H DNA group due to the fact that Richard Towle named William (W) Braswell's father Richard as his son in his 1692 IOW Co., VA will, and we wouldn't expect to see Braswell DNA from these lines.